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McCarthy taps Jim Jordan,4 other House Republicans to serve on Jan.6 committee to probe pro-Trump riot

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday picked five House Republicans to serve on the select committee that will investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. 2021-07-20 01:02 3KB

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Canada to open the door to vaccinated US citizens on Aug.9

Asked in Washington if the U.S. would reciprocate, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “We are continuing to review our travel restrictions. Any decisions about resuming travel will b… 2021-07-20 00:59 4KB

(9.93/20)  3 
Washington Post highlights Hunter Biden's ethical scandals with full-page art work

The Washington Post, on Monday, highlighted Hunter Biden's numerous ethical scandals with a full-page of artwork in their op-ed section.  The … 2021-07-20 02:12 2KB

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‘Shameful’: Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister To Demand U. S. Enforce Anti-BDS Laws Against Ben & Jerry’s

Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid demanded U.S. action against Ben & Jerry’s on Monday after the ice cream company announced they would no … 2021-07-20 00:15 5KB

(9.37/20)  5 
Stock Market Plummets Amidst Growing Fears Of COVID’s Delta Variant

Does the huge drop in the Dow Jones and other indices mark the end of a historic run that dates back to the pandemic's early days? 2021-07-20 00:25 3KB

(7.53/20)  6 
'Not Really Nervous': Billionaire Bezos Girds for Inaugural Space Flight

Billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos said on Monday he is excited and curious but not very nervous on the eve of taking part in his company Blue Origin’s … 2021-07-20 01:51 2KB

(7.41/20)  7 
U. S. men’s and women’s basketball teams are the latest to be disrupted by the coronavirus.

Guard Zach LaVine entered coronavirus health and safety protocols and did not travel with the men’s team, and Katie Lou Samuelson, a member of the 3x3 Olympics team, will miss the Games after a positive test result. 2021-07-20 01:42 3KB

(6.50/20)  8 
Proud Boys Leader Pleads Guilty to Burning Black Lives Matter Flag, Justice Dept. Says

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The leader of the right-wing Proud Boys group pleaded guilty to burning a Black Lives Matter flag stolen from a church in the US capital and for... 2021-07-19 23:54 1KB

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Latest COVID-19 vaccination numbers in DC, Maryland and Virginia

WTOP is tracking vaccination rollout in the D.C. region. Washington, Virginia and Maryland are working to inoculate millions. 2021-07-20 02:20 2KB

(6.44/20)  10 
Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket Launch: How to Watch

The Amazon founder’s spaceflight company will carry people to space for the first time on Tuesday. Here’s what you need to know. 2021-07-20 00:00 4KB

(6.43/20)  11 
Spaceflights for Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos spur a race for insurers, too.

Brokers say neither mogul appears to have bought coverage in case of an accident, but some insurers are interested in developing policies for space tourism. 2021-07-20 00:09 3KB

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Reporters Fail To Ask Psaki Or Biden About One Of The Biggest News Stories In The U. S.

Reporters failed to ask President Joe Biden or White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about Biden’s worsening border crisis during their respective press events Monday, … 2021-07-19 21:36 2KB

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Pedro Castillo defeats Keiko Fujimori in Peru presidential election

Rural teacher-turned-political novice Pedro Castillo became the winner of Peru’s presidential election after the country’s longest electoral count in 40 years. 2021-07-20 01:11 1KB

(5.34/20)  14 
AP reporter discusses capitol rioter sentencing

A Florida man who breached the U.S. Senate chamber carrying a Trump campaign flag was sentenced Monday to eight months behind bars, the first … 2021-07-19 22:36 834Bytes

(5.28/20)  15 
Indiana University's Vaccine Requirement Should Stand, Federal Judge Rules

A federal judge has blocked a challenge to Indiana University's requirement that students get vaccinated against COVID-19 before returning to campus this fall. … 2021-07-19 22:51 4KB

(5.17/20)  16 
6 people hospitalized after house explodes in Plano, Texas, officials say

Six people were hospitalized after a home in a Dallas suburb was leveled by an explosion Monday afternoon, fire rescue officials said.  Plano Fire Rescue … 2021-07-20 02:14 2KB

(4.28/20)  17 
Prince Harry nabs $20M from Penguin Random House for memoir

Prince Harry sold his memoir to Penguin Random House for $20 million dollars, publishing insiders claim. 2021-07-20 00:19 3KB

(4.26/20)  18 
Saudi Arabia to allow vaccinated citizens to travel abroad

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia will allow citizens who have received two doses of Covid-19 vaccine to travel abroad from August 9, the Saudi Press Agency reported. 2021-07-20 02:19 1KB

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Covid-19 breakthrough infections are preventable, but it's going to take a big effort to stop them

As Covid-19 case numbers overall are on the rise again across the United States, breakthrough infections, while rare, are making headlines. 2021-07-19 23:46 7KB

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Bezos: Critics 'Largely Right' to Criticize Him, Branson for Turning Space Travel Into 'Joyride'

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, completed training on Monday for Blue Origin NS-16, a suborbital spaceflight slated to launch on Tuesday. Bezos... 2021-07-20 01:04 1KB

(4.19/20)  21 
Vice President’s Team Caught Spreading Misinformation Surrounding Kamala Harris Coronavirus Test

White House spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris Symone Sanders was caught spreading misinformationn on Monday regarding the vice president’s coronavirus test. During the White House … 2021-07-20 00:29 3KB

(4.19/20)  22 
Stocks Took A Hard Hit. Here Are 3 Things To Know

After a dizzying rally this year, stock markets were hit hard on Monday as a spike in COVID-19 infections around the world reinforced the … 2021-07-19 22:13 4KB

(4.17/20)  23 
New York City Will Not Reinstate Mask Mandate

NEW YORK—New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday he does not plan to reinstate a citywide mask mandate even as COVID-19 cases … 2021-07-20 01:31 1KB

(4.17/20)  24 
Tax returns show Caitlyn Jenner’s income has fallen sharply

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Caitlyn Jenner's earnings have fallen precipitously in the last several years from a high of $2.5 million in 2016 when she had her own… 2021-07-20 01:10 5KB

(4.15/20)  25 
Fox Corp Implements a Vaccine Passport — A Concept Fox News Hosts Have Rallied Against

Fox has implemented its own version of a vaccine passport — a concept that Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingram rallied against. 2021-07-20 00:17 1KB

(4.14/20)  26 
NBA Finals: Bucks try to focus on closing out Suns in Game 6

Milwaukee has won the last three games to set up a potential party 50 years in the making, but the Bucks have to resist thinking about what happens if they win Game 6, while the Suns try to force a… 2021-07-20 02:01 11KB

(4.14/20)  27 
Paralympian Olivia Breen shocked when her official athletic briefs are deemed too short by official

Paralympian Olivia Breen may be a double world champion, but for some reason her briefs are apparently an issue – at least for one volunteer at a recent meet, who shocked the track star by chastising her britches. 2021-07-20 01:44 2KB

(4.07/20)  28 
Biden softens comment about Facebook "killing people" because of COVID misinformation

"Facebook isn't killing people," the president said on Monday. 2021-07-19 22:36 3KB

(4.06/20)  29 
PG&E says its equipment may have sparked 30,000-acre Dixie Fire in California

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. told a California watchdog its utility equipment may have been responsible for the 30,000-acre Dixie Fire. 2021-07-20 02:05 2KB

(3.96/20)  30 
Teen Shot In Chest In Subdivision On Edge Of Joliet

An 18-year-old man was hospitalized Monday night after being shot in the chest in the Wedgewood Estates community on the edge of Joliet. 2021-07-20 02:02 1KB

(3.80/20)  31 
'Bachelorette' Katie makes shocking elimination to get to her final 4

This is a make-or-break week for the men's relationships with Katie as she will eliminate three of her seven remaining men. 2021-07-20 02:21 9KB

(3.33/20)  32 
REPORT: Biden White House Considers Beefing Up Embassy In Cuba, Granting Remittances To Cubans

President Joe Biden ordered his administration Monday to review the possibility of increasing the number of personnel stationed at the U.S. embassy in Cuba, … 2021-07-20 01:49 2KB

(3.31/20)  33 
No-sex beds at Tokyo Olympics debunked by Irish gymnast

No-sex beds at Tokyo Olympics debunked by Irish gymnast 2021-07-20 00:08 3KB

(3.25/20)  34 
A rural teacher-turned-political novice has been declared Peru’s president-elect, defeating daughter of former president

LIMA, Peru (AP) — A rural teacher-turned-political novice has been declared Peru's president-elect, defeating daughter of former president. 2021-07-20 00:36 1KB

(3.24/20)  35 
Despite Positive COVID Cases, Team USA CEO Says Athletes Are Ready To Compete

Soccer player Megan Rapinoe, swimmer Katie Ledecky and gymnast Simone Biles are among the 11,000 athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics beginning this week … 2021-07-19 22:51 5KB

(3.22/20)  36 
DeSantis Won't Allow Cruise Ship Restrictions, Warns He'll Take CDC Fight to Supreme Court

In April, the state of Florida sued the CDC, saying that Congress had never granted it the authority to regulate health and safety standards on cruise ships. 2021-07-20 01:45 1KB

(3.18/20)  37 
How to Watch Olympics Softball Without Cable in USA

Softball makes its return at the Tokyo Olympics, starting Tuesday, July 20, 2021. Here's how you can watch every game live online if you don't have cable. 2021-07-20 00:00 9KB

(3.14/20)  38 
Twitter suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over ‘misleading’ COVID info

Twitter suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene , a Georgia Republican, on Monday for violating its policy against posting “misleading information” related to the coronavirus pandemic. A Twitter … 2021-07-20 02:21 4KB

(3.13/20)  39 
Apollo 11 Anniversary: Can You Find The Real ‘Men In The Moon?’ See ‘Tranquility Base’ With Your Naked Eyes

It was 52 years ago today that two American astronauts—the late Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin—became the first humans to walk on the Moon. 2021-07-20 02:00 3KB

(3.09/20)  40 
Syria reports Israeli airstrikes in northern Aleppo province, says official

Read more about Syria reports Israeli airstrikes in northern Aleppo province, says official on Business Standard. Israel carried out an aerial attack southeast of Syria's northern Aleppo province late Monday, a Syrian military official said 2021-07-20 02:03 2KB

(3.09/20)  41 
3 Generations,8 Families: What the Condo Collapse Took From a Church

“They were people who you had prayed with.” A congregation and its priest, their faith tested, focus on healing and remembering their lost parishioners. 2021-07-19 22:17 7KB

(3.08/20)  42 
Schumer sets crucial test vote on $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer formally set the first procedural vote on a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure measure for Wednesday as lawmakers worked feverishly … 2021-07-20 00:58 3KB

(3.08/20)  43 
Joe Biden To Join Disney’s Hall Of Presidents In August

And his trusty pair of aviators is coming with him. 2021-07-19 23:48 2KB

(3.07/20)  44 
New York Mets manager Luis Rojas fined, suspended for arguing with umpires

New York Mets manager Luis Rojas was fined an undisclosed amount and suspended two games Monday for "excessive arguing" with umpires during Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. 2021-07-20 00:57 2KB

(3.07/20)  45 
The Bootleg fire in Oregon is among more than 60 wildfires in the U. S.

The Bootleg fire has burned more than 200,000 acres and prompted evacuations. 2021-07-20 00:25 3KB

(3.05/20)  46 
Man Seriously Hurt In Florida Alligator Attack After Falling Off Bike

A bicyclist suffered serious injuries after being severely bitten by a large alligator while on trail ride on Monday. 2021-07-20 01:54 1KB

(3.05/20)  47 
Las Vegas Raiders president Marc Badain, 'an integral part' of franchise for 30 years, resigns

Las Vegas Raiders president Marc Badain, instrumental in the team's move from Oakland and a key member of the organization for 30 years, resigned on Monday, owner Mark Davis announced. 2021-07-20 01:27 2KB

(3.05/20)  48 
Peyton Manning teams up with brother, ESPN for MNF MegaCast

ESPN has finally landed Peyton Manning as a "Monday Night Football" commentator. It's just not in a way anyone expected, and it won't … 2021-07-20 00:36 4KB

(2.24/20)  49 
Manchin backs Stone-Manning to lead Bureau of Land Management

Manchin plans to support the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning to lead the Bureau of Land Management, a spokesperson confirmed Monday. 2021-07-20 00:05 2KB

(2.20/20)  50 
Thomas Manger selected to take over embattled Capitol Police

Manger is the former police chief of Montgomery County, Maryland. 2021-07-19 23:42 2KB

(2.19/20)  51 
Jenner, gender and Tokyo: A trans athlete will be competing in the Olympics, but not everybody is thrilled

This column is about sports, but transgender athletes have made the societal conflict relevant even here 2021-07-20 02:26 5KB

(2.16/20)  52 
Special report: Taylor Crabb, twice suspended by USA Volleyball, still able to compete in Tokyo Olympics

An arbitrator reduced the second suspension that would have prevented Crabb from competing in the Tokyo Games beach competition. 2021-07-20 00:08 8KB

(2.15/20)  53 
How Much Is A Ticket To Space? $100,000 If You Can Wait A Decade—But Here’s How To Pay Nothing

Space tourism industry could be worth $2.7 trillion by 2040 but many will travel for free says report. 2021-07-20 00:00 3KB

(2.14/20)  54 
Tommy Chong stunned he got more prison time than Capitol-storming Trump loyalist

'Damn, I got 9 months for selling bongs,' Chong tweeted 2021-07-20 01:19 2KB

(2.14/20)  55 
Chicago Police Announce New Investigations Team That Will Go After Gun Traffickers

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown had a strong message Monday – “We are coming for you.” The message was directed at gun traffickers and straw purchasers who are bringing illegal guns to the city. 2021-07-19 23:10 3KB

(2.14/20)  56 
Denver doctor calls for indoor mask mandates over COVID breakthrough cases

An emergency room doctor in Denver has called for indoor mask rules to be reimposed — saying it’s time to “change our approach” now that … 2021-07-19 21:35 2KB

(2.12/20)  57 
Cincinnati Public Schools' amended safety protocols: What's changed?

Cincinnati Public Schools board of education amended the districts's COVID-19 safety protocols during a Monday evening board meeting. 2021-07-20 01:30 2KB

(2.11/20)  58 
Gutfeld: Texas Dems' 'Super-Spreader Tour' makes them look more like Fred Flintstone than Frederick Douglass

The Texas state Democratic delegation that fled Austin for the District of Columbia to deprive the state legislature of a quorum to vote on election … 2021-07-19 23:48 4KB

(2.11/20)  59 
OC Health Care Agency resumes more frequent reporting of COVID-19 data as cases rise

Between July 14 and July 19, the county reported 1,554 new cases of COVID-19 and two deaths. To date, the virus is responsible for a total 5,135 deaths in Orange County. 2021-07-19 23:22 2KB

(2.10/20)  60 
Not Even Brendan Knew Why He Was Still On 'The Bachelorette'

Brendan Quinn went home on 'The Bachelorette,' but Twitter is still trying to figure out who he is and how he made it so far. 2021-07-20 01:03 2KB

(2.10/20)  61 
Suns remain upbeat as they face elimination game on road

The Phoenix Suns say they aren't feeling sorry for themselves after squandering a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals and moving within one … 2021-07-20 00:31 4KB

(2.08/20)  62 
Nato accuses China of hack on Microsoft email software

THE United States, European Union, Nato and other world powers yesterday accused the Chinese government of a broad array of malicious cyber activities, blaming its Ministry of State Security and affiliated criminals for a sophisticated attack on Microsoft’s widely used email server software earlier this year. 2021-07-20 01:30 4KB

(2.06/20)  63 
Bucks trying not to look ahead to championship: ‘It’s hard’

Milwaukee is staring at an NBA Finals Game 6 clincher at Fiserv Forum, all but tasting its first title in a half century. Phoenix is … 2021-07-20 02:29 4KB

(2.05/20)  64 
Afghans who helped US being evacuated to Virginia Army base

About 2,500 Afghans who worked for the U.S. government will be evacuated to a military base in Virginia along with their families pending … 2021-07-20 01:33 3KB

(2.05/20)  65 
Fox News Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit With Britt McHenry

Fox News has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with contributor Britt McHenry Monday by McHenry's legal team. 2021-07-19 22:28 2KB

(2.04/20)  66 
2 Rockets Fired at Israel From Lebanon, Setting Off Sirens in North

One of the rockets was shot down by missile defenses and the other landed in open area, causing no damage, Israel’s military said. 2021-07-20 02:21 1KB

(2.04/20)  67 
Jalen Ramsey Gives It Away: He’s Not Done Pursuing Melvin Ingram

Melvin Ingram won't stay in L.A. after signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday, but Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey tweets he'll recruit him in 2022. 2021-07-20 01:42 4KB

(2.04/20)  68 
Britney Spears' New Lawyer Says He'll Kick Father From Conservatorship 'Unless He Resigns First'

Rosengart also thanked Spears' fans and supporters for their "overwhelming" outreach and support of himself, his firm, and "most importantly, Britney." 2021-07-20 01:15 3KB

(2.04/20)  69 
Biden orders review of remittances to Cuba

President Joe Biden has directed his administration to examine remittances to Cuba in the wake of protests on the island to determine ways for those residing in the US to send money to the country, a senior administration official told CNN. 2021-07-20 00:59 3KB

(2.04/20)  70 
Moroccan man held nearly 20 years without charges released from Guantanamo

Behind the razor wire and inside the infamous U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Abdul Latif Nasser was known as a forever prisoner. 2021-07-20 00:38 3KB

(2.04/20)  71 
Hundreds of flights delayed at Denver Airport due to wildfire smoke and weather issues

The delays in Denver were caused by the planes having to be spaced out due to visibility, officials said. 2021-07-20 00:07 2KB

(2.02/20)  72 
LAPD bomb squad likely caused destructive fireworks explosion, chief says

Human error by LAPD bomb technicians likely caused the homemade fireworks explosion that destroyed their truck, caused widespread damage to a residential neighborhood and left 17 … 2021-07-20 02:01 2KB

(2.02/20)  73 
U. S. experiences weekend of gun violence

"It was my second shooting. So I was kind of prepared because I always am expecting something to happen," said an 8-year-old who was at Nationals Park when gunfire broke out. 2021-07-20 01:24 2KB

(2.02/20)  74 
Jennifer Lopez Stuns In White Crop Top Amid House Hunt With Ben Affleck — New Photo

Jennifer Lopez rocked a crop top and leggings at a construction site amid her house hunt with boyfriend Ben Affleck. 2021-07-19 23:02 2KB

(2.02/20)  75 
Washington high school football coach to take appeal over prayer to Supreme Court

A high school football coach who was banned from taking a knee for a brief personal prayer after football games is taking his challenge back to the Supreme Court, the latest such dispute to reach a conservative court that has moved to expand greater protections for religious believers. 2021-07-19 22:46 4KB

(1.31/20)  76 
Girl,15, shot in park in Homan Square

The girl was taken to Stroger Hospital, officials said. 2021-07-20 01:20 1KB

(1.13/20)  77 
At least 110 killed in massive flooding in Europe

Heavy rain has caused catastrophic flooding in Europe. More than 100 people are dead and more than 1,000 are missing. CBS News reporter Anna Noyskiewicz spoke with Anne-Marie Green on CBSN AM about what factors made the flooding so devastating and why it has been so difficult to track down the people who are still missing. 2021-07-20 01:07 1KB

(1.13/20)  78 
Sen. Gillibrand Joins NYC Mayoral Hopeful Adams In Pushing Bipartisan Bill That Would Make Gun Trafficking A Federal Crime

Two New York lawmakers have joined forces to tackle gun trafficking. On Monday, new legislation was announced in honor of a Brooklyn teen killed by gun violence. 2021-07-19 22:04 3KB

(1.11/20)  79 
US, Germany to announce deal on Nord Stream 2 pipeline in coming day

Read more about US, Germany to announce deal on Nord Stream 2 pipeline in coming day on Business Standard. United States and Germany are expected to announce a deal resolving their longstanding dispute over Russia's $11 billion Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline in coming days, sources said 2021-07-20 01:30 3KB

(1.10/20)  80 
White Sox’ Luis Robert cleared to begin rehab assignment

Gold Glove center fielder will start rehab at High-A Winston Salem Wednesday 2021-07-20 00:43 2KB

(1.10/20)  81 
Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will reunite on stage for 'one last time'

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will share the stage at New York's Radio City Music Hall for two nights next month in what's being billed as their final performances together. 2021-07-19 23:05 1KB

(1.08/20)  82 
Blue Origin brings space exploration to Texas town

The small town of Van Horn, Texas was known for farming, ranching, and mining. Now the town is seeing a new booming business in its … 2021-07-19 21:01 780Bytes

(1.07/20)  83 
Slow-moving Fabian to further intensify as typhoon, says PAGASA

There is increasing likelihood that Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal signals could be hoisted over the Batanes-Babuyan Islands region, PAGASA adds. 2021-07-19 23:04 2KB

(1.06/20)  84 
Giants All-Star shortstop Crawford goes on injured list

LOS ANGELES (AP) — San Francisco's injury woes have now hit arguably its best player during the first half of the season. The Giants placed All-Star shortstop… 2021-07-20 02:12 3KB

(1.05/20)  85 
Leyna Bloom becomes Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue's first transgender cover model

Leyna Bloom has become the first transgender cover star for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The 27-year-old model and actress made her Sports Illustrated debut on Monday, calling the cover a "powerful" moment that she dedicated to the ballroom queens of past, present and future. CBS Los Angeles reports. 2021-07-20 02:18 1KB

(1.05/20)  86 
Ryan Reynolds Admits He Was ‘Begging’ Blake Lively ‘To Sleep With’ Him Before Dating

Ryan Reynolds revealed he made the first move on Blake Lively prior to dating in a new interview. 2021-07-20 02:17 2KB

(1.05/20)  87 
MassGOP executive committee accepts resignation of Tom Mountain as party vice chairman

MassGOP's executive committee has accepted the resignation of Tom Mountain as vice chairman, according to party officials. 2021-07-20 01:53 4KB

(1.05/20)  88 
Even Geraldo Rivera Thinks It’s ‘Crazy Talk’ When Republicans Say Not Getting Vaccination Is A ‘Right’

It's just the latest sensible thing the longtime conservative has said since last November, when he agreed Trump lost re-election. 2021-07-20 00:38 4KB

(1.05/20)  89 
FBI: More declassified files on Boston mobster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger on the way

The FBI told the Herald more declassified files on slain Southie mobster James "Whitey" Bulger are on the way following the release of the first batch of 300 pages from the agency "Vault." 2021-07-20 00:16 3KB

(1.05/20)  90 
Biden administration repatriates Guantánamo Bay inmate to Morocco

The transfer of the detainee, who was held without charge or trial for nearly 20 years, leaves 39 inmates at the military facility. 2021-07-19 23:33 6KB

(1.05/20)  91 
The 10 Most Intriguing 2021 NBA Restricted Free Agents

The restricted free agent market features some very interesting players, some very available and others teams could try to overbid on. 2021-07-19 22:19 8KB

(1.05/20)  92 

"a cumulative 71% negative rating of the school board" 2021-07-19 21:30 2KB

(1.04/20)  93 
Greene gets 12-hour Twitter suspension over COVID-19 misinformation

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene  (R-Ga.) was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours on Monday after she shared misleading claims about the coronavirus. According … 2021-07-20 02:07 2KB

(1.04/20)  94 
Kentucky Gov. Pushes for Masks After Fully-Vaxxed Lawmakers Catch COVID Amid Delta Surge

"The Delta variant is serious and it is even a deadly threat to non-vaccinated Kentuckians," Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said. 2021-07-19 23:41 3KB

(1.04/20)  95 
Students: How are you feeling about the return to in-person college?

We want to hear from California college students about the coming school year. Fill out our survey and tell us what you're excited about, nervous about or just plain confused by. 2021-07-19 21:19 1KB

(1.03/20)  96 
Boris Johnson joked about the elderly ‘living longer with Covid’, claims ex-aide Dominic Cummings

Boris Johnson joked the elderly could “get Covid and live longer” in private WhatsApp messages with his team about the average age of people dying from the virus, his former chief aide Dominic Cummings has told the BBC. 2021-07-20 01:30 3KB

(1.03/20)  97 
What Prince Harry has said about the royal family since stepping back as a senior member

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped away from royal life in early 2020, they initially stayed tight-lipped on their struggles within their family. … 2021-07-20 01:10 5KB

(1.03/20)  98 
Recall seeks board member’s ouster over online classes

A coalition of parents angered by the monthslong suspension of in-person learning in Virginia’s largest school system has submitted thousands of signatures petitioning for the recall of a school board member. 2021-07-20 00:59 4KB

(1.03/20)  99 
Lala Kent Opens Up About Bad ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season

The 'Vanderpump Rules' star says she couldn't watch Season 8. 2021-07-20 00:13 4KB

(1.02/20)  100 
Amber Alert issued for 3 children — ages 15,14 and 2 — in Asheboro

ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — An Amber Alert has been issued for three children in Asheboro. Asheboro police are searching for Anthony Bryan Osori Hernandez, Bridget Osorio Hernandez, and Bernardo Gonzalez Hernandez. Anthony is a 15-year-old white male, approximately 6 feet tall, weighing 160lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes. Bridget is a 14-year-old white […] 2021-07-20 02:22 1KB

(1.02/20)  101 
100-pound tropical fish discovered on a beach in Oregon

A large colorful fish washed ashore on the Oregon coast last week in what aquarium officials called a rare occurrence. 2021-07-20 01:50 2KB

(1.02/20)  102 
Sarah Jessica Parker beams in regal pink dress as she’s seen filming 'Sex and the City' reboot with co-stars

Sarah Jessica Parker is still as stylish as ever in her return as Carrie Bradshaw for the " Sex and the City " reboot series, " And Just Like That… … 2021-07-20 01:39 2KB

(1.02/20)  103 
Over 110,000 unused COVID-19 vaccine doses destroyed by Georgia health officials since December

Despite the demand from millions of Americans to get their COVID-19 vaccine, Georgia health officials were forced to destroy over 110,000 vaccine doses because they were not being used. 2021-07-20 01:13 2KB

(1.02/20)  104 
Biden discusses economic recovery ahead of infrastructure push

President Joe Biden spoke about jobs and his plans for economic recovery Monday, including the negotiated bipartisan infrastructure framework, as the nation continues reopening from the coronavirus pandemic. Watch his remarks. 2021-07-19 23:56 1KB

(1.02/20)  105 
No Traces of mRNA Found in Human Milk of Vaccinated Mothers, New Study Shows

The World Health Organization (WHO) has maintained it does not recommend that women vaccinated against COVID-19 discontinue breastfeeding. Though the international... 2021-07-19 23:53 2KB

(1.02/20)  106 
U. S. accuses China of global cyberattack campaign

The U.S. and its allies have accused China of a global computer hacking and cyberspying campaign. The Biden administration has threatened to take action. Ed O'Keefe has more. 2021-07-19 23:45 885Bytes

(1.02/20)  107 
Amazon to stop testing warehouse workers for COVID-19 amid rising case rates and low vaccination rates in some states

Good Subscriber Account active since Amazon told employees it plans to stop offering onsite COVID-19 tests for its warehouse workers on July 30, The Information … 2021-07-19 23:18 3KB

(1.02/20)  108 
Alaskan Supreme Court to allow recall vote of Governor

The Alaska Supreme Court has ruled that steps to recall Governor Mike Dunleavy can proceed 2021-07-19 23:08 2KB

(1.02/20)  109 
Moon Could Help Trigger a Decade of Flooding

Flooding in the 2030s might make us look back fondly on this decade. NASA sea level researchers say high tide flooding could seriously worsen next decade along US coastlines,... 2021-07-19 22:17 2KB

(1.01/20)  110 
Britney Spears' boyfriend Sam Asghari involved in fender bender near star's home, says it was his 'fault'

Britney Spears ’ boyfriend Sam Asghari was involved in a slight fender bender near the pop star’s home on Monday. According to TMZ, citing police … 2021-07-20 02:28 3KB

(1.01/20)  111 
Raleigh mother warns of COVID contraction from unvaccinated children

Melissa Florer-Bixler is convinced she got COVID from her unvaccinated child. 2021-07-20 02:25 2KB

(1.01/20)  112 
Miami Hurricanes Star Quarterback D’Eriq King Named To Maxwell Award Watch List

University of Miami quarterback D’Eriq King was among the players selected to the watch list for the 2021 Maxwell Award honoring college football’s player of the year, it was announced Monday. 2021-07-20 02:19 2KB

(1.01/20)  113 
Dramatic photos from NASA highlight severity of California's drought

Shasta Lake, once full and surrounded by green banks, is now bordered by a "bathtub ring" that indicates just how far the water has fallen. 2021-07-20 02:15 8KB

(1.01/20)  114 
U'khand to allow fully vaccinated flyers without Covid-19 test report

Read more about U'khand to allow fully vaccinated flyers without Covid-19 test report on Business Standard. The Uttarakhand government on Monday announced that fully vaccinated air travellers will be allowed to enter the state without a mandatory negative RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen test report 2021-07-20 02:15 2KB

(1.01/20)  115 
Former ‘American Idol’ contestant Ron Bultongez arrested on charges of sex with minor

Former “American Idol” contestant Ron Bultongez, who made it nearly to the top during the 2018 season, has been arrested for alleged sex with a minor. 2021-07-20 02:12 2KB

(1.01/20)  116 
Watchdog: Ross misled on reason for citizenship question

President Donald Trump’s commerce secretary misled Congress about why he sought to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, according to a probe 2021-07-20 01:54 3KB

(1.01/20)  117 
Kelly Ripa Rocks Sexy Swimsuit As Shirtless Husband Mark Consuelos Ogles Her Backside — Photo

Kelly Ripa rocks sexy swimsuit while husband Mark Consuelos admires her behind. See the pic here. 2021-07-20 01:42 2KB

(1.01/20)  118 
Duterte to attend virtual APEC summit on pandemic response Duterte to attend virtual APEC summit on pandemic response

The Nation's Leading Newspaper President Duterte will join fellow Asia Pacific leaders in a virtual summit on Friday to tackle the region's pandemic response as well as measures to boost economic recovery. President Rodrigo Duterte (File photo/Malacañang) "President Rodrigo Roa Duterte will participate in the 2021 Asia-Pacifi 2021-07-20 01:40 1005Bytes

(1.01/20)  119 
Stacey Abrams: It’s time for every Senate member to declare allegiance to our democracy

Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams joins us on pressuring the Senate to pass voter protection legislation through phase two of her Hot Call Summer campaign. Abrams tells Joy Reid, ‘The fundamental challenge is that we have to have a U.S. Senate that recognizes that nothing else passed will hold, and nothing new will happen if we lose the right to participate in our elections in '22 and '24... This is not hyperbolic.’ 2021-07-20 01:39 1KB

(1.01/20)  120 
Minnesota court sends PolyMet air permit case back to agency

The court ruled that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency hadn’t sufficiently justified granting the permit after opponents raised allegations that PolyMet was planning a much larger mine. 2021-07-20 01:32 3KB

(1.01/20)  121 
COVID antibodies persist at least 9 months after infection: Study

London: Antibody levels remain high nine months after infection from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, 2021-07-20 01:19 3KB

(1.01/20)  122 
Disney Unveils New Culturally-Sensitive, Environmental Jungle Cruise Ride

Disney theme parks have finally unveiled changes to the classic Jungle Cruise ride and one of the company’s chief “Imagineers” argues they’re not woke, they’re … 2021-07-20 01:17 4KB

(1.01/20)  123 
DeSantis says migrants heading straight from Texas to Florida

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stepped up his criticism of President Biden’s immigration policy on Monday, warning that law enforcement personnel informed him that many migrants … 2021-07-20 01:16 2KB

(1.01/20)  124 
Democrats Actually Introduced A Bill To Ensure Trump Can Never Become Speaker Of The House, As Matt Gaetz Wants

Matt Gaetz recently floated the idea of nominating him to head a government body of which he's not a member. 2021-07-20 01:08 2KB

(1.01/20)  125 
CRT Opponents Are Claiming Victory Over The Biden Administration. There’s Just One Problem

Despite the victorious claims of opponents of critical race theory (CRT), the Biden administration still appears to be promoting the concept to public schoolchildren. Following … 2021-07-20 00:58 4KB

(1.01/20)  126 
Kanye West Album ‘Donda’ Reportedly To Drop Soon Following Listening Parties

Kanye West generated headlines Monday following reports about listening parties across the country for his next album “Donda” reportedly dropping soon. It started when reports … 2021-07-20 00:29 2KB

(1.01/20)  127 
Tennis Star Calls Megyn Kelly An ‘A**hole’ Over Criticism Of Naomi Osaka

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova called Megyn Kelly “an asshole” Monday over her criticism of professional tennis player Naomi Osaka. Kelly didn’t mince words in her … 2021-07-20 00:23 2KB

(1.01/20)  128 
Video of Girl,8, Saying She 'Expects' Mass 'Shootings to Happen' Viewed Over 3 Million Times

"We just tried to reassure her that this is not normal, that nobody's targeting her, that it's just a really stressful time right now with the pandemic," the girl's mother said. 2021-07-20 00:15 3KB

(1.01/20)  129 
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope photographed colliding galaxies after recovering from a month-long mystery glitch

Good Subscriber Account active since The Hubble Space Telescope is back, and NASA has the pictures to prove it. The Earth-orbiting observatory went offline … 2021-07-20 00:15 4KB

(1.01/20)  130 
NCAA president Mark Emmert credited with $2.9 million in total pay for 2019 calendar year

NCAA president Mark Emmert was credited with $2.9 million in total compensation during the 2019 calendar year, according to the association’s new federal tax … 2021-07-20 00:04 4KB

(1.01/20)  131 
Massachusetts House tees up sports betting legalization bill as lawmakers pitch in-stadium wagers

Sports betting legalization is finally on deck in Massachusetts where it could generate an estimated $70 million in annual tax revenue and lawmakers are already teeing up amendments that would allow wagering inside stadiums like Fenway Park and Gillette. 2021-07-19 23:53 4KB

(1.01/20)  132 
Biden, King Abdullah Discuss US Aid to Modernize Jordan's Fleet of F-16 Jets

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - President Joe Biden and Jordan's King Abdullah during a meeting at the White House discussed US support to modernize Amman's fleet of F-16... 2021-07-19 23:43 1KB

(1.01/20)  133 
Trans Individuals Sue Montana Over Proof of Sex Change Requirement to Amend Birth Certificates

Two Montanans who claim to be transgender filed a lawsuit against the state over a law that requires those wishing to change their sex on … 2021-07-19 23:35 5KB

(1.01/20)  134 
Wife of World Series MVP Ben Zobrist seeks $4M in divorce; Ex-MLB player says she 'coaxed' him to return

Julianna Zobrist, the wife of former Chicago Cubs star Ben Zobrist, is seeking $4 million as she claimed her husband allegedly failed to "preserve marital … 2021-07-19 23:33 4KB

(1.01/20)  135 
Maryland police give details of fatal McDonald's standoff

Three days after a 21-year-old man was fatally shot by police officers outside of a McDonald's restaurant, a Maryland police chief provided … 2021-07-19 23:30 4KB

(1.01/20)  136 
Man sentenced to 18 months after threatening to assassinate federal judge overseeing Michael Flynn case

“A hot piece of lead will cut through your skull. Your staff will be killed,” Frank J. Caporusso, 52, of Long Island said in a voice mail left with U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan. 2021-07-19 23:19 1KB

(1.01/20)  137 
Crop duster crashes near Amana airport

A single-engine plane crashed into a field in the Amana Colonies on Monday, according to law enforcement officials. 2021-07-19 23:13 1KB

(1.01/20)  138 
25 Most Loyal Cat Breeds

Some cats are very unlikely to switch their owners. Here The International Cat Association (TICA) names the most loyal. 2021-07-19 23:00 11KB

(1.01/20)  139 
The Dailies On The ‘Herogasm’ Episode Of ‘The Boys’ Season 3 Are Apparently So Raunchy They’d Be Rated X

Season 3 of Amazon's super-adult superhero show is tackling a particularly blue limited run off-shoot of the comics. 2021-07-19 22:58 2KB

(1.01/20)  140 
Lucky shot? Chicagoan, two suburbanites latest to win $100,000 jackpots in state’s vaccine lottery

Three residents — one from Chicago, the others from Berwyn and Joliet — will be notified by phone or email by the state public health officials about their winnings. 2021-07-19 22:52 2KB

(1.01/20)  141 
White House Dispute Exposes Facebook Blind Spot on Misinformation

The company doesn’t know some specifics about how falsehoods about Covid-19 and vaccines for the virus spread on its social network. 2021-07-19 22:40 8KB

(1.01/20)  142 
Ticker: Robinhood sees valuation of up to $35 billion as public co.

Robinhood, the online brokerage that found itself embroiled in this year's meme stock phenomenon, will go public next week seeking a market valuation of up to $35 billion. 2021-07-19 22:33 2KB

(1.01/20)  143 
WATCH: Cast Share Videos of Quarantine for ‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies’

The Challenge stars have been sharing videos of their time in quarantine before filming the 37th season, 'Spies, Lies and Allies.' See what they got up to. 2021-07-19 22:30 4KB

(1.01/20)  144 
Justice Dept. implements tighter restrictions on seizing journalists' records

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland directed the Justice Department Monday to stop using the compulsory process to seize records from journalists engaged in lawful newsgathering activities. 2021-07-19 22:20 2KB

(1.01/20)  145 
Rufus Alexander to leave Fort Pierce City Commission; special election likely for District 1

Fort Pierce City Commissioner Rufus Alexander has represented District 1, home to the historic Lincoln Park neighborhood, since 2001. 2021-07-19 22:14 3KB

(1.01/20)  146 
Lauren Conrad, Stephen Colletti, more ‘Laguna Beach’ stars have ‘dream’ reunion

The "Laguna Beach" cast — Lauren Conrad, Stephen Colletti and more original members — reunited over the weekend. 2021-07-19 22:13 2KB

(1.01/20)  147 
Pediatrics group says kids should wear masks at school; Canada reopens border to Americans: Live COVID-19 updates

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued recommendations Monday for the 2021-22 school year that include everyone older than age 2 wearing masks, regardless of vaccination status. The academy … 2021-07-19 21:59 10KB

(1.01/20)  148 
World’s feral pigs produce as much carbon dioxide as 1.1m cars every year: study

Gas hogs! 2021-07-19 21:56 2KB

(1.01/20)  149 
Here’s a look at some of the players the NHL expansion Kraken can select

Seattle will fill its roster in Wednesday's expansion draft. 2021-07-19 21:39 2KB

(1.01/20)  150 
Teen driver charged in fatal Hickory Hills crash, killing 4 other teens

A teen driver has been charged in a crash that killed four other teenagers Saturday in Hickory Hills. 2021-07-19 21:34 1KB

(1.01/20)  151 
The COVID Recession Was The Shortest In US History, But We Spent More Than In Any Prior Recession

The COVID-induced recession was the shortest in American history. The Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research — which “maintains … 2021-07-19 21:22 3KB

(1.01/20)  152 
Robby Steinhardt, Violinist and Vocalist for Kansas, Dies at 71

Robby Steinhardt, violinist and co-lead vocalist for the rock band Kansas, of 'Carry On Wayward Son' fame, died Saturday. He was 71. 2021-07-19 21:22 3KB

(0.99/20)  153 
Rezoning request approved for proposed townhomes along West Friendly Avenue in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A new development could soon be coming to Greensboro. On Monday night, Greensboro City Council unanimously passed a rezoning request to bring more than a dozen townhomes to West Friedly Avenue. It will be a mix of three-story townhomes and two-story twin homes on nearly two acres along West Friendly Avenue […] 2021-07-20 02:03 1KB

(0.56/20)  154 
Millions of Americans face eviction as federal moratorium to end July 31

Millions of Americans face housing eviction as the federal moratorium is set to end on July 31. Congress allocated more than $46 billion in rental assistance, but as of the end of May, only $1.5 billion had been distributed to those in need. CBS News reporter Sarah Ewall-Wice joins CBSN's Elaine Quijano to discuss the latest. 2021-07-20 02:04 1KB

(0.56/20)  155 
Your data. Your experience.

AOL is part of Verizon Media . By clicking " Accept all " you agree that Verizon Media and our partners will store and/or access information on … 2021-07-20 00:47 1KB

(0.56/20)  156 
Ihre Daten. Ihr Umfeld.

InTheKnow ist Teil von Verizon Media . Durch Klicken auf " Alle akzeptieren " stimmen Sie zu, dass Verizon Media und unsere Partner Informationen durch die Nutzung von Cookies … 2021-07-19 21:41 1KB

(0.21/20)  157 
Real estate fund managers rush to raise fresh money as banks baulk

Read more about Real estate fund managers rush to raise fresh money as banks baulk on Business Standard. Early this week, ASK Property Investment Advisors (ASK PIA), the real estate private equity arm of ASK Group, launched a fund with a corpus of Rs 1,000 crore 2021-07-20 00:40 2KB

(0.12/20)  158 
Coronavirus Cases widget

Whether the Kern River truly has spare water and, if so, how much, has been left up in the air for more than a decade. 2021-07-20 00:04 5KB

(0.07/20)  159 
At least 28 killed in bomb explosion in Iraqi capital: ministry source

ampcopy Provided by Xinhua Deadly bombings have been rare in Baghdad as the security situation has improved since the Iraqi security forces fully defeated I 2021-07-19 21:55 2KB

(0.06/20)  160 
Here Are The Guys Who Are Headed To Hometowns On 'The Bachelorette'

All the guys still vying for the heart of the Season 17 Bachelorette, Katie Thurston. 2021-07-20 02:09 11KB

(0.06/20)  161 
Top headlines: Pegasus controversy grows; apex court rules on AGR dues

Read more about Top headlines: Pegasus controversy grows; apex court rules on AGR dues on Business Standard. Business Standard brings to you the top headlines on Tuesday 2021-07-20 01:45 3KB

(0.04/20)  162 
Joey Logano Revisits Racing History With Special Trip to Meriden [WATCH]

Prior to the Cup Series race at New Hampshire, Joey Logano revisited his old stomping grounds. He headed to Meriden, Conn., and shared his love of racing. 2021-07-20 01:08 4KB

(0.04/20)  163 
Provincetown urges mask wearing amid coronavirus spike following Fourth of July

Provincetown officials on Monday issued a new mask advisory after a spike in coronavirus cases following the busy Fourth of July weekend. 2021-07-19 22:56 3KB

(0.03/20)  164 
Tom Caron: Just as he gets in a groove, Arroyo back on the IL

The infielder has been having a breakthrough season with the Red Sox, but this is his third stint on the injured list in 2021. 2021-07-19 23:05 4KB

(0.02/20)  165 
Khloe Kardashian Reveals How She Plans To Educate Daughter True,3, About Being A ‘Woman Of Color’

In a recent interview, Khloe Kardashian proved that she is ready for all conversations with her daughter, True Thompson. 2021-07-20 01:45 3KB

(0.02/20)  166 
Iowa state softball tournament: Regina loses to North Linn in Class 2A quarterfinals

Emma Nibuhr pitched a complete game for Regina. North Linn's Ellie Flanagan got the win, allowing the two runs on just two hits over six innings of work. 2021-07-20 01:38 1KB

(0.02/20)  167 
‘Law And Order: SVU’ Star Isaiah Stokes Indicted For Murder

“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star Isaiah Stokes has been indicted by a grand jury of murder in the shooting death of a Queens, New York City, … 2021-07-20 01:26 1KB

(0.02/20)  168 
Climate change bread: Mike Thompson toon

As temperatures rise , both the productivity and nutritional value of crops might decrease, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Cartoonist Mike Thompson shares his view, above.  For … 2021-07-20 01:07 1KB

(0.02/20)  169 
Major League Baseball Leaders

BATTING_N.Castellanos, Cincinnati, .330; A.Frazier, Pittsburgh, .326; T.Turner, Washington, .317; J.Turner, Los Angeles, .304; Reynolds, Pittsburgh, .301; Soto… 2021-07-20 00:06 3KB

(0.02/20)  170 
Source: US states, J&J to unveil $26B opioid settlement

Under the settlement proposal, distributors McKesson Corp , Cardinal Health Inc and AmerisourceBergen Corp are expected to pay a combined $21 billion, while Johnson & Johnson would pay $5 billi… 2021-07-19 23:58 2KB

(0.02/20)  171 
101-year-old pediatrician pushes off retirement

Pediatrician Andy Margileth is one of about a dozen century-old doctors who are still practicing medicine in the U.S. He has no plans to slow down. Norah O'Donnell shares more in CBS News' series Profiles in Service. 2021-07-19 23:45 962Bytes

(0.02/20)  172 
Six Iowa high-school wrestlers earn All-American honors at the 16U freestyle national championships in Fargo

The\u00a0summer wrestling season is worth following for many reasons. 2021-07-19 23:13 6KB

(0.02/20)  173 
Higit P1-M halaga ng hinihinalang shabu nasabat sa Angeles City

Tinatayang 250 gramo ang bigat ng nasabat na kontrabando sa Jaoville Compound, Barangay Pandan; samantala, 5 suspek ang nahuli. 2021-07-19 23:11 1KB

(0.02/20)  174 

This content is only available to USA TODAY subscribers. Subscribe for as low as $4.99 per month. Original … 2021-07-19 22:58 1KB

(0.02/20)  175 
Four arrested at Des Moines City Council meeting after council approves new funds for police

Four people were arrested at\u00a0Monday's Des Moines City Council meeting after\u00a0the council voted to approve the evening's\u00a0consent agenda. 2021-07-19 22:54 2KB

(0.02/20)  176 
Hillsborough Street, Western Boulevard and Avent Ferry Road most dangerous for Raleigh cyclists, data shows

Since 2015, 35 crashes involving cars and bicycles have happened taken place on Hillsborough Street - that's 8.8 percent of all cyclist-involved crashes. 2021-07-19 22:31 4KB

(0.02/20)  177 
Contract Holdout a ‘Realistic’ Option for Bills QB Josh Allen: Insider

An insider says it is possible that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen could hold out for a new contract. 2021-07-19 22:28 3KB

(0.02/20)  178 
This Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee maker is better than a Keurig—and it's on sale right now

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.  If you’re serious about your … 2021-07-19 21:54 3KB

(0.02/20)  179 
Founder Adam Neumann and his wife used WeWork's elementary school to host weekend dinner parties and left a mess for teachers to clean up, new book says

Good Subscriber Account active since The third floor of WeWork's Chelsea office was once home to a school that "resembled a meadow," served vegan … 2021-07-19 21:50 3KB

Dodgers’ Josiah Gray to debut Tuesday against Giants

The top pitching prospect in the organization, the 23-year-old Gray is expected to start, but Manager Dave Roberts left open the possibility that the team might use an “opener” on the mound, with G… 2021-07-20 02:30 4KB

Alicia Silverstone,44, Recreates Iconic ‘Clueless’ Scene With Son,10, On Film’s 26th Anniversary

Alicia Silverstone recreated an iconic 'Clueless' scene with her son, Bear, on TikTok to celebrate the film's 26th anniversary. 2021-07-20 02:26 2KB

Why the U. S. once set off a nuclear bomb in space

The results from the 1962 Starfish Prime test serve as a warning of what might happen if Earth’s magnetic field gets blasted again with high doses of radiation. 2021-07-20 02:25 8KB

Neighbors Happy To See ‘Shingle Mountain’ In Dallas Almost Completely Removed

For almost three years, Marsha Jackson and her neighbors in Dallas stared at a giant pile of roofing debris known as "Shingle Mountain." Now, removal of the toxic waste from the Flora Farms site is almost complete. 2021-07-20 02:25 2KB

Former Space Force commander: Pentagon's 'extremism analysis' project appears to skip anti-police slogans

U.S. Space Force Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier , joined "Fox News Primetime" , speaking in his personal capacity and not on behalf of the DoD, and … 2021-07-20 02:17 3KB

Michigan's hottest housing markets aren't in Metro Detroit

Data show that based on sales prices and the number of homes sold, the markets have grown most in some of the less-populated parts of the state. 2021-07-20 02:17 10KB

Today in History for July 20th

Highlights of this day in history: The first men to walk on the Moon; Viking One lands on Mars; Nazi Germany's dictator Adolf Hitler … 2021-07-20 02:16 790Bytes

Portland council extends outdoor dining, retail expansions

The festival designation preceded a council vote to end the local pandemic emergency declaration approved in March 2020. 2021-07-20 02:15 3KB

Sand Dollar Lounge to open location at Plaza in downtown Las Vegas

The Sand Dollar Lounge, a live music and craft cocktails bar, will soon have a sister location at the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas ... 2021-07-20 02:15 1KB

Peluso Jr. appointed as Newport Fire Department chief

Frank Peluso Jr. has been hired as Newport's fire chief. He is the son of City Commissioner Frank Peluso Sr. 2021-07-20 02:13 2KB

Rising Covid-19 concerns could slow plans to scrap Trump-era border policy

The Biden administration may delay winding down a Trump-era border policy tied to the pandemic due to increasing concerns about Covid-19 variants, according to a source familiar with the matter. 2021-07-20 02:13 4KB

Motorcycle crash kills St. Paul man in Brooklyn Park

A St. Paul man was killed Friday night when he crashed his motorcycle in Brooklyn Park, officials say. Victor Alfredo Abrego Gallegos, 45, was riding his 2005 Harley Davidson south on Minnesota 252… 2021-07-20 02:13 1KB

High-profile contenders battle for Detroit's two at-large council seats

Janeé Ayers is up against former state senator Coleman A. Young II, Charter Revision Commissioner Nicole Small, political organizer Jermain Lee Jones, and former state representative Mary Waters in the Aug. 3 race. 2021-07-20 02:12 10KB

How an Unproven Alzheimer’s Drug Got Approved

Though some of its own senior officials said there was little evidence of benefit for patients, the F.D.A. nonetheless greenlighted Biogen’s Aduhelm, or aducanumab. 2021-07-20 02:12 18KB

Covington poised to cut urban farm in half with housing plans

Despite neighborhood pushback, the city of Covington is anticipated to approve a development plan that will build houses on half of a community garden. 2021-07-20 02:11 4KB

'We have never experienced losing that many patients.' St. E nurse manager recalls COVID

Melisssa Takata worked at the hub for Northern Kentucky COVID-19 care, in the St. Elizabeth-Fort Thomas hospital. 2021-07-20 02:10 7KB

WWE Raw Results: Winners, News And Notes As Goldberg Returns

Goldberg returned on WWE Raw to challenge Bobby Lashley. 2021-07-20 02:09 5KB

Former Ohio lawmaker Candice Keller still driving car with state representative license plate

Former Rep. Candice Keller is still using her old state representative license plate, REP 053, even though she is no longer a state lawmaker. 2021-07-20 02:09 2KB

Portland councilors affirm support for 200 bed shelter, despite referendum

The Portland City Council voted 6-3 to enter into a second agreement with a developer to build a 200-bed homeless shelter and service center in the Riverton neighborhood, even as residents seek a November referendum to block the project. 2021-07-20 02:08 7KB

Harrison Township woman dies in northern Michigan crash, state police say

Chelsea Meldrum\u00a0was driving a Jeep Wrangler early Sunday when it drove\u00a0onto the shoulder of two-track, hit a stump and overturned, officials said. 2021-07-20 02:08 1KB

Covid-19: Canada extends ban on passenger flights from India till August 21

Read more about Covid-19: Canada extends ban on passenger flights from India till August 21 on Business Standard. Canada on Monday announced that it is extending the ban on incoming passenger flights from India for another month due to the Delta variant of Covid-19 2021-07-20 02:08 2KB

A Community Thrives: Next step for organizations seeking grants is community support

The crowd-funding campaign period is July 19 to\u00a0Aug. 13.\u00a0Organizations need to raise a required amount to be eligible for grant consideration. 2021-07-20 02:07 1KB

Today in History, July 20, 1969: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were first to walk on the moon

On July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon. 2021-07-20 02:06 2KB

New Mexico Bishop Reportedly Denies Communion To Pro-Abortion Democrat State Senator

"Please pray for church authorities as Catholicism transitions under Pope Francis." A Democratic New Mexico state senator who supports abortion claimed his Catholic bishop … 2021-07-20 02:06 4KB

Explosion Reported at Factory in China's Henan Province - Video

The incident reportedly took place at a plant in the city of Dengfeng. Emergency services have arrived at the scene, although information about the victims has not yet... 2021-07-20 02:06 750Bytes

Covington police: Fatal crash closes Ky.17 south of I-275

Covington police said the crash happened near Pioneer Park. 2021-07-20 02:05 1KB

A large red tide has contributed to more than 600 tons of dead marine life in Florida

A red tide has invaded the Gulf Coast of Florida, causing problems for wildlife and the community. 2021-07-20 02:04 4KB

ICMR, public face of India's Covid response, comes under fire from experts

Read more about ICMR, public face of India's Covid response, comes under fire from experts on Business Standard. State-funded research group is accused of making questionable decisions on medicines and lack of transparency in its work 2021-07-20 02:03 13KB

'Legally Blonde' at 20: The enduring legacy of Hollywood's pinkest wardrobe

Elle Wood's hyper-feminine style was central to the cult movie's inversion of blonde stereotypes -- and, two decades on, it's as relevant as ever. 2021-07-20 02:02 4KB

Livingston County backgrounders concerned after courts ordered to remove DOB, identifying info

Starting next year, information such as dates of birth, social security numbers and driver's license numbers will not be public on online court records 2021-07-20 02:01 7KB

Analyst: Knicks Lottery Pick ‘Most Likely’ To Be Traded This Summer

Following their first playoff berth in over eight years, the New York Knicks are hoping to ride the momentum of a winning season into the summer. 2021-07-20 02:00 3KB

EXCLUSIVE: SF family held at gunpoint, robbed after father is ambushed while washing car

A San Francisco man says he was held up at gunpoint while washing his car and then robbed and held captive in a bathroom with his family. 2021-07-20 02:00 3KB

'It's warmed my heart': Long-time trolley guide Pat \

Jackson: 'I didn't know I made that big of a difference' 2021-07-20 02:00 5KB

Soibam Ongbi Momon Leima (1951-2021): An activist inextricably mixed with Manipur’s tortured history

Her contribution went far beyond the protest at which 12 women stripped naked outside the Assam Rifles headquarters. 2021-07-20 02:00 5KB

Miami Marlins put Jazz Chisholm Jr., Garrett Cooper on 10-day IL

The Miami Marlins placed infielder Jazz Chisholm Jr. and utilityman Garrett Cooper on the 10-day injured list Monday after the duo suffered injuries in Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Phillies. 2021-07-20 01:58 2KB

New Jersey Attorney General Prepares Cease And Desist Order Against Multi-Billion Dollar Bitcoin Financial Services Platform

As crypto lending and DeFi continue to explode, the New Jersey Attorney General is cracking down on one of its biggest players. 2021-07-20 01:58 3KB

Pegasus list of potential spyware has a number once used by Pak PM: Report

Read more about Pegasus list of potential spyware has a number once used by Pak PM: Report on Business Standard. The list of potential targets of the Israeli-made Pegasus spyware programme included at least one number once used by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, according to Washington Post 2021-07-20 01:58 3KB

Editorial: Our choice for Detroit mayor

The Detroit News is endorsing in the mayoral race for the Aug. 3 city primary. 2021-07-20 01:57 3KB

'Share the road': Evanston begins shared street pilot program

Evanston began testing out a project Monday that allows pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers to safely share a street. 2021-07-20 01:55 1KB

DC mayor directs police to use ‘any overtime necessary’ following death of girl,6, and MLB park shooting

Washington D.C. , Mayor Muriel Bowser said Monday she is directing the city's police department to use as much overtime as is necessary to … 2021-07-20 01:54 2KB

Rep. Maloney argues about Fox News, critical race theory at town hall event

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) got into it Sunday with a questioner at a town hall event in Dutchess County over the teaching of … 2021-07-20 01:53 4KB

India's US envoy Sandhu visits Dalip Singh Saund Post Office in California

Read more about India's US envoy Sandhu visits Dalip Singh Saund Post Office in California on Business Standard. India's Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu visited the Dalip Singh Saund Post Office, named after the first Indian-American lawmaker, during his recent visit to California 2021-07-20 01:53 2KB

Fleur Du Mal’s CEO Talks Sustainability, Brand’s Expansion From Lingerie To Apparel, Sex Toys & Swim

Fleur du Mal CEO Jennifer Zuccarini's goal is to create products that make women feel their best while they're getting dressed—and undressed. 2021-07-20 01:52 4KB

Latest news LIVE updates: Centre to brief MPs on Covid situation in India

Read more about Latest news LIVE updates: Centre to brief MPs on Covid situation in India on Business Standard. Jeff Bezos is all set to fly to the edge of space, beyond the Karman line, today. Meanwhile, Indian Parliament's monsoon session is underway. Stay tuned for Latest LIVE news 2021-07-20 01:52 2KB

US says Pakistan has made significant progress on FATF's first action plan

Read more about US says Pakistan has made significant progress on FATF's first action plan on Business Standard. Pakistan has made significant progress on its first action plan of the Financial Action Task Force by largely addressing 26 of the 27 action items, US has said 2021-07-20 01:49 3KB

Reuters plugs AOC merchandise on Twitter multiple times

Reuters was called out on Twitter on Monday for repeatedly promoting merchandise for "Squad" member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , D-N.Y. "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez … 2021-07-20 01:48 3KB

Aides who clashed with Giuliani intentionally gave him wrong time for Trump debate prep: book

Aides to former President Trump intentionally gave his then-personal attorney Rudy Giuliani the wrong time for a presidential debate preparation event last year, according … 2021-07-20 01:45 2KB

Head Start funding plummets for Chicago organizations after application change

Smaller Chicago Head Start programs are scrambling for funding after changes to the application 2021-07-20 01:42 2KB

Coronavirus Timeline: Tracking major moments of COVID-19 pandemic in San Francisco Bay Area

The novel coronavirus pandemic unfolded with breathtaking speed. Here's a look at the major moments in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. 2021-07-20 01:41 1KB

Manchin Pledges To Vote For BLM Nominee Accused Of Lying Under Oath

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin will vote to confirm Tracy Stone-Manning as the next Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), his … 2021-07-20 01:40 2KB

Biden says Eid al-Adha carries 'special meaning' amid pandemic

President Biden and first lady Jill Biden on Monday marked the beginning of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, saying in a statement that it … 2021-07-20 01:40 2KB

Replacement named for Liz Cambage in Australian Olympic team

SYDNEY (AP) — Sara Blicavs has been given a late call-up to the Tokyo Olympics after WNBA star Liz Cambage’s withdrawal from the Australian women' 2021-07-20 01:39 2KB

Are Bitcoin Prices Headed For Further Losses In The Short-Term?

Bitcoin prices have apparently entered a descending triangle formation. Does this point to further downside for the digital currency? Analysts weigh in. 2021-07-20 01:38 5KB

Michigan Lottery numbers for Monday, July 19

These numbers were drawn Monday 2021-07-20 01:37 631Bytes

Court of Arbitration for Sport rejects Ogwumike’s appeal

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nneka Ogwumike and Elizabeth Williams won't be playing for Nigeria in the Olympics after the Court of Arbitration for Sport rejected their… 2021-07-20 01:33 3KB

Fears at spate of extreme weather all around globe

OUTBREAKS of extreme weather were reported on four continents yesterday , as record floods and forest fires caused emergencies everywhere from the US and Russia to China and New Zealand. 2021-07-20 01:30 4KB

Call for German minister to step down over lack of flood warning

GERMAN opposition parties have called for the resignation of Horst Seehofer, the interior minister, as finger-pointing begins over the fatal floods that have swept across the country during the past week, killing at least 165 people. 2021-07-20 01:30 2KB

‘Freedom Day’ in UK brings mix of worry and delight

FOR UK clubbers and nightclub owners, the moment lived up to its media-given moniker, ‘ Freedom Day’. 2021-07-20 01:30 4KB

Missouri authorities charge second person in Lake Ozark shooting

Another person has been charged in a shooting outside a bar in Lake Ozark, Mo., that left one man dead and four others wounded.  … 2021-07-20 01:28 1KB

Angels’ Mike Trout hits the road as he gets closer to a return

Trout had not traveled with the team since he suffered a strained calf two months ago, but he made this trip because he was eager to rejoin his teammates. He said he is “really close” to beginning … 2021-07-20 01:28 4KB

Questions still remain in Giants’ upgraded wide receiver group

Leading into the July 27 opening of Giants training camp, The Post will analyze 11 position groups based on personnel, strengths, weaknesses and key depth … 2021-07-20 01:25 4KB

Taye Diggs Admits He’s Still Single Despite ‘Celebrity Dating Game’ Appearance: ‘I Need Extra Help’

Taye Diggs is revealing that he is still single despite his 'Celebrity Dating Game' appearance. 2021-07-20 01:23 3KB

‘Impossible’ To Pinpoint Why 2020 Polls Were The Least Accurate In Decades, Report Finds

Presidential polls surveying November’s election were the least accurate in 40 years and state polls were the worst in the past 20, a report released Monday … 2021-07-20 01:22 3KB

Paggunita sa Eid Al Adha sa Golden Mosque sa Quiapo, dinagsa

Tinatayang umabot sa 1,700 ang mga Pilipinong Muslim na nakiisa sa pagdiriwang ng Eid Al Adha, o Feast of the Sacrifice, Martes ng umaga. 2021-07-20 01:22 1KB

AccuWeather Forecast: Cool tonight with coastal clouds, patchy fog

Expect coastal clouds and some patchy fog around the Bay shoreline overnight. Lows fall into the low 50s to low 60s. 2021-07-20 01:20 1KB

Olivia Wilde Returns To Los Angeles After Romantic Getaway With Harry Styles: 1st Photo

Olivia Wilde has returned to Los Angeles after her Italian vacation with Harry Styles. 2021-07-20 01:20 2KB

Most Mariveles COVID cases linked to work at power plant, says mayor

OCTA Research has identified Mariveles as an area with a rapidly increasing number of coronavirus cases. 2021-07-20 01:19 2KB

Unseld talking defense as he takes over Wizards job

Wes Unseld Jr. was introduced as Washington’s new coach Monday, and there was understandably some nostalgia, given his father’s prominent place in franchise history. 2021-07-20 01:15 4KB

Best of BS Opinion: Illegal surveillance, co-operation ministry & more

Read more about Best of BS Opinion: Illegal surveillance, co-operation ministry & more on Business Standard. Here are the best of Business Standard's opinion pieces for Saturday 2021-07-20 01:14 2KB

Lance Lynn excellent again, but Twins come from behind to beat White Sox in 8 innings

Lance Lynn lowered his ERA to 1.94 with seven innings of one-run ball. 2021-07-20 01:12 2KB

‘I hope you rot’: Man accused of killing mom, leaving her kids in apartment for days

A distraught Arizona mom confronted the man who allegedly murdered her daughter and left her three young grandchildren alone in an apartment with the body … 2021-07-20 01:11 3KB

Russian-linked ransomware gang REvil suddenly goes offline, sparking speculation of U. S. takedown

The Russian-linked cyberattack crime gang REvil has suddenly vanished from the web. The group's blog and payment site went offline Tuesday, sparking speculation that it had been shut down by a state actor. REvil is suspected of being behind the JBS meat processing hack and other ransomware attacks. CBSN tech reporter Dan Patterson joins CBSN AM to talk about the different possible scenarios for the vanishing act. 2021-07-20 01:08 1KB

Firefighting crews work to contain huge Oregon blaze

The monstrous Bootleg Fire in Oregon continues to spread by miles each day, but crews have begun to build containment lines on the blaze that … 2021-07-20 01:06 825Bytes

The Mets need to make a trade for Kris Bryant

The smile stays with you. Kris Bryant’s, that is, while he fielded the final out of the 2016 World Series. “This is going to be … 2021-07-20 01:05 4KB

Controversial Former President of El Salvador Arturo Molina Dead at 93

The former Salvadoran president’s administration marked the third consecutive military regime for the Central American country, one that saw improvements to the... 2021-07-20 01:03 2KB

Ricky Rollins, Darren Criss’ Manager: 5 Fast Facts

Darren Criss is surprising his manager, Ricky Rollins, on 'Celebrity IOU.' 2021-07-20 01:03 3KB

55 Things Under $25 On Amazon That Are Effing Dope

You can find some really cool products on Amazon for cheap, including everything on this list that's under $25. 2021-07-20 01:03 22KB

‘Below Deck Med’ Recap: Roy Orbison Jr. Got So Damn Drunk He “Peed Everywhere”

“They’re super chill,” bosun Malia White said during the preference sheet meeting on Below Deck Mediterranean when it was revealed that Roy Orbison Jr, … 2021-07-20 01:00 3KB

Orioles ace Means to return Tuesday from shoulder injury

Baltimore Orioles ace John Means will return from a left shoulder strain to start Tuesday night against the Tampa Bay Rays. 2021-07-20 01:00 2KB

NFL free agent tracker 2021: Keep pace with offseason's major moves

The NFL's free agency period for the 2021 offseason officially kicked off at 4 p.m. ET on March 17 – the point when players … 2021-07-20 01:00 1KB

Thieves posing as utility workers steal $25K in jewelry from widow: cops

A pair of thieves posed as Florida utility workers to steal more than $25,000 in jewelry from an 81-year-old widow, authorities said. … 2021-07-20 01:00 3KB

‘Journalism is not a bed of roses’: Meet the Jharkhand reporter featured in leaked Pegasus database

Rupesh Kumar Singh spent six months in jail. He said he was targeted for his reports on police violence against Adivasis. 2021-07-20 01:00 6KB

Scorched, parched and now uninsurable: Climate change hits Wine Country - The San Francisco Examiner Scorched, parched and now uninsurable: Climate change hits Wine Country - The San Francisco Examiner

By Christopher Flavelle 2021-07-20 01:00 11KB

Premier League club Everton suspends player amid police case

LIVERPOOL, England (AP) — Everton has suspended a player pending a police investigation, the Premier League club said Tuesday. The northwest-England team did… 2021-07-20 00:59 1KB

Gold price today at Rs 47,040 per 10 gm, silver trending at Rs 67,800 a kg

Read more about Gold price today at Rs 47,040 per 10 gm, silver trending at Rs 67,800 a kg on Business Standard. In New Delhi, the price of 22-carat gold was up to Rs 47,150 per 10 gm 2021-07-20 00:58 2KB

Yankees need this version of Gleyber Torres in pivotal second half

The Yankees got some much-needed spark — and production — from unexpected sources against the Red Sox. From Greg Allen, who went 3-for-6, … 2021-07-20 00:56 4KB

Kathleen Turner to star in Richard Nixon HBO series

Kathleen Turner on her new HBO series “The White House Plumbers” : “It’s Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux, who also co-produced it. It’s about Nixon. My character’s Dita Beard, … 2021-07-20 00:55 4KB

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR’s sites use cookies, similar tracking and storage technologies, and information about the device you use to access our sites (together, “cookies”) to enhance your … 2021-07-20 00:54 1KB

Rubio: 'Russia is already' in Cuba, the Diaz-Canel regime 'lost its legitimacy to govern'

Sen. Marco Rubio , R-Fla., warned that Russian assets are already in Cuba and have been for some time, further declaring that the heir to … 2021-07-20 00:54 2KB

Vaccine ignorance triumphs in Tennessee

Some people live in alternate realities. What’s worse, though, is when they have power to impose those realities on the rest of us. 2021-07-20 00:54 3KB

Amazon Web Services Shuts Down Accounts, Servers Linked to NSO Group - Report

This follows the Sunday publication by a coalition of media outlets and activist organizations revealing that the Israeli company's Pegasus spyware had been used for... 2021-07-20 00:51 2KB

Brent Spence Bridge: I-71/75 north down to one lane over weekend, two lanes afterward

Work on the bridge carrying Interstates 71 and 75 over the Ohio River is halfway finished, say Kentucky highway officials. 2021-07-20 00:51 2KB

Foo Fighters announce rescheduled date at The Forum

Tickets for the original date on July 17 will be honored. 2021-07-20 00:50 1KB

‘The Wire’ actor alleges sex abuse by journalist, who calls contact consensual

Actor Gbenga Akinnagbe of “The Wire” fame has alleged in Brooklyn criminal court that a journalist sexually abused him on two occasions — while the … 2021-07-20 00:50 4KB

Los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio podrían ser los más calurosos en décadas

(CNN) — A pocos días de la ceremonia de apertura de los Juegos Olímpicos, los ojos están puestos en el pronóstico del tiempo. Los atletas intentan entrenar en… 2021-07-20 00:50 6KB

DC 911 interim head orders mandatory overtime to halt staffing shortages

The interim director of D.C.’s 911 system has ordered mandatory overtime amid concerns that not enough call-takers are on-hand to deal with emergency calls. 2021-07-20 00:49 2KB

Algeria to boost cooperation with China under BRI framework: president

ALGIERS July 19 Xinhua -- Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune said on Monday that Algeria is ready to deepen cooperation with China in various fields und 2021-07-20 00:49 4KB

Chicago duo buys iO theater, plans to resume improv shows and classes

Real estate execs Scott Gendell and Larry Weiner take over the North Side company that trained Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Stephen Colbert. 2021-07-20 00:48 1KB

Vanessa Hudgens sizzles in 'groovy' bikini snapshot: 'Loves a set'

Vanessa Hudgens just kicked summer fashion into high gear. The actress and singer, 32, sent social media into a frenzy on Sunday when she shared … 2021-07-20 00:47 1KB

WWE SmackDown Viewership Up Nearly 10% Compared To Pandemic Era

WWE SmackDown viewership was also up over 37% in the 18-49 demo from last week. 2021-07-20 00:45 3KB

Crystal Lake man ID'd as Jiffy Lube employee killed by elderly customer in McHenry: coroner

A McHenry Jiffy Lube employee, Joseph Majko, was killed after he was hit by a 91-year-old customer leaving the service bay, police said. 2021-07-20 00:45 1KB

Norwegian women's beach handball team fined for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms

The European Handball Federation (EHF) on Monday issued fines against the Norwegian women's beach handball team over its decision to wear shorts instead of bikini bottoms. … 2021-07-20 00:44 2KB

DA: 6ix9ine’s bodyguards broke man’s phone after wild chase

Bodyguards for troubled rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine turned New York City into the Wild West last summer, piling into SUVs and chasing a man for 20 blocks with lights… 2021-07-20 00:42 4KB

Florida Doctors Face New Rules For Smokeable Medical Marijuana

New rules laying out the do’s and don’ts physicians must follow when certifying patients to smoke medical marijuana took effect last week, but it’s not clear that doctors or patients are fully aware of them. 2021-07-20 00:41 6KB

Renovated community center, playground at Costa Mesa’s Lions Park are back in action

City officials recently celebrated finishing the work that started several years ago with a new library. 2021-07-20 00:41 2KB

Russia successfully tests state-of-the-art cruise missile

Russia has successfully tested a state-of-the-art cruise missile hailed by President Vladimir Putin as the best in the world, according to reports. … 2021-07-20 00:40 1KB

Sankey joins call for change in college athletics oversight

Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey echoed the NCAA president's call for potential changes in how college athletics are governed Monday, though he did not … 2021-07-20 00:39 4KB

TSA Agent At JFK Airport Finds Missing Diamond For Distraught Travelers

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer at John F. Kennedy International Airport found a lost diamond for a couple traveling on their honeymoon, according to … 2021-07-20 00:38 2KB

Ted Cruz: Rising Coronavirus Rates in Texas Due in ‘Significant Part’ to Illegal Aliens

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Sunday the rates of COVID-19 infection are rising in his home state due “in significant part” to illegal … 2021-07-20 00:36 4KB

California teen accused of killing mom, injuring dad in stabbing, found covered in blood, police say

A 14-year-old California boy found covered in blood killed his mother and injured his father during a brutal stabbing last week, police said. … 2021-07-20 00:35 1KB

‘My Pillow Guy’ Mike Lindell teams up with Alex Jones’ on ‘Infowars’

Lindell says he has reason to believe Trump won California 2021-07-20 00:34 2KB

Martin Cummins Reveals if Henry’s Returning to ‘When Calls the Heart’

Martin Cummins shared a social media post that finally answered if he's returning to When Calls the Heart. 2021-07-20 00:33 3KB

Padres-Braves rained out, doubleheader set for Wednesday

ATLANTA (AP) — The game between the Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres was postponed on Monday night because of rain and will be made up as part of a day-night… 2021-07-20 00:32 3KB

Celtics Could Take ‘Low-Cost Flyer’ on Former Top-5 Pick, per Insider

Could the Boston Celtics take a low-risk, high-reward swing at the former top-five pick? 2021-07-20 00:31 4KB

‘Vile’ Yankees fan spit on my 9-year-old daughter, wife of Red Sox great claims

The wife of former Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek said a Yankees fan spit on their 9-year-old daughter while they walked to their … 2021-07-20 00:31 1KB

Charlie Baker invests $186M of ARPA funds as Legislature prepares to launch listening series

The day before lawmakers launch a series of hearings for what could be a years-long process of distributing federal coronavirus relief funds, Gov. Charlie Baker once again signaled his commitment to getting the cash out the door as fast as possible. 2021-07-20 00:31 3KB

2 Confederate statues removed in Charlottesville, Virginia

Two statues of Confederate generals were removed in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend. One of them, the Robert E. Lee statue, was at the center of a violent white supremacist rally nearly four years ago. 2021-07-20 00:30 1KB

‘My Helmet Saved Me’: Former Miami Heat Guard Ray Allen On Nasty Bicycle Crash

Former Miami Heat guard and NBA Hall of Famer Ray Allen is recovering after being involved in a nasty bicycle accident. 2021-07-20 00:30 1KB

Updated Wiseman Injury Timeline Could Impact Warriors’ Trade Options: Report

Warriors big man James Wiseman suffered an injury to the MCL in his right knee, which ended his rookie season early. He underwent surgery to repair the damage in April. 2021-07-20 00:30 4KB

What LSU transfer Seneca Knight provides to BYU basketball

After a memorable recruiting visit last weekend, Knight announced Monday morning that he will be joining BYU’s program this upcoming season 2021-07-20 00:30 7KB

San Mateo considers millions in COVID relief for small business - The San Francisco Examiner San Mateo considers millions in COVID relief for small business - The San Francisco Examiner

San Mateo County supervisors on Tuesday will consider providing millions of dollars in financial relief for small businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 2021-07-20 00:30 2KB

Philly Fan Makes Crazy Financial Commitment to Eagles

One crazy (possibly drunk) Philadelphia Eagles fan made a shocking Super Bowl bet on the hometown team. 2021-07-20 00:28 4KB

Mick Jagger,77, & Girlfriend,34, Kiss & Cuddle Son Deveraux,4, In Rare New Photo

Mick Jagger and girlfriend Melanie Hamrick cuddle with their son Deveraux in a new photo. 2021-07-20 00:25 2KB

Let's Leave 5-Day Workweek Behind After the Pandemic

With the pandemic inspiring many Americans to reconsider how, where, and how much they want to work, this might be a opportunity to retire the five-day workweek. Employees'... 2021-07-20 00:25 2KB

Video: Russian Frigate Admiral Gorshkov Launches Zircon Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile in Latest Test

Lacking the nearly 20 aircraft carriers and assault ships wielded by the US Navy, Russia’s military has long sought a counterbalance in highly effective anti-ship... 2021-07-20 00:22 2KB

George Soros and Bill Gates team up for $41 million purchase of COVID testing company

High-profile billionaires George Soros and Bill Gates are part of a group that is buying a company that makes rapid COVID-19 tests. The … 2021-07-20 00:22 4KB

Brush fire breaks out in Topanga; progress halted at 15 acres

A brush fire broke out Monday afternoon in Topanga, spreading across 15 acres and threatening some structures, authorities said. 2021-07-20 00:22 1KB

Patriots will also conduct joint practices with the Giants before preseason finale

Former Patriots assistant coach Joe Judge will bring his Giants team to Foxboro for joint practices prior to preseason finale at MetLife Stadium. 2021-07-20 00:22 1KB

Plans for pro soccer stadium get rolled out to Portland officials Tuesday

Backers say they have received 'official approval as an expansion market' in USL League One, contingent upon stadium development. 2021-07-20 00:21 6KB

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey: Six of 14 football teams have reached 80% COVID-19 vaccine rate threshold

HOOVER, Ala. — SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said at 2021 SEC Media Days on Monday that six of the 14 football teams in the conference have … 2021-07-20 00:20 2KB

Chicago artists design high-top sneakers for 'Steps We Take Together' fundraiser

A group of Chicago artists are designing high-top sneakers for the "Steps We Take Together" fundraiser benefiting My Block, My Hood, My City. 2021-07-20 00:20 1KB

AI-powered deep neural nets increase accuracy for credit score predictions

At Transform 2021, Credit Karma's CTO discussed migrating to the cloud and adopting machine learning to improve personalized recommendations. 2021-07-20 00:20 4KB

Cruz homers, hits sac fly; Twins top White Sox 3-2 in 8

CHICAGO (AP) — Nelson Cruz hit a sacrifice fly in the eighth inning after tying the game with a solo shot in the sixth, and the Minnesota Twins beat the Chicago… 2021-07-20 00:19 3KB

The hard truth about Olympic Village beds

Who needs memory foam when you can sleep on cardboard? Yes, the world's premiere athletes will, in fact, be recharging their batteries on cardboard beds in the Olympic Village. 2021-07-20 00:15 3KB

Woke feminists are ditching the Wing for more welcoming workspaces

When Michelle Ward, 43, heard about the controversy at the women’s only co-working space collective, the Wing, last summer, she canceled her membership. Ward, … 2021-07-20 00:15 6KB

Longtime North Side alderman Bernie Hansen dies at 76

Former Chicago alderman Bernie Hansen, remembered as a champion of the 44th Ward, died in Arizona Sunday at the age of 76. 2021-07-20 00:12 2KB

California’s troubling path toward a ‘basic income’

It’s fine for the Legislature to help foster-care youth, but it shouldn’t use that laudable effort to set the stage for a far-reaching, costly and counterproductive basic-income program. 2021-07-20 00:11 4KB

Is Shereé Whitfield Returning to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta?’

Shereé Whitfield could be plotting a possible return to RHOA. 2021-07-20 00:11 3KB

Government Persuasion vs. Government Coercion: The Employer Speech Analogy

Here's a highly tentative idea that I wanted to flag: As the post on "When Government Urges Private Entities to 2021-07-20 00:10 5KB

Roger Stone Says He Won't Retire From Politics Because It's 'Struggle Between Good and Evil'

"This is a struggle between dark and light," Stone said. "And if we fail, America will step off into a thousand years of darkness." 2021-07-20 00:10 3KB

'American Marxism': Mark Levin warns America already in 'the abyss'

Radio-TV host and author Mark Levin, promoting his new book "American Marxism," contends America "is not at the precipice looking in the abyss." "We … 2021-07-20 00:09 4KB

New fundraising numbers suggest Orange County House races will be hot again next year

The 25 candidates running for the seven House seats that touch Orange County have raised nearly $11.5 million this election cycle, according to the latest campaign finance reports filed with the Fe… 2021-07-20 00:08 8KB

Beyond Van Gogh: Here’s what it’s like inside the immersive art exhibition in Anaheim

The experience, which is open July 20 through Labor Day, uses over 4 trillion content pixels to create multi-dimensional projections that bring Van Gogh’s works to life. 2021-07-20 00:07 6KB

Tulsa police catch 'weekly most wanted' suspect who replied on FB: 'Where's the reward'

Tulsa, Okla., police were able to make an arrest last week after the suspect from their "Weekly Most Wanted" Facebook post replied in the comments … 2021-07-20 00:06 1KB

“It didn’t have to come to this.” Family of slain corrections officer to file wrongful-death lawsuit

The family of corrections officer Joseph Gomm, who was bludgeoned to death by an inmate at the Stillwater prison three years ago, is set to file a lawsuit against MINNCOR Industries, the Minnesota … 2021-07-20 00:06 5KB

Kaiser workers in Woodland Hills to protest outsourcing of call center jobs

Another Kaiser call center closed last year in Baldwin Park and a fourth facility was shuttered this year in Los Angeles. They used to employ about 1,400 workers, but that’s been whittled to … 2021-07-20 00:05 3KB

Billionaire Joe Tsai is the "mystery buyer" behind $157 million Manhattan apartment deal

Alibaba co-founder Joe Tsai is the mystery buyer behind a $157 million apartment deal in Manhattan's most prestigious condo tower, according to people familiar with the deal. 2021-07-20 00:05 3KB

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Shares Health Update After Cancer Diagnosis: ‘Best Possible News’

Mark Hoppus said this recent health update was the ‘best possible news’ he could hope for while fighting stage 4 cancer — read more 2021-07-20 00:04 3KB

Kid Laroi, Justin Bieber and BTS Shake Up Top of the Songs Chart

The Kid Laroi/Justin Bieber collaboration "Stay" debuted at No. 1 on the songs chart. Olivia Rodrigo still has the top album. 2021-07-20 00:04 2KB

Cancer patient creates "warrior boxes" to support others

A 6-year-old in Central California and her family made "warrior boxes" to support children battling cancer - while she had cancer herself. 2021-07-20 00:03 1KB

‘Death By DeSantis’: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Blames Governor For State’s COVID-19 Surge

Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz appeared on CNN expressing her discontent with how Governor Ron DeSantis has handled the coronavirus pandemic and feels he is to blame for the current surge of cases in the state and for the vaccine... 2021-07-20 00:02 2KB

'She worked for this': Louisiana town throws Spelling Bee champ a parade fit for Mardi Gras

Harvey, Louisiana threw a drive-by parade big enough for Mardi Gras to celebrate Zaila Avant-Garde, the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee champion. 2021-07-20 00:02 1KB

Hailey Baldwin Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors After Husband Justin Bieber Shares ‘Mom and Dad’ Photo

Hailey Baldwin revealed what Justin Bieber meant by ‘mom and dad’ photo, denying pregnancy rumors — details 2021-07-20 00:01 2KB

Russian Scientists Find Method to Save More Than 50 Percent of Fuel in Factories

Scientists from the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) have developed a method to reduce energy consumption in refineries – it's now possible to save more than half of... 2021-07-20 00:01 2KB

Secret Documents Reveal How Labour Grappled With UK Jail Overcrowding When It Came to Power in 1997

The Labour Party was swept into power, with Tony Blair as prime minister, when it won a landslide election victory in May 1997. Blair had repeatedly promised to tackle... 2021-07-20 00:01 3KB

Iowa’s oldest and largest bluegrass festival is in Strawberry Point

The 40th Annual Backbone Bluegrass Festival is coming up July 23-25 at Backbone State Park (Iowa’s oldest state park). 2021-07-20 00:00 5KB

The 50 Most Common Jobs in Los Angeles

From dishwashers to electricians, these are the jobs most commonly held by Angelenos. 2021-07-20 00:00 36KB

Look Closely At Russia’s Checkmate Fighter—Its Tail Is One Key To Its Stealth

Russia’s new fighter has obvious stealth qualities. They’re evident at the front of the plane ... and at the back. Case in point—the tail surfaces. 2021-07-20 00:00 3KB

Forget the Alamo? Woke iconoclasts come for Texas’ heroes

No one is trying to topple the Alamo quite yet, but a new revisionist book on the foundational event of Texas history partakes of the iconoclastic … 2021-07-20 00:00 4KB

Haiti’s acting prime minister to step down, turn over power to Moïse’s earlier pick

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Acting Haitian prime minister Claude Joseph says he plans to transfer power on Tuesday to Dr. Ariel Henry, a neurosurgeon and longtime political stalwart whose designation earlier this month as the next in line for the post was “the final wish of President Jovenel Moïse.” 2021-07-19 23:59 2KB

Nick Cannon introduces baby no.7, son Zen Scott

Nick Cannon introduced his son Zen Scott, born June 23, on Instagram Monday. 2021-07-19 23:58 2KB

Turn the Thompson Center into a casino

It is a CTA hub so it can be accessed from just about anywhere in the city and suburbs without adding significant auto traffic. 2021-07-19 23:58 3KB

⭐ Human Rights Watch Director Tweet Blames Israeli Gov’t for Rise in UK Antisemitism

Human Rights Watch (HRW) Executive Director Kenneth Roth appeared to blame the Israeli government in part for the recent spike in antisemitism in Britain. 2021-07-19 23:57 7KB

Senators and Biden Aides Struggle to Save Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

A looming deadline and a last-minute need for a new revenue source are complicating a deal that was announced nearly a month ago. 2021-07-19 23:57 8KB

Transfer Talk: PSG, Atletico Madrid keeping tabs on Liverpool's Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson is facing an uncertain future with Liverpool, which could prompt a move to Atletico Madrid or PSG. Transfer Talk has the latest. 2021-07-19 23:56 4KB

UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke to provide more flexibility for staff returning to office

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill welcomed employees back to campus Monday after more than a year of remote work during the pandemic. But the normal workday at UNC-Chapel Hill and at Duke University will likely not be the same as it was before the pandemic. 2021-07-19 23:54 3KB

Biden Protects World’s Largest Coastal Temperate Rainforest

%environment_news_service% 2021-07-19 23:53 12KB

Norway marks 10th anniversary of anti-Islamic massacre

Most of Anders Behring Breivik’s 77 victims on July 22, 2011, were teen members of the Labor Party. 2021-07-19 23:53 6KB

Cracking open the Dodgers’ trade deadline playbook

The Dodgers weren’t expected to be in this position when the season began, but any discussion of their trade deadline plans turns quickly to pitching – starting pitching, specifically. It’s easy to… 2021-07-19 23:52 6KB

Biden's pace: Allowing 2 million illegals in per year

Article IV of the Constitution addresses the obligations of the federal government to the state governments that were being asked to surrender aspects of their … 2021-07-19 23:49 5KB

Washington rally vs. antisemitism wasn't perfect, but necessary - opinion

Together we created a platform for powerful testimony that needed to be put on the record for the thousands who attended and the many more … 2021-07-19 23:46 721Bytes

The forgotten 6th component of the Gospel

What is the Gospel? It's defined in different ways, but it is generally agreed to be the Good News of personal salvation offered to … 2021-07-19 23:46 6KB

Hero cop saves choking girl with Heimlich maneuver during lunch break

A New Jersey cop who was taking his lunch break at a local pizzeria sprang into action and saved a young girl’s life when she … 2021-07-19 23:45 1KB

Top Illinois Doctors Say COVID-19 Spike Likely In Fall, But No Policy Changes Imminent

It is a trend that has both the head of the state and city health departments concerned. They are expecting a spike in the fall, but they say still no policy changes are imminent. 2021-07-19 23:44 2KB

Gov. Cuomo’s team promotes fishy story about Preet Bharara as smokescreen

Insiders from Andrew Cuomo's camp are circulating a story that Prett Bharara is considering a run for governor to distract from Cuomo's own legal woes. 2021-07-19 23:44 2KB

Police Looking For Man Caught On Camera Snapping Up Skirt Pic

Police are searching for a man who was caught on video taking photos up a woman’s dress at a TJ Maxx store. Security footage from … 2021-07-19 23:43 1KB

1619 Project founder: Cuba 'most equal' nation because of socialism

The founder of the controversial 1619 Project, which contends America is inherently racist, regarded totalitarian Cuba as the most "equal" country in the Western hemisphere … 2021-07-19 23:43 4KB

My ‘troubled teen’ school hell: Strip searches, ‘smooshing’ and humiliation

“Where are you taking me?” It was the middle of the night, and two strangers dressed all in black were forcibly dragging Elizabeth Gilpin, … 2021-07-19 23:43 7KB

Saginaw woman wins $4 million on scratch-off ticket

A Saginaw County woman won $4 million playing Michigan Lottery's $200,000,000 Riches instant game. 2021-07-19 23:43 1KB

Homeschool kids more at risk of abuse? What demonic rot

What will it take for those who claim to be Christians to obey God's word and get their children out of the sewage tank … 2021-07-19 23:42 6KB

Digital threads link workflows across users

Esri users share how they employ digital twins, which will benefit from a complementary technology known as digital threads. 2021-07-19 23:40 6KB

Bootleg Fire grows beyond 343,00 acres; hot weather hinders containment

Oregon's Bootleg Fire, the largest active blaze in the nation, grew to 343,755 acres at just 25% containment as firefighters battled unfavorable weather conditions for the ninth consecutive day. 2021-07-19 23:40 2KB

Market's violent moves will set stage for a massive comeback, Wall Street bull predicts

National Securities’ Art Hogan is encouraging investors to stick to their investment game plans despite a volatility jump. 2021-07-19 23:40 3KB

The left's pathetic attempt to paint all conservatives as 'extremists'

A common tactic of the left is to highlight the worst extremists and compare them to regular conservatives. Murderers, rapists, violent racists – no one … 2021-07-19 23:38 6KB

Ilana Glazer Gave Birth & Many Celebs Reacted To Her Instagram Photo Of The Baby

Ilana Glazer announced the birth of her first child with David Rooklin with a breastfeeding Instagram photo and cheeky caption. Stars swarmed the comments. 2021-07-19 23:37 3KB

Costco reverses course and will keep senior hours as COVID-19 cases increase nationwide

Costco Wholesale will continue to hold special operating hours for members 60 and older and vulnerable shoppers while the coronavirus pandemic  continues. Weeks after announcing … 2021-07-19 23:34 3KB

Babylon Bee's Seth Dillon on 'misinformation' wars, how satire site continues to thrive in Biden era

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon weighed in on the "misinformation" war and how his satirical news site has been able to thrive amid a constant … 2021-07-19 23:34 6KB

UFC fight night ovation: More proof election was stolen

I'd like to call the Democratic Party and the liberal mainstream media stupid. I'd like to call them morons. I'd like to … 2021-07-19 23:34 4KB

Car drives over Target ball in Holly Springs

Witnesses say a car drove over a ball in the parking lot of a Holly Springs Target on Monday. 2021-07-19 23:32 1KB

America's 'moral obligation'

Those damaging America's democracy should listen to Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's testimony of what happens when a demagogue and his cronies actually succeed in stealing an election. The Belarusian opposition leader met US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday, after saying on CNN that the US had a "moral obligation" to stand up for democracy against President Alexander Lukashenko's dictatorship. She arrived in the United States at an odd moment, since historically Washington was a paragon for dissidents. But ever since former President Donald Trump's rejection of his election loss, this country has been a better parable of how democracy can teeter on the brink. 2021-07-19 23:32 4KB

Physicians group: Biden's home-vaccine visits unconstitutional, unethical

The Biden administration's plan to send agents "door to door" to persuade the "vaccine-hesitant" to receive the experimental COVID-19 shots is unconstitutional … 2021-07-19 23:30 2KB

New Santa Monica Luxury Development Reinvents A Robert Farquhar-Designed Landmark

Following a four-year restoration and re-imaging, the property has been transformed into a new luxury development that blends classic architecture with the highest standard in luxury amenities and details. 2021-07-19 23:30 4KB

Tenants facing eviction cliff want legal representation: Here’s what San Francisco is doing about it - The San Francisco Examiner Tenants facing eviction cliff want legal representation: Here’s what San Francisco is doing about it - The San Francisco Examiner

Back in 2018, San Francisco voters passed the country’s first ballot measure requiring the universal right to counsel for tenants facing eviction. 2021-07-19 23:30 6KB

SF experiments with sobering center as new solution to drug crisis - The San Francisco Examiner SF experiments with sobering center as new solution to drug crisis - The San Francisco Examiner

Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug, potentially triggering destructive, dangerous behavior that poses a threat to the well-being of users and others. 2021-07-19 23:30 7KB

'Legacy of Racism': U. S. Officials Move to Change 'Offensive' Names of Places—and Fish

"These terms are harmful relics from the era of invidious yet lawful discrimination that must be removed from public property," Rep. Al Green said. 2021-07-19 23:29 3KB

Jewish studies prof. and husband behind Rochester’s kosher ‘butcher shop’

The married couple has been vegans for six years and didn’t eat much meat before entirely giving up animal products. … 2021-07-19 23:29 674Bytes

Waukee schools making progress in more than $100 million in new buildings over the next four years

The new developments are part of the district's 10-year facilities plan and include a new elementary school, athletic facility and two middle schools. 2021-07-19 23:28 5KB

In "Black Widow," here's why a simple vest – with pockets! – means so much

Wherever Yelena's journey in the MCU takes her, hopefully she will have a garment as handy & iconic as The Vest 2021-07-19 23:27 5KB

Another senior Goldman Sachs executive is leaving — and colleagues are vexed

Yet another senior executive is leaving Goldman Sachs — and, of course, his co-workers are once again putting the exit under a microscope. Michael Swell, … 2021-07-19 23:26 3KB

Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With This Levitating Planter That’s Pure Magic

Looking for a unique gift for the plant parent in your life, or want to add an interesting visual element to your space? Here's why this levitating planter might just be the magic you're looking for. 2021-07-19 23:26 3KB

U. S. middle-distance runner Cole Hocker heading to Tokyo unvaccinated as Olympics grapple with COVID-19

Middle-distance runner Cole Hocker is the latest prominent U.S. Olympian to acknowledge he is not vaccinated. Hocker, 20, of Indianapolis, said so in … 2021-07-19 23:26 3KB

A constitutional amendment to prevent pandemic tyranny

A bill to amend the Constitution of the United States and/or the constitutions of the individual states to restore the right of the citizenry … 2021-07-19 23:25 3KB

If the White Sox have a weak spot, it’s their defense

They rank third in runs scored and first in ERA in the American League, but there’s room for improvement in the field. 2021-07-19 23:25 3KB

Lalaking nagpapa-refill ng tubig patay sa pamamaril sa Maynila

Ayon sa Barangay 667 sa Ermita, nangungupahan ang biktima sa lugar at pumunta noon sa refilling station para kunin ang pinaigib na tubig. 2021-07-19 23:23 1KB

Jessa Duggar Gives Birth: She & Husband Ben Seewald Welcome Baby No.4 — Watch

Jessa Duggar is a mom-of-four! The former 'Counting On' star has welcomed a baby with her husband, Ben Seewald. 2021-07-19 23:23 2KB

Chicago-based chain Portillo's to soon offer stock to public

Portillo's Hot Dogs, LLC, announced Monday the Chicago-based chain will soon offer stock to the public. 2021-07-19 23:23 1KB

Today's establishment: More powerful but less trusted

Why would we say these are "the best of times" for the left-leaning establishment? Because, for one thing, it successfully defeated its nemesis, Donald Trump, … 2021-07-19 23:22 4KB

‘We Get It Done’: Miami-Dade’s Gun Violence Crackdown ‘Operation Summer Heat’ Still Going Strong

In the days before the Cuba crisis and the Surfside building collapse, Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava announced plans to combat gun violence. So how is that going? 2021-07-19 23:22 4KB

2021 Fantasy football draft kit - Rankings, cheat sheets, mock drafts, sleepers and analysis

Get everything you need to prepare for your fantasy football drafts here, including rankings and analysis from ESPN's team of experts. 2021-07-19 23:22 4KB

Leaked Message Reveals Next Fight for Anderson Silva

A leaked message claims to reveal Anderson Silva's next fight, and it's one nobody saw coming for the former UFC superstar. 2021-07-19 23:21 4KB

How NBC News' 'Stay Tuned' Cracked the Code to Getting Young People Into News

As of Monday, NBC News' "Stay Tuned" Snapchat show is four years old and is one of the most-watched news shows on the app 2021-07-19 23:20 615Bytes

Stefon Diggs Roils Bills Fans With Tweet on Contentious Debate

Stefon Diggs roiled some Buffalo Bills fans by tweeting about a contentious regional debate. 2021-07-19 23:20 3KB

Biden's target

Thank you for contacting us. Please check your email inbox to confirm your message and send it to our editorial team. … 2021-07-19 23:19 481Bytes

Hospitals could face $2 million fine for not disclosing prices under proposed Biden rule

The Biden administration is doubling down on a Trump-era rule that requires hospitals to disclose the rates they privately negotiate with insurers. 2021-07-19 23:18 4KB

'Good news' for Puget Sound smoke forecast despite ongoing wildfires

While several wildfires continue to burn east of the Cascades, the Puget Sound region is expected to avoid much in the way of smoke. 2021-07-19 23:18 2KB

Henry Winkler Calls Out ‘Happy Days’ Co-Star Scott Baio For Mocking COVID With Meme

Henry Winkler calls out 'Happy Days' co-star Scott Baio for mocking COVID. See the message here. 2021-07-19 23:16 3KB

Celebrity Chef Nikki Steward Talks About Unlocking Weed And Magic Mushrooms As Culinary Ingredients

Chef Nikki talks about unlocking cannabis as a culinary ingredient, the importance of dosing, and the expanding world of psilocybin cooking. 2021-07-19 23:15 19KB

EXPLAINER: Target list of Israeli hack-for-hire firm widens

BOSTON (AP) — Human rights and press freedom activists are up in arms about a new report on NSO Group, the notorious Israeli hacker-for-hire company. The report… 2021-07-19 23:15 7KB

Shirt factory that closed during pandemic to reopen, hire back old employees

When a shirt factory closed last year during the pandemic, it stunned the tiny Sampson County town of Garland. The Garland Shirt Company made Brooks Brothers shirts for several presidents and a host of movie stars. 2021-07-19 23:13 2KB

Andrew Lloyd Webber Delays ‘Cinderella’ Musical in West End

The composer and producer blamed Britain’s coronavirus restrictions for the delay. 2021-07-19 23:13 3KB

NCAA hit hard by pandemic, spent $68 million on legal fees

The NCAA spent nearly $68 million on legal services during the 2019-20 fiscal year even as it lost hundreds of millions in revenue in the pandemic… 2021-07-19 23:13 2KB

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s Complete Relationship Timeline

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham haven't been afraid of social media PDA since they started dating in 2019 — see their sweetest moments 2021-07-19 23:12 3KB

Former Chief James Craig slams Gov. Whitmer for closing Michigan schools

Craig made his appearance in Grand Rapids as a former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party named him in a campaign finance complaint. 2021-07-19 23:10 6KB

FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show A Recent Anti-Government Protest In Cuba?

The video shows soccer fans celebrating in Buenos Aires 2021-07-19 23:09 2KB

Courage Award: With long odds, Northwood's Troy Ennis doesn't back down, won't give up

Northwood football player Troy Ennis was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, one that gives him about a 20% chance of living five years. Treatment could include amputation of his leg, but he's not backing down from the fight. 2021-07-19 23:08 6KB

This 11-Year-Old Is on a Mission to Help Out Animals in Her Community

Ever since she was young, 11-year-old Matilde Gomez has loved caring for animals, just like her favorite Disney Princess Snow White. After learning about 2021-07-19 23:08 1KB

Syria Accuses Israel of New Attack After China Promises Support

"China strongly supports Syria in safeguarding state sovereignty, territorial integrity and national dignity," Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said. 2021-07-19 23:07 8KB

Sheriff in critical condition after weekend home accident

Houghton County Sheriff Brian McLean remained in critical condition at a hospital in Marquette, his office said in a written statement. 2021-07-19 23:06 1KB

Why you'll see Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera back at first base a little more often

Detroit Tigers manager AJ Hinch penciled Miguel Cabrera into the starting lineup Monday as the team's first baseman for the second time since June 22. 2021-07-19 23:06 4KB

Nicki Minaj Gifts IG Clout to Security Guard Who Let 'Barb' Rap in Store

Nicki Minaj is hooking up the mall security guard who let one of her fans rap in a Zara. 2021-07-19 23:05 1KB

Ex-MN teacher pleads guilty to sexually assaulting teenage student

Daniel Fragodt was a math teacher and a basketball, cross-country and track coach at Albany Public Schools at the time he engaged in sexually assaulting a student. 2021-07-19 23:03 4KB

Rangers confident they’ll sign Barclay Goodrow to new contract

Rangers president and general manager Chris Drury doesn’t foresee any issue in getting pending free agent Barclay Goodrow signed to a new deal after the … 2021-07-19 23:02 4KB

CNN analyst: Some Democrats don't want to criticize Cuba government because of their support for socialism

A CNN analyst said many Democrat lawmakers are unwilling to criticize the Cuba government due to supporting socialism. During Sunday's episode of "Inside Politics," … 2021-07-19 23:01 3KB

AP Top Stories July 19 P

Here are the top stories for Monday, July 19th: Biden pushes Congress on infrastructure agenda, Stocks fall sharply on Wall Street, Military base in Virginia … 2021-07-19 23:01 802Bytes

The ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ affects all of us

Legions of the "vaccine resistant" have ready access to the shot. But instead of listening to public health experts who know best, they choose to believe dangerous anti-vaccine nonsense. 2021-07-19 23:00 4KB

Viral Video: Woman Who Hit George Floyd Protester With Car Found Not Guilty Of Assault

Ryan Brackley, an attorney for Watson, said his client was scared for her safety, according to 9News: Watson was apparently caught in a traffic jam … 2021-07-19 23:00 2KB

Super-Patriot Kristi Noem ‘Really Hates This America’

In an excellent demonstration of the disconnect between conservatives’ super-patriotism and their hostility to half the country, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem told a Christian Right audience she “really hates this America” governed by Biden. 2021-07-19 23:00 3KB

⭐ Are Tragedies If They Conclude with a Consolation Prize?

Should we regard tragedies as tragedies if they conclude with consolations? This is a classical conundrum that the rabbis have caused to arise by 2021-07-19 23:00 2KB

Giannis Antetokounmpo isn’t the type of star you can root against

Surely, someone will disagree. No athlete has 100 percent job approval, not even the great ones, not even the ones with big, winning personalities. So … 2021-07-19 22:59 4KB

Tennessee postpones vaccine summit as it continues to dial back vaccination outreach

The Tennessee Department of Health abruptly postponed a virtual vaccine summit intended to provide training to medical professionals across the state as the agency continues … 2021-07-19 22:59 3KB

Robbins: COVID deniers spreading lies & disease across US

They do so by denigrating vaccinations, spreading falsehoods about the vaccine and blocking the circulation of information that conclusively demonstrates that vaccination is the way to protect their families, their friends, their country – and themselves – from illness. 2021-07-19 22:58 4KB

Inside the bizarro puppet world of R-rated ‘Ultra City Smiths’

You’re about to enter the bizarro world of “Ultra City Smiths,” a stop-motion animation series set in a noir -ish world of talking, … 2021-07-19 22:58 5KB

Texas Senate declares war on history

Julian Zelizer writes that legislators in Texas want their state to cancel the required teaching of key aspects of civil rights in America, including Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a Dream" speech. 2021-07-19 22:56 8KB

Blackhawks ‘excited about the quality’ of possible 12th overall picks at 2021 NHL Draft

The Hawks’ scouting team is in the final days of preparing for the entry draft and the 12th overall pick. 2021-07-19 22:56 4KB

How Yola Got Her Groove Back: Why America is Falling for Bristol's Greatest Soul-Country-Pop Export

Yola discusses mixing genres from country to disco in her Dan Auerbach-produced 'Stand for Myself' and acting in Baz Luhrmann's Elvis film. 2021-07-19 22:55 835Bytes

Ed Orgeron says LSU football has two 'championship quarterbacks' as Tigers eye bounce-back season

Setting the stage for a training camp battle under center, LSU coach Ed Orgeron -- eager to see Myles Brennan and Max Johnson this summer -- said Monday he sees them both as "championship quarterbacks." 2021-07-19 22:55 2KB

Sandinistas celebran aniversario 42 de la Revolución en clima preelectoral incierto

(CNN Español) — Simpatizantes del frente sandinista celebran este lunes 19 de julio el 42 aniversario del triunfo de la revolución sandinista, que derrocó a la… 2021-07-19 22:54 4KB

Ban on plastics use at beaches and parks in Laguna Beach is now in effect

The new restrictions include single-use plastics, plastic straws, plastic take-out bags and utensil sleeves in hopes of limiting pollution. They are also part of a broader program to curb the impac… 2021-07-19 22:53 5KB

Simone Biles' 10 Best Olympics Moments That Still Have Me Shook

Her path to Tokyo wasn’t paved overnight, so prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing these 10 best Simone Biles routines! 2021-07-19 22:53 907Bytes

3 Edgy Bob Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Chin-grazing chops can make people with thick strands nervous about looking boxy or awkward. Here, pros on short cuts that work well on those with dense hair. 2021-07-19 22:51 4KB

Chicago Weather: Clear, mild

Clear and mild Monday night. Lows in the upper 60s. 2021-07-19 22:50 905Bytes

These Peated Highland Scotches Will Expand Your Ideas About Smoky Whisky

Islay isn't the only Scottish whisky region to produce smoky whiskies. Try these 10 Highland drams to challenge and surprise your palate. 2021-07-19 22:50 11KB

Indexes___________________________Close_____Dly Chg___Week Chg__Ytd Chg

Balanced Fund 16255.74 – .95 – 1.89 + 7.59 Corporate A-Rated Debt 2487.89 + .83 + 1.19 + .79 Emerging Markets 458.10 – 1.48 – 1.61 + 4.09 Equity Income Fund… 2021-07-19 22:50 1KB

Drag performer CT Hedden blasts West Village hot spot Baby Brasa as transphobic

New York drag performer CT Hedden is accusing the owner of West Village Peruvian restaurant Baby Brasa Milez Kelez of being transphobic. 2021-07-19 22:49 3KB

Eric Adams advocates for changes to bail reform, anti-gun trafficking bill

Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams called for an overhaul of the state’s controversial bail reforms following a press conference on gun violence with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in Brooklyn Monday. … 2021-07-19 22:48 3KB

Detroit Tigers send catcher Jake Rogers to injured list with right arm soreness

The Detroit Tigers called up Grayson Greiner from Triple-A Toledo to replace Jake Rogers, who went to the injured list with right arm soreness. 2021-07-19 22:47 2KB

11U Cal Ripken New England regional in full swing in Waterville

Pool play set to wrap up before teams advance to single elimination round. 2021-07-19 22:47 968Bytes

‘Guilty Gear Strive’ And Its Awful Load Times Became Their Own Meme

'Guilty Gear Strive' is a good enough game on its own, but it has a serious loading problem early on. 2021-07-19 22:45 3KB

From Macy’s to Albertsons, facial recognition is already everywhere

Customers are largely unaware that some of their favorite stores are using facial recognition tech. 2021-07-19 22:45 6KB

Strategies From A Dental Tech Entrepreneur: 3 Reasons To Move Your Business From In-Person To Hybrid

A silver lining of the pandemic is rapid digitization across most industries. Dental Tech entrepreneur Samad Syed believes businesses built on in-person services can thrive in a digital economy. Here’s how every business can benefit from digitization. 2021-07-19 22:43 6KB

Murder Defendant Who Allegedly Pretended to Be College Student’s Uber Driver Suddenly Wants a New Lawyer

A murder defendant chose a hell of a time to say he wants a new attorney. 2021-07-19 22:42 2KB

How ‘equity’ ideology plunged South Africa into inequality and chaos

Van Wyksdorp, South Africa – As South Africa erupted into chaos, my thoughts turned to the United States — a great country brought low by … 2021-07-19 22:41 7KB

Ilitch organization, others win affordable housing credits in Detroit

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan told reporters they are being too pessimistic and not giving enough credit for affordable housing efforts. 2021-07-19 22:41 5KB

Rescuers Go Above And Beyond During — And After — Island Heights, N. J. Hot Car Rescue; ‘She Couldn’t Believe It’

First responders in Ocean County stepped up during a time of emergency to help a family when a child got locked in a car on a hot day. 2021-07-19 22:40 3KB

Automotive Hall of Fame to induct 20th century industry leaders who broke racial barriers

The 2020/2021 class represents the Automotive Hall of Fame's most diverse ever in terms of geographic, gender, racial and industry representation. 2021-07-19 22:40 8KB

Big Time Rush set for 'comeback of epic proportions': What to know about the reunion shows

After seven years on hiatus,  Big Time Rush is making a big time comeback. The boy band, who launched to fame on their 2009 … 2021-07-19 22:39 2KB

Kurt Westergaard,86, Dies; His Muhammad Cartoon Sparked Outrage

A caricature that many Muslims considered blasphemous prompted a debate over free speech and a massacre at the offices of a Paris magazine. 2021-07-19 22:38 4KB

Bomb attack near Bagdad kills more than a dozen

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility early Tuesday for a market bombingnbspthat killed at least 30 people and wounded dozens i 2021-07-19 22:37 1KB

Kim K's Rumored New Name For KKW Beauty Just Fits

Kim Kardashian is shutting down KKW Beauty for a rebrand and the new name she is rumored to have chosen for her company is basically perfect. 2021-07-19 22:37 2KB

Muskegon Heights school district released from state oversight

The Muskegon Heights school district shed state control on Monday\u00a0after\u00a0Gov. Gretchen Whitmer released it from receivership, state officials said. 2021-07-19 22:37 2KB

Ex-gynecologist accused of sexually abusing dozens of female patients faces new charge

It's the seventh count for Robert Hadden, who prosecutors allege assaulted "dozens of female patients, including multiple minors." 2021-07-19 22:36 4KB

Girl Who Allegedly Tried To Carjack Is Facing Charges — As Is The Suspected Driver Who Shot Her

A 13-year-old girl is was the lead suspect in a carjacking incident and faces charges, as will the man who allegedly shot her, Wisconsin … 2021-07-19 22:36 1KB

Britney Spears and Jodi Montgomery’s teams have a draft stipulation, hope to reach agreement on security costs

It appears Britney Spears' personal conservator Jodi Montgomery might get her security costs approved. A hearing was held on Monday to address Montgomery’s petition requesting … 2021-07-19 22:35 2KB

Supply chain threats demand industrywide approach to AI

As supply chain threats get more complex, organizations need to adopt an industrywide approach to creating open standards. 2021-07-19 22:35 5KB

The Henry Ford, DSO to host accessible dementia-friendly virtual performance Tuesday

The Henry Ford and Detroit Symphony Orchestra are hosting a dementia-friendly performance with a presentation on \ 2021-07-19 22:34 4KB

Colombia, Cuba, and the defiant hypocrisy of Marco Rubio

Good Subscriber Account active since In Cuba, recent weeks have seen thousands of people join the largest protests in decades to voice their displeasure at … 2021-07-19 22:33 6KB

Brazilian Gang Members Escape From Jail by Digging Tunnel Out of Cell - Report

The majority of the escaped prisoners were described as members of the Primeiro Comando da Capital (First Command of the Capital), which the Brazilian government... 2021-07-19 22:33 1KB

Frankie Lons, Keyshia Cole’s Biological Mother and Reality TV Star, Dies at 61

Lons died on her birthday, family says 2021-07-19 22:33 1KB

Red Sox Notebook: Jarren Duran moves up to second as Alex Cora makes major lineup shakeup

Red Sox Notebook: Jarren Duran moves up to second as Alex Cora makes major lineup shakeup 2021-07-19 22:32 4KB

Soggy July weather eases drought in some areas, not others

Despite 12 days of rain so far this month, Portland remains more than 4 inches short of its average so far this year, the National Weather Service says. 2021-07-19 22:32 4KB

105 migrants found crammed inside semi-truck in south Texas

Texas DPS troopers found 105 migrants in the back of a semi-truck during a traffic stop in Laredo, Texas. 2021-07-19 22:31 1KB

Here's how you can tell who's winning the fight for the Senate

Bring up the 2022 election in most crowds and you will get a lot of side-eye. And maybe a boo (or 10). 2021-07-19 22:31 3KB

‘It’s Insanity’ Victim Of Dan Ryan Expressway Shooting Speaks Out On Monday’s Incident

“I noticed on my car, on the dash, it told me my tire was low and I slowed down a little bit and he pulled up alongside of me and let off another seven or eight rounds maybe?” 2021-07-19 22:31 2KB

Ranked-choice voting rollout ahead of NYC primary election is panned by most state lawmakers

State lawmakers gathered at the New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn to hear from civil rights attorneys, advocates and members of the City Council who questioned the way the system was implemented by the city Board of Elections 2021-07-19 22:30 4KB

SCOTUS Restores Rule 33.1 For Printed Copies of Briefs

Not a good sign for those hoping the pandemic made permanent changes to the Court's practices. 2021-07-19 22:30 2KB

No Bolt, No Problem for the Quiet Olympics

A lack of crowds will impact showmanship, but that doesn’t mean these games will be devoid of excitement. 2021-07-19 22:30 1KB

15 of the Best TV Shows Set in College

From watching Rory in "Gilmore Girls" pick between Harvard, Yale, or Princeton to seeing Denise Huxtable grow up as she attends the fictional Hillman College, these are the 15 best shows set in 2021-07-19 22:30 3KB

19 Clever Sexts To Send The Witty Hookup Buddy In Your Life

These clever sexts to send your hookup buddy can go a long way. If you want to make them laugh and initiate a flirty sexting conversation, these sexts are gold. 2021-07-19 22:30 2KB

Israeli and Japanese companies join forces in lunar industry

Helios and ispace have announced a partnership that will allow them to demonstrate their technology to produce oxygen and metals on the lunar surface. Simulation … 2021-07-19 22:29 783Bytes

Canadian Pacific Railway reports hundreds of gallons of fuel spilled near Battle Creek

St. Paul City Council Member Jane Prince said the city was not notified of the spill until local advocates stepped in. 2021-07-19 22:28 3KB

'It's always watching': Warren County town to use 24-hour cameras, controversial facial recognition

A small town in Warren County will launch a new police system that implements facial recognition and vehicle scanners. 2021-07-19 22:28 3KB

Univision Announces New Entertainment, News And Sports Television Networks Group Leadership Structure

The company says the changes will "accelerate growth" and multi-platform transformation. 2021-07-19 22:27 6KB

NFL-Leading Draft Rating Propels Jets in ESPN Power Ranking

Following ESPN's release of a three-year trajectory power ranking for every NFL franchise, the New York Jets finally have something to hang their hat on. 2021-07-19 22:27 6KB

Lil Nas X Jokes About How He ‘Might Go To Jail’ Over ‘Satan Shoes’

Lil Nas X joked about he might be going to jail over the “Satan shoes” he had made from modified Nike Air Max 97 sneakers … 2021-07-19 22:27 2KB

Pfizer Recalls Several Lots of Chantix for Increased Cancer Risks

"There is no immediate risk to patients taking this medication," the FDA said in a release. 2021-07-19 22:27 3KB

Kaycee Clark & Nany Gonzalez Address Their Relationship for the First Time

'The Challenge' stars Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark have just spoken about their relationship for the first time since they were seen kissing in the trailer. 2021-07-19 22:25 4KB

Missing girl Summer Wells: Midwest search and rescue group joins efforts to find 5-year-old

A Midwest group dedicated to helping law enforcement find missing persons will be assisting in the search to find Summer Wells, a 5-year-old Tennessee … 2021-07-19 22:25 2KB

Toni Garrn gives birth to first child with Alex Pettyfer

German model Toni Garrn and "Magic Mike" star Alex Pettyfer welcome baby girl. 2021-07-19 22:23 2KB

Kevin Durant Drops Bombshell on How Nets Practice Is With Kyrie Irving

Kevin Durant details what Nets' practice is like with fellow All-Star Kyrie Irving. 2021-07-19 22:22 4KB

‘The Doctors’ Host Ian Smith Accuses ViacomCBS of Racial Discrimination, Wrongful Termination (Exclusive)

Ian Smith, the former host of "The Doctors," alleges racial discrimination and retaliation on the part of ViacomCBS and the show's producers. 2021-07-19 22:22 4KB

Georgia Judge Tosses Suit Seeking To Overturn Ossoff, Warnock Senate Wins

The suit cited long-debunked claims of widespread fraud. 2021-07-19 22:21 2KB

Letters to the Editor — July 20, 2021

The Issue: Kyle Smith’s column on the prevalence of the topic of race in sports, entertainment and elsewhere. Where do we turn to escape ( “Go … 2021-07-19 22:21 4KB

34 thoughtful cookbook gifts for any occasion

For the traveler interested in culture and cuisine For the friend who knows all the words to "Lady Marmalade" For the cook always on the … 2021-07-19 22:21 2KB

When Government Urges Private Entities to Restrict Others' Speech

Jen Psaki's comments about the government "flagging problematic posts for Facebook" raises the issue; so does Donald Trump's lawsuit against social media platforms, based on government statements that allegedly coerced those platforms. 2021-07-19 22:20 15KB

Ocklawaha man stabbed victim over 30 times with pocket knife, deputies say

Joshua Collins, 32, was arrested Friday for first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Jefferey Rhom. 2021-07-19 22:19 2KB

Review opened after complaints over dispatcher in 911 call from Richard Sherman's wife

The King County Sheriff's Office has opened a review into the conduct of a 911 dispatcher during a call placed by Richard Sherman's wife last week. 2021-07-19 22:19 2KB

Runaway tortoise reunited with owner after a year was only half-mile from home

It’s time for a shell-ebration. A UK man has been reunited with his beloved tortoise who went missing a year ago – after he … 2021-07-19 22:18 2KB

J. K. Rowling slams trans activists after 'pipebomb' threat

Bestselling "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling on Monday slammed the "hundreds" of trans activists who have threatened her after a Twitter user wished for "a … 2021-07-19 22:18 2KB

Family’s horror at front door bomb

Two people will front court on Wednesday after the bomb squad defused a homemade explosive device and police uncovered explosive materials at a home in Melbourne’s north. 2021-07-19 22:17 1KB

After coyote charges at children in San Francisco park, animal is killed: 'Too close for comfort'

The coyote had aggressively approached toddlers in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens on five separate occasions, officials said. 2021-07-19 22:17 3KB

Former Chicago Ald. Bernard Hansen, Who Represented Lakeview From 1983 To 2002, Dies At 76

Former Chicago Ald. Bernard Hansen has died at the age of 76. 2021-07-19 22:17 3KB

Police seize 36 firearms, ammunition, bulletproof vests after shooting in Old Orchard Beach

Howard T. Rowe, 35, was charged with aggravated drug trafficking, but more charges could be filed. 2021-07-19 22:16 3KB

Rep. Gerry Connolly thinks we are ‘fracturing’ over the January 6th insurrection

Democratic Representative from Virginia Gerry Connolly reacts to the first sentencing of a felony defendant involved with the Capitol riot and what work the country needs to do to come together. 2021-07-19 22:16 1019Bytes

Rising Detroit Rapper Bruiser Wolf Explains How He Separated Himself From The Pack

The idiosyncratic talent is fresh off an esteemed new album, 'Dope Game Stupid,' which was released on Danny Brown's Bruiser Brigade label. 2021-07-19 22:16 1KB

There are real questions about Yankees’ trade deadline plan: Sherman

This time of year exaggerates reactions. Each win. Each loss. It plays larger. Time is expiring for teams to determine exactly who they are — … 2021-07-19 22:15 4KB

Leon Black Claims 'Extortion’ By Russian Model: The Latest Scandal Plaguing The Epstein-Linked Billionaire, Explained

The billionaire co-founder of Apollo Global Management has denied claims he forced a Russian model into a years-long abusive relationship. 2021-07-19 22:15 3KB

San Francisco sideshow temporarily shutters Bay Bridge entrance

Map shows where every wildfire is burning in California right now Residents cry foul as Bay Area town plans to double housing Massive and mysterious, … 2021-07-19 22:15 1KB

The need for property tax reform in Cook County is as great as ever

The calls by county officials to delay sending out property tax bills until errors in the senior exemption program are corrected might best be understood as political grandstanding. 2021-07-19 22:15 4KB

Doja Cat Thinks Fans Look At Female Rappers Like They’re ‘Less Than Smart’

A recent interview with Nick Cannon left Doja addressing age-old questions — and maybe a little miffed. 2021-07-19 22:12 2KB

UK politician says 'white privilege' divisive, unhelpful term: report

A U.K. politician and member of the nation's equality watchdog is warning that the term "white privilege" was divisive and contributed to an "unhelpful … 2021-07-19 22:12 2KB

Carl Heastie uses his control of NY education policy to serve teachers unions

When we took the state Board of Regents to task last week for their needless refusal to allow four charters to open a joint high … 2021-07-19 22:11 3KB

Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Relationship Timeline: From Hollywood Stars to Farm Owners

Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have been going strong since 2009 — relive their relationship in photos 2021-07-19 22:11 3KB

College Student Jasmine Stewart Says She Reported Being Sexually Harassed At Christian Youth Program, And Then Got Suspended Herself

A college student reported inappropriate behavior, and now she is out of her summer job at a Christian youth program for kids. 2021-07-19 22:11 4KB

Remembering those who died in the Champlain Towers condo collapse in Surfside, Florida

As the search for survivors continues, authorities have begun to release the names of those who died. These are their stories. 2021-07-19 22:11 21KB

CEO, Chef Ellen Bennett On The Evolution of Mexican Food And Why You Should Take A Chance On Your Dreams

Inspired by travel, Ellen Bennett rose from line cook to CEO of one of the hottest brands in cuisine. Her new book "Dream First, Details Later," chronicles the journey and aims to inspire you to reach your own goals. 2021-07-19 22:11 7KB

High-flying Shamsi explains on-field aggression: 'I make sure we never back down'

Proteas spinner Tabraiz Shamsi says being aggressive on the field has always been part of his game. 2021-07-19 22:11 2KB

Biden Legal Team Decides Inmates Must Return to Prison After Covid Emergency

When the pandemic ends, thousands in home confinement will be recalled unless Congress acts or Biden issues mass commutations. 2021-07-19 22:10 7KB

Reporter looks around pro-police rally, has 'surreal' moment when he sees 200 black families

The establishment media has been all-in on the narrative that African-Americans are clamoring for politicians to boot police from their neighborhoods. These leftists … 2021-07-19 22:10 5KB

Pelicans interested in Kyle Lowry amid Lonzo Ball free agency rumors

The Pelicans are apparently eyeing free-agent-to-be Kyle Lowry. There is “rising buzz” New Orleans will target the 35-year-old Raptors point … 2021-07-19 22:10 2KB

Charlie Kirk wants student followers to harass TSA employees with no-mask "game"

Right-wing youth guru urges followers to defy airport mask mandate: It's "fun" to resist TSA "micro-tyrants" 2021-07-19 22:10 3KB

Jason Johnson: The only thing more American than apple pie is mass shootings

Founder of Punchbowl News Jake Sherman and editor-at-large at The Bulwark Charlie Sykes discuss our national gun violence epidemic and project if Congress will ever pass gun reform instead of just “offering thoughts and prayers" 2021-07-19 22:10 1KB

Nikole Hannah-Jones is as wrong about Cuba as she is about American history

Except for conservative outlets, the press has effectively minimized the news that the Black Lives Matter organization has come to the support of Cuba’s communist … 2021-07-19 22:09 4KB

Study from Northeastern links violent crime surges in Boston neighborhoods to Airbnb vacation rentals

An increase in Airbnb rental units in Boston neighborhoods may be linked to spikes in violent crime, according to a new study from researchers at Northeastern University. Researchers’ findings show violent crime rose with the number of Airbnb short-term rental units in an area, while other types of crime did not. “Airbnb prevalence in a […] 2021-07-19 22:07 3KB

More evacuations ordered from N. California blaze

In California, a growing wildfire south of Lake Tahoe jumped a highway, prompting more evacuation orders. The Tamarack Fire has charred about 36 square miles … 2021-07-19 22:06 839Bytes

Eddie Glaude thinks Trump ‘is not very bright’

Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude, New York Times Washington correspondent Annie Karni and The Grio politics editor Christina Greer are “baffled” that people still blindly follow the former president and that “spineless Republicans” continually refuse to stand up to Trump 2021-07-19 22:05 1KB

Biddeford turnpike wreck injures N. Berwick driver

A North Berwick woman was injured Monday morning when the SUV she was driving struck the center guard rail on the Maine Turnpike in Biddeford, then crossed three lanes of traffic and careened into the woods, state police said. The crash occurred around 7:13 a.m. when Lindsay Fortin’s 2017 Mazda SUV struck the median guard […] 2021-07-19 22:04 1KB

Kucinich on being a Democrat outsider: Willing to 'risk destruction' to my career to 'stand on principle'

Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio joined "Tucker Carlson Today" on Fox Nation to promote his new book, "The Division of Light And Power", and … 2021-07-19 22:04 3KB

Report: Socialism Gaining Support Among Millionaire Hollywood Elites, Including ‘The Big Short’ Director Adam McKay

Socialism is gaining ground among millionaire entertainment industry elites as Hollywood’s brand of corporate leftism has proven to be insufficiently radical for a growing number … 2021-07-19 22:03 3KB

Alderman taking no chances with coveted ward superintendent’s position

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Ald. Brian Hopkins plans to introduce an ordinance changing the law to make it clear that the hiring and firing of ward superintendents is controlled by the local alderman. 2021-07-19 22:03 6KB

5 Attributes (And Benefits) Of Values-Based Leadership

Values-based leadership instills a common set of values in all employees, improving their cohesiveness and willingness to work together. Knowing that a leader or manager has similar beliefs often encourages employees to follow their instruction, increasing the chance of success with every goal. 2021-07-19 22:01 6KB

When Will ‘All American’ Season 4 Premiere on The CW?

There are only a few ticks left on the clock when it comes to the third season of All American . The season finale of the … 2021-07-19 22:00 2KB

Everyone’s Picking on Evergrande and Its $25.8 Billion Cash Pile

For a while, the distressed developer and its high-flying founder seemed to withstand predictions. But gravity can only be defied for so long. 2021-07-19 22:00 1KB

11 Hot Summer Home Upgrades to Keep Cool

As the summer heat continues to rise, there are plenty of household items that can help you keep your cool. 2021-07-19 22:00 8KB

Country Club Of North Carolina Thrives In Pinehurst Amid Growing Appeal For Golf Communities

The real estate market tied to golf communities has been on the upswing. Particularly so for properties with a prime location like the Country Club of North Carolina, which is just minutes down the road from the iconic Pinehurst Resort. 2021-07-19 22:00 5KB

Michigan seeing spike in cases of Legionnaire's disease in first half of July

There have been 107 cases of Legionnaire's disease in 25 counties in Michigan from July 1-14. More than half are in metro Detroit, MDHHS said. 2021-07-19 21:59 4KB

SI activist files counter charges over bust for going maskless at ballot review

Staten Island activist and city comptroller candidate John Tabacco on Monday filed a police report against two borough elections officials he said had him forcibly … 2021-07-19 21:58 3KB

Victoria’s Secret vows to revive and revamp its infamous fashion show

Victoria’s Secret is getting back into the fashion show business after backlash over its one-size-fits-all definition of sexy killed off the annual … 2021-07-19 21:56 2KB

Kendall Jenner Rocks Tiny Green Bikini In Mirror Selfie After Showing Support For BF Devin Booker — Photo

Kendall Jenner rocks a tiny green bikini in a new photo after supporting NBA player boyfriend Devin Booker at a game. 2021-07-19 21:55 2KB

Comparing AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution With Nvidia’s DLSS

AMD recently introduced its FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) upscaling technology which has been compared with Nvidia's DLSS. The two use different techniques to approach the same issue - higher frame rates without losing image quality. 2021-07-19 21:55 11KB

7 Signs You & Your Partner Could Use Some Distance

Relationship experts detail seven tell-tale signs you and your partner are spending too much time together. 2021-07-19 21:55 5KB

Eric Garner’s Family Pushing For Mayor De Blasio, Former NYPD Commissioner O’Neill To Testify On How NYC Handled 2014 Death

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge said Monday that a judicial inquiry into the fatal arrest of Eric Garner will begin this October. 2021-07-19 21:54 3KB

GM, UAW demand workers at Wentzville mask-up again as COVID-19 cases rise

GM said it is reinstating its mask mandate starting Monday night at the plant that makes its midsize pickups because of rising COVID-19 cases. 2021-07-19 21:53 3KB

Cop Calls Backup for 'Drone' Following Her Only to Find Out It's Planet Jupiter

Reports say she attempted to "lose the drone" on her way to a shopping center. When she failed, she called Police Scotland's general complaints line for help. 2021-07-19 21:53 2KB

Justice Department Blasts Purdue Pharma's Bankruptcy Plan

The U.S. Justice Department is condemning a proposed bankruptcy settlement for Purdue Pharma, the maker of Oxcontin. In court filings Monday, two divisions of … 2021-07-19 21:52 3KB

Warrior Klay Thompson Steals Spotlight From LeBron on His Big Weekend

Klay Thompson stole some of the spotlight from LeBron James on his big weekend. 2021-07-19 21:52 3KB

North Carolina Door-to-Door Vaccine Outreach Violating 'Zone of Privacy,' Advocacy Group Says

Though North Carolina’s “door-to-door” vaccine outreach program has been called “not confrontational,” a health advocacy group said it veers into violating a “zone … 2021-07-19 21:52 7KB

Top Things To Do In Saint Lucia

Geothermal activity, dramatic mountain views, dense rainforests, volcanic sand beaches and multi-hued coral reefs allure travelers to the island of Saint Lucia, located in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea, all year round. 2021-07-19 21:51 6KB

11 Texts To Send When You Didn’t Hit It Off On A First Date

Your first date wasn't that bad, but you'd rather not repeat it. So how do you let them know? Here are text ideas to follow up a blah first date. 2021-07-19 21:50 4KB

8 Outfits From The Early 'Bachelor' Seasons That Are Peak 2000s

Take a trip down memory lane with all the best 2000s fashion trends from 'The Bachelor'’s early days. 2021-07-19 21:50 3KB

Disneyland auditions Eternals superheroes for Avengers Campus

Disney Live Entertainment is accepting online audition submissions through Aug. 7 for look-alikes for Marvel super heroes Kingo, Sersi, and Phastos from ‘The Eternals’ to play roles in … 2021-07-19 21:49 3KB

11 Best Solar Camping Lights: The Ultimate List

We've tracked down the best solar camping lights for each and every style campout so you can enjoy your time outdoors without worrying about battery life! 2021-07-19 21:47 16KB

Long Island Educators Combining Lessons Of Heart, Mind And Body This Summer To Reclaim What Was Lost Due To Pandemic

Monday was the first day of Summer Academy at Washington Rose Elementary in Roosevelt. The stigma gone, in-person learning is a coveted treat after a year of struggling remotely. 2021-07-19 21:46 2KB

Mullen, Gators adapting to life with new QB, playmakers

HOOVER, Ala. (AP) — Florida coach Dan Mullen puts a positive spin on losing his three best offensive playmakers. The Gators are replacing Heisman Trophy… 2021-07-19 21:46 4KB

L Catterton Adds Italian Luxury Lifestyle Brand Etro To Its Growing Roster

Family-run luxury houses are becoming extinct in Italy as the powerful invest fund laps up another storied brand. 2021-07-19 21:44 6KB

How Leonardo DiCaprio Reacted When He Met the ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast

Here's how Leonardo DiCaprio reacted when he met the 'Jersey Shore' cast. 2021-07-19 21:44 3KB

They didn’t warn Germany and other commentary

Climate beat: No, They Didn’t Warn Germany With everyone from Greta Thunberg to Angela Merkel blaming Germany’s recent floods on climate change, Ross Clark at Spectator World … 2021-07-19 21:44 4KB

Veterinarian Operates on Tiny Tree Frog With Severe Injury

The frog was so small that he could fit on the tip of Meaghan Barrow's finger, according to 2021-07-19 21:44 3KB

Want to name a new park? New Brighton is taking suggestions for new play area.

The city of New Brighton is seeking suggestions from the public for what to name a new park in the new Midtown Village development. The park will be located at 699 8th Ave., NW., and will be open t… 2021-07-19 21:43 1KB

Monster shark movies massacre shark conservation, great white sharks featured the most: Study

The "Jaws Effect" legacy continues to live on 46 years and more than 100 shark movies after the epic original shark thriller. 2021-07-19 21:43 3KB

Germany, Ireland more open than U. S. to renewable energy close to homes

People in Germany and Ireland are more willing to accept renewable energy sites closer to their homes than their U.S. counterparts, but all three wanted carbon-based energy sites farther away and favored decarbonization. 2021-07-19 21:42 3KB

Warby Parker Wants To Limit Your Trips To The Eye Doctor

The online retailer is revamping its digital services. The online retailer is revamping its digital services. 2021-07-19 21:39 1015Bytes

Freshman girls basketball standout Addison Deal plans to attend Pacifica Christian

The sharp-shooter plays for the elite Team Taurasi travel team with the California Storm program. 2021-07-19 21:38 2KB

NJ judge whose son was killed speaks out one year after ambush

A New Jersey judge said she’s moving forward, but not moving on, a year after a crazed lawyer killed her son in an attack meant … 2021-07-19 21:38 3KB

More Workers Are Starting Their Jobs In Debt Under “Training Repayment Agreements”

A new study finds that more workers are starting their jobs in debt to their employers under Training Repayment Agreements. Under these agreements, workers who quit their jobs or are fired within a set time period are required to pay their employers money. Debt amounts can be upwards of $40,000. 2021-07-19 21:38 4KB

"The Daily Show" launched 25 years ago to tackle the news: "We didn't lampoon it, we became it"

Lizz Winstead spoke to Salon about pre-dating Fox News, resisting requests to make the show "wackier" and more 2021-07-19 21:37 10KB

N. Yarmouth man,78, dies in crash on Route 1 in Cumberland

Police said the car driven by Paul Soule veered into oncoming traffic and hit a dump truck. 2021-07-19 21:37 2KB

Gwen Stefani,51, & Blake Shelton,45, ‘Open’ To Surrogacy & ‘All Options’ To Expand Their Family

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton want to have a child of their own now that they're officially married and are exploring their options. 2021-07-19 21:37 2KB

Blast That Killed Chinese Workers in Pakistan Was a Terrorist Attack, Officials Say

Pakistani officials had previously suggested that an accident sent a company bus into a ravine. Investigators now believe a vehicle packed with explosives rammed the workers’ convoy. 2021-07-19 21:37 5KB

AMC signs deal to lease The Grove and Americana, two of Los Angeles' top-grossing cinemas

AMC is taking over the leases of cinemas at The Grove shopping complex and the Americana at Brand. Both locations were formerly operated by Pacific Theatres. 2021-07-19 21:36 2KB

NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams considers living in Bedstuy and Gracie Manson if elected: ‘I love Brooklyn’

The Brooklyn borough president suggested Monday that he may live out of his Bedstuy apartment if elected mayor instead of staying full time at the Upper East Side’s palatial Gracie Mansion. 2021-07-19 21:33 3KB

Renee Zellweger & Ant Anstead’s First Meeting Featured In New ‘Celebrity IOU: Joyride’ Trailer

Renee Zellweger and Ant Anstead's first meeting is seen in this new 'Celebrity IOU: Joyride' trailer. 2021-07-19 21:32 2KB

Searchers rescued after helicopter crash, hiker also found

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A crew looking for a hiker who was missing in the Sierra Nevada survived after their Navy helicopter crashed along the California-Nevada line… 2021-07-19 21:31 1KB

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The End’ On Showtime, Where A Suicidal British Grandmother And Her Daughter Contemplate Life And Death In Australia

We’re unabashed fans of dark comedies where death is a front-and-center concept.  Getting On , which took place in a geriatric hospital, was … 2021-07-19 21:30 6KB

24 Of The Top 100 Music Videos In South Korea This Week Are By BTS

Nearly one-quarter of all the most popular music videos in South Korea are by BTS. 2021-07-19 21:30 4KB

Smart data integration along the patient pathway

Smart data integration can make a major contribution and help to increase the quality of decision-making, especially in healthcare where clinical decision-makers face multiple barriers and challenges along the patient pathway. 2021-07-19 21:29 5KB

Car rams through front doors of Wendy's in North Carolina

A car drove right through the front doors of a North Carolina Wendy's restaurant on Monday morning, officials said. 2021-07-19 21:29 1KB

Former champ Teichmann wins opener at Palermo Ladies Open

PALERMO, Italy (AP) — Swiss player Jil Teichmann made a successful return to the Palermo Ladies Open on Monday two years after she won the title. 2021-07-19 21:29 1KB

Martha Reeves enjoys a festive 80th birthday with celebrities, soul food and Detroit style

About 150 friends and family members gathered at a Michigan estate for a lavish, rollicking outdoor party celebrating the Motown star's 80th birthday. 2021-07-19 21:28 4KB

Cops Use Steamroller to Crush Bitcoin Mining Rigs

A crushing defeat for Bitcoin miners in Malaysia: Authorities in the city of Miri used a steamroller to flatten 1,069 Bitcoin mining rigs in the police station's parking lot,... 2021-07-19 21:28 1KB

Athletes, Sportscasters and More Support Luke Prokop's Coming Out Announcement

"Coming out as a public figure is one of the most difficult but rewarding parts of being a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community," one politician shared. 2021-07-19 21:27 5KB

Judge Drops Charges Against Man Convicted of 1985 Double Murder Inside Church After More Than 20 Years in Prison

A 59-year-old Georgia man who spent 20 years in prison for the 1985 double murder of a deacon and his wife inside their church was formally exonerated following the discovery of new DNA evidence in the case. 2021-07-19 21:27 5KB

Maine Turnpike plans toll hike to offset pandemic losses

Proposed changes include a $1 increase – from $3 to $4 – for cash payers at the York toll plaza. 2021-07-19 21:27 4KB

Why Unions Prioritize 'Wokeness' Over Their Own Blue-Collar Workers

Bill McMorris, senior editor for the Washington Free Beacon, discusses how identity politics has fractured the labor movement. 2021-07-19 21:27 1KB

10 Hybrid Mattresses That Give You The Best Of Both Worlds

The best hybrid mattresses combine layers of specialized foam with wrapped coils, for the perfect marriage of comfortable and supportive. 2021-07-19 21:27 9KB

Is It Too Soon To Say “I Love You”? Here’s How To Decide

There's no perfect timeline when it comes to how soon to say "I love you." If you're ready to say those three little words, here's what to consider first. 2021-07-19 21:27 6KB

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof considering bid for Oregon governor

“I have friends trying to convince me that here in Oregon, we need new leadership from outside the broken political system,” the two-time Pulitzer winner said in a statement. 2021-07-19 21:26 3KB

Got surplus TP? Maybe you need to make a toilet paper cannon

Here are a few crafty ways to use extra toilet paper, masks and hand sanitizer. 2021-07-19 21:26 4KB

Endangered tapir born at zoo in New Orleans

Audubon Zoo's three-year-old Baird's tapir, Ixchel, has given birth to her first offspring. lxchel's male calf was born on July 2 … 2021-07-19 21:26 734Bytes

The 35 Cutest Comments You Could Ever Leave On Your Cousin’s Instagram

If you happen to be BFFs with your cousins, you need to post one of these 35 cousin quotes on their Instagram pics. 2021-07-19 21:26 1KB

Fundraiser seeks $100K to restore beloved Hamptons ‘Stargazer’ sculpture

The Stargazer is in need of a major restoration and its admirers are seeking $100,000 through GoFundMe to get the work done. 2021-07-19 21:25 2KB

Sen. Klobuchar Says Breyer's Retirement Should Come 'Sooner Rather Than Later'

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer should retire “sooner rather than later,” a top Democrat senator said in a new interview. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn. … 2021-07-19 21:25 3KB

Recycle or trash? A guide to determining what's recyclable

Do your part to save the planet by recycling right with these easy-to-remember tips from recycling expert Leticia Jauregui. 2021-07-19 21:25 1KB

Top Biden aide under consideration to run UNICEF

Cathy Russell has expressed interest in running the U.N. agency after the job unexpectedly became open this month. 2021-07-19 21:25 3KB

Boise State Will Sell Alcohol During Home Football Games Starting This Season

Boise State football fans will be able to drink cold beer during home football games this season. The Broncos announced late Monday afternoon that fans … 2021-07-19 21:25 1KB

China threatens to begin World War III

A video has appeared online that reportedly is circulating among Chinese Communist Party channels in which the repressive regime on the mainland there threatens to … 2021-07-19 21:24 4KB

‘Fleebagger’ Democrats are back in action

Let us glance at the “Fleebagger Democrats,” a term now in use at Fox News, Hot Air, PJ Media and other news organizations after … 2021-07-19 21:23 6KB

Learning Laboratory: Get immersed in world of art, emerging technology at SF's Exploratorium

San Francisco's renowned learning laboratory, the Exploratorium, reopens its doors, inviting guests to explore thought-provoking, new exhibits. 2021-07-19 21:23 2KB

I tested 30 mascaras – here are the ones that lasted all day without clumping and smudging

Smashbox Superfan Fanned-out Mascara Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push-Up Lashes Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara Benefit They're Real Mascara Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara Elf Lash It Loud Mascara Huda Legit Lashes Double-Ended Mascara YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Clis Urban Decay Lash Freak Volumizing Mascara L'Oréal Air Volume Mega Mascara Catrice Glam & Doll Mascara Laura Mercier Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara Delilah Cosmetics Definitive Volumizing … 2021-07-19 21:22 2KB

Senate Democrats Reportedly Float Making Women Register For The Draft

Senate Democrats are floating an overhaul of military draft laws that would require women to register for the Selective Service System, according to a draft … 2021-07-19 21:22 1KB

Listen to Episode 70 of ‘Amazin’ But True’: Conforto Saves Mets From Nightmare Sweep feat. Ken Davidoff

Deep breaths, Mets fans. Michael Conforto’s clutch go-ahead home run Sunday was a season-altering one in some ways. The Mets were on … 2021-07-19 21:21 1KB

China Says WHO Should Investigate Fort Detrick In Maryland Instead Of Returning To Wuhan

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is pushing back on plans for the World Health Organization (WHO) to further investigate the source of the COVID-19 … 2021-07-19 21:19 2KB

‘Friends,’ Hans Zimmer and YouTube Help Olympic Runner Rai Benjamin Calm His Pre-Race Nerves

Olympic hurdler Rai Benjamin told Us Weekly how he tries to stay calm before races, and Ross and Rachel are a big help — exclusive interview 2021-07-19 21:18 3KB

FACT CHECK: Is Kayleigh McEnany JFK’s Granddaughter?

She is not directly related to John F. Kennedy 2021-07-19 21:18 2KB

‘Willy’s Wonderland’ Director Kevin Lewis Tapped For Female-Led Horror Flick ‘The Accursed’

The project is described as a mixture of Dario Argento, Sam Raimi, and James Wan. 2021-07-19 21:18 4KB

Ex-Mossad Head Cohen Suspected of Allegedly Sharing Classified Info With Flight Attendant - Report

Earlier, Cohen was chastised for a revelatory interview in which the recently retired intelligence chief revealed details about Israel's past operations to undermine... 2021-07-19 21:17 2KB

The best polarized sunglasses, plus shopping advice from two ophthalmologists

American Optical Saratoga Tomahawk Shades Ranger Class Smith Lowdown 2 Knockaround Pacific Palisades Raen Optics Remmy Maui Jim Relaxation Mode Fetch Eyewear Westley Sun Ray Ban Aviator Classic Sunski Topeka Vuarnet Legend 03 Warby Parker Barkley Persol 649 Original Oakley Flak 2. … 2021-07-19 21:17 1KB

From Michael Jackson To ‘The Music Man’ - Here’s Every New Show Coming To Broadway When It Reopens

Spirits are high, with a record number of Black playwrights making debuts. But much remains uncertain with Delta looming. 2021-07-19 21:16 7KB

Poetry Monday!: "When We Two Parted" by George Gordon, Lord Byron

"When we two parted / ⁠In silence and tears, / Half broken-hearted / ⁠To sever for years, / Pale grew thy cheek and cold, / ⁠Colder thy kiss; / Truly that hour foretold ⁠/ Sorrow to this...." 2021-07-19 21:15 1KB

Even Stevens’ Christy Carlson Romano Celebrates Being 5 Years Sober in a Unique Way

Christy Carlson Romano previously opened up about her difficult journey with addition — all the details 2021-07-19 21:14 3KB

Despite No Picks, Heat’s Pat Riley Sets High Expectations for NBA Draft

Miami Heat's vice president of basketball operations was tasked by president Pat Riley to sign a couple of top prospects, despite having zero draft picks. 2021-07-19 21:13 4KB

Industry Reaction To The Latest Rightmove House Price Index - ValueWalk

Industry reaction to the latest Rightmove House Price Index report. The availability of stock on the market is the lifeblood 2021-07-19 21:13 2KB

Don’t act directly to overthrow Cuba’s regime

Previous armed interventions were highly counterproductive. 2021-07-19 21:12 4KB

Sheriff: Carbon monoxide deaths at Faster Horses Festival 'absolutely tragic'

Their bodies were found in the camper with two other men, both 21, who were taken to a local hospital and are still in critical condition. 2021-07-19 21:11 5KB

As stablecoins explode in popularity, regulators prepare a response.

Asset-backed digital currencies have outstripped oversight, but the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve and other regulators hope to change that. 2021-07-19 21:11 4KB

Telkom to pay employees nearly R5 million over 2017 wage agreement

A long-standing salary dispute between Telkom and trade union Solidarity has ended with a R4.6 million award for workers. 2021-07-19 21:11 3KB

Erika Jayne Slams ‘Clown Ass’ Attorney Ronald Richards as Legal Issues Mount

Erika Jayne took to Twitter to share her feelings about one of the lawyers involved in her legal matters. 2021-07-19 21:10 3KB

Jackson Health System Upgrades COVID-19 Threat Level To ‘High’, Changes Visitation Policy

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are up across South Florida, leading Jackson Health System to upgrade its COVID threat level to ‘high’ at most of its facilities. 2021-07-19 21:10 2KB

Unit4: 83% of finance pros expect to upskill on AI in 2 years

Over the next two years, 75% of finance professionals believe their day jobs will significantly change, according to a Unit4 survey. 2021-07-19 21:10 3KB

After More Than A Year, The Show Must Go On: More Broadway Shows Announce Plans To Resume Performances

The road to reopening Broadway is well underway. See which performances are coming back and when. 2021-07-19 21:10 2KB

16-Year-Old Accused of Murdering His Mother and Sister Has Escaped from Jail: Police

Luke Craig say, 16, fled the Fayette Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Lexington, Kentucky on Sunday at approximately 3:45 p.m., police. He faces charges for allegedly killing his mother Tefani Noe, 33, and his younger sister Brooke Goggin. 2021-07-19 21:09 2KB

Delaware just became the 10th state to enact a $15 minimum wage

Good Subscriber Account active since The number of states set to raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour is now in the double digits, … 2021-07-19 21:08 3KB

$3.8 Billion Redevelopment Plan For Old Michael Reese Hospital Site Moves A Step Closer To Reality

CHICAGO (CBS) – The $3.8 billion plan to redevelop the long-vacant Michael Reese Hospital site in Bronzeville cleared another major hurdle on Monday, … 2021-07-19 21:08 4KB

Report: Rural Democrat Candidates Stop Using Party Affiliation in Ads

Democrats running for elected office in the House and Senate from rural America are starting to depart from using party identification in their ads in … 2021-07-19 21:08 3KB

Antonio Brown’s Fiancée Rips Model After He’s Reportedly Spotted With A Different Woman

Antonio Brown has found himself in the middle of some serious drama involving multiple women. According to , the Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver was … 2021-07-19 21:07 2KB

The best college supplies and dorm room essentials in 2021

The best twin XL sheets The best comforter The best pillow The best mattress pad The best eye mask The best mini desk fan The … 2021-07-19 21:05 1KB

Ocasio-Cortez Needs Fame, Invests $1.4 Million In Merch, Much Of It Emblazoned With Her Initials

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in another move to make herself ubiquitous, paid a political merchandise firm a whopping $1.4 million from her campaign coffers … 2021-07-19 21:05 4KB

FBI agent in Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case faces charges

An FBI agent who testified about an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is facing an assault charge, according to court records. Richard Trask … 2021-07-19 21:05 1KB

’90DF’ Star Angela Deem Accused of Being ‘Textbook Abuser’

"90 Day Fiance" star Angela Deem was accused of being a "textbook abuser" when it comes to her husband, Michael Ilesanmi. 2021-07-19 21:02 3KB

Marco Champion Shares 5 Advantages of Being Your Own Boss

As an entrepreneur and CEO, Marco Champion has plenty of experience being his own boss. Through both the MOTIV Brand and the iLegendz Network, Champion … 2021-07-19 21:02 2KB

Cops: Teen Driver Created 'Infiniti Pool'

A Colorado teenager who hit the gas instead of the brake did not have a good day—but he provided plenty of laughs for the local police department. The Lakewood teen was... 2021-07-19 21:01 1KB

Judge raises bond of man accused of attempting to sexually assault 11-year-old girl in Walmart

Police said a man made unwanted advances toward a young girl at a Walmart store in Wake Forest on Friday night. 2021-07-19 21:01 1KB

Britney Spears spotted wearing ring on engagement finger during Los Angeles coffee run

Is Britney Spears on the precipice of marriage?  The "Toxic" singer, 39, was recently spotted riding around with her boyfriend Sam Asghari , 27. And … 2021-07-19 21:01 2KB


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McCarthy taps Jim Jordan,4 other House Republicans to serve on Jan.6 committee to probe pro-Trump riot

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday picked five House Republicans to serve on the select committee that will investigate the Jan.6 insurrection at the U. S. Capitol. The California Republican named five out of the 13 members of the select House committee, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has the final say over which lawmakers McCarthy can appoint. McCarthy's picks include Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., who will serve as the ranking member of the panel. The other members include Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio., Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Illinois., Rep. Kelley Armstrong, R-N. D. and freshman Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas. The most well known of the five lawmakers is likely Jordan, who is a committed supporter of former President Donald Trump and is the founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, a group of conservative lawmakers. In January, Jordan helped lead an unsuccessful effort to prevent the House of Representatives from impeaching Trump for inciting the Jan.6 insurrection. McCarthy's picks come just a day before the committee is set to hold its first hearing, which will feature witnesses from the U. S. Capitol Police Department and Metropolitan Police Department. It also comes more than six months after the violent insurrection in which supporters of then-President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol to disrupt the certification of President Joe Biden's electoral victory. The five Republicans picked by McCarthy are not the only GOP members of the panel. Earlier this month, House Speaker Pelosi appointed Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo. as one of her eight choices. Cheney was one of the two GOP representatives who had voted to create the committee last month. She was also one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in January. The decision to choose Cheney was notable, especially as McCarthy reportedly threatened to strip GOP representatives' committee seats if they accepted an appointment to the panel from Pelosi, according to NBC news. Pelosi also appointed Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who will lead the panel. The other members include Democratic Reps. Pete Aguilar, Adam Schiff, and Zoe Lofgren of California, Jamie Raskin of Maryland, Elaine Luria of Virginia and Stephanie Murphy of Florida. The formation of the panel has been a flashpoint of debate between Democrats and Republicans. The select committee passed in a 222-190 party-line vote last month, after Senate Republicans blocked a previous bill that would have created an independent commission to investigate the insurrection. Many GOP leaders asserted that the select committee would only duplicate existing efforts by the Justice Department and standing congressional committees to probe the attack on the Capitol. Senate Republicans even blocked a previous bill that would have created an independent commission to investigate the insurrection. The committee will investigate what caused the attack on the Capitol, which includes examining activities of law enforcement agencies and technological factors that may have prompted the event. It will also issue a report on its findings and how to prevent another attempt to disrupt the transfer of power.
McCarthy makes his 5 GOP picks for Jan.6 select committee
Jim Jordan among McCarthy picks for Jan.6 panel
Kevin McCarthy names five Republicans to serve on Jan.6 special committee
McCarthy names GOP reps who voted to overturn election to Jan.6 committee
McCarthy names GOP members to the select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection — 3 voted against certifying Biden's win in Pennsylvania and Arizona
People Had Some Extreme Reactions To Learning Jim Jordan Might Be On The Jan.6 Committee
McCarthy names 3 Biden victory deniers to Jan.6 committee
McCarthy proposes 5 Republicans to sit on Jan.6 panel
Jim Jordan, four other Republicans chosen by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to serve on panel investigating Jan.6 riots
Kevin McCarthy names 5 GOP picks to Jan.6 riot select committee
Trump ally Jordan among McCarthy picks for Jan.6 select committee
McCarthy taps five Republicans to serve on January 6 Select Committee
McCarthy proposes 5 Republicans to sit on Jan.6 panel
McCarthy Stacks Pelosi’s January 6 Committee with Mix of Conservative Killers, Law Enforcement Experts
McCarthy Selects The Five Republicans Who Will Serve On Jan.6 Select Committee
Trump ally Jim Jordan among Republicans tapped for Jan.6 select committee
GOP Leader McCarthy Taps 5 Republicans To Serve On Jan.6 Select Committee
These Are The 5 Republicans McCarthy Picked For The Jan.6 Select Committee
Jim Jordan among 5 House Republicans selected by McCarthy for January 6 select committee


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Canada to open the door to vaccinated US citizens on Aug.9

TORONTO — Canada announced Monday it will begin letting fully vaccinated U. S. citizens into Canada on Aug.9, and those from the rest of the world on Sept.7. Officials said the 14-day quarantine requirement will be waived as of Aug.9 for eligible travelers who are currently residing in the United States and have received a full course of a COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in Canada. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, who said he spoke with U. S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Friday, said the U. S. has not yet indicated any plan to change current restrictions at the land border. Canadians are able to fly into the United States with a negative COVID-19 test. Asked in Washington if the U. S. would reciprocate,White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “We are continuing to review our travel restrictions. Any decisions about resuming travel will be guided by our public health and medical experts.… I wouldn’t look at it through a reciprocal intention.” U. S. Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins, whose district includes Buffalo and Niagara Falls, said the U. S. has “neglected to give reopening the northern border the serious attention it deserves, and there is no excuse.” Canadian officials also announced that children who aren’t vaccinated but are travelling with vaccinated parents won’t have to quarantine, but will have to avoid group activities including schools and daycare centers. Transport Minister Omar Alghabra also said a ban on direct flights from India will be extended to Aug.21 because of the delta variant. “The situation in India is still very serious,” he said. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said last week that Canada could start allowing fully vaccinated Americans into the country as of mid-August for nonessential travel and should be in a position to welcome fully vaccinated travelers from all countries by early September. Canada leads G20 countries in vaccination rates, with approximately 80% of eligible Canadians vaccinated with their first dose and over 50% of those eligible fully vaccinated. “This weekend, we even passed the U,S. in terms of fully vaccinated people,” Trudeau said. “Thanks to the rising vaccination rates and declining COVID-19 cases, we are able to move forward with adjusted border measures.” Reopening to the U. S first is a “recognition of our unique bond, especially between border communities,” Trudeau said. In the early days of the pandemic, the U. S. and Canadian governments closed the more than 5,500-mile border to nonessential traffic. With increasing vaccination rates and dropping infection rates, some were annoyed the two governments hadn’t laid out plans to fully reopen the border. Canada began easing its restrictions earlier this month, allowing fully vaccinated Canadians or permanent legal residents to return Canada without quarantining. But among the requirements are a negative test for the virus before returning, and another once they get back. Pressure has been mounting on Canada to continue to ease the restrictions at the border, which have been in effect since March 2020. Providing exemptions for travel into Canada amid the pandemic is politically sensitive and Trudeau is expected to call a federal election next month. Related Articles OC Health Care Agency resumes more frequent reporting of COVID-19 data as cases rise Fox Corp. implementing its own version of a vaccine passport Orange County star Katie Lou Samuelson tests positive for COVID, is out of Tokyo Olympics American Academy of Pediatrics recommends universal masking in schools for everyone older than 2 US gymnast tests positive for Covid-19 ahead of Tokyo Olympics Canadian officials have said they would like 75% of eligible Canadian residents to be fully vaccinated before loosening border restrictions for tourists and business travelers. The Canadian government expects to have enough vaccine delivered for 80% of eligible Canadians to be fully vaccinated by the end of July. The U. S. only allowed for exports of vaccines into Canada in early May. Commercial traffic has gone back and forth normally between the two countries since the start of the pandemic. The U. S. Travel Association estimates that each month the border is closed costs $1.5 billion. Canadian officials say Canada had about 22 million foreign visitors in 2019 — about 15 million of them from the United States.
Canada surpasses US vaccination rate as country prepares to reopen its borders
Fully vaccinated Americans can visit Canada starting Aug.9
Canada to let vaccinated US citizens enter on Aug.9. What to know
Canada Takes First Step Toward Opening Border As US Maintains Restrictions
Canada will reopen its border with the U. S. and hopes to allow others in by early September.
Canada: Here's When US Tourists Can Return
Canada will soon reopen border to fully-vaccinated U. S. travelers
Canada to let vaccinated U. S. citizens enter country on Aug.9
Canada Announces Date When Border Will Open To Vaccinated Americans
Canada to start letting fully vaccinated U. S. citizens enter the country on August 9
Canada Will Open Borders To Fully Vaccinated Americans As Of August 9


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Washington Post highlights Hunter Biden's ethical scandals with full-page art work

The Washington Post, on Monday, highlighted Hunter Biden's numerous ethical scandals with a full-page of artwork in their op-ed section. The op-ed promoted a fictional "art exhibition" by Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, that parodied recent scandals. Images within the piece included a framed photo reading "I Heart Burisma," referring to Hunter's time being on the board of the Ukrainian energy company despite his lack of experience in the industry. The feature also included an empty frame titled "Painters Who Would Appear in This Gallery if Not Named Biden." Washington Post editor Glen Kessler shared the piece on his Twitter account. "Wash Post op-ed page pulls no punches with biting and funny 'exhibition' of Hunter Biden’s art via Meghan Kruger," Kessler tweeted. Kessler previously mocked any investigation or media references to Hunter Biden’s ongoing scandals. In December, he referred to the investigation into Hunter’s foreign dealings as simply "laptop stuff." Kessler faced criticism for referencing Hunter Biden’s scandals only through a "humorous" piece months after the 2020 election. "It would be even more funny if the WaPo didn’t call these same suggestions Russian disinformation to protect Biden during the election," one user wrote. Another user tweeted, "Corruption makes me laugh almost as much as that time you used your fact check page to decide if Tim Scott’s family had really experienced racism. Remember that one Glenn? Classic." Mainstream media outlets largely underplayed Hunter Biden’s scandals claiming that reporting on the contents of his laptop was based on " Russian disinformatio n." The New York Post, which first reported the Hunter Biden laptop story, faced unprecedent resistance from social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, both of whom were censoring the sharing of the story. In addition, the New York Post was locked out of its Twitter account for sharing the story. As for Hunter Biden's artwork, Obama’s former ethics chief Walter Shaub previously denounced the White House’s ethics plans surrounding it. "So instead of disclosing who is paying outrageous sums for Hunter Biden’s artwork so that we could monitor whether the purchasers are gaining access to government, the WH tried to make sure we will never know who they are," Shaub wrote. "That’s very disappointing."
Fraud charges brought in 2nd Wisconsin 2020 election case
Could Biden town hall be at Mount St. Joseph?
Flood recovery loans from the SBA coming to Wayne, Washtenaw and other businesses
Senior House Dem trashes Senate's bipartisan infrastructure talks
Biden lost Ohio. So why does he keep coming here? Well, there's that one bridge...
Spain's PM Heads to U. S. But No Biden Meeting on Schedule
Voter fraud charges brought in St. Croix County,2nd Wisconsin case from 2020 election
Washington Police to Work Overtime to Combat 'Sustained Increase in Gun Violence'
Fraud charges brought in 2nd Wisconsin 2020 election case
Biden’s fury at Chinese cyberattacks prompts him to… issue a statement (Seriously)


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‘Shameful’: Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister To Demand U. S. Enforce Anti-BDS Laws Against Ben & Jerry’s

Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid demanded U. S. action against Ben & Jerry’s on Monday after the ice cream company announced they would no longer sell their products in Judea and Samaria, which they described as “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” “Ben & Jerry’s decision represents shameful surrender to antisemitism, to BDS and to all that is wrong with the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish discourse. We will not be silent,” Lapid tweeted. “Over 30 states in the United States have passed anti-BDS legislation in recent years. I plan on asking each of them to enforce these laws against Ben & Jerry’s. They will not treat the State of Israel like this without a response,” Lapid added. To date,35 states have passed legislation against the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. Over 30 states in the United States have passed anti-BDS legislation in recent years. I plan on asking each of them to enforce these laws against Ben & Jerry's. They will not treat the State of Israel like this without a response. יאיר לפיד – Yair Lapid🟠 (@yairlapid) July 19, 2021 Ben & Jerry’s announced Monday that it would go against their values to allow their frozen treats to be sold in “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” Their statement read: We believe it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to be sold in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). We also hear and recognize the concerns shared with us by our fans and trusted partners. We have a longstanding partnership with our licensee, who manufactures Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Israel and distributes it in the region. We have been working to change this, and so we have informed our licensee that we will not renew the license agreement when it expires at the end of next year. Although Ben & Jerry’s will no longer be sold in the OPT, we will stay in Israel through a different arrangement. We will share an update on this as soon as we’re ready. Ben & Jerry’s have repeatedly made headlines over the years for issuing provocative political statements. In April, after Daunte Wright was shot in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, they tweeted that America’s police system “can’t be reformed” and “must be dismantled.” “The murder of #DaunteWright is rooted in white supremacy and results from the international criminalization of Black and Brown communities,” Ben & Jerry’s wrote. “This system can’t be reformed. It must be dismantled and a real system of public safety rebuilt from the ground up. #DefundThePolice.” The murder of #DaunteWright is rooted in white supremacy and results from the intentional criminalization of Black and Brown communities. This system can’t be reformed. It must be dismantled and a real system of public safety rebuilt from the ground up. #DefundThePolice — Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) April 12, 2021 In October 2018, Ben & Jerry’s rolled out a flavor called “Pecan Resist,” about which they tweeted: “Today we launch Pecan Resist! This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump’s regressive agenda.” Today we launch Pecan Resist! This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump’s regressive agenda. Learn more and take action here >> — Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) October 30,2018 In 2017, Ben & Jerry’s came out against Australia for not accepting same-sex marriage by banning customers from having two scoops of the same flavor. Twenty-six stores in Australia were targeted. They issued a statement: Imagine heading down to your local Scoop Shop to order your favorite two scoops of Cookie Dough in a waffle cone. But you find out you are not allowed – Ben & Jerry’s has banned two scoops of the same flavor. You’d be furious! But this doesn’t even begin to compare to how furious you would be if you were told you were not allowed to marry the person you love. So we are banning two scoops of the same flavor and encouraging our fans to contact their MPs to tell them that the time has come – make same sex marriage legal! Love comes in all flavours! Related: Leftist Ben & Jerry’s Targets Israel: We Won’t Sell Ice Cream In Judea And Samaria The Daily Wire is one of America’s fastest-growing conservative media companies and counter-cultural outlets for news, opinion, and entertainment. Get inside access to The Daily Wire by becoming a member.
Ben & Jerry's will stop selling ice cream in Palestinian territories
Ben & Jerry's Says It Will Stop Ice Cream Sales In Occupied Territories
Israel Clashes With Ben & Jerry’s After Company Halts Ice Cream Sales in 'Occupied Territories'
Ben & Jerry’s to stop sales in West Bank, east Jerusalem
Ben & Jerry’s Boycott of ‘Occupied Palestinian Territory’ Met with Swift Backlash — ‘Israel-Obsessed Fake Humanitarianism’
Ben & Jerry's Announces Withdrawal From West Bank
Ben & Jerry’s boycott of settlements condemned by Israel officials
Ben & Jerry’s to Stop Selling Ice Cream in Israeli Occupied Territories
Morton Williams cracks down on Ben & Jerry’s over Israel controversy


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Stock Market Plummets Amidst Growing Fears Of COVID’s Delta Variant

(CBS New York) — The stock market can be like a rollercoaster ride. Unfortunately for many investors most of Monday’s ride was downhill. After topping 35,000 and reaching record highs last week, the Dow Jones plummeted over 700 points to finish the day at 33,873. The S&P 500 was off by about 1.6 percent, while the Nasdaq composite fell 1.1 percent. It was the market’s worst day of the year so far. But why was the market down so much today? The drop is attributed to multiple factors. Near the top of the list is the rise of COVID’s Delta variant, which is more dangerous and more contagious than other strains. Domestic vaccination numbers continue climb at a rate of about 500,000 shots per day. But while the U. S. population is 48.6 percent vaccinated, state percentages range from 66.9 percent in Vermont to 33.7 percent in Alabama. Outbreaks are increasingly occurring in areas where fewer people per capita have received shots. New cases increased by about 70 percent last week, with most states seeing rises. The U. S. economy is largely open, though some fear that could change if the Delta variant takes hold. Other countries, where vaccinations are harder to come by, have stricter limitations. Japan, for example, is the world’s third biggest economy, but only about 20 percent of its residents are fully vaccinated. The upcoming Olympics will be held completely without foreign or domestic fans in attendance. Outbreaks are growing increasing common across Southeast Asia as well. With such a tightly connected international economy, a virus outbreak in one part of the world can have far-reaching effects in other places. The domestic economy can’t continue its rise without goods from around the world and the smooth flow of supplies that go into making those goods. Look no further than the ongoing shipping delays that have backed up goods for months or the semiconductor issues that have wreaked havoc on car manufacturers’ production line. Economic slowdowns caused by COVID elsewhere will drag down the U. S. economy. Another concern is the tapering off of pandemic relief efforts at home. A fourth stimulus check is unlikely. The $300 weekly federal unemployment bonus is set to end on Labor Day, though 22 states have already discontinued it. Payments for federal student loans, many of which have been in administrative forbearance since March of 2020, will resume this fall. As well, the Federal Reserve looks poised to ease up its assistance to markets later this year. Some experts wonder if the recovery can continue its torrid pace without the help of the federal government. Stock market losses were felt across the board in Monday trading. But companies dependent on a strong recovery took some of the heaviest losses. United Airlines fell 6.2 percent, while Carnival Cruise Line fell 5.6 percent. At the same time, U. S. air travel remains strong, and consumer spending bumped up 0.6 percent in June, according to the Commerce Department. The Dow Jones sank over 10,000 points in the early days of the pandemic, falling from over 29,000 to just over 19,000. It lost about a third of its value in that span. The Dow has since regained all of that and then some in a run that’s lasted close to 16 months. Will concerns over the Delta variant and a slowing recovery end the run?
Stocks plunge amid fears over COVID-19 delta variant
Jim Cramer says the stock market will bottom after speculators find the exit
Stock Market Plummets Amidst Growing Fears Of COVID’s Delta Variant
Delta variant fuels rise in COVID cases across 48 states
Dow sufre la mayor caída del año a medida que el temor a la variante delta del coronavirus golpea a Wall Street
Stocks skid as virus fears shake markets; Dow falls 2.1%
Stock Market Plummets Amidst Growing Fears Of COVID’s Delta Variant
COVID concerns spook financial markets as airline, hotel stock sinks
Dow drops 725 points in worst day since October amid COVID-19 fears


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'Not Really Nervous': Billionaire Bezos Girds for Inaugural Space Flight

Billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos said on Monday he is excited and curious but not very nervous on the eve of taking part in his company Blue Origin’s inaugural suborbital flight alongside the oldest and youngest people ever bound for space. The world’s richest person and three crewmates are due to fly from a desert site in West Texas on an 11-minute trip to the edge of space aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard, a 60-foot-tall (18.3 meters) and fully autonomous rocket-and-capsule combo. The flight represents an important milestone in the establishment of the space tourism industry. Bezos did a round of televised interviews ahead of the launch, set for around 8 a.m. CT (9 a.m. ET) from Blue Origin’s Launch Site One facility some 20 miles (32 km) outside the rural Texas town of Van Horn. “People keep asking if I’m nervous. I’m not really nervous, I’m excited. I’m curious. I want to know what we’re going to learn,” Bezos, founder of Inc, told the “CBS This Morning” program. “We’ve been training. This vehicle is ready. This crew is ready. This team is amazing,” Bezos said. “We just feel really good about it.” Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos will be joined in the all-civilian crew by 82-year-old female aviator Wally Funk and 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, a recent high school graduate set to attend the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands to study physics and innovation management in September. Daemen is the company’s first paying customer. His father heads investment management firm Somerset Capital Partners. The flight comes nine days after rival Richard Branson, the British billionaire businessman, was aboard his company Virgin Galactic’s rocket plane for its pioneering suborbital flight from New Mexico. Bezos sought to downplay any rivalry with Branson. “There’s one person who was the first person in space. His name was Yuri Gagarin. And that happened a long time ago,” Bezos said on the NBC’s program “Today,” referring to the Soviet cosmonaut who reached space in 1961. “I think I’m going to be number 570 or something. That’s where we’re going to be in this list. So this isn’t a competition. This is about building a road to space so that future generations can do incredible things in space,” Bezos said.
Jeff Bezos Space Flight: How to Stream Tuesday’s Launch
Las Vegas Strip video billboard to show Bezos space launch
Here’s How To Watch Jeff Bezos’ Launch Into Space
Space travel will advance with Blue Origin's flight, experts say
Jeff Bezos will spend just 3 minutes in space, with no pilot or spacesuit. His flight will be unlike any before it.
Jeff Bezos set to blast off on historic space flight
Jeff Bezos is going to space for 11 minutes. Here's how risky that is


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U. S. men’s and women’s basketball teams are the latest to be disrupted by the coronavirus.

The U. S. men’s national basketball team traveled to Tokyo on Monday without guard Zach LaVine, who entered coronavirus health and safety protocols. In a statement, Team USA said it was hopeful LaVine could rejoin the team later this week. The U. S. men’s basketball team reshuffled its roster last week after losing guard Bradley Beal to health and safety protocols and forward Kevin Love withdrew from participation. U. S. women’s basketball also suffered a blow with the news that Katie Lou Samuelson, a member of the 3x3 Olympics team, would miss the Games following a positive test result. Samuelson said she was fully vaccinated. “Competing in the Olympics has been a dream of mine since I was little girl and I hope someday soon, I can come back to realize that dream,” Samuelson,24, wrote in an Instagram post. Earlier Monday, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee confirmed that an alternate on the women’s gymnastics team had tested positive for the coronavirus while in training in Chiba prefecture outside Tokyo. Despite being vaccinated, Kara Eaker,18, of Grain Valley, Mo., began a 10 to 14 day quarantine, her coach, Al Fong, said in a text message. He added that she “feels fine.” Fong also said that Leanne Wong, another alternate and Eaker’s teammate at his GAGE Center gym in Blue Springs, Mo., is also under quarantine, expected to last until about July 31, because she is a considered a close contact. Wong, who is 17 and from Overland Park, Kansas, said at the Olympic trials last month that she had not been vaccinated. The opening ceremony is Friday and the first competitions are Wednesday. But organizers of the Tokyo Olympics, delayed one year by the pandemic, are struggling to manage public anxiety about the Games after a cluster of coronavirus cases that threaten to overshadow the festivities. As about 20,000 athletes, coaches, referees and other officials have poured into Japan in recent days, more than two dozen of them have tested positive for the virus, including three cases within the Olympic Village. An additional 33 staff members or contractors who are Japanese residents working on the Games have tested positive. Olympics organizers have said their measures — including repeated testing, social distancing and restrictions on movement — would limit, but not eliminate, coronavirus cases. The Games, originally scheduled for 2020, were postponed a year in the hopes the pandemic would have eased and they would herald a triumphant return to normal. Instead, they have become a reminder of the staying power of the virus and have fed a debate over whether Japan and the International Olympic Committee have their priorities straight.
Zach LaVine not with Olympic basketball team on flight to Tokyo
Short-handed US basketball roster off to Tokyo
Olympics updates: How Southern California Olympians are doing in Tokyo
Wear your Team USA pride with these 10 Olympic fashion picks
Zach LaVine not on U. S. Olympic men's basketball team flight to Tokyo after entering protocols
Positive COVID tests in Olympic Village spark outbreak fears
Basketball: Team USA's Zach LaVine enters COVID-19 protocols
Positive COVID-19 test knocks U. S. women’s 3x3 basketball player Katie Lou Samuelson out of Olympics


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Proud Boys Leader Pleads Guilty to Burning Black Lives Matter Flag, Justice Dept. Says

Tarrio pleaded guilty to one count of destruction of property and one count of attempted possession of a large-capacity ammunition magazine, the release said. Tarrio's sentencing date is scheduled for August 23 and he faces up to 360 days in prison and a $2,000 fine, the release said. Tarrio burned the flag on December 12,2020 and was arrested when he returned to Washington on January 4, days before a Trump rally and the riot at the US Capitol building.
Proud Boys leader pleads guilty to burning church’s Black Lives Matter banner
Proud Boys Leader Pleads Guilty to Property Destruction in Burning of ‘#BlackLivesMatter’ Banner Stolen from D. C. Church
Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio pleads guilty in Black Lives Matter banner burning
Proud Boys leader pleads guilty to burning Black Lives Matter banner
Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio pleads guilty in Black Lives Matter banner burning
Proud Boys leader pleads guilty to vandalism of historically Black church in DC
Proud Boys leader pleads guilty to burning DC church's Black Lives Matter banner


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Latest COVID-19 vaccination numbers in DC, Maryland and Virginia

Chart updated: July 19, 2021 at 10 p.m. WTOP is tracking vaccination rollout in the D. C. region. D. C., Virginia and Maryland are working to inoculate millions while dealing with an unprecedented demand and constricted supply of dosages. In late 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began reporting coronavirus vaccination data for all 50 states, various U. S. territories and federal agencies. Updated every afternoon, their dataset includes the total number of doses each state has been provided and the number of doses that have actually been used. Comparing both numbers gives valuable insight into how much of a state's vaccine stockpile has been deployed versus how much is still in storage. The chart above displays the share of each figure compared to the state's total population, including all ages. WTOP will be updating these numbers once every evening, excluding federal holidays. The federal government also provides statistics on the number of people per state who have received one or two doses of a vaccine. As of March 2021, two vaccines — Pfizer and Moderna — require two doses before a person can be considered fully inoculated. On Feb.27, the FDA granted emergency use authorization to Johnson & Johnson for the first vaccine to only require a single dose. To guarantee that data definitions do not vary between the states and the numbers can be compared directly, is using the CDC as its source for daily vaccination statistics. State health agencies in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia are also releasing numbers on their own dashboards alongside COVID-19 test results, including demographics on vaccine distribution and county-by-county breakdowns which the CDC does not currently provide as part of its national dataset. More coronavirus coverage Looking for more information? D. C., Maryland and Virginia are each releasing more data every day. Visit their official sites here: Virginia| Maryland| District of Columbia
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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket Launch: How to Watch

Another week, another billionaire with a rocket company going to space. Last week, it was Richard Branson earning his astronaut wings riding a space plane from Virgin Galactic, a company he founded 14 years ago, to an altitude of more than 50 miles above the skies of New Mexico. On Tuesday, it will be Jeff Bezos, the richest human being in the universe, who will strap into a capsule built by his rocket company, Blue Origin, and blast off even higher, to more than 62 miles above West Texas. When is the launch and how can I watch it? Blue Origin is aiming for the rocket to take off at 9 a.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, July 20. The company will begin coverage of the launch at 7:30 a.m. on its YouTube channel. The date coincides with the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. What is the New Shepard rocket and what will it do? New Shepard, the Blue Origin spacecraft, is named after Alan Shepard, the first American in space. It consists of a booster and a capsule on top, where the passengers will be. Unlike Virgin Galactic’s space plane, New Shepard is more of a traditional rocket, taking off vertically. Once the booster has used up its propellant — liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen — the capsule detaches from the booster. Both pieces continue to coast upward, above the 62-mile boundary often considered to be the beginning of outer space. During this part of the trajectory, the passengers will unbuckle and float around the capsule, experiencing about four minutes of free fall and seeing views of Earth and the blackness of space from the capsule’s large windows. The booster lands first and vertically, similar to the touchdowns of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets. The capsule lands minutes after the booster, descending under a parachute and cushioned by the firing of a last-second jet of air. The whole flight should last about 10 minutes. Is New Shepard safe? Blue Origin has launched New Shepard 15 times — all without anyone onboard — and the capsule landed safely every time. (On the first launch, the booster crashed; on the next 14 launches, the booster landed intact.) During one flight in 2016, Blue Origin performed an in-flight test of the rocket’s escape system where thrusters whisked away the capsule from a malfunctioning booster. A solid-fuel rocket at the bottom of the crew capsule fired for 1.8 seconds, exerting 70,000 pounds of force to quickly separate the capsule and steer it out of the way of the booster. Its parachutes deployed, and the capsule landed softly. Not only did the capsule survive, the booster was able to right itself, continue to space, and then, firing its engine again, land a couple of miles north of the launchpad in West Texas, a bit charred but intact. Who else is aboard the flight? Mr. Bezos is bringing along his younger brother. Mark Bezos,50, has lived a more private life. He is a co-founder and general partner at HighPost Capital, a private equity firm. Mark Bezos previously worked as head of communications at the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity that aids anti-poverty efforts in New York City. Blue Origin auctioned off one of the seats, with the proceeds going to Club for the Future, a space-focused charity founded by Mr. Bezos. The winning bidder paid $28 million — and we still do not know who that was. Last week, the company announced that the auction winner had decided to wait until a subsequent flight “due to scheduling conflicts.” Instead, Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old student from the Netherlands who was one of the runners-up in the auction, and who had purchased a ticket on the second New Shepard flight, was bumped up. The fourth passenger is Mary Wallace Funk — she goes by Wally — a pilot who in the 1960s was among a group of women who passed the same rigorous criteria that NASA used for selecting astronauts.
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Spaceflights for Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos spur a race for insurers, too.

Richard Branson is scheduled to fly into suborbital space on Sunday, nine days ahead of a similar journey by a fellow billionaire, Jeff Bezos. These first flights for the space moguls will also launch without liability insurance, the DealBook newsletter reports. Brokers say neither Virgin Galactic nor Mr. Branson appears to have bought coverage should the British business mogul be hurt, or worse. (The craft is most likely covered.) The same goes for Mr. Bezos and his company Blue Origin. Virgin, Mr. Branson and Blue Origin declined or did not respond to requests for comment. “We have talked to those companies about insurance and regulatory issues a lot,” said Sima Adhya, the head of space insurance at Hamilton, a company that offers insurance through Lloyd’s of London. “But there have been no policies specifically written for these flights.” Liability coverage is required on international flights. But Virgin’s craft, the V. S. Unity, launches and lands in the same place in New Mexico, so Mr. Branson’s flight, despite rocketing to the edge of space, is technically considered domestic travel. Virgin has said passengers will eventually be required to sign a contract agreeing to be fully liable for their own safety, but American law makes it nearly impossible to transfer all liability in the case of personal injury or loss of life. Insurance providers say it’s very likely that regulators will soon require liability policies. Space travel wouldn’t be covered by a typical life insurance policy, industry experts say. And it could also be an issue for corporations if executives decided that they, like Mr. Branson and Mr. Bezos, would like to travel to space. So-called key person policies could theoretically cover the stock market fallout if something happened to a top executive. There aren’t a lot of options for casual space travelers, but some insurers are interested in developing such policies. Allianz first began designing space tourism policies in 2012, though there is no evidence one has been sold. (Allianz did not return a request for comment.) Space tourism is new, but experts say there is now more than enough data on rocket launches to know how to price these policies. Lloyd’s of London estimates that the space insurance market has averaged $500 million in annual premium payments over the past decade. But those policies have generally covered satellites and other nonhuman cargo. “The big question for the insurance industry is whether this is more like aviation insurance or more like current space policies,” said Neil Stevens, a senior vice president of space products at the insurance broker Marsh. “There hasn’t been a situation where insurance markets haven’t stepped up.” But for now, space travel is launching without an insurance net for passengers. Developing those policies is one more small step that is likely needed before space travel can leap into a fully functioning tourism market.
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Reporters Fail To Ask Psaki Or Biden About One Of The Biggest News Stories In The U. S.

Reporters failed to ask President Joe Biden or White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about Biden’s worsening border crisis during their respective press events Monday, which comes after the administration released new numbers for June last week. Because the administration released June’s numbers toward the end of Psaki’s press briefing Friday, reporters were unable to ask about them, which worsened for the fifth consecutive month under Biden. Fox News reported: CBP said that 188,829 migrants were encountered at the southern border, an increase from the 180,034 encountered in May. It is also a sharp rise since when President Biden took office — there were 78,442 encounters in January.… The number of unaccompanied children encountered increased by 8%, with 15,253 encounters in June compared to 14,137 in May. Encounters of family units, meanwhile, surged by 25% to 55,805 from 44,746 in May. The numbers from Biden’s border crisis are the worst numbers ever recorded by the Department of Homeland Security, which was founded in 2002. Despite the catastrophe on America’s southern border, reporters failed to ask Biden about it when he took a few questions at the end of a press event during which he spoke in part about skyrocketing inflation. No reporters asked Psaki about the border during Monday’s White House press briefing. Polling has shown that a majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of his border crisis and recent local elections on the border suggest Democrats might be facing serious trouble in upcoming elections because of the border. Former top Department of Homeland Security officials blasted the Biden administration in response to the latest numbers on its border crisis. The Daily Wire is one of America’s fastest-growing conservative media companies and counter-cultural outlets for news, opinion, and entertainment. Get inside access to The Daily Wire by becoming a member.
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Pedro Castillo defeats Keiko Fujimori in Peru presidential election

Rural teacher-turned-political novice Pedro Castillo became the winner of Peru’s presidential election after the country’s longest electoral count in 40 years. H e defeated right-wing politiician Keiko Fujimori by just 44,000 votes. Electoral authorities on Monday released the final official results more than a month after the run-off election took place in the South American nation. Mr Castillo’s supporters included Peru’s poor and rural citizens, with the new leader known for popularising the phrase ‘No more poor in a rich country’. Peru is the world’s second-largest copper producer but its economy has been crushed by the coronavirus pandemic. The poverty level has increased to almost one-third of the population, eliminating the gains of a decade.
Leftist rural teacher Pedro Castillo declared president-elect in Peru
Leftist Rural Teacher Pedro Castillo Declared President-Elect In Peru
Leftist rural teacher declared president-elect in Peru
Leftist rural teacher declared president-elect in Peru
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AP reporter discusses capitol rioter sentencing

A Florida man who breached the U. S. Senate chamber carrying a Trump campaign flag was sentenced Monday to eight months behind bars, the first resolution for a felony case in the Capitol insurrection. (July 19)
Capitol Rioter Sentenced to 8 Months for Trying to Stop Vote Certification
Capitol rioter sentenced to 8 months in prison
First Insurrectionist Sent to Prison for Capitol Riot
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Capitol rioter who breached Senate gets 8 months for felony
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Indiana University's Vaccine Requirement Should Stand, Federal Judge Rules

A federal judge has blocked a challenge to Indiana University's requirement that students get vaccinated against COVID-19 before returning to campus this fall. Indiana University is one of hundreds of colleges mandating COVID-19 vaccinations this year. According to university policy, students and staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they qualify for a medical, religious or ethical exemption, or unless a student is attending a fully online program. Students who qualify for an exemption will need to take extra precautionary measures on campus by wearing masks, taking additional coronavirus tests and either heading home or quarantining in the case of an outbreak. Students who refuse the vaccine and don't qualify for an exemption can have their classes cancelled and access to online university systems revoked. Eight students sued the school in June, asking for a preliminary injunction to halt the university's policy. In the complaint, they argued the rules trample on their rights under the 14th Amendment, "which includes rights of personal autonomy and bodily integrity, and the right to reject medical treatment." The students, represented by the Bopp Law Firm in Terre Haute, Ind., had a range of reasons for opposing the mandate, including the relatively low risk of developing serious symptoms based on their age and the unknown long-term effects of the vaccine. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said serious side effects "are extremely unlikely.") In their complaint, the students compared the vaccination policy to the Tuskegee syphilis study, one of the most infamous abuses of medical ethics in U. S. history. They argued the university's mandate stood in opposition to modern medical ethics. This week, the court denied the motion for a preliminary injunction, which would have halted the vaccine requirement as the case worked its way through the courts. In his ruling, U. S. District Judge Damon Leichty wrote, "The situation here is a far cry from past blunders in medical ethics like the Tuskegee Study." It's important to understand, he said, that the university isn't forcing anyone to get a vaccine. It's offering students and staff options: They can either get the vaccine, apply for an exemption or find a new school to attend (or, in the case of staff, a new job). Since the policy only applies to the fall 2021 semester, students can also choose to take the semester off or attend all remote classes. In the complaint, multiple students said they have religious reasons for opposing masks, which they'd need to wear if they qualified for an exemption from the vaccine requirement. In response, Leichty wrote that while the right to exercise religion is fundamental, the university's vaccine mandate applies the same way to all students: "One may well applaud the university for going beyond what the constitution requires: courts have consistently held that schools that provided a religious exemption from mandatory vaccination requirements did so above and beyond that mandated by the Constitution." In a statement to NPR, Indiana University spokesman Chuck Carney said, "We appreciate the quick and thorough ruling which allows us to focus on a full and safe return. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our campuses for the fall semester." In an email, James Bopp Jr., one of the attorneys representing the students, told NPR, "An admitted IU student's right to attend IU cannot be conditioned on the student waiving their rights to bodily integrity, bodily autonomy, and consent to medical treatment like IU has done here." Bopp said the students plan to appeal the judge's decision.
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6 people hospitalized after house explodes in Plano, Texas, officials say

Six people were hospitalized after a home in a Dallas suburb was leveled by an explosion Monday afternoon, fire rescue officials said. Plano Fire Rescue said on Twitter that an explosion was confirmed at the site, but they did not know the cause. Atmos Energy Corporation, one of the largest natural gas distributors in the nation, was assisting with the investigation. One resident was inside the home and was hurt, according to fire officials. The other five were neighbors. Witnesses told local news outlets that they heard a series of booms, which sounded like lightning. Most surrounding homes also sustained damage. “All of the sudden I heard what I thought was my sliding glass door breaking,” one neighbor told KTVT . “And I just noticed two picture frames on the wall fall down and the sound and that didn’t match up. When my husband pulled into our garage, the roof in our garage had caved in.” Plano police told the station that they were shutting off gas lines in the area. “We are saddened by today’s tragedy of a house explosion in our City. Several of our residents were injured," Plano Mayor John Muns said in a statement, reported KXAS-TV. "We are keeping them and their families close to our hearts and hoping for a swift and full recovery. Plano Fire-Rescue is working diligently to determine the cause of the blast. We’re asking all of you to keep the victims in your prayers.” Video footage from the scene shows rubble where the home once was with debris and lumber scattered across the yard and into the street. There were lightning storms in the area on Monday afternoon.
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6 hospitalized after Texas home explodes


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Prince Harry nabs $20M from Penguin Random House for memoir

Prince Harry is getting at least $20 million upfront to publish his memoirs — with the very same über-publisher who gave Barack and Michelle Obama a $65 million book deal. As Page Six revealed, Harry has been secretly writing a memoir for nearly a year and has now sold it to Penguin Random House. While the renegade royal said Monday that he will be donating all the proceeds to charity, it’s yet to be made clear whether he will keep the multi-million advance — believed to be at least $20 million, according to publishing insiders. Meanwhile, we’re told that Harry’s co-writer, power ghostwriter J. R. Moehringer, is getting at least $1 million as an advance. It was Penguin Random House CEO Markus Dohle who snapped up President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. The German father of two oversaw the record-breaking deal for their memoirs, with Michelle’s book “Becoming” 2018’s fastest-selling book, selling 725,000 copies on the first day of publication. President Obama’s lengthy 768-page memoir “A Promised Land” sold 800,000 copies in its first day last November. “But I’m not rubbing it in over dinner,” he told Jimmy Kimmel, adding that Michelle joked all his book sales could help pay for her shoe purchases. Dohle admitted to the Financial Times in March 2019: “There is always some risk when you do a big deal and this was a very big deal,” he says. “But commercial risk is part of our business… The first book has worked fantastically well and I have great confidence that the second book [President Obama’s memoirs] will also be a great success.” Markle also recently published her children’s book, “The Bench,” with the children’s division of Random House. Speaking of the company’s deal with Harry, Dohle said: “All of us at Penguin Random House are thrilled to publish Prince Harry’s literary memoir and have him join the world-renowned leaders, icons, and change-makers we have been privileged to publish over the years. “Prince Harry has harnessed his extraordinary life experience as a prince, a soldier, and a knowledgeable advocate for social issues, establishing himself as a global leader recognized for his courage and openness. It is for that reason we’re excited to publish his honest and moving story.” Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have followed in the Obamas’ footsteps since quitting the royal family and moving to California, similarly inking big-money deals with both Netflix and Spotify. But while insiders tell us that Harry and his wife Meghan Markle know the Obamas, they’re not believed to be “close pals”. Harry isn’t believed to be finished on his memoirs, which will be published in late 2022. Reps for Random House and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were unavailable for comment.
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Saudi Arabia to allow vaccinated citizens to travel abroad

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia will allow citizens who have received two doses of Covid-19 vaccine to travel abroad from August 9, the Saudi Press Agency reported. The Saudi Interior Ministry’s decision comes as part of precautionary measures against the virus and its new variants, it said. The decision excepts children below 12 who should have a valid health insurance policy, approved by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA), to cover the risks of the Covid-19, the Xinhua news agency reported. It also doesn’t apply to citizens who recovered from the virus in less than six months, and those who recovered and received one dose of the vaccine. Saudi Arabia lifted the travel ban on citizens on May 17 after a remarkable reduction in infection cases. The ban was lifted after more than a year of imposing it as part of a series of steps to deal with Covid-19 outbreaks. Get the news updates on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. For all the latest Middle East updates, download our app Android and iOS.
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Covid-19 breakthrough infections are preventable, but it's going to take a big effort to stop them

Florida Rep. Vern Buchanan tested positive for Covid-19 after vaccination, according to a statement from his office Monday. Fully vaccinated entertainment journalist Catt Sadler warned her hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers not to "let your guard down," after she got sick after caring for someone with Covid-19 who wasn't vaccinated. Last Thursday, six players on the New York Yankees tested positive. This was the second instance of breakthrough cases on the team. Breakthrough cases are also already cropping up in the Tokyo Summer Olympics. An alternate member of the US Olympics gymnastics team, Kara Eaker, who had been vaccinated tested positive for Covid-19 Sunday, her father confirmed to CNN affiliate KMBC Monday. So had basketball player Katie Lou Samuelson who confirmed on her Instagram account that she would not be able to compete in Tokyo. The good news is that the number of breakthrough infections can be reduced, but it will take a much bigger community effort to protect people from getting Covid-19. A breakthrough infection by definition Someone with a breakthrough infection has tested positive for the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 at least 14 days after they have been fully vaccinated according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine full vaccination is after two doses. For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine it's a single dose. Breakthrough infections can cause disease with symptoms, and some people can have no symptoms at all. Research has shown that if people become infected after vaccination, typically they get a milder case. No vaccine is perfect Covid-19 vaccines are highly protective against lab confirmed infection and seem to provide protection against the variants; however, a tiny fraction still become infected, just like they can with any other vaccine. "There is no such thing as a vaccine that's 100% effective," said Dr. Amy Edwards, the associate medical director of Pediatric Infection Control at UH Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland. With other diseases like mumps or rubella, breakthrough infections are highly rare, Edwards said, because so many people have been vaccinated against those diseases, and mumps and rubella are in low circulation. "The chance that a person who happened to be a nonresponder to the vaccine would come in contact with those diseases is very low," said Edwards. "The reason why we are seeing more breakthrough infections with Covid is because there are so many unvaccinated people." Another example is the flu vaccine, which reduces the risk of getting sick between 40-60%, studies show. The Covid-19 vaccines are much more protective -- as much as 95% effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization and deaths. Breakthrough infections by the numbers We don't know how many mild or asymtomatic breakthrough Covid-19 infections there are in the US. The CDC stopped counting in May. The CDC still counts hospitalizations and deaths from breakthrough infections. The agency said it made this transition to "help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance." As of July 12, there have been 5,492 patients with Covid-19 vaccine breakthrough infections who have been hospitalized or died, according to the CDC. This is a small number among the more than 159 million people that have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. It's hard to draw any specific conclusions about the rate of infection from these numbers, but they are likely an undercount, according to the CDC. Surveillance data relies on voluntary reporting, and not all reporting is complete or even representative of total infections. What scientists do know is that 99.5% of deaths from Covid-19 in the US right now are among people who are not vaccinated, US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy told CNN's Dana Bash Sunday. The CDC is monitoring breakthrough infections to identify which people are most likely to have breakthrough infections. The CDC said there are no unusual patterns so far. Who may be more vulnerable to breakthrough infections It's not totally clear yet. A study of breakthrough infections that caused hospitalization in Israel though found that 6% of the 152 people it studied had no underlying health conditions. On Friday, the CDC warned that vaccines may not protect people who are immunocompromised. People with weakened immune systems are those who have had an organ transplant, are receiving chemotherapy for cancer, are on dialysis or are taking certain medicine that suppresses the immune system. Generally, older people may be more vulnerable to a breakthrough infection, since studies show the immune system declines with age. A preprint, non-peer reviewed, study in England found that older adults were at greater risk of a breakthrough infection. Those Covid-19 cases were typically much milder than they were in the unvaccinated. People who live in parts of the country with low vaccination rates may also have a greater likelihood of a breakthrough infection since they would be encountering more people with the disease. What can you do to prevent a breakthrough infection "If we want breakthrough cases to stop, then we need to have everybody else get vaccinated, so there's no virus in circulation and then it won't matter anymore," Edwards said. Nationally, less than 50% of the US has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the CDC. If more people are vaccinated, the coronavirus has fewer people it can infect. It also limits the number of new variants that can develop. More variants in circulation increase the likelihood that the coronavirus can evade the protection of the vaccines. "If you are not vaccinated, you remain at risk," said CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky on Friday. "This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated." When asked if people who are vaccinated should be doing anything different than they normally would on Sunday, Murthy told CNN that even with a breakthrough infection "which, again, happens in a very small minority of people -- it's likely to be a mild or asymptomatic infection." He did say he would wear a mask indoors out of an abundance of caution if he is in an area with a large number of unvaccinated people. "Again, even if the vaccine isn't offering full protection it is offering a lot of protection," Edwards said. "Even when they do not work as well in patients who are immunocompromised, they do provide some protection. That's why it's up to the rest of us to get vaccinated because we want to protect those people, the fragile and the elderly, and everyone else." "So please, I cannot say this enough," Edwards said "Get vaccinated."
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Bezos: Critics 'Largely Right' to Criticize Him, Branson for Turning Space Travel Into 'Joyride'

During a Monday interview with CNN, Bezos took time to respond to critics who have asserted that he and Virgin founder Richard Branson, who recently completed the 22nd flight test for the VSS Unity, are turning space travel into "joyrides for the wealthy." "So what do you say to those critics?" she asked, to which Bezos replied that "they're largely right." Blue Origin's trip to space is about getting "really good at operational space travel," Jeff Bezos says. "If we can do that, then we'll be building a road to space for the next generations to do amazing things there. And those amazing things will solve problems here on Earth." "We have lots of problems in the here and now on Earth and we need to work on those, and we always need to look to the future. We’ve always done that as a species, as a civilization," he told CNN. "We have to do both." "And those amazing things will solve problems here on Earth," he floated. Our astronauts have completed training and are a go for launch. #NSFirstHumanFlight Bezos and his crew, which includes his younger brother and Blue Origin's first paying customer, is set to depart Earth at 9 a.m. ET on July 20.
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Vice President’s Team Caught Spreading Misinformation Surrounding Kamala Harris Coronavirus Test

White House spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris Symone Sanders was caught spreading misinformationn on Monday regarding the vice president’s coronavirus test. During the White House press briefing on Monday afternoon, press secretary Jen Psaki said that Harris had been tested for the coronavirus and that there was no detetion of the COVID-19 virus, attributing the information to the vice president’s office. “I think the Vice President’s Office put out that she was tested, and that she did — there was no detection of COVID-19,” she said. But that was not what the vice president’s office had said in a statement Sanders released on Saturday night. In that statement, Sanders wrote that Harris and her staff “do not need to be tested” after meeting with Texas state lawmakers on Tuesday — even though some of them tested positive for the virus. Sanders’ full statement read: On Tuesday, July 13th, Vice President Harris met with members of the Texas state legislature who are temporarily in Washington, D. C. Earlier today, it was brought to our attention that two of the members at that meeting tested positive for COVID-19. Based on the timeline of these positive tests, it was determined the Vice President and her staff present at the meeting were not at risk of exposure because they were not in close contact with those who tested positive and therefore do not need to be tested or quarantined. The Vice President and her staff are fully vaccinated. When Politico’s West Wing Playbook questioned the vice president’s office about the potential conflict, Sanders responded that both of the statements were true. Sanders told Politico on Monday that “the vice president is tested regularly as is her staff and that as a part of that regular testing, she was tested this weekend and Covid-19 was not detected.” “That is not in conflict with the statement we put out Saturday,” Sanders added. That statement demonstrates that Sanders deliberately misled the press on Saturday about whether Harris would or had taken a coronavirus test or that there were concerns about her contracting the virus after meeting with the Texas Democrats. The Vice President’s office has still refused to answer questions about Harris’s health or whether she met with the president on Monday. The White House failed to release any information about Harris’s activities on Monday and she did not appear publicly since she was last seen with President Biden on Friday.
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Stocks Took A Hard Hit. Here Are 3 Things To Know

After a dizzying rally this year, stock markets were hit hard on Monday as a spike in COVID-19 infections around the world reinforced the reality of living with a pandemic that refuses to go away. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, tumbled 725 points, or 2.1%, and had its worst day since October, while the S&P500 fell 1.6%. The losses mark a rare day of declines for a market that was at record highs as early as last week. Here are three key things to know about the market's fall. In a word, COVID-19. Though the rollout of vaccines has allowed some semblance of normality to return in the U. S., countries such as Indonesia continue to see surging infections, especially from those tied to the most recent Delta variant. The continued rise in cases is starting to spook investors as the world continues to deal with the economic and health fallout from the pandemic. Among the leading decliners on Monday were travel and leisure stocks like United Airlines, which fell 5.5% and cruise operator Carnival, which slumped 5.7%. The pandemic worries come at a time when investors were already concerned about inflation. Data last week showed consumer prices surging 5.4% in June from a year earlier, the biggest hikes in nearly 13 years. Although the Federal Reserve has insisted inflation is transitory, not all investors all convinced. Higher-than-expected inflation could force the Fed to apply the brakes to the economy earlier, including by raising interest rates earlier than in 2023, when it's currently expected to do so. It's hard to say with one day of falls alone. These types of declines are not uncommon, but they felt more jarring because markets so far have been on a dizzying run: As of Friday, the Dow was up 13.3% for the year while the S&P 500 was up 15.2% for the year, with both hitting a series of ever-climbing record highs. In fact, experts have been warning markets for a while that markets were due for a pullback, and chances are sentiment could remain volatile for a while. Savita Subramanian, the head of U. S. equity strategy and quantitative strategy at Bank of America Securities, says it is important to remember some market volatility is normal and called Monday's falls "not something to write home about." "It's actually kind of a normal market environment," she says. For the most part, analysts still expect gains in markets to continue but the pace might slow down if inflation and COVID-19 worries continue to take hold. Valuations are high and investors will likely want to see more confidence that recent gains are justified. A lot will depend on the trajectory of the economy and the pandemic. The economy is coming off a blockbuster first half of the year. That's likely to be reflected in the economic growth data for the April-June quarter due out next week, which is likely to show a blistering pace of expansion. That pace of gains is likely to be unsustainable especially as most of the impact from the government stimulus measures fade. Bond investors in fact have been betting for weeks now that they expect a slower economy in the second half, and those bets are starting now to be reflected in stocks as well. A slower – but still solid – economy is not a bad thing for markets. But a lot can still go wrong. COVID-19 infections could continue to spike. Key sectors of the economy also continues to be hobbled by supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. And inflation could prove harder to reverse. "I think common sense will tell you that there are going to be issues coming along," says Michael Purves, CEO of investment firm Tallbacken Capital. "And a lot of that will probably weigh on some part of the recovery story."
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New York City Will Not Reinstate Mask Mandate

NEW YORK—New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday he does not plan to reinstate a citywide mask mandate even as COVID-19 cases increase, opting instead to focus on vaccinating more residents. There have been calls for New York City to follow the lead of Los Angeles County, which announced last week that it will require masks to be worn indoors amid a sharp increase in virus cases. But De Blasio insisted vaccinations are a better strategy for the nation’s most populous city. “Masks have value, unquestionably, but masks are not going at the root of the problem. Vaccination is,” the mayor said during a livestreamed press briefing. “So we do not intend a mask mandate. We do intend to double down on vaccination.”
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Tax returns show Caitlyn Jenner’s income has fallen sharply

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Caitlyn Jenner’s earnings have fallen precipitously in the last several years from a high of $2.5 million in 2016 when she had her own reality TV show to $550,000, tax filings show. Jenner is among those running in California’s upcoming recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom. All candidates were required to release their tax returns for the past five years by last Friday, though Jenner and many of the other hopefuls only submitted four years because they haven’t yet filed their 2020 returns. Jenner was the 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medalist who married Kris Jenner and appeared with her on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Jenner came out as a transgender woman in 2015. Her tax returns offer a glimpse into how her fame benefitted her financially. She made $1.9 million in 2017, when her memoir “The Secrets of My Life” was released, and $2.5 million in 2016, which was the second season of her reality show “I Am Cait.” She made roughly $1.5 million on the book. It wasn’t immediately clear from the tax returns how much Jenner made from the show. Jenner’s income was about $550,000 in both 2018 and 2019. Much of it came through an entity called Team Tours Inc. and her business, Cait’s World. Her campaign did not respond to request for comment about what type of work Jenner did for either business. She also earned income and paid taxes in Australia, Greece, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. She made by far the most in Australia, where her 2019 tax filings show $320,000 in gross income. That year she appeared on the British show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here,” which was set in Australia. Jenner is currently in Australia forming a celebrity version of the reality show “Big Brother.” All of Jenner’s charitable giving went to her Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, which says on its website it provides grants to organizations that empower transgender people. Candidates for governor were also required to file statements of economic interest that show their investments. Jenner’s forms show she holds stock in dozens of companies, including investments worth $10,000 to $100,000 in California-based Facebook and Google. She has up to $10,000 worth of investments in Boeing, Wells Fargo, Berkshire Hathaway and many other companies. The statement values Cait’s World and CJ Memories, her publishing entity, between $100,000 and $1 million. She also has an aircraft holding company called Caitlyn Aviation and is a passive investor in Luma Sun Care Inc., a skin care company run by her associate Sophia Hutchins. Newsom released his 2019 tax returns in May, which showed he made $1.7 million, about a half-million more than he earned the year before, his last as lieutenant governor. Newsom’s campaign said he released his tax returns to the secretary of state, though they have not been posted online. Since Newsom is technically not a candidate in the recall, he was not required to file them. The recall election is Sept.14. Here’s a look at tax information for other major Republicans among the 41 candidates: –Kevin Faulconer, a Republican and the former mayor of San Diego, took home between $69,000 and $80,000 in mayoral salary annually from 2016 to 2019. He also hasn’t filed his 2020 returns. Faulconer filed jointly with his wife, who runs an events business in San Diego. The couple’s charitable giving was donations to Goodwill. John Cox, a multimillionaire Republican businessman who lost to Newsom in 2018, had $0 in taxable income in 2019 after recording losses on some of the apartment complexes he owns and taking deductions including $139,000 in charitable giving. —Assemblyman Kevin Kiley reported $113,000 in income in 2020, which included about $1,400 from the sale of cattle from Ose-Kiley Cattle, the company he owns with former Republican U. S. Rep. Doug Ose, another candidate in the recall election. He also reported receiving over $10,000 in loan repayment assistance from his alma mater, Yale Law School. Kiley paid about $18,000 in federal tax that year and was eligible for a refund of about $1,600. He is a Republican. —Real estate investor Ose and his wife, filing jointly, reported about $717,000 in income in 2019, the most recent year available. Their tax bill was $193,000 but they had made total payments of $260,000 so were eligible for a $67,000 refund. __ Associated Press writer Michael R. Blood contributed from Los Angeles. Copyright © 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.
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Fox Corp Implements a Vaccine Passport — A Concept Fox News Hosts Have Rallied Against

Fox has implemented its own version of a vaccine passport — a concept that Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have rallied against. Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, asked employees in June to self-report their vaccination status to receive a “Fox Clear Pass,” The Hill’s Ryan Grim reported Monday. Human resources notified Fox employees via email that it had “developed a secure, voluntary way for employees to self-attest their vaccination status.” Employees with the “Fox Clear Pass” are not required to wear a mask or social distance while at work, according to the email. But unvaccinated employees or those who have not uploaded their vaccination status are required to wear a mask and social distance while at work. Unvaccinated employees must also complete a daily COVID-19 screening. On Monday, Emergency Room Doctor Rob Davidson urged unvaccinated people to turn away from sources like Fox News that he believes are encouraging them to avoid getting vaccinated. Last month, Carlson likened vaccine passports to segregation as the “Medical Jim Crow.” “If we still had water fountains, the unvaccinated would have separate ones,” Carlson said. Ingraham has also shared anti-vaccination sentiments, even calling the vaccine an “experimental drug” earlier this month. Fox Corporation’s representative did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment. Fox News referred TheWrap to Fox Corp. when asked to comment.
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NBA Finals: Bucks try to focus on closing out Suns in Game 6

MILWAUKEE — High atop the outside of Fiserv Forum – way above even a leaping Giannis Antetokounmpo’s reach – blares the Bucks’ postseason motto. “HISTORY IN THE MAKING” it reads, a sign and a situation that’s now impossible to ignore. And yet, that’s exactly what the Bucks are trying to do. They can indeed make history Tuesday night as Milwaukee’s first NBA champion since 1971. But the Bucks have to resist thinking about what happens if they beat the Phoenix Suns in Game 6. “It’s hard, because you work so hard to be in that moment, which is tomorrow,” Antetokounmpo said Monday. “It’s hard not to get ahead of yourself. But this is the time that you’ve got to be the most disciplined.” The Bucks have won the last three games to set up a potential party 50 years in the making. Around 17,000 fans are expected inside the arena and the Bucks announced Monday that the Deer District has been expanded to allow up to 65,000 fans to stand shoulder-to-shoulder outside. Barricades line the sidewalks around the arena and restaurants within walking distance were contemplating how to get employees into and back home from work through the anticipated crowds. It’s a scene that couldn’t have happened for much of this season that has been played during the coronavirus pandemic. The Bucks only began permitting a limited number of fans at games in February, nearly two months after the season began. Even when postseason play started in May, capacity was capped at 9,100, a little above 50%. Whatever the number is Tuesday, it will sound a whole lot louder if the Bucks are lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy. “But we got to focus, we got to do our job,” Antetokounmpo said. “Then they can do their job celebrating at the end. But we got to do our job first.” The Suns are excited, too. That’s how Chris Paul said they feel, despite blowing a 2-0 lead and facing elimination for the first time in this postseas