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Regime bombardment kills 27 civilians in Aleppo: monitor (7.54/8)

At least 27 civilians were killed in regime air strikes, barrel bomb attacks and artillery fire on the rebel-held side of Syria's Aleppo city on Saturday, a monitor said. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported massive bombardment across the eastern side of the battered city, five days into a renewed government assault on opposition-held districts. "There's barely a neighbourhood that has been spared in the east," said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman. The deaths brought the civilian toll in five days of regime bombardment of eastern Aleppo to at least 92, according to the Observatory which said however that many of the wounded were in serious condition. Aleppo has been divided since mid-2012 between rebel control in the east and government control in the west, and the opposition side has been surrounded by the regime for nearly four months. The siege has created food and fuel shortages in the east, and the renewed bombardment has damaged or destroyed multiple medical and rescue worker facilities.

Activists: Intense bombing of Syria's Aleppo kill 6
All hospitals in eastern Aleppo out of action -health directorate
Syria activists: Airstrikes knock out hospitals in rebel-held Aleppo
Syria: Airstrikes pummel hospitals in rebel-held Aleppo
All hospitals in Aleppo closed following heavy bombardment
'Six killed' in intense bombing of Aleppo
Activists: Intense Bombing of Syria's Aleppo Kill 6
Activists: Intense bombing of Syria’s Aleppo kill 6


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'Hamilton' member gives Pence earful. Trump: "Apologize! " (6.49/8)

President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday demanded an apology from the cast member who gave Mike Pence an onstage earful from about equality.
Actor Brandon Victor Dixon told Pence after the curtain call that multiracial and multicultural cast is concerned about the Trump administration.
"We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights," said Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr, the nation's third vice president. "We truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us. All of us. "
Pence, a Republican, ducked out before Dixon finished the unprecedented message but heard the full remarks from the hallway outside the auditorium.
"Our wonderful future V. P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing," Trump tweeted Saturday. "The theater must always be a safe and special place. The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize! "
The atmosphere was tense from the time the vice president-elect arrived at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, triggering both cheers and boos as he slipped into row F in the prime orchestra seats. After the curtain-call, Dixon called Pence out from the stage, with the cast behind him.
"Vice President-elect Pence, I see you walking out, but I hope you will hear us, just a few more moments. There's nothing to boo here, ladies and gentlemen," Dixon said.. "We're all here sharing a story about love. "
Outside, many protesters jeered, including one woman who held up a sign with a line from the musical that always gets a cheer: "Immigrants, we get the job done. " Dixon's speech, which ended with a plea to donate to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, brought down the house.
"Hamilton," which won 11 Tony Awards, has been praised by politicians and rap stars alike, influenced the debate over the nation's currency and burst through the Broadway bubble like none other.
The first family has been big boosters of the show. President Barack Obama took daughters Sasha and Malia to see it last year after first lady Michelle Obama caught it last spring. Pence's predecessor, Vice President Joe Biden, also has seen it.
The show is by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the musical's book, music and lyrics. It stresses the orphan, immigrant roots of Hamilton and has a terrifically varied score, ranging from pop ballads to gospel to sexy R&B. It has been cheered for reclaiming the nation's founding story by a multicultural cast.
The Alexander Hamilton that Pence saw was Javier Munoz, an openly gay actor. Pence supported numerous efforts to ban gay marriage as governor of Indiana and opposed unfettered federal funding for HIV and AIDS treatment.
After Pence left, Jeffrey Seller, the show's lead producer, said he hopes the politician would share the show's message of empathy: "I hope that maybe it inspires him to feel for those not like him. "
Seller, a Tony Award winner who has produced such shows as "Rent" and "Avenue Q," said such notable Republicans as former Vice President Dick Cheney and presidential speechwriter Peggy Noonan have come to "Hamilton. "
"This show is absolutely for Republicans as well as Democrats, and we would like to host any Republican who would like to see the show," he said.

'Hamilton' Cast Makes Appeal To Attendee Mike Pence, Amid Emotional Audience
Hamilton low-pitched expel broach summary to Mike Pence, Vice President-elect
Trump asks 'Hamilton' cast who 'harassed' Mike Pence to apologize
'Hamilton' cast urges Pence to 'uphold our American values'
'Hamilton' star addresses Mike Pence from stage after show
Trump tweets 'Hamilton' cast should 'apologize' for addressing Mike Pence
Mike Pence booed after making surprise 'Hamilton' visit


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Trump quickly settles university lawsuits after a long fight (5.28/8)

For more than six years, Donald Trump fought hard against a lawsuit in which former customers of his now-defunct Trump University accused him of fraud. Less than two weeks after being elected president, he agreed to a $25 million settlement.
"We definitely detected a change of tone and change of approach" after the election, plaintiffs' attorney Jason Forge said when the agreement was announced Friday.
About 7,000 students would be eligible for refunds if U. S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel approves the settlement. Under the terms, the Republican president-elect admits no wrongdoing in settling two federal class-action lawsuits in San Diego and a lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat.
The agreement came 10 days before jury selection was scheduled to begin in San Diego in the oldest case, which was filed in April 2010. The complaint accused Trump University, which wasn't an accredited school, of defrauding students who paid up to $35,000 a year to enroll in programs that promised to share Trump's real estate secrets.
Trump denied the allegations and said during the campaign that he would not settle. He told supporters at a May rally that he would come to San Diego to testify after winning the presidency.
"I could have settled this case numerous times, but I don't want to settle cases when we're right. I don't believe in it. And when you start settling cases, you know what happens? Everybody sues you because you get known as a settler. One thing about me, I am not known as a settler," Trump said at the time.
Two days after the election, Trump's lead attorney in the San Diego cases, Daniel Petrocelli, said he was "all ears" to settlement talks and accepted an offer to have U. S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller of San Diego broker negotiations.
Forge said the agreement was reached an hour before a hearing for Curiel to weigh Trump's latest request to delay the trial until after the Jan. 20 inauguration. The plaintiffs' attorney said Miller's role as a mediator was "very critical. "
"We were at each other's throat for 6½ years and were able to find the common ground with them and do something good there," Forge told reporters.
The agreement canceled the trial and lifted what would probably have been a major headache for Trump as he works to fill key executive branch positions and get acquainted with foreign leaders. The trial was expected to last several weeks, guaranteeing daily news coverage of a controversy that dogged him during the campaign.
Trump's political rivals seized on the lawsuits to try to portray him as dishonest and deceitful. Trump brought more attention to them by repeatedly assailing Curiel, who oversaw the San Diego cases. Trump suggested the Indiana-born judge's Mexican heritage exposed a bias.
The thousands of former students covered by the San Diego lawsuits will be eligible to receive at least half and possibly all their money back, as much as $35,000, Forge said. The plaintiffs' attorneys waived their fees.
Schneiderman called the agreement a "stunning reversal" for the president-elect, saying Trump "fought us every step of the way, filing baseless charges and fruitless appeals and refusing to settle for even modest amounts of compensation for the victims of his phony university. Today, that all changes. "
Trump's attorneys said the settlement allows the president-elect to focus full attention on his transition to the White House.
"He was willing to sacrifice his personal interests, put this behind him, and move forward," Petrocelli said.
Alan Garten, the Trump Organization's general counsel, said he had "no doubt" Trump would have prevailed at trial.
The lawsuits allege that Trump University gave nationwide seminars that were like infomercials, constantly pressuring people to spend more and, in the end, failing to deliver on its promises. The San Diego trial would have been pinned on whether a jury believed Trump misled customers by calling the business a university and by advertising that he hand-picked instructors.
Court documents unsealed in May revealed strategies for enticing people to enroll even if they couldn't afford it. The documents outlined how employees should guide people through "the roller coaster of emotions" after they express interest and told employees to be "very aggressive during these conversations to in order to push them out of their comfort zones. "
Transcripts of about 10 hours of Trump depositions provided additional material to rivals, though Curiel denied a request to release video of Trump's testimony that would have likely been used in campaign attack ads. Trump acknowledged in the depositions that he played on people's fantasies, and he could not recall names of his employees despite his advertising pitch that he hand-picked them.
Trump has repeatedly claimed a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate on internal surveys. Plaintiffs countered that students were asked to rate the product when they believed they still had more instruction to come and were reluctant to openly criticize their teachers on surveys that were not anonymous.
The settlement came a day after watchdog groups and ethics experts who served in both Republican and Democratic administrations sent a letter to Trump urging him to make a clean break from his business to avoid "embroiling the presidency in litigation. "
One of the authors, Richard Painter, an ethics lawyer at the White House under Republican President George W. Bush, said the Trump University settlement might backfire if lawyers think Trump is eager to settle to avoid court cases while president.
"The plaintiffs' lawyers," he said, "are going to smell blood in the water. "

Trump defends decision to settle Trump University lawsuits
Donald Trump settles Trump University lawsuits
Donald Trump claims he settled Trump University lawsuit to ‘focus on our country’ — but insists he would have won at trial
Trump Agrees To Settle Trump University Lawsuits For $25 Million
Lawyers settle Donald Trump fraud lawsuits for $25m – video


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'Hamilton' cast tells Pence they hope administration will uphold American values (3.44/8)

(Reuters) - The cast of the smash Broadway hit "Hamilton" on Friday told Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who attended the New York City show, that despite their concerns they hope Donald Trump 's administration will uphold American values.
Brandon Victor Dixon, who played Aaron Burr in the rap musical about America's founding fathers, said in a prepared statement the cast also hopes the show inspires Pence to work on behalf of all Americans, the New York Times reported.
"We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights," Dixon said after the performance as Pence left the theater, videos posted on social media showed.
"We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us," Dixon said as audience members cheered and clapped.
The statement came hours after President-elect Trump picked three conservative loyalists to lead his national security and law enforcement teams, underscoring his campaign promise to take a hard line confronting Islamist militancy and curbing illegal immigration.
RELATED: See social reactions to Pence being booed
Trump's critics have accused him of being a racist after he made campaign vows to build a wall on the Mexican border, deport millions of illegal immigrants and scrutinize Muslims for ties to terrorism.
Since his election, the real-estate mogul has called for unity as anti-Trump protests unfolded across the country.
Pence was met with a mix of boos and cheers as he entered the Richard Rodgers Theater in Manhattan before the performance, the New York Times reported.
"Hamilton" is a musical biography of Alexander Hamilton, who rose to become the right-hand man of General George Washington, as well as a key figure in the creation of the U. S. financial system and the creator of the U. S. Coast Guard. He was killed in an 1804 duel with then Vice-President Aaron Burr.
The musical has been hailed as transforming both theater and the way Americans think about 18th century history, immigration and diversity. The show stands in contrast to some of the rhetoric Trump used during the campaign, the Times noted.
The election was "painful and crushing" for cast members, the show's producer Jeffrey Seller told the Times.
"We are honored that Mr. Pence attended the show, and we had to use this opportunity to express our feelings," said Seller, who helped write Dixon's remarks.
More from : Mike Pence is fighting his own email battle in court President-elect Trump, VP-elect Pence meet in New York on Cabinet picks ICYMI: Trump, Pence talk Cabinet, Snowden issues warning, LAPD won't change for Trump

'Hamilton' cast urges Pence to 'uphold our American values'
Trump asks 'Hamilton' cast who 'harassed' Mike Pence to apologize
Trump tweets 'Hamilton' cast should 'apologize' for addressing Mike Pence
'Hamilton' Cast Makes Appeal To Attendee Mike Pence, Amid Emotional Audience
'Hamilton' cast has strong message for Mike Pence: 'Work on behalf of all of us'


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Grandson of US Rep. Davis Victim of Chicago Gun Violence (3.23/8)

The grandson of Illinois U. S. Rep. Danny Davis was fatally shot in a home invasion in Chicago , the Democratic congressman and police said.
Jovan Wilson, 15, died Friday night at the scene in the Englewood neighborhood on the city's South Side, Officer Michelle Tannehill told the Chicago Tribune ( ).
Davis said in a statement that a 17-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy forced their way into the home and after an argument the 15-year-old shot Wilson in the head. Davis said Wilson's mother was not at home, but Wilson's uncle and three siblings were.
Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the newspaper Saturday that it was not a random incident, and that Wilson and the two people being sought had a history.
Chicago has seen a dramatic rise in the number of shootings and homicides, with August being the deadliest month in the city in two decades. There have been more than 600 homicides this year, including the fatal shootings of the cousin of Chicago Bull Dwyane Wade , a Chicago police officer's son and the son of a famed percussionist.
Davis, who was re-elected this month to his 11th term in the 7th Congressional District and is a former Chicago alderman, was in Chicago on Friday and spoke with reporters after talking to police. He wondered how the shooter obtained the gun and said he'd continue to try to combat gun violence.
"I do know that I grieve for my family. I grieve for the young man who pulled the trigger," he said.
Davis described his grandson to the newspaper as a "typical 15-year-old" who liked music and basketball, someone who "knew all about ... the stats of different players. " But Davis also said he recognized that Chicago's violence problem could affect his family.
Information from: Chicago Tribune,

Grandson of US Rep. Davis victim of Chicago gun violence
Congressman Danny Davis' 15-year-old grandson killed during home invasion
Grandson of U.S. Rep. Danny Davis shot, killed in Englewood


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Pope decries "epidemic of animosity" against immigrants and other faiths (3.19/8)

By Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Pope Francis on Saturday said an "epidemic of animosity" against people of other races or religions was hurting the weakest in society, striking a note of caution against the rise of populist nationalism. Little more than a week after Donald Trump was elected the next U. S. president, buoying anti-immigrant parties in Europe and elsewhere, the pope noted "how quickly those among us with the status of a stranger, an immigrant or a refugee become a threat, take on the status of an enemy... "An enemy because they come from a distant country or have different customs. An enemy because of the colour of their skin, their language or their social class. An enemy because they think differently or even have a different faith," he said at a ceremony to induct new cardinals. While not naming any country, Francis appeared to refer to anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim attitudes that surfaced during the U. S. campaign and since the election. The U. S. Justice Department said on Friday it was investigating reports of intimidation and harassment in schools, churches and elsewhere since the election. One of the new cardinals, Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago, told Reuters the pope was "very much aware of the fact that if that (animosity) is not checked, it is very contagious and it can spread quickly, it can be like a wildfire". In his homily, the pope said the Church itself was not immune to "a virus of polarisation and animosity", an apparent reference to a public challenge by four conservative cardinals, who accused him of sowing confusion on moral issues.. In the "consistory" ceremony in St. Peter's Basilica, Francis appointed 17 new cardinals, 13 of them under 80 and thus still eligible to succeed him. Afterwards, the pope and the new cardinals boarded two buses and visited former pope Benedict, who has been living in a house in the Vatican gardens since resigning in 2013. Naming new cardinals allows a pontiff to put his stamp on the future of the 1.2-billion-member Church. The appointees come from 15 countries and many are progressives like the pope. Three come from the United States. The new cardinal-electors under 80, eligible to take part in a papal conclave, come from Italy, the Central African Republic, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Belgium, Mauritius, Mexico and Papua New Guinea. Those over 80 come from Italy, Malaysia, Lesotho and Albania. Francis has now named 44 cardinal-electors, slightly more than a third of the total of 120 allowed by Church law. It was Francis' third "consistory" since his election in 2013 as the first non-European pontiff in 1,300 years, and he has used each occasion to show support for the Church in far-flung places or where Catholics are suffering. (Editing by Kevin Liffey)

How Pope Francis is shaking up the Vatican
Pope denounces "epidemic of animosity" against immigrants, Muslims
Pope decries 'epidemic of animosity' against immigrants, other faiths
Pope decries surge of polarization over race, faith
Pope decries "epidemic of animosity" against immigrants, other faiths


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Head of Egypt press union jailed for two years (3.19/8)

The head of the journalists' union and two board members have been sentenced to two years in prison and fined £10,000 by a court in Egypt for harbouring two wanted journalists
The ruling on Saturday against Yahia Qalash, head of Egypt's press union, and two others comes after a seven-month trial.
The case goes back to April when the security forces raided the syndicate building to arrest two journalists wanted over protests against the president's decision to transfer Egyptian sovereignty over two strategic Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia.
Journalists staged protests demanding the interior minister's resignation, and a presidential apology. Instead, Qalash and two others were detained, questioned, and charged for giving shelter to two wanted men.

Egypt sentences journalist union head to two years' jail
Head of Egypt press union receives 2 years in prison
Egypt journalist unionists get 2 years' jail for harbouring colleagues
Head of Egypt Press Union Receives 2 Years in Prison


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South Korean leader rebuffs calls to resign (3.13/8)

Tens of thousands have rallied in Seoul urging the president to quit for the fourth weekend in a row. The crowds are a challenge to the government's authority but the president has defied calls to resign. ...

Tens of Thousands of Protesters Call for Najib Razak, Malaysian Leader, to Resign
Thousands protest South Korean president as older conservatives grumble
South Koreans protest again to demand Park’s ouster
Fresh protest pushes defiant South Korea president to resign


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The Latest: Trump tweets Trump U deal helps him focus on US (3.06/8)

The Latest on President-elect Donald Trump (all times EST):
9:23 a.m.
President-elect Donald Trump says he agreed to settle lawsuits over Trump University "for a small fraction of the potential award because as president I have to focus on our country. "
Trump made the comment on Twitter Saturday. He also tweeted that "the ONLY bad thing about winning the presidency is that I did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on Trump U. "
It was announced Friday that Trump had agreed to a $25 million settlement to resolve three lawsuits over Trump University, his former school for real estate investors. The lawsuits alleged the school misled students and failed to deliver on its promises in programs that cost up to $35,000.
Trump has denied the allegations and has said repeatedly he would not settle.
9:11 a.m.
President-elect Donald Trump says the cast of the Broadway hit Hamilton should apologize to his Vice President-elect.
Mike Pence attended the blockbuster show Friday night. After the curtain call, he got an earful from star Brandon Victor Dixon, who spoke from the stage, saying the multiracial and multicultural cast is "alarmed and anxious" about the new administration.
On Twitter Saturday, Trump said Pence was "harassed" and "this should not happen. "
In another message, Trump said "the Theater must always be a safe and special place" and said the cast was "very rude. " He added: "Apologize! "
Dixon plays Aaron Burr, the nation's third vice president. He said in an interview on that he hopes the show left an impact, saying he hopes "he thinks of us every time he has to deal with an issue or talk about a bill or present anything. "
2:40 a.m.
President-elect Donald Trump has picked Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general and Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo to head the CIA, signaling a sharp rightward shift in U. S. security policy as he begins to form his Cabinet.
Trump on Friday also named retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn as his national security adviser. A former military intelligence chief, Flynn has accused the Obama administration of being too soft on terrorism.
The selections form the first outlines of Trump's Cabinet and national security teams. Given his lack of governing experience and vague policy proposals during the campaign, his selection of advisers is being scrutinized in the U. S. and abroad.
Trump's initial decisions suggest a more aggressive military involvement in counterterror strategy and a greater emphasis on Islam's role in stoking extremism.

Vince Neil says he was 'uninvited' to perform at the presidential inauguration
After Calling Donald Trump 'Dangerous,' Mitt Romney Set To Meet With The President-Elect : NPR
Trump tweets Trump U deal helps him focus on US


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Iran Optimistic Oil Prices Can Rise (2.17/8)

Iran's oil minister is saying $55 per barrel is achievable for crude if both OPEC and non-OPEC producers cooperate.
Bijan Zanganeh said Saturday on state TV, "If non-OPEC (producers) cooperate, I think we can reach around $55," per barrel.
Benchmark Brent crude rose to $46.86 per barrel on Friday.
"Signals I am receiving are increasing the possibility of reaching an agreement," said Zanganeh.
Speaking after meeting with visiting OPEC Secretary-General Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, Zanganeh reiterated that his country will push for more production.
Iran has been trying to increase its production after the lifting of international sanctions over its nuclear program in January, and said it would only consider a ceiling once it starts producing its pre-sanctions volume of 4 million barrels per day. It currently produces 3.85 million.

Iran optimistic oil prices can rise
Oil may rise to $55 if all producers cooperate - Iran


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15 arrested after protesters block Heathrow airport road (2.10/8)

British police say they have arrested 15 demonstrators protesting plans for a new runway at London's Heathrow Airport. A group of climate-change activists lay down across an access road to...

Heathrow campaigners arrested over M4 protest
15 held after airport expansion protesters lie down in road near Heathrow
15 Arrested After Protesters Block Heathrow Airport Road


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Trump’s cabinet: Guiliani, Romney or Haley as Secretary of State? (2.08/8)

WASHINGTON , November 19, 2016 – Donald Trump is considering former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is for Secretary of State.
During an hour-long speech on foreign policy Giuliani delivered an hour-long speech at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council on Monday night, where he attempted to show his knowledge of the U. S. military engagement across the world.
At Manhattan College Guiliani majored in political science with a minor in philosophy graduating in 1965 moving onto to the New York University School of Law in Manhattan, where he made the NYU Law Review and graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctor degree in 1968.
Despite his education and experience Giuliani has said that he does not want to be appointed to the position U. S. Attorney General.
Understanding Donald Trump’s top cabinet choices
Giuliani has said that Trump is going to work at resetting relations with China and Russian President Vladimir Putin, drawing from Trump’s “Contract with America.” During President Obama’s press conference before heading overseas, he warned Donald Trump what could happen if he rips apart the Iran nuclear deal and the climate change pact but did not provide details.
Trump recently spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, working to reestablish relations with the foreign leader with the hopes of creating trade and economic agreements which will help both countries.
Newt Gingrich told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Monday that if he wants the job, Giuliani will become Secretary of State.
President-elect Trump’s top foreign policy priority will be to eliminate ISIS and hinted at working to re-stabilize the Middle East. Trump campaign manager KellyAnne Conway did not confirm that the mayor would be nominated to the post.
“He could be. He certainly is a very close adviser of President-elect Trump’s,” Conway said. “The mayor has an enormous skill-set, would be an excellent member of the cabinet and that’s where I’ll leave it.”
While Giuliani has not had foreign policy experience, Giuliani traveled the world including Qatar with the role of advising foreign governments on improving security in their countries.
Despite the chaos surrounding the events of 9/11, Giuliani was able to keep his composure and keep the city calm and ensure that those responsible will be held accountable.
On September 11th, as the World Trade Center was attacked by Al Qaeda, Giuliani was mayor of New York. Despite the chaos surrounding the events of 9/11, Giuliani was able to keep his composure and keep the city calm and ensure that those responsible will be held accountable.
Giuliani was able to respond to the events unfolding as a leader would do, proving that he is ready for the world stage. He’s ready to respond to any issue that may rise such as relations with Russia and the Middle East.
“He’s meeting with some of the best and the brightest and the most qualified people, not only to fill specific roles within the administration but also to give advice and counsel on the policies and structure of how to best put together a team and enact a successful agenda,” transition spokesman Jason Miller said Friday.
Earlier this week, Giuliani and former Secretary of State John Bolton were described by people close to the transition as the leading candidates.
Today President elect Trump is meeting with former Governor Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee who was a leader of the anti-Trump movement and said to be on the short list for the position as is governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley who lacks traditional foreign policy experience, but is regarded as a quick study.

Donald Trump-Mitt Romney meeting another wild 2016 twist
Donald Trump to meet fierce critic Mitt Romney


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Would-be suicide bomber shot dead in northeast Nigeria (2.06/8)

LAGOS, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Security guards shot dead on Saturday a man who was trying to detonate a bomb at a camp in northeastern Nigeria for people displaced during a seven-year insurgency waged by Islamist militant group Boko Haram. PR Nigeria, a state-approved agency, said the incident occurred at a spot where refugees are screened before entering the camp, which is located in the Muna Garage district of the city of Maiduguri. Ibrahim Abdulkadir, a spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), confirmed that the suicide bomber had been killed. The attempted suicide bombing came a day after multiple blasts rocked Maiduguri, the birthplace of the jihadist insurgency in Nigeria, killing two people and four suicide bombers. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attacks on Friday and Saturday but they bore the hallmarks of Boko Haram. The group targets crowded areas -- such as markets, places of worship and refugee camps -- in suicide bomb attacks across northeast Nigeria and in neighbouring Cameroon and Niger. Boko Haram has killed some 15,000 people and forced more than two million people to flee their homes during the group's attempt to create a state in northeastern Nigeria that adheres to strict Islamic laws. Nigeria's army has pushed the militant group back to its stronghold in the vast Sambisa forest of the northeast in the last few months and bombings have decreased in frequency. However, last month a car bomb killed eight people in Maiduguri and two suicide bombers killed a further eight in the city. Raids by gunmen on remote northeastern villages have also been reported in the last few weeks. (Reporting by Alexis Akwagyiram; Editing by Gareth Jones)

Troops gun down suicide bomber in northeast Nigerian city
Troops Gun Down Suicide Bomber in Northeast Nigerian City


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Pakistan, India trade fire in Kashmir, killing 3 (2.06/8)

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistani officials on Saturday accused Indian troops of "unprovoked" cross-border firing in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, triggering an intense exchange of fire in which three civilians were killed and three others wounded. ...

Three siblings killed after Pakistan and India troops exchange fire in Kashmir
Three children killed by Indian cross-border fire: Pakistan


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Facebook CEO preaches 'connectivity' gospel at Peru summit (2.06/8)

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is urging world leaders meeting in Peru to help the company get more people online. The founder of the social network says in a speech to an Asian-Pacific Trade Summit that bringing the internet to more people will help reduce income inequality and raise living standards. He says about half the world now has no internet, either because they have no access to a network, can't afford it or don't appreciate the benefits. He says connecting everyone will lead to "dramatic economic growth and lead to lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. " Zuckerberg asked the leaders at the summit Saturday to work with companies like his to make the investments necessary to close the gap.

Facebook CEO Preaches 'Connectivity' Gospel at Peru Summit
Facebook CEO preaches ‘connectivity’ gospel at Peru summit


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Soul and funk performer Sharon Jones dies at 60 (2.06/8)

NEW YORK, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- Sharon Jones, a former prison guard who found success as a recording artist at the age of 40, has died of pancreatic cancer. She was 60.
"We are deeply saddened to announce Sharon Jones passed away today after a heroic battle against pancreatic cancer," her Facebook page said Friday. "She was surrounded by her loved ones, including the Dap-Kings. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts during this difficult time. ... Additional memorial details will follow soon. "
The Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings website noted : "While other artists have ridden the waves of passing fads, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings have bypassed the hype-and-hit superhighway and taken a detour straight to the hearts of their listeners, delivering a visceral rhythm and soul sound to an ever-expanding fan base. The band has traveled the world for more than a decade, blowing minds with their explosive live performances and their raw, hand-crafted studio recordings. The prolific survivor that she is, Sharon Jones has returned to the stage from a 2013 cancer diagnosis and bounced back with a 2014 Grammy nomination for her album, Give the People What They Want , and a new album of holiday classics, It's a Holiday Soul Party! "

Sharon Jones, Grammy-nominated soul singer, dies aged 60
Soul singer Sharon Jones, the 'female James Brown,' dead at 60


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The Yes Men's Guide to Resisting Trump (2.06/8)

Anti-Donald Trump protesters march in the street on Fifth Avenue, November 11, 2016 in New York City. The election of Trump as president has sparked protests in cities across the country. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
What happened Nov. 8 is for many of us (especially liberal white people) literally unthinkable — which may be why our bodies are getting involved, with many reporting stomach problems and nausea, or intense cravings for human company combined with irritability. It’s as if we’re reconfiguring ourselves for the awful new world we’re stuck in now, and it kind of hurts.
Big-picture protests against Trump Tower may help with that, a bit. They feel great, and may help build community, while reminding us that we absolutely have to stay angry and never fear “polarization.” ( Spilling fake blood on the top floor of a Trump hotel also feels kind of good.)
But that’s not nearly enough. And as the cloud of our bewilderment lifts, we’ll realize there are some more strategic things we need to do, too.
To really achieve anything in these darkest times in American history, we’re going to need to start with strategic battles — that might feel a bit small next to the immensity of what’s happened, but it’s only strategic, winnable battles that can combine into a movement , and it’s only a movement that can change what we’re living.
Remember, it took several decades for the racist virus spread by Republicans, as part of their strategy to win away Southern Democrats, to take over and turn their own party into a fascist one. We can’t reverse all that all at once, but with hard work and strategy, we can reverse it — and make a much better world, just as the Nordic countries did after they’d been through worse than even this. Let’s learn from the Vikings!
Here are a few ways that people are already getting started.
Take over the DNC
We need to pressure the Democratic National Committee to reinvent itself at the top, by electing Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison to chair it.
Whether or not we think that Bernie Sanders would have been a better choice than Hillary Clinton, it’s clear some enormous mistakes have been made, and for a whole lot longer than this election. Like: While Republicans appealed to racism to win over voters, Democrats just left those voters behind, and went from championing working people to championing a consensus technocracy : a beautiful but false vision that you can just let the world run itself thanks to the market’s magic, applying a few polite tweaks here and there. That vision, shared also by mainstream Republicans, left out millions — who, now, have found a sick, dangerous, magic-based vision that exploits their need to be listened to.
Electing Ellison would signify a necessary massive shift in direction for the Democratic National Committee. Many in the DNC already know this shift is necessary, but they need your support — or pressure — to make the right decision. Call the DNC directly and let them know how you feel. Call or write anyone you know with ties to the DNC, or any Democrat congressperson, and tell them how important it is to pick Ellison. Sign a petition like this one , which by the way contains useful language for calling or emailing. Figure out something else and share your idea!
Stop Bannon
Perhaps the most immediately actionable battle is to stop former Breitbart News chief Stephen Bannon, who Trump has appointed to be his chief strategist. This can be done; several of Bill Clinton’s cabinet appointees were blocked by Republicans way back when.
Sure, Bannon is only one of the most toxic of all the many toxic byproducts of this election, but we need to start somewhere, because, again, we can’t win all at once. Here’s a guide to calling your representative , complete with sample scripts. You can also write to them, starting from this draft , for example. Join a protest! Protesters recently stormed the building housing Trump’s transition team , getting huge coverage — a great example of a protest directly tied to a winnable campaign.
And if the future of the whole planet is more your cup of tea, has a campaign to stop the demented Myron Ebell from heading the EPA.
Make your city or campus a sanctuary
There’s no need to explain why this is needed. Movimiento Cosecha is a migrant rights group with campus sanctuary , city sanctuary , and other campaigns. Get to work!
Restore the Voting Rights Act
The 2016 presidential election was the first election in 50 years without the Voting Rights Act. The Supreme Court gutted it in 2013, and Republicans immediately went to work to ensure that people of color would have a harder time casting their ballots. Why? Because people of color vote against white supremacy. And their plan worked.
In Wisconsin, a federal court found that 300,000 fewer voters cast ballots because of new ID restrictions; Trump won there by only 27,000 votes, and similar suppression efforts in other states were equally effective.
In North Carolina, there were 158 fewer polling locations in 40 predominantly African American districts. African American turnout decreased there by 16 percent.
Voter suppression is why Trump won, pure and simple. Sign a petition to restore the Voting Rights Act. Take any other action on this you can possibly think of.
Take over the entire Democratic Party (not just the top)
The DNC is one thing (see above) — but we can also just take over the whole party and make it ours. Remember the Tea Party? They drove establishment Republicans crazy. And now we need to do the same. Join your local Democratic Committee this weekend — their meetings are public. Run for local office, even if it’s just dog-catcher. Call your representatives: call them every day and tell them the ways you need them to fight Trump. If one of your reps has a public appearance, attend it and get really loud.
“Most of all, get offline and get talking,” added documentary filmmaker Astra Taylor . “Meet with friends and make new ones. Get to know each other, so you can spring into action when the going gets tough, when you need to elect a local progressive leader or fight deportation.”
Fight for universal health care, and other really big things
One of Trump’s first targets is likely to be Obamacare. While our initial instinct may be to defend it, we shouldn’t: We should, instead, think much bigger: single-payer, universal health care, like all the other rich countries have. Much, much bigger. And here’s where we should take a lesson from the civil rights movement and another health movement: ACT-UP.
“With the disaster of Reagan,” said Waging Nonviolence columnist George Lakey , “almost every significant social movement in the United States went on the defensive — trying to save school reform initiatives, union density and rights to organize, voting rights, etc. — and they all lost ground. The only one that didn’t was the LGBT movement.”
ACT-UP — always on the offensive and always in-your-face — forced the development of treatments that saved millions of lives. And then that segued into a movement that eventually won equal marriage on state and federal levels.
“Multiple victories were followed by increasing intensity by the movement: demanding, demanding,” said Lakey. “I don’t recall a single time when gays organized a major campaign to save some previously won achievement, like a city human rights commission or that kind of thing. It was always: onward, forward, we demand more!”
The alienated white working-class people who voted for Trump don’t like Obamacare because, well, it isn’t that great. But they would like free health care, and there’s a way we can get it — if we set our sights high.
“Inspired by the LGBT movement, we can enter the game determined to win,” said Lakey. “We can mount a civil rights movement-level campaign, occupy the insurance companies and Big Pharma, the private hospitals, etc. We can go to jail in massive numbers. There’s a target everywhere, and everybody who’s not rich has an infuriating story to tell about someone they know who has had inadequate/delayed/or nonexistent care or are bankrupt because they recovered from cancer.
“We will never deserve to have the society we want if we don’t take charge of the battleground. That doesn’t mean protest and defensive postures — it means assertive nonviolent direct action campaigns of the sort that SCLC and SNCC proved enable people even to take on the Klan and win.”
Get rid of the Electoral College
National Popular Vote wants to finally get rid of the Electoral College. Eleven states have already passed the bill, and even some Republican ones. Yes, it’s nauseating to work on something endorsed by you-know-who, but still.
And finally…
Everything else. These are just a few of the campaigns that are gathering steam, or will be soon. Many groups already getting down to the business of building action campaigns. Join in! This is the time.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
The Yes Men use any (nonviolent) means at their disposal to give journalists excuses to cover important issues. They're also clowns, cheerleaders, and chefs for those who do more serious work. Andy Bichlbaum's jobless, while Mike Bonanno teaches at a university called RPI.
Donald Trump is Betting Against all Odds on Climate Change
TV Pundits Eager to Make Trump the New 'Normal'
This Doesn't Sound Like Our Voice
An Unstoppable Progressive Movement

After Trump win, Massachusetts becoming a hub of resistance
The Left Coast resistance to Donald Trump


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Up to 80 Islamists planted in Europe readying for attack – Dutch counterterrorism official — RT News (2.06/8)

The would-be fighters get messages from the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) group “asking them not to come to Syria and Iraq, but to prepare attacks in Europe,” Holland’s National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism Dick Schoof told AP.
The National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) is a unit responsible for crisis management, counterterrorism, and cyber-security in the Netherlands.
While the number of “foreign terrorist fighters [from the EU]” hasn’t grown over the past six months this “does not mean that the potential threat of those who would have traveled is diminished,” Schoof warned.
Data from the NCTV says that between 4,000 and 5,000 European “foreign terrorist fighters” are currently in Iraq and Syria.
At present, extremists are very scattered due to an increase in anti-IS military operations in Iraq and Syria, Schoof said, adding that this could very possibly lead to an increase in the number of refugees posing a danger to the EU.
“The chance of attack in the Netherlands is real,” added Schoof, while stressing “we have seen 294 terrorist fighters go overseas in Iraq and Syria and there are still 190 over there… And what happened in France and Brussels and Germany could happen to us.”
Schoof is not the first to note that Islamic State is now telling its fighters to stay at home and carry out attacks there. In October of this year, Belgian federal prosecutor spokesman Eric Van der Sypt said the same.
“Initially, Islamic State tried to recruit fighters [to] go to Iraq and Syria. [Now] IS is asking [them] to stay at home and sow death and destruction there,” he said.
Europe has recently been shaken by a series of violent attacks that have been carried out by militants from Islamic State. The biggest loss of life took place in November of 2015, when at least 130 people were killed in Paris.
In March, twin suicide bombings hit Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels, killing 31 people and injuring dozens more. The station is near the buildings housing the EU Commission and the Council of the European Union, as well as NATO headquarters.
At least 84 people were left dead by the Nice tragedy in France on July 14 of this year, when a truck driven by an IS sympathizer plowed through crowds during Bastille Day celebrations.
Earlier this year, IS called upon its followers to carry out attacks on both civilian and military targets in the US and Europe during the Muslim Ramadan celebrations which began in early June. Numerous reports coming from EU intelligence services have been warning that the group is planning to carry out attacks on hospitals, schools, and luxury resorts in France, Italy, and Spain.

Dutch Expert: Islamic State Has 60-80 Operatives in Europe
Isis have 'between 60-80 operatives planted in Europe'


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Marc Anthony, wife Shannon De Lima announce separation days after he shares public kiss with ex Jennifer Lopez (2.06/8)

Marc Anthony is single once again.
The “Vivir Mi Vida” singer and his wife of two years, Shannon De Lima, announced on Friday that they are separating — just days after Anthony shared a public kiss with ex-wife Jennifer Lopez on the Latin Grammys stage, Entertainment Tonight reported .
Anthony, 48, and De Lima, 28, started dating in 2012 — a few months after the singer and J Lo split — and they married in a private ceremony in 2014.
He is no stranger to separations. Before J Lo, he also split from ex-wife and Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres.
Marc Anthony is kissing everyone after Jennifer Lopez smooch
Anthony had no children with De Lima, but shares two sons with Torres and twins Emme and Max with Lopez.
J Lo and Anthony raised eyebrows this week when they locked lips on stage during the Latin Grammys after performing the duet “Olvidame y Pega la Vuelta.”
Anthony tried to prove a point that it was just a friendly kiss by sharing a slew of other photos showing him kissing his pals.
Anthony and Lopez were married for seven years before calling it quits. The two are working on the “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer’s Spanish-language album, due out this month.
Jennifer Lopez makes surprise performance at Latin Grammys
Lopez recently called it quits with backup dancer Casper Smart, whom she had been dating since 2012.

Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima split up after two years of marriage
Marc Anthony separates from wife following kiss with JLo


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Racial issues likely to come up at Sessions’ Senate hearing (2.06/8)

WASHINGTON – The Senate confirmation hearing of Sen. Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, is likely to rehash racially charged allegations that derailed his efforts to become a federal judge and made him a symbol of black-voter intimidation under the Reagan administration.
The expected focus on Sessions’ record on race, policing and immigration comes as the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has surged in prominence under the Obama administration. If confirmed, Sessions would have broad latitude to define how federal prosecutors across the country wield their powers and make changes to the Justice Department’s priorities.
Lawmakers and advocates expressed concern Friday that Sessions could sideline or undo the Obama administration’s civil rights efforts, which have included investigations of police departments for unconstitutional practices and lawsuits meant to protect the rights of transgender individuals and black voters.
“Given some of his past statements and his staunch opposition to immigration reform, I am very concerned about what he would do with the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice and want to hear what he has to say,” incoming Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York said in a statement.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, said he strongly supported Sessions, who he said “has worked tirelessly to safeguard the public and to improve the lives of Americans from all walks of life.”
Sessions’ peers on the Senate Judiciary Committee will almost certainly delve into the Alabama senator’s past statements on race. The panel’s top Democrat, Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, hinted as much on Friday, saying the “American people deserve to learn about Senator Sessions’ record.”
Leahy voted against Sessions for a district judgeship when he last came before the Judiciary Committee in 1986.
During that hearing, Sessions was criticized for joking in the presence of a Civil Rights Division attorney that the Ku Klux Klan was “OK” until he learned they smoked marijuana. He was also said to have called the NAACP “un-American” and “communist-inspired.”
Gerry Hebert, a former Justice Department lawyer who worked with Sessions in the early 1980s, said he remembered Sessions making racially offensive remarks.
“I filed all these things away thinking, ‘God, what a racist this guy is,”‘ Hebert said.
Sessions, a former prosecutor, has said the racially charged allegations against him have been painful to him and an unfair stain on his reputation. He called the matter “heartbreaking” in a 2009 CNN interview and described the allegations as “false charges.”
In defending his record, Sessions is likely to point to his vote to confirm Eric Holder as the country’s first black attorney general and to his co-sponsorship of the Fair Sentencing Act, which sought to reduce racial disparities in how black and white drug offenders are treated.
When he was U. S. attorney in Alabama, his office investigated the 1981 murder of Michael Donald, a black man who was kidnapped, beaten and killed by two Klansmen who hanged his body in a tree. The two men were later arrested and convicted.
“He couldn’t have been more supportive of making sure we got convicted the murderers of the last black man who was lynched by the Klan,” said former Justice Department attorney Barry Kowalski, who worked with Sessions.
But “those incidents don’t obliterate the well-established record of hostility to civil rights enforcement in other areas,” said Wade Henderson, the president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.
Sessions’ civil rights record matters because, if confirmed, he would have oversight of a division that Holder has described as the Justice Department’s “crown jewel.”
Sessions himself has said a “properly exercised” Civil Rights Division “provides tremendous benefit to American citizens” but should not be used as “a sword to assert inappropriate claims that have the effect of promoting political agendas.”
As attorney general, he’d have the power to depart significantly from the priorities of his Democratic-nominated predecessors.
The Obama administration Justice Department, for instance, has opened 23 investigations of law enforcement agencies, including police departments in Baltimore, Chicago and Ferguson, Missouri, for unconstitutional practices and has reached court-enforceable consent decrees with many of them. It sued North Carolina over a bathroom bill it said discriminated against transgender individuals, and has challenged state voting laws that it said disenfranchised minority voters.
As a supporter of Trump, who campaigned on law and order, Sessions is likely to pursue fewer civil rights investigations of troubled police departments. He may also elevate voter fraud as a priority, something the current Justice Department leaders see as negligible.
In the mid-1980s, Sessions was criticized over the prosecution of three civil rights activists on charges of vote tampering in Perry County, Alabama. The activists, who included Albert Turner, a former adviser to Martin Luther King Jr., were acquitted.
During his confirmation hearing Sessions defended the case, citing evidence of absentee-ballot tampering. Democrats and civil rights groups called it an example of the Reagan administration intimidating black voters.
As a senator, Sessions criticized the Justice Department in 2009 for dismissing three defendants from a voting rights lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party after allegations of voter intimidation outside a Philadelphia polling place. The department’s Office of Professional Responsibility found no evidence politics played a role in that decision.
He’s also defended the lawfulness of state voter identification laws.
Policy differences aside, the Civil Rights Division is expected to continue enforcing civil rights laws, such as prosecuting police officers for egregious acts of violence.
“The challenge for an incoming administration is always to make those policy changes without making law enforcement look like a purely political undertaking,” said William Yeomans, who worked in the division for more than two decades. Otherwise, “it hurts the legitimacy of the institution.”
Associated Press writer Eileen Sullivan in Washington and Kim Chandler in Montgomery, Alabama, contributed to this report.
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Racial issues likely to come up at Sessions' Senate hearing
Racial Issues Likely to Come up at Sessions' Senate Hearing


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Six arrested for negligence over fatal Turkey mine collapse (2.06/8)

Six people have been arrested in connection with a mine collapse in which at least five miners were killed, Tu rkey's state-run news agency said.
The Anadolu Agency said rescue teams recovered the body of the fifth miner, Sefik Tuncer, on Saturday. Four miners were found dead on Friday.
Rescue operations are continuing to find 11 miners still missing, although a government official said on Friday that hopes of finding them alive are slim.
The privately-owned copper mine in Siirt province caved in late on Thursday.
Siirt Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz has said authorities think a landslide triggered by heavy rain caused the collapse. However an investigation is under way to determine the cause.
Anadolu said authorities detained six people for alleged negligence, including the mine's field operations manager and the owner of a subcontracting firm.

Turkey detains 6 for alleged negligence in mine collapse
Turkey Detains 6 for Alleged Negligence in Mine Collapse


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Nevada medical flight crash kills 4 (2.04/8)

Witnesses told CNN affiliate KRNV in Reno they could see buildings shake following the explosion.
The air ambulance company American Medflight released a statement late Friday saying three crew members and a patient had died.
"We are devastated by this event and wish we had answers to the many questions being asked at this time," the statement said. "We are cooperating fully with the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration as they investigate the accident. "
It is at least the third air ambulance crash in recent months. In July, a Piper Cheyenne carrying three crew members and one patient crashed in Northern California, killing all on board. The plane, which was part of Cal-Ore Life Flight's fleet, was headed to Oakland International Airport to the south.
In March, a medical helicopter crashed in a wooded area of Coffee County, Alabama, killing all four on board, including a patient being airlifted after a car crash.
In Friday's crash, cardiologist Rodney Badger told the Elko Daily Free Press the plane had just taken off from Elko Regional Airport with a heart patient who was being transported to the University of Utah.
Allen Kenitzer of the FAA Office of Communications said the cause of the Piper PA 31 aircraft crash was unknown and there were no known injuries on the ground, KRNV reported.
Multiple explosions resulted from the crash into the parking lot of the Barrick Gold Corp. near the Elko airport, and flames were visible near a casino, motel and senior housing complex, the Elko newspaper reported.
"Our priority at this time is to look after the well-being of the affected family members and their co-workers and to be responsive to their needs," American Medflight's statement said. "We ask the media and interested parties to be patient with the investigation process and honor the privacy of the family and friends of those who have lost their lives. "

Four people presumed dead after a medical transport plane carrying a heart patient crashed into a Nevada parking lot
Four dead in Nevada medical aircraft crash


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Danish PM Aims to Expand Minority Government With 2 Parties (2.04/8)

After 17 months leading a one-party, minority government, Denmark's center-right prime minister said Saturday he wants to expand his Cabinet and has invited two more parties to join.
Lars Loekke Rasmussen said he had invited the center-right Liberal Alliance and the Conservative Party to join the Cabinet he formed after the June 28, 2015 election. He didn't call early elections.
His Liberal Party holds 34 of Parliament's 179 seats and can only stay in power with support from the two small parties and the anti-immigration, populist Danish People's Party.
"It will, of course, require that we all make compromises," Loekke Rasmussen said. "A three-clover government will have many benefits. "
Loekke Rasmussen said the leaders of the Liberal Alliance and Conservative parties were invited to talks starting Monday because the ruling party has more in common with them than with the Danish People's Party. Both party leaders have said they will attend.
His move was seen as a way to pressure the Liberal Alliance to water down its demand to cut the top income tax rate by 5 percentage points. The party has threatened to bring down the government, if its demand is not met.
If the pair joins, Loekke Rasmussen's government would still be shy of a 90-seat majority in Parliament require support from the Danish People's Party and its 37 seats. The party vehemently opposes tax cuts for the wealthy.
Pundits say the reason the prime minister is not calling an election is recent opinion polls showing the left-leaning opposition bloc has a lead and could likely form a government
Loekke Rasmussen's government has been behind tightening of Denmark's immigration law with the support of the opposition Social Democrats.

Denmark's PM Rasmussen aims to broaden government
Danish PM aims to expand minority government with 2 parties


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Italy vs South Africa (2.04/8)

Referee - George Clancy (Ireland)
Assistant referees - Nigel Owens (Wales) and David Wilkinson (Ireland), with Peter Fitzgibbon the TMO (Ireland).
It will be Clancy’s 10th appearance as referee in Test matches involving South Africa. The Springboks won six of the previous nine with Clancy in charge.
Stadio Artemio Franchi is a football stadium in Florence, Italy and is home to ACF Fiorentina. The club plays in the Serie A League.
The stadium has a seating capacity of 47 282.
The Springboks have never played at the stadium.
The Wallabies are the only Tier 1 team that have played against Italy at this stadium before. In 2010 and 2012 Australia won both Test matches.
Italy and South Africa will meet for the 13th time since their first Test in 1995. South Africa won all previous 12 Tests.
The smallest losing margin for Italy against the Springboks is 16, when they lost 13-29 in Witbank in 2010 and 6-22 in Padova in 2014.
In 1999, South Africa won the Test against Italy in Durban 101-0, the second highest winning margin in the history of South African Test rugby.
South Africa’s complete record against Italy is: P: 12; W: 12; PF: 599; PA: 145; TF: 82; TA: 12;
Average score: 50-12.
The Springboks will comfortably dispatch Italy in Saturday’s Test in Florence, local bookmakers have predicted.
The bookies are backing the Boks to win by 19 points.
Edoardo Padovani, 14 Giulio Bisegni, 13 Tommaso Benvenuti, 12 Luke
McLean, 11 Giovanbattista Venditti, 10 Carlo Canna, 9 Giorgio Bronzini, 8
Sergio Parisse (captain), 7 Simone Favaro, 6 Francesco Minto, 5 Andries
Van Schalkwyk, 4 Marco Fuser, 3 Lorenzo Cittadini, 2 Ornel Gega, 1 Sami
Substitutes: 16 Tommaso D’Apice, 17 Nicola Quaglio, 18
Simone Ferrari, 19 George Fabio Biagi, 20 Abraham Steyn, 21 Edoardo
Gori, 22 Tommaso Allan, 23 Tommaso Boni
South Africa
Willie le Roux, 14 Ruan Combrinck, 13 Francois Venter, 12 Damian de
Allende, 11 Bryan Habana, 10 Pat Lambie, 9 Rudy Paige, 8 Warren
Whiteley, 7 Willem Alberts, 6 Nizaam Carr, 5 Lood de Jager, 4
Pieter-Steph du Toit, 3 Vincent Koch, 2 Adriaan Strauss (captain), 1
Tendai Mtawarira
Substitutes: 16 Bongi Mbonambi, 17 Steven
Kitshoff, 18 Trevor Nyakane, 19, Franco Mostert, 20, Oupa Mohoje, 21 Faf
de Klerk, 22 Elton Jantjies, 23 Johan Goosen
LIVE scoring and interactive commentary on the Test between Italy and South African in Florence.

Mamelodi Sundowns vs Kaizer Chiefs
Test Italy v South Africa line-ups


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Arsene Wenger did not break his Jose Mourinho hoodoo but Olivier Giroud header did provide him the last laugh (1.30/8)

Whatever happens to him in his career, Jose Mourinho will always have Arsene Wenger. When he's low, he can summon Wenger and know that everything will be all right. Even when times are bad, he can rely on the fact that Wenger will be there to be his patsy. Things change fast in football but the Mourinho-Wenger dynamic always stays the same. Mocking Wenger is Mourinho's trump card. It is his consolation. He was at it again this weeks. Eighteen months and 18 years, he said this week, exaggerating the discrepancy between how long has passed since each man won the title. Mourinho loves taunting Wenger. It brings out the cruel man in him. This was the occasion when Wenger was supposed to reverse the trend, when he was supposed to capitalise on the fact that his Arsenal side have been so much more assured than Manchester United this season. This was the match when he was supposed to end the hoodoo and record a first win over Mourinho in a competitive match at the 14th time of asking. It did not happen. In fact, Mourinho came within six minutes of inflicting another humiliating defeat on the Arsenal boss. Once again, Wenger seemed to have brought the best out of a Mourinho side as United played some of their best football of the season. They went into the closing stages leading through a second half goal from Juan Mata and they deserved to be ahead. Mourinho can be satisfied with the performance but the mockery will be stilted. Wenger may not have broken the hoodoo but he did have the last laugh. His team was outplayed but they escaped with a point after a fine last minute header from substitute Olivier Giroud gave them a draw they didn't really deserve. It keeps Arsenal in the title mix and leaves United fretting at the edges. This was a chance for United to force they way back to the fringe of the top four but their defence was not quite good enough to hold on to their lead. Instead of giving thanks for a fixture against Wenger, Mourinho ended the day cursing it. So even though Wenger failed to clear the psychological hurdle of overcoming a Mourinho side, the result left Mourinho facing more pressure than him. United showed signs of becoming the unit Mourinho wants to create here but they were denied the result that would have given them some precious momentum. Fifteen minutes before half time, the Arsenal fans penned in the away corner of Old Trafford had begun to sing at Mourinho as he stood on the touchline, hands were buried deep in his coat pockets. 'You're not special any more,' they yelled at Jose Mourinho. 'You're not special any more.' This result means Mourinho still has more convincing to do. Mourinho had spent some of the preamble to the game moaning about the lack of respect afforded to him compared to Wenger. It is always amusing to hear a man who once called his rival 'a specialist in failure' complaining about lack of respect but self-awareness does not figure highly on Mourinho's stock of admirable traits. Tinges of self-pity crept into his language in the last few weeks as United struggled to live up to his pre-season boast that they would be challenging for the title this season. He lamented his living arrangements at a Manchester hotel and, of course, he complained about refereeing decisions. Stoicism has never been one of his trademarks. He had also had to face suggestions that his style looks outdated and predictable in the brave new world where Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have reinvigorated the Premier League with their energy, their enthusiasm and their verve. Again, United's improved performance against Arsenal went at least some of the way to answering those criticisms. Mourinho left Wayne Rooney on the bench after the furore about his cameo as an impromptu wedding guest in the midst of England duty last week and chose to play with Anthony Martial and Juan Mata in support of lone striker Marcus Rashford. With Zlatan Ibrahimovic suspended, Mourinho's selection suggested that Rooney is slipping further down the pecking order at Old Trafford. It had not been an easy week for the United skipper and Mourinho had hinted that the controversy around him might affect his morale. Inevitably, the game struggled to live up to the hype. United were the better side and in the midfield trident of Carrick, Herrera and Pogba, Mourinho seems to have found the perfect balance at the heart of his team. Herrera, in particular, was outstanding against the Gunners and built the platform on which United thrived. Arsenal looked inspid and uncertain in comparison and they were lucky not to concede a penalty ten minutes before half time when Valencia nutmegged Monreal and then fell under his challenge. Valencia went down easily but there appeared to be contact and it was a fortunate escape. On the touchline, Mourinho finally exploded into life when the decision went against him. He ran towards the corner flag for a few steps, waving his arms wildly and then held his hands to his face as if he were feeling faint. He seemed to want to convey the idea he was dismayed by Mr Marriner's decision. But he could afford to be patient. United got stronger as the game went on. Arsenal wilted. Too many of their players did not turn up. Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Mohamed Elneny were all anonymous and Sanchez and Ozil only made fitful contributions. United deserved their goal when it came 20 minutes from time and just after Mourinho had introduced Rooney. Herrera was the provider, drilling a pull-back across goal for Mata, who sidefooted it unerringly past Cech. It was a fine move and an even better finish. Wenger brought on Olivier Giroud, Granit Xhaka and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. It was a cross from Oxlade-Chamberlain that delivered that last-ditch equaliser for Giroud, another symbol of the way that Wenger escaped Mourinho's clutches at the last. He is still waiting for that win but Mourinho will have to drive United up the table before he can poke fun at his rival again.

Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal: Olivier Giroud heads thumping late equaliser to stun Jose Mourinho's side at Old Trafford
Manchester United dominate but Olivier Giroud heads late equaliser to frustrate Jose Mourinho
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho returns to the touchline with a frosty handshake for Arsene Wenger


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Dalai Lama speech in Mongolia risks angering China (1.22/8)

The Dalai Lama has preached to thousands of supporters in Mongolia, during a visit which is set to test the country's ties with China at a time when it is seeking a critical aid package from its powerful neighbour.
The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader addressed followers at the Gandantegchenlin monastery in Ulan Bator and spoke about materialism to kick-start a four-day visit which Mongolia has said will be purely religious in nature and will not include meetings with officials.
Nevertheless, the trip could have repercussions for landlocked Mongolia's relationship with China, which protested previous visits by the Dalai Lama by briefly closing its border in 2002 and temporarily cancelling flights from Beijing in 2006.
China views the Dalai Lama as a separatist seeking to split Tibet from China and strongly opposes all countries from hosting the monk, who has been based in India since fleeing Tibet during an abortive uprising against Chinese rule in 1959.
On Friday, China's Foreign Ministry strongly urged Mongolia to deny the Dalai Lama a visit for the sake of a "sound and steady" development of bilateral ties.
The Dalai Lama's visit comes at a time when Mongolian leaders are seeking a 4.2 billion US dollar (£3.4 billion) loan from Beijing to pull the country out of a deep recession. With commodity prices slumping, Mongolia is running out of hard currency to repay foreign debts and is seeking help from a neighbour that accounts for roughly 90% of its exports.
Mongolian Buddhism is closely tied to Tibet's strain and many in the heavily Buddhist country revere the Dalai Lama, who made his first visit in 1979.
Mongolian religious figures say the visit could be the last for the 81-year-old spiritual leader, and some of his followers traveled hundreds of miles to see him while braving the coldest November temperatures in a decade.
Daritseren, a 73-year-old ethnic Mongolian from Russian Siberia, said she only heard on Friday that the Dalai Lama was visiting Mongolia and travelled with 40 other people for 15 hours overnight to make it just in time for the sermon.
Boldbaatar, a 75-year-old herder, said he rushed from 125 miles (200km) away.
"I'm an old man," he said. "Maybe I'm seeing His Holiness, the incarnation of Lord Buddha, for the last time. "
The Dalai Lama is scheduled to chant special sutras on Sunday at a large sports facility built by Chinese companies through Chinese aid.
Religious scholars say during the visit the Dalai Lama is expected to offer input on the search for the 10th reincarnation of the Jebtsundamba Khutuktu, a top-ranked lama in Buddhism.

Dalai Lama Visits Mongolia Over China's Objections
Dalai Lama risks angering China with speech in Mongolia


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City of Brussels set to honour killed British MP Jo Cox (1.16/8)

The Labour MP Jo Cox, who was killed in her constituency, is to have a street, square or building in Brussels named in her honour.
Cox features in a long list of illustrious women drawn up by Brussels city council from which it will name newly created public places. The move is part of an initiative to increase female representation in the names of streets and squares in the Belgian capital.
Cox, who was stabbed and shot outside her constituency surgery shortly before the EU referendum in the UK, lived in Brussels for about six years. She spent two years advising Glenys Kinnock, who was then a member of the European parliament, before working for the charity Oxfam.
The College of Burgomaster and Aldermen of the City of Brussels adopted the list of women this week.
According to the Brussels Times , the two aldermen who drew up the list, Alain Courtois and Mohamed Ouriaghli, said the local authority was deeply moved by Cox’s killing, describing it as a “horrendous deed”.
Joanna Maycock, the secretary general of the European Women’s Lobby, an umbrella organisation of women’s associations supporting the initiative, said: “Jo was a close friend and exactly the kind of person that we want to see in politics: feminist, extraordinary, brilliant and fearless; motivated by a passion for women’s rights and social justice; and carries the conviction we can, and that it is our duty to fight for a safer, more just and egalitarian society.”
Brussels city council launched an action plan for “female and male equality” in 2014.
Other political figures on the list include the Belgian feminist Léonie La Fontaine; the founder of the Egyptian Feminist Union, Huda Sharawi; and Gabrielle Petit, a Belgian who spied for the British secret service during the first world war. There are also artists, sportswomen, scientists and writers.
Ouriaghli, the alderman for equal opportunities, said: “It is clear, by the patriarchal structure of our society, that men have appropriated the power, and by corollary decision making.
“Although during the last decades a more egalitarian organisation tends to emerge at the different levels, representations in public space are predominantly masculine. It is important to balance this by highlighting famous people, both male and female.”
Last week the Old Bailey heard that. Thomas Mair, the man accused of murdering Cox was armed with expanding hollow-tipped bullets designed to inflict maximum damage.

City of Brussels to honour killed British MP Jo Cox


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At UMass and beyond, hip-hop draws growing academic interest :: (1.16/8)

By COLLIN BINKLEY, Associated Press
BOSTON — The forgotten music of Boston's early hip-hop and rap scene is being revived by two unlikely heroes: a local college and the public library.
Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Boston have been working with the Boston Public Library to compile an online archive of demo tapes by the city's top hip-hop and rap artists of the 1980s. Opening to the public on Saturday, the Massachusetts Hip-Hop Archive was created in part to reclaim the city's role in the genres' history.
"It's been an untold story," said Pacey Foster, a rap historian and professor at UMass. "Boston is not a city that has had its rightful place in the early stories of hip-hop history. "
The archive aims to connect new audiences to early rap artists such as the Almighty RSO, Guru, and others who have faded from memory even in Boston.
But the project is also intended to spark academic interest in the city's rap and hip-hop roots. Like a growing number of U. S. colleges, UMass is encouraging students to approach hip-hop as a scholarly subject. Several students have already started research tied to the archive, and the university launched a new course on hip-hop in 2014.
It joins dozens of other schools nationwide that have added classes on hip-hop in recent years, analyzing its value to fields from sociology to women's studies.
At Bowie State University, a historically black college in Maryland, students can earn a minor in hip-hop studies. The University of Arizona says it offered the nation's first hip-hop minor in 2012. A year later, the rapper Nasir Jones — known as Nas — established a fellowship at Harvard University for scholars of hip-hop.
"There are so many dimensions to the culture," said Murray Forman, a media studies professor at Northeastern University. "It's really rich for analysis in all kinds of contexts. "
Some scholars still question whether hip-hop has a place in academia, but its acceptance is growing, said Forman, who was a Nasir Jones fellow last year. University presses have published dozens of textbooks on rap and hip-hop's political and cultural importance. Scores of graduate students have taken on similar topics for their dissertations.
For archivists in particular, there has been a surge of interest in preserving the artifacts of hip-hop, especially from its early days in the 1970s and 1980s, Forman said.
"A lot of the early materials are at risk of disappearing," he said. "People don't want to be carrying around all the ephemera, the concert fliers and promotional materials. "
Other schools with major hip-hop archives include Harvard and Cornell University. Four historically black colleges in Atlanta house the notebooks and letters of rap icon Tupac Shakur.
The new archive at UMass features almost 300 demo tapes, along with audio from a local radio show whose host was credited with discovering many of Boston's biggest acts. Most of the artists aren't household names, but Foster said their work captures the youthful spirit of a time when artists were seeking a new sound.
"It will have natural interest for academics," Foster said. "This collection is a very complete look at a scene that nobody has heard about, at a moment when rap was just exploding. "

At UMass and beyond, hip-hop draws growing academic interest


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Trump's 'Versailles' home unveiled in TV show (1.16/8)

What President-elect Donald Trump calls home is a cavernous building in midtown Manhattan which is decked out with marble floors, goldleaf furniture and finishes, crystal chandeliers and Greek columns. In a rare inside look into the billionaire real estate magnate's opulent Trump Tower, which has panoramic views of the Big Apple and Central Park, he chats with celebrity entertainment news outlet TMZ founder Harvey Levin about his family, his passion for sports and his success. "I wanted to make motion pictures," Trump says in the interview which was shot in September, as he shows off objects like a family photo, his youngest son Barron's electrical car or his spinning chair from TV show "The Apprentice. " "I like the glamor of movies. " The hour-long special, entitled "OBJECTified: Donald Trump," was aired late Friday on Fox News. Since his election, Trump has only given one interview, to CBS's "60 Minutes. " "Your home is a little like bit like Versailles," Levin remarks at one point, referring to the stunning palace outside Paris built by France's Louis XIV. But Trump's tower is of a gawdy opulence of a different sort than the stately chateau and its expansive gardens that French kings once called home. In the program, he said that if elected, he wouldn't change the decor in the White House -- where he is due to take office on January 20. "The White House is such a special place and it has such a special meaning for American people, especially," he says. "Nothing would change in the White House. The White House will remain the way it is. " Trump's brother Fred died of alcoholism, leading him to swear off alcohol out of fear of becoming an addict himself. "I've never had a drink because of my brother," says Trump, who has banned not just alcohol but also drugs and cigarettes for his children. "I've been very tough on my children with respect to that - 'Win for the country' - Speaking of his late father, Trumps says he "was very proud of me, of the success I had. " As for his wife Melania -- his third -- Trump praises her as a "great mother. " "She's very traditional. She'd rather stay at home than, you know, anything else," he adds. "I think that's good. " Although his desk is covered in piles of magazines with pictures of himself on the cover, the president-elect denies being driven by ego. "Above all, I want to make life good for a lot of people, not just myself," he says. "I've won so much. I've won enough for myself. "I want to win for the country now. I hate seeing, Harvey, what's happening to our country. "

Donald Trump's 'Versailles' Home Unveiled In TV Show


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Nimrud: Iraq retakes town near ancient Assyrian city, Iraqi military says (1.14/8)

Archaeologists first began excavating Nimrud -- built nearly 3,000 years ago -- in the 1840s. In the decades that followed, they unearthed priceless treasures from the city, including palaces adorned with unique frescoes and giant sculptures that offered a window into Iraq's glorious past.
Last year, ISIS blew up the ancient walled city .
The terror group released disturbing footage of the destruction. Militants with electric drills and sledgehammers smashed statues and tore holes in the walls. Bulldozers razed structures to the ground. The last frame of an ISIS video captured a massive explosion and a cloud of smoke and dust.
UNESCO described the deliberate destruction of Nimrud as a "war crime. "
On Saturday, Iraqi forces reclaimed the modern town of Nimrud, close to the ancient city, as part of the ongoing battle for Mosul -- ISIS' last major stronghold in Iraq, according to a statement from Iraq's Joint Military Command. Several ISIS militants were killed in the battle to liberate the town, the statement said.
Nearly a week ago Iraqi forces liberated a nearby village also known as Nimrud and the site of the ruins. Nimrud is 20 miles (32 kilometers) southeast of Mosul.
Photos: Precious monuments lost in conflicts
Nimrud and Nineveh
Nimrud and nearby Nineveh are the sites where two Assyrian kings, Sennacherib (704-681 B. C.) and Ashurnasirpal II (883-859 B. C.), recorded successful military campaigns on the walls of their palaces, according to the World Monuments Fund, a group dedicated to saving the world's most treasured places.
"The palaces of Sennacherib at Nineveh and Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud are vestiges of the political, cultural and artistic height of the Assyrian Empire," the group says on its website under the heading "Why it Matters. " The group had helped preserve the treasures at Nimrud following the Iraq War.
Nimrud flourished between 900 B. C. and 612 B. C. Buildings there "have yielded thousands of carved ivories, mostly made in the 9th and 8th centuries B. C., now one of the richest collections of ivory in the world," according to the Encyclopedia Britannica's website.
The famous British mystery novelist Agatha Christie accompanied her husband, archaeologist Max Mallowan , at his excavation in Nimrud and helped clean some of the ivories.
The destruction last year was not the first time ISIS has targeted cultural and ancient sites in Iraq and Syria. The terror group took over the ancient ruined city of Hatra in 2014 , using it to store weapons and ammunitions. It has destroyed libraries, palaces and churches and blown up shrines such as the tomb of Jonah , a holy site said to be the burial place of the prophet Jonah, and a key figure in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
Last year ISIS militants with sledgehammers obliterated stone sculptures and other centuries-old artifacts in the Mosul Museum.
"ISIS continues to defy the will of the world and the feelings of humanity," Iraq's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said in a statement then, condemning the destruction in that museum.
"Letting these lost gangs go without punishment will encourage them to destroy humanity's civilization, the Mesopotamian civilization, inflicting irreversible priceless damages and losses. "
Other precious monuments destroyed by war
Iraq's neighbor Syria is also a treasure-trove of archaeological sites, many of which have been reduced to rubble during that country's ongoing civil war.
ISIS is part of a puritanical strain of Islam that considers all religious shrines -- Islamic, Christian, Jewish, etc. -- idolatrous.
It is not the only militant group bent on the destruction of the symbols of ancient life. In 2001, the Taliban blew up giant statues, the Buddhas of Bamiyan , in Afghanistan despite international pleas to spare the country's pre-Islamic relics.
The destruction has disturbed many scholars and historians.
"All attacks on archaeological sites and artifacts are brutal assaults on our collective human memory," Cornell University archaeologist and classicist Sturt W. Manning wrote in a commentary last year for CNN. "They deprive us of the evidence of human endeavors and achievements. "

Iraq retakes town of Nimrud near ancient Assyrian city, Iraqi military says


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Giroud snatches point for Arsenal in 1-1 draw at Man United (1.13/8)

MANCHESTER, England (AP) - Olivier Giroud scored an 89th-minute equalizer as Arsenal snatched a 1-1 draw at Manchester United despite being outplayed in a disappointing Premier League match between two English heavyweights on Saturday. In a rare attack by the visitors, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain reached the byline and crossed for his fellow substitute to head home at the far post with Arsenal's first effort on target all match. Juan Mata's 68th-minute goal put United ahead, the Spain playmaker meeting a right-wing cut-back by Ander Herrera with a low, first-time shot into the corner. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger's winless run in competitive meetings with rival coach Jose Mourinho extended to 14 matches, but the Frenchman will probably not be too concerned with that after seeing his side escape with a point. It was a flat and all-too-familiar performance by Arsenal at Old Trafford. The Gunners have not won at United in the league since September 2006 and they barely created a chance until Giroud's goal. Mourinho had been heading for his most important victory since arriving at United in the offseason, coming at a time when some have started to doubt his suitability to the job after the team's erratic start to the season. Instead, United has now drawn its last three league games at home, two of them coming after conceding late goals. "Very frustrating, to be honest," Mata said. "We were really close to winning the game. This is the Premier League... they only needed one chance. " That fell to Giroud, who is starting to make a big claim for a starting place now he is fully fit following a delayed start to the season after the European Championship. The France striker, who has lost his place to Alexis Sanchez as Arsenal's lone striker, scored two goals off the bench in the last away game at Sunderland. This fixture has provided plenty of drama down the years but there was little to get the crowd excited about here, with the teams' decision to field two defensive midfielders stifling much of the attacking play. United had the better of the game, but only created half chances until Mata's goal. Mata's future at United looked bleak after Mourinho was hired by United. Mourinho sold Mata to United in January 2014 when both were at Chelsea, then left the Spaniard distinctly unimpressed by substituting him in the Community Shield in August, soon after bringing Mata on as a substitute. But Mata appears to be a central figure in Mourinho's plans at United, starting the last three games and then scoring his fourth goal of the season. He was given a standing ovation when he was substituted in the 85th minute. Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Mourinho 1 Wenger 1 as United miss the boat
English premier league summaries
Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal: Olivier Giroud heads thumping late equaliser to stun Jose Mourinho's side at Old Trafford
Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal PLAYER RATINGS: Mata shines as Ozil disappoints


 32 /410 

Manchester United v Arsenal player ratings (1.12/8)

DAVID DE GEA: Had precious little to do until he was beaten by Olivier Giroud's thumping header at the death. 6/10
ANTONIO VALENCIA: Back just three weeks after undergoing surgery on a fractured arm, the marauding full-back produced a fine display on the right. 8
PHIL JONES: Looked solid on his first Old Trafford appearance of the season until being clambered over for Arsenal equaliser. 7
MARCOS ROJO: Questions remain over the Argentina defender. but he looked sturdy enough against Arsenal. Read the ball well and held firm. 7
MATTEO DARMIAN: The full-back was unlucky to pick up an early booking, but fortunate not to pick up a second in the first half. Kept to his task well enough. 6
MICHAEL CARRICK: The years are catching up with the midfielder, but his class continues to shine through. It is crucial that Mourinho looks after him. 7
ANDER HERRERA: Having missed the trip to Swansea through suspension, the return of the in-form midfielder added some extra steel. 7
JUAN MATA: Some nice touches and good awareness, he eventually beat former Chelsea team-mate Petr Cech with a fine first-time effort. 8
PAUL POGBA: The world's most-expensive player showed flashes of his undoubted ability against Arsenal, but a lack of consistency remains. 7
ANTHONY MARTIAL: The recalled Frenchman had a couple of first-half chances, but has yet to hit the heights those at Old Trafford know he is capable of. 6
MARCUS RASHFORD: Looked promising in attack, when played through the middle and out wide. Caused Arsenal a headache, but was guilty of allowing the cross that resulted in the leveller. 7
WAYNE ROONEY (for Martial, 63): Added extra emphasis after his arrival, pressing with intensity and opening space. 7
DALEY BLIND (for Darmian, 64): Brought on to add extra composure and had precious little to do until the death. 6
MORGAN SCHNEIDERLIN (for Mata, 85): A late change to add extra composure in midfield. The equaliser had little to do with him. 6
PETR CECH: Performed superbly in the moments when United threatened to take control, saving well from Mata and Martial. 8
CARL JENKINSON: Looked sluggish on his recall to the side in place of the injured Hector Bellerin, being troubled by Martial and Rashford. 5
SHKODRAN MUSTAFI: Made some important challenges including a very good block from a Martial shot. 6
LAURENT KOSCIELNY: Kept composure despite some awkward moments up against Mata and Rashford. 6
NACHO MONREAL: Looked off the pace at times and was maybe fortunate not to concede a penalty after a clumsy challenge on Valencia. 5
THEO WALCOTT: Made some quick bursts but was not a central figure in the contest. 6
FRANCIS COQUELIN: Took up some good positions, but struggled to impose himself. 6
MOHAMED ELNENY: An energetic performance, breaking up United attacks and distributing well. 7
AARON RAMSEY: Started wide but moved central frequently without exerting his usual influence. 6
MESUT OZIL: A quiet game from the German by his recent high standards. 6
ALEXIS SANCHEZ: Raced out of the blocks, but faded after a bright start, perhaps due to a thigh problem that pictures revealed he had bandaged at half-time. 6
OLIVIER GIROUD (for Elneny, 73): Added the missing cutting edge to the Arsenal attack and claimed the equaliser. 7
GRANIT XHAKA (for Coquelin, 80): Maintained solidity in midfield in the latter stages. 6
ALEX OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN (for Jenkinson, 83): Made a crucial difference by creating the equaliser with a superb cross. 7

Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal PLAYER RATINGS: Mata shines as Ozil disappoints
Bastian Schweinsteiger arrives at Old Trafford to watch Manchester United vs Arsenal with wife Ana Ivanovic
Wayne Rooney on Manchester United bench for Arsenal clash
Manchester United v Arsenal LIVE score: Follow all the action from Old Trafford as it happens


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Political Risks Come With Control of Washington for GOP (1.12/8)

For Republicans, there will be no one left to blame.
As they prepare to take control of the White House and both chambers of Congress next year, Republicans are celebrating the opportunity to enact a new agenda for the country, including lowering taxes, securing the border and repealing President Barack Obama's health care law.
But with that opportunity comes massive political risk: If President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republicans don't deliver, they will face a serious reckoning with voters. That could begin with the 2018 midterm elections, when every House member and one-third of the Senate will be up for re-election.
"The American public has clearly said that they want to go a different direction," said Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado. "And if we are not effective in moving in that different direction, they will take the opportunity away from us, and they will return it to the Democrats. "
Said Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, speaking Friday at the Federalist Society: "It's time to put up or shut up. There are no excuses. "
That sobering reality has been sinking in for GOP members of the House and Senate as they begin the early stages of planning an agenda for next year.
Republicans point out that although they will control a majority in the Senate with 52 votes, that's well short of the 60-vote supermajority needed to advance most major initiatives, including Supreme Court nominees. So although Republicans would be able to use a legislative maneuver to send a health care repeal to Trump's desk with just a simple majority, other major objectives, including immigration and border enforcement, would require some degree of cooperation from minority Democrats.
That could give Senate Democrats' new leader, Chuck Schumer of New York, veto power over major chunks of Trump's agenda. And it's led to a call from some House Republicans for their Senate colleagues to try to push through a rules change to eliminate the 60-vote filibuster barrier.
"They're either going to have to modify that rule, or they're going to have to face the wrath of the voters," said Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., who is retiring at the end of this year.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is an institutionalist who has shown no enthusiasm for such a move. But Republicans fret that a shortage of votes in the Senate is not likely to be a winning political excuse to most voters who picked an outsider in Trump to bring wholesale change to Washington, and now want to see that happen.
"We can talk about not having 60 in the Senate, but I think that our time to show that we can govern is now," said GOP Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida.
The Republican role on health care seems particularly risky to some in the party. Democrats have born severe political consequences for pushing through the Affordable Care Act in 2010. They lost control of the House in that year's midterm elections, and Republicans have used the health care issue ever since to rally their base and attack Democrats.
But if Republicans repeal it, as they are determined to do, they will be the ones responsible for whatever comes next. And given the enormous complexity of the U. S. health care system, which accounts for fully one-sixth of the U. S. economy, the potential for complications looks immense. Even after six years, Republicans have failed to unite around a single alternative to Obamacare, or a solution to ensure that the 20 million Americans who gained health coverage under the law don't suddenly lose it.
Schumer warned in an interview Friday that repealing the health care law would turn into "a political nightmare" for Republicans.
And even while cheering the opportunity to undo the health law, House Speaker Paul Ryan acknowledged in a news conference this past week that, "It's too early to know the answer to, 'How fast can Obamacare relief occur?'"
Another complication: It's unclear, in some cases, what the GOP agenda is, because some of Trump's promises clash with goals set out over the years by Ryan and other congressional Republicans. For example, Trump has promised to protect Medicare; Ryan has proposed turning it into a voucher-like program for future retirees. Trump is proposing a $1 trillion infrastructure bill; most conservatives balk at major new government spending.
As for Democrats, even from their defensive crouch they're eyeing the political upside that could result from full Republican control of the nation's capital.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi , who is facing a rare leadership challenge from Democratic colleagues distraught about the election results, tried to reassure her caucus this past week that midterm elections in an opposition president's first term offer a rare chance for political gain.
"Trump is president, we have a bigger opportunity to take the Congress, just following history, in our generation of being involved in politics," said the California Democrat.
Associated Press writer Mary Clare Jalonick contributed to this report.

Political risks come with control of Washington for GOP


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Poland's teachers protest education reform, feared jobs loss (1.10/8)

Thousands of Poland's teachers and parents are protesting the conservative government's plan to phase out middle schools that serve children between the ages of 12 and 16. Organized by the...

Poland’s teachers protest education reform, feared jobs loss
Thousands protest in Poland against education reforms
Poland's Teachers Protest Education Reform, Feared Jobs Loss


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A bizarre foam blob is taking over a street in California (1.10/8)

A mysterious giant foam blob is filling up a street in Santa Clara, California. KTVU Fox 2 is on the scene.
The blob was for a time a mystery, with law enforcement unable to explain it. But the Santa Clara Fire Department has Tweeted an explanation: a malfunctioning fire suppressant system. Workers on the scene have been seen stacking sandbags.
See more of the incident below:
We echo KTVU's sentiment: Sit back, relax, and mash the WOW! button as it grows.
More from Business Insider : Why Elon Musk is an alternative to Donald Trump (TSLA) NASA's senior photographer offers up the best ways to shoot next week's rare supermoon How to quickly free up more space on your iPhone

Giant blob of foam fills California street


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Slovenian championship results and standings (1.08/8)

Nov 19 (Gracenote) - Results and standings from the Slovenian championship matches on Saturday Saturday, November 19 MIK Celje 4 Rudar Velenje 0 Standings P W D L F A Pts 1 Olimpija Ljubljana 16 11 2 3 23 11 35 ------------------------- 2 Maribor 16 10 4 2 28 12 34 3 Domzale 16 9 2 5 36 17 29 ------------------------- 4 MIK Celje 17 8 2 7 21 18 26 ------------------------- 5 ND Gorica 16 6 3 7 18 21 6 Koper 16 6 3 7 17 20 21 7 Rudar Velenje 17 5 7 21 23 20 8 NK Krsko 16 4 6 17 24 18 ------------------------- 9 Aluminij Kidricevo 16 3 6 7 13 21 15 ------------------------- 10 NK Radomlje 16 0 5 11 12 39 5 1: Champions League preliminary round 2-3: Europa League preliminary round 4: Europa League depending on domestic cup 9: Relegation play-off 10: Relegation Next Fixtures (GMT): Saturday, November 19 NK Krsko v Koper (1500) ND Gorica v Olimpija Ljubljana (1915) Sunday, November 20 Aluminij Kidricevo v Domzale (1300) NK Radomlje v Maribor (1555)

La Liga summaries
Bulgarian championship results and standings
Serbian championship results and standings
English premier league results and standings
La Liga results and standings
Ukrainian championship results and standings
Russian championship results and standings
Turkish championship results and standings


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No sympathy for Prince William who says he 'struggled' with parenthood (1.08/8)

Prince William has been blasted after saying he 'struggled' with parenthood. The Duke of Cambridge revealed his softer side during a candid interview with Talk Vietnam, a popular English-language chat show. William explained how at first he had found it hard to adapt from being a single young bachelor to a married father-of-two. The Prince, second in line to the throne, also hit out at materialism and said he wants his children Prince George and Princess Charlotte to grow up with 'simple aspirations'. But Twitter users were not impressed with his comments. G D Ison wrote: 'Boo f******g hoo. One man who doesn't know the meaning of "struggle".' ‏@joiedevivi29 said: 'This man has no idea what it means to "struggle" in life. Danny Nelson sarcastically posted: '"Being a single independent man to going into marriage and then having children is life-changing" aye Prince William life is hard on ye!' Sue Berry commented: 'Well if he struggles.god help the rest of us lower mortals !!!' And @TheTruthBuffet added: 'Really? With nannies, chefs, personal assistants, no mortgage, few employment works days a year and a gorgeous wife?' Prince William has used his first official visit to Vietnam to highlight the damaging effects the illegal trade in wildlife has on some of the world's best-loved animals. Talk show host Tran Thuy Duong asked the 34-year-old about his personal commitment to protecting wildlife and his family life as well as taking questions from a small studio audience. Speaking about his children during the 25-minute interview, the Duke said: 'There's wonderful highs and wonderful lows. It's been quite a change for me personally. 'I'm very lucky in the support I have from Catherine, she's an amazing mother and a fantastic wife. 'But I've struggled at times. The alteration from being a single independent man to going into marriage and then having children is life-changing. 'I adore my children very much and I've learnt a lot about myself and about family just from having my own children. 'George is a right little rascal sometimes, he keeps me on my toes but he's a sweet boy. And Charlotte, bearing in mind I haven't had a sister so having a daughter is a very different dynamic. 'So I'm learning about having a daughter, having a girl in the family.' He took a question from a 10-year-old girl about his advice on how an individual could help protect wildlife before going on to describe his hopes that his children would inherit a better world. William said: 'I worry about the future more. When you have something or someone in your life to give the future to I think it focuses the mind more about what you're giving them and are you happy that you've done all you can to leave it in a good state. 'I would like them to grow up with more simple aspirations. I think there's a lot of huge aspirations and people living with an enormous amount of stuff that they don't necessarily need. 'The materialism of the world I find quite tricky sometimes. 'I would like George and Charlotte to grow up being a little bit more simple in their approach and their outlook and just looking after those around them and treating others as they would like to be treated themselves.'

Prince William 'struggled' with parenthood


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Mahathir leads massive rally against Malaysia’s prime minister (1.06/8)

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia : Tens of thousands of yellow-shirt protesters rallied Saturday in Kuala Lumpur seeking Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak ’s resignation over a financial scandal, undeterred by a police ban and the arrest of more

Thousands rally in Malaysia to demand the scandal-plagued prime minister resign
Thousands hold anti-PM rally in Malaysia; 17 detained


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PM Theresa May risks losing Brexit speed and scope with appeal, senior Conservatives say (1.06/8)

Prime Minister Theresa May should accept that triggering Britain's exit from the European Union requires parliamentary approval and drop the government's Supreme Court appeal, senior members of her party said on Saturday.

PM May risks losing Brexit speed and scope with appeal, senior Conservatives say
PM risks losing Brexit speed and scope with appeal, senior Conservatives say


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15 missing in Indonesia boat accident (1.06/8)

At least 15 people are missing after a speedboat collided with a Vietnamese cargo vessel on Saturday and capsized in the Java Sea , according to an official. The passenger boat was ferrying 27 people some 50 kilometre off the coast of Tuban ,

Mourinho 1 Wenger 1 as United miss the boat
15 missing in Indonesia boat accident: official


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Nigel Farage says Merkel and Obama are in denial over the public's rejection of the political establishment (1.06/8)

Hailing 2016 the year of 'two big political revolutions' Nigel Farage said Angela Merkel and Barack Obama are 'in denial' over the public's rejection of the political establishment. Speaking on Fox News, the UKIP leader said Obama and the German Chancellor 'simply can't face up to the fact that their worldview has taken an absolute beating in the year of 2016'. He has taken to social media to call 2016 'the year of political revolution' and the 'underdog' with the Brexit vote in the UK and the election of Donald Trump in America. The UKIP politician was speaking ahead of the election in Austria, as the latest polls show the anti-EU Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer is ahead of his Independent rival Alexander Van der Bellen in the May election. Mr Farage told Fox News: 'The poor darlings are in denial. 'They simply can't face up to the fact that their worldview has taken an absolute beating in the year of 2016. 'It began with Brexit, the first brick out of the wall and now we have a Trump presidency in the USA.' He added: 'And let me tell you, in two weeks time we have a re-run of the Austrian Presidential election and the last contest was scrapped because of electoral fraud and the possibility of a right-wing Austrian nationalist candidate winning. 'And we also have a Referendum on December 4 in Italy were [Matteo] Renzi, the Prime Minister, is going for a power grab which I think is going to be rejected. 'So the news for Obama and Angela is: there is more of this to come.' And after Hillary Clinton was defeated in the American presidential election, Mr Farage wrote on Twitter: 'Obama/Merkel's worldview has taken a beating in 2016. 'First Brexit, continued with @RealDonaldTrump's win, more to come!' He later added: '2016 has been the year of political revolution. Nation state democracy is back on the map!'

Germany's Merkel says to spend more on infrastructure in election year


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Authorities investigate footage of tram driver 'asleep' (1.06/8)

London transit authorities say they are examining a video that appears to show a tram driver asleep at the wheel on the same route where a tram with a different...

Authorities investigate footage of tram driver ‘asleep’
Authorities Investigate Footage of Tram Driver 'Asleep'


 43 /410 

‘I’m not a thief but I know those who are stealing’‚ says Zuma (1.05/8)

Zuma was addressing members of the KwaZulu-Natal Cadres’ forum.
The party says the forums are aimed at raising the political consciousness of its members as a result of the current political situation facing the country.
In reference to criticism he is facing‚ Zuma said people who were thieves were "quick to see other thieves".
"It's like those who steal today — they say Zuma steals while they are the worst thieves. They have investigated me all over but they are finding nothing because I'm not doing anything. If they have found anything‚ it would be over [for me]. Those are the thieves and I know they are stealing. I'm just watching them. I know them‚" he said.
Zuma said members should not worry when people speak ill of the ANC.
He said that was why he was not perturbed when he was being labelled a dog.
"Let's stop worrying about nothing. I will always be here for better or for worse. You can lie and spread lies until they are all over Durban‚" he said.
Zuma said the ANC as a liberation movement was suffering from the challenges of incumbency‚ like all liberation movements in Africa.
He said he trusted the ANC's ability to evolve with the times and stand despite whatever was thrown in its path.
Zuma lectured the ANC members about the global balance of forces‚ saying the only sin South Africa had committed was to be part of Brics which had upset the apple cart and rocked the global establishment.
"They know that Russia and China are not only the biggest economies in Brics but they are permanent members of the [UN] security council whose vote can veto decisions. And us being part of that does not sit well.... South Africa was also the one that pushed for the Brics bank. They do not love us and that is why they want to destroy South Africa‚" he said. Zuma said the evidence of this could be traced in the removal of Brazilian president Dilmar Roussef through a vote of no confidence‚ downgrading of the Chinese economy and sanctions in Russia.
"They have tried a vote of no confidence seven times here in South Africa‚" said Zuma.
Zuma said it was important that the ANC attains economic power since it has the political power.
He expressed concern though that it was slowly slipping away.

They record you without you even knowing - Zuma hits back
I am no thief, I am no dog - Zuma


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Europe's first cathedral in a decade inaugurated in Norway (1.05/8)

Norway's Roman Catholics have inaugurated a new cathedral - the first in Europe in a decade.
The predominantly Lutheran country has seen the number of Catholics swell mainly because of immigration, chiefly from Poland and the Philippines.
Saturday's Mass was attended by Pope Francis' envoy, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor.
The 100-million kroner (£9.4 million) New Saint Olav cathedral sits in the prelature of Trondheim, 243 miles north of Oslo - which has about 15,000 Catholics. The 450-seat church was built on the site of the Saint Olav cathedral, which was falling apart.
Norway has Scandinavia's largest Catholic community with 125,000 registered members. In 2015, Norway's state Lutheran Church had 3.8 million members, about 73% of the population.

Europe's 1st cathedral in a decade inaugurated in Norway
Europe’s 1st cathedral in a decade inaugurated in Norway


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Trump Shifts to Right by Tapping Sessions, Pompeo, Flynn (1.05/8)

President-elect Donald Trump has picked Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general and Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo to head the CIA, signaling a sharp rightward shift in U. S. security policy as he begins to form his Cabinet.
Trump on Friday also named retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn as his national security adviser. A former military intelligence chief, Flynn has accused the Obama administration of being too soft on terrorism and has cast Islam as a "political ideology" and driver of extremism.
The selections form the first outlines of Trump's Cabinet and national security teams. Given his lack of governing experience and vague policy proposals during the campaign, his selection of advisers is being scrutinized both in the U. S. and abroad.
Trump's initial decisions suggest a more aggressive military involvement in counterterror strategy and a greater emphasis on Islam's role in stoking extremism. Sessions, who is best known for his hard-line immigration views, has questioned whether terror suspects should benefit from the rights available in U. S. courts. Pompeo has said Muslim leaders are "potentially complicit" in attacks if they do not denounce violence carried out in the name of Islam.
Pompeo's nomination to lead the CIA also opens the prospect of the U. S. resuming torture of detainees. Trump has backed harsh interrogation techniques that President Barack Obama and Congress have banned, saying the U. S. "should go tougher than waterboarding," which simulates drowning. In 2014, Pompeo criticized Obama for "ending our interrogation program" and said intelligence officials "are not torturers, they are patriots. "
Sessions and Pompeo would both require Senate confirmation before assuming their designated roles; Flynn would not.
In a separate matter Friday, it was announced that Trump had agreed to a $25 million settlement to resolve three lawsuits over Trump University, his former school for real estate investors. The lawsuits alleged the school misled students and failed to deliver on its promises in programs that cost up to $35,000.
Trump has denied the allegations and has said repeatedly he would not settle. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who announced the settlement, called it "a stunning reversal by Donald Trump and a major victory for the over 6,000 victims of his fraudulent university. "
Messages seeking comment from Trump attorneys and a spokeswoman were not immediately returned.
On Friday night, Vice President-elect Mike Pence became the latest celebrity to attend the Broadway hit show "Hamilton" — but he was the first to get a direct message from a cast member from the stage.
Actor Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr, the nation's third vice president, recited a message from the stage for his political descendant after the curtain call: "We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights," he said. "We truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and work on behalf of all of us. "
Pence's appearance at the show drew both cheers and boos. Pence ducked out before Dixon finished the unprecedented message. But a show spokesman said Pence stood in the hallway outside the entrance to the auditorium and heard the full remarks.
The president-elect did not announce his Cabinet choices in person, instead releasing a statement. He has made no public appearances this week, holing up in his New York skyscraper for meetings. He is spending the weekend at his New Jersey golf club.
Trump is still weighing a range of candidates for other leading national security posts. Possibilities for secretary of state are said to include former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani , former U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who met with Trump Thursday.
On Saturday, Trump was to meet with retired Gen. James Mattis, a contender to lead the Pentagon. He was also meeting with 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney , who lambasted Trump as a "con man" and a "fraud" in a stinging speech in March. Trump responded by repeatedly referring to Romney as a "loser. "
Members of minority groups have voiced alarm at Trump's staff appointments so far, saying his choices threaten national unity and promise to turn back the clock on progress for racial, religious and sexual minorities. They say comments attributed to Trump's picks could embolden some Americans to lash out at members of minority groups
Most of Trump's nominees are expected to be confirmed relatively easily given the GOP majority in the Senate. However, potential roadblocks exist, particularly for Sessions, the first senator to endorse Trump and one of the chamber's most conservative members.
His last Senate confirmation hearing, in 1986 for a federal judgeship, was derailed over allegations that he made racist comments, including calling a black assistant U. S. attorney "boy" in conversation. Sessions denied the accusation, but withdrew from consideration.
Republicans were supportive on Friday. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called his Senate colleague "principled, forthright, and hardworking. "
Pace reported from Washington. Associated Press writers Mark Kennedy, Errin Whack, Catherine Lucey, Jill Colvin, Stephen Braun, Robert Burns and Jack Gillum and Elliot Spagat in San Diego contributed to this report.
Follow Julie Pace at and Jonathan Lemire at

Mike Flynn Says He Helped Shape Trump's Views on NATO
Trump Taps Anti-Immigration Hardliner Sen. Jeff Sessions For Attorney General : NPR


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With rock music and pinatas, S. Koreans rally against Park (1.04/8)

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea is seeing its biggest wave of street demonstrations in decades, but gone are the raised fists, flying rocks and police water cannons that had symbolized the intensity of the country’s protest culture.
For the tens of thousands of people who filled a major avenue in downtown Seoul for the fourth straight Saturday, demanding the resignation of scandal-ridden President Park Geun-hye has become a form of family entertainment. That means rock music, comedy, open mics and pinata bashing.
“My kids are having fun … they just love these plastic horns,” said Hong Seon-ok, who sat on a mattress with her three daughters, the oldest of them 10. “I definitely wanted to come out and show my daughters we can accomplish something by protesting.”
Police said about 170,000 people turned out for the latest anti-Park protest in streets near City Hall and a boulevard fronting an old palace gate, where a week earlier, hundreds of thousands marched in what may have been the largest protest in the country since it freed itself from dictatorship three decades ago. Protest organizers sized Saturday’s crowd at 600,000.
Demonstrators also marched in streets near the presidential offices, carrying candles and illuminating cellphones, and shouting “Park Geun-hye step down” and “Arrest Park Geun-hye.”
The rally came as state prosecutors prepared to question Park over suspicions that she allowed a secretive confidante to manipulate power from the shadows and amass an illicit fortune, a scandal that critics say undermines the country’s democracy.
On Sunday, prosecutors plan to indict the confidante, Choi Soon-sil, and two presidential aides who allegedly helped her interfere with state affairs and bully companies into giving tens of millions of dollars to foundations she controlled.
The protests continue to draw people from all ages and regions, including many families with children.
People swayed to the music of the rock band Deulgukhwa, which played in front of a massive video screen on a temporary stage that has become the center of the rallies.
Earlier Saturday, children threw bean bags at a Park pinata, which burst open to reveal a Choi pinata. Popping out from the smaller pinata was a Barbie doll on a stuffed horse, meant to be Choi’s daughter, an equestrian athlete who allegedly got a virtual free pass into an elite university because of her family’s presidential ties. Nearby, actors impersonating Choi and Park encouraged protesters to mock them.
“Satire, not anger, is the strongest form of expression,” said Lim Ok-sang, an artist who created the pinata.
For teenagers stuck in South Korea’s hyper-competitive school environment, the allegations surrounding Choi’s daughter, Yoora Chung, 20, seemed to be their biggest source of anger. In South Korea, graduating from elite universities is seen as important in career and even marriage prospects.
“We invest blood and sweat into our studies to get into a good school, and it’s disheartening to see how everything was so easy for Chung,” said Moon Jeong-ju, a high school student who took an eight-hour bus ride from the southern city of Suncheon to participate in the rally.
On Friday, South Korea’s Education Ministry said it demanded that Ewha Womans University cancel the admission of Chung after it found that the school had manipulated its admissions process to accept her.
Emboldened by the huge protests in recent weeks, opposition parties have been stepping up pressure to force Park to quit.
On Thursday, they used their parliamentary majority to pass a law that would allow for a special prosecutor to independently investigate the scandal and potentially expose the president’s wrongdoings.
There is a growing voice within the opposition that an impeachment attempt is inevitable because it’s unlikely Park will resign and give up her immunity from prosecution.

South Koreans protest again to demand Park’s ouster


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US must respect 'irreversible' climate deal (1.04/8)

MARRAKECH, Morocco (AP) — French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday urged the United States to respect the “irreversible” Paris Agreement on climate change, and said France will lead a dialogue on the topic with President-elect Donald Trump “on behalf of the 100 countries that have ratified” the deal.
Speaking to a U. N. climate conference in Morocco, Hollande praised U. S. President Barack Obama for his role in getting the landmark pact adopted in the French capital last year.
“The United States, the most powerful economy in the world, the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, must respect the commitments that were made,” he said. “It’s not simply their duty, it’s in their interest.”
Scientists say oil and other fossil fuels are the biggest contributors to man-made warming. Trump, however, has called global warming a “hoax” and pledged during his campaign to “cancel” the Paris deal.
“The agreement was historic,” Hollande said. “But what we must say here is that this agreement is irreversible.”
Earlier, U. N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he hopes Trump will shift his course on global warming and “understand the seriousness and urgency” of addressing the problem.
“As president of the United States, I’m sure that he will understand this, he will listen and he will evaluate his campaign remarks,” Ban told reporters in Marrakech.
The Paris Agreement was signed by more than 190 countries and has been formally approved by more than 100 of them, including the United States and even oil-rich Saudi Arabia.
Ban called international climate action “unstoppable” and said that no country, “however resourceful or powerful,” is immune from the impacts of global warming.
“We have no right to gamble with the fate of future generations — or imperil the survival of other species that share our planet,” Ban told the conference.
Trump’s election has created uncertainty about the U. S. role in the Paris deal, which calls on all countries to reduce or curb their greenhouse gas emissions and encourages rich countries to help poor ones deal with climate change.
King Mohammed VI of Morocco urged delegates at the conference to translate their commitments into actions.
“What’s at stake is the very existence of man,” the king said. “It is therefore our joint duty to work hand in hand to protect humanity.”
Associated Press writer Samia Errazzouki contributed to this report.
Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

UN climate talks end with pleas for Trump to join fight


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Liverpool star James Milner admits he was worried Jurgen Klopp didn't want him after the Reds boss called him in for a pre-season chat (1.04/8)

Liverpool star James Milner has opened up on his fears that manager Jurgen Klopp didn't want him during the summer. After being asked by the Reds manager to stay behind for a chat after a pre-season training session Milner, 30, admits thoughts that he was no longer needed at the club began swirling around his head. But this was far from the case, with Klopp instead running through his new battle plan with Milner ‒ one which would see the midfielder make an extraordinary transformation to an adept modern full-back. Speaking in an interview with the Times , Milner said: 'It was pre-season, the manager has not been there too long... there were a million and one things in my head. 'You think about everything and, "Does he not want me? " was one.' Klopp, surveying his team since the end of the 2015-16 season which famously ended in Europa League final heartache at the hands of Sevilla, had already identified full-back Alberto Moreno as the club's weak link. Milner therefore, known for his versatility, was prompted by Klopp to take up responsibility for the position while becoming a vital component in Liverpool's title charge. And, despite conceding the position is not his favourite, Milner admits he would play anywhere just to see his team flourish. 'I am not going to turn around and lie and say, "I love playing there. " But if that is me being part of a successful team and contributing then I will do anything I can for Liverpool. 'Ultimately, the team comes first. If that is what is best for the team then you do it. From that moment on, I was training left back in pre-season and learning the position. But the former Manchester City man, who signed for Liverpool on the premise of being able to play in his preferred central midfield position, believes the fact that it was Klopp asking him to play left-back also had its own impact. 'Full back is a position which changes massively depending on who the manager is,' said Milner. 'A left back now is different to a left back 10 years ago and that is why I have not studied anyone. It would be pointless. And a left back for Jurgen Klopp is going to be playing a lot different to a left back for another manager. 'I would find it harder playing left back for another manager in another system because Jurgen likes his full backs to play, he wants his teams to be fluid. There are going to be times when I will end up in centre midfield and centre midfield will be covering me,' Milner added. Milner and Liverpool return to action this weekend when they face Southampton at St Mary's Stadium. Klopp's Reds currently sit top of the Premier League table on 26 points, one clear of rivals Chelsea who face an away trip to Middlesbrough on Sunday.

Jurgen Klopp reveals how he felt like 'punching himself' after failing to bring current Liverpool star to Dortmund


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Lord in vicious condition after mobility scooter crash (1.03/8)

A Labour counterpart has been severely harmed after his mobility scooter collided with a outpost outward Parliament.
Lord Taylor of Blackburn, 87, was left in a “stable” though vicious condition after being taken to a south London sanatorium about 18:00 GMT on Wednesday.
Lord Taylor was a Labour personality of Blackburn Council in a 1970s before being done a Life Peer in May 1978 and apropos a businessman.
The motorist stopped during a stage though was not arrested, Scotland Yard said.
The Labour counterpart was struck nearby an exit from a Houses of Parliament during rush hour on a bustling connection in Westminster.
For some-more on this story and others in London
He became a member of Blackburn Town Council in 1954 and was a personality from 1972-76.
In 2009 Lord Taylor was dangling from a Lords for 6 months after allegedly charity to assistance a business secure enlightened changes in legislation for a price in a journal “sting” operation. It was a initial time in 350 years that peers have been criminialized in this way.
Lord Taylor and 3 other peers were held vocalization to clandestine reporters posing as lobbyists and seemed peaceful to rectify a Bill in lapse for cash.

Jimmy Choo’s income walks high in ‘challenging’ market
North South Ministerial Council: Brexit dominates cross-border talks
Climate talks: ‘Save us’ from tellurian warming, US urged
Gap and Abercrombie & Fitch unemployment on unfortunate holidays


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NFL picks, predictions Week 11: Who will win all Sunday games (1.03/8)

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-5) at Cleveland Browns (0-10)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland. TV: CBS, Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon.
SERIES HISTORY: 127th regular-season meeting. The Steelers lead the series, 68-58, and have won six of the past seven. The Browns have won two of the past four in Cleveland, including a 31-10 victory in 2014. The Steelers and Browns met in the postseason twice, with the Steelers winning each time in 1994 and 2002.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: This is a great matchup for the Steelers. Cleveland has one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The Browns give up 419 yards and 30.1 points per game. Only the 49ers yield more yards and more points. The Steelers haven't lived up to preseason expectations, but they remain dangerous on offense. They have scored 30 points or more in four of nine games, including 30 last week against Dallas.
Pittsburgh can take advantage of a weak Cleveland secondary that has struggled against other top passing offenses. It is also a chance for the Steelers to get their running game healthy. The Steelers have struggled to find room for running back Le'Veon Bell, but the Browns are 31st in the NFL against the rush, allowing 144 yards per game.
Pittsburgh has struggled on defense, especially giving up big plays, but the Browns pose little threat. They average just 17.5 points per game and have a hard time moving the ball reliably running or passing. The Browns have run well against the Steelers in recent years and Isaiah Crowell has had some good moments this year, so that will be something to watch with the Steelers thin along the defensive line.
--Steelers WR Antonio Brown vs. Browns CB Joe Haden. Brown has gotten the better of Haden in recent years, and he has posted two 100-yard receiving games in the past three weeks. Against the Cowboys, Brown had 14 receptions for 154 yards and a touchdown. Haden has three interceptions this season, including one last week against the Ravens. He'll have to play well in order for the Browns to keep the Steelers' offense in check.
--Browns WR Terrelle Pryor vs. Steelers CB Ross Cockrell. There haven't been many bright spots for the Browns this season, but Pryor is one of them. He has 51 receptions for 627 yards and four touchdowns. Cockrell has done well when matched up against top receivers from other teams this season. After rookie corner Artie Burns struggled the past two weeks against Mike Wallace and Dez Bryant , the Steelers are likely to have Cockrell shadow Pryor.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Steelers DE Ricardo Mathews. With starting defensive end and team captain Cam Heyward out for the rest of the season with a pectoral injury, Mathews will assume a bigger role. He was signed after spending last season with the Chargers. He has five tackles in just 130 defensive snaps, but he'll get plenty of opportunities now that he's a starter. In 89 games, including 17 starts, Mathews has four sacks and two forced fumbles.
INJURY REPORT: Pittsburgh -- Out: DE Cameron Heyward (pectoral), WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (foot), S Shamarko Thomas (groin), WR Markus Wheaton (shoulder), RB DeAngelo Williams (knee). Questionable: S Jordan Dangerfield (groin), TE Xaiver Grimble (quadricep). Cleveland -- Questionable: CB Tramon Williams (knee).
FAST FACTS: Several Steelers, including QB Ben Roethlisberger and RB Le'Veon Bell, have been critical of the team's practice habits. Bell said last week the Steelers make the same mistakes in practice that take place in games. After the Week 10 loss to the Cowboys, Roethlisberger said players have to be held accountable. ... Roethlisberger is 20-2 vs. the Browns. In the past two meetings, he has passed for 728 yards and six TDs. Last week vs. Dallas, he completed 37 of 46 for 408 yards and three TDs. ... Bell has 100-plus scrimmage yards in five of the last six games. In the last four vs. the Browns, he has totaled 496 yards and scored two rushing TDs. ... Browns rookie QB Cody Kessler has 119 consecutive passes without an interception. He leads rookies and is eighth in the NFL with a 66.9 completion percentage. ... Browns WR Terrelle Pryor leads the team with 51 catches, 627 yards and four TDs. Pryor has a 93-yard touchdown against Pittsburgh, but that was on a run as QB of the Oakland Raiders in 2013.
PREDICTION: The Steelers came close to beating Dallas last week and certainly should be expected to break their losing streak against the Browns.
OUR PICK: Steelers, 38-28.
--Frank Cooney
Baltimore Ravens (5-4) at Dallas Cowboys (8-1)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas. TV: CBS, Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts , Evan Washburn.
SERIES HISTORY: Fifth regular-season meeting. Baltimore leads the all-time series, 4-0. The Cowboys are the only team in the NFL that has not earned a victory against the Ravens, who have scored 30 or more points in three of the four games. Baltimore won the most previous matchup 31-29 on Oct. 14, 2012, at M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens also handed the Cowboys a loss in the final game at Texas Stadium in 2008.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: Rookie Dak Prescott will try for his ninth victory but first as the official starter -- as opposed to a possible place-holder for franchise icon Tony Romo. Expected to suit up this Sunday, Romo openly and graciously acknowledged his role will be as a backup. In a dramatic press conference Tuesday, Romo said Prescott "earned the right to be our quarterback. "
On to the game.
The Cowboys have the league's best rush offense and the league's top runner in rookie Ezekiel Elliott, who has 1,005 yards through nine games. The Ravens are giving up just 3.3 yards per carry and 71.3 yards per game. The Cowboys want to run to continue to take pressure off Prescott, control the ball and keep the defense off the field.
The Cowboys will again try to impose their will on the ground against a stingy Ravens front. That's been their formula for success all season. They are not changing now.
The Ravens must set the tone early with defense and let their offense get into sync without needing to play from too far behind. As a result, look for Baltimore to bring the pressure, although measured to fill the gaps or Elliott will find the openings as he did against Pittsburgh.
While the Dallas offense gets the attention, its defense has been solid as well. Baltimore needs to get a run game revved up to control the clock and keep the Cowboys' offense off the field. Ravens offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg has stayed committed to the ground game even when the running backs have struggled to find yards. That will continue against Dallas to take some of the pressure off quarterback Joe Flacco , who is just 3-4 when forced to throw 40 or more passes this season.
--Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott vs. Ravens DT Timmy Jernigan. Jernigan is one the game's top defensive players. He has been a force all season on a Ravens defense that is ranked No. 1 in the league vs. the run. Jernigan and the rest of his unit, however, will face its biggest test against Elliott, who is having an MVP-caliber season and leads the NFL with 1,005 yards and has scored nine touchdowns.
--Ravens receivers vs. Cowboys secondary. Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco likes to take an occasional shot downfield, especially when speedy receivers Breshad Perriman and Mike Wallace get on-on-one matchups. He will have an opportunity to throw deep against a Dallas secondary that is dealing with several injuries. Both safety Barry Church and cornerback Morris Claiborne are expected to miss the game, while veteran cornerback Orlando Scandrick will likely be able to return. Dallas will try to keep the pressure of Flacco to prevent him from looking downfield.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Ravens WR Breshad Perriman. Last year's first-round pick has improved steadily each week and notched his first career touchdown reception against the Browns. Perriman's rookie season ended in training camp when he suffered a partially torn posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Another knee injury in this year's OTAs put him on the PUP until Aug. 18. Perriman is finally starting to look more fluid in his routes and could be a difference maker against the Cowboys.
INJURY REPORT: Baltimore -- Out: TE Crockett Gilmore (thigh), T Alex Lewis (ankle). Doubtful: LB Elvis Dumervil (foot), CB Jimmy Smith (back), RB Lorenzo Taliaferro (thigh). Questionable: LB Kamalei Correa (thigh), DT Timmy Jernigan (shoulder), LB C. J. Mosley (thigh), CB Shareece Wright (thigh), G Marshal Yanda (shoulder). Dallas -- Out: S Barry Church (forearm), CB Morris Claiborne (groin). Questionable: WR Dez Bryant (back), T Chaz Green (foot, back), DE Demarcus Lawrence (back), QB Tony Romo (back), T Tyron Smith (back, hip).
FAST FACTS: Ravens QB Joe Flacco was 30 of 41 for 296 yards and a season-high three touchdowns last Sunday, completing at least 70 percent of his throws for the 29th time in his career. Dallas has allowed opponents to complete at least 70 percent in five straight games, the longest streak in franchise history. ... Cowboys rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott ran for 114 yards and two touchdowns last weekend, going over the 1,000-yard mark and giving him nine rush TDs, tied for second in the NFL. Elliott had an 83-yard scoring catch against the Steelers, becoming the first player with a 60-yard TD run and an 80-yard TD reception in the same season since Gale Sayers in 1965.
PREDICTION: We thought the Steelers just might stop the Cowboys last week in Pittsburgh. But we missed that prediction when Dallas, behind a great OL and MVP candidate Ezekiel Elliott, took the game to a higher level when necessary. Impressive stuff.
OUR PICK: Cowboys, 28-21.
--Frank Cooney
Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7) at Detroit Lions (5-4)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, Ford Field, Detroit. TV: CBS, Andrew Catalon, Steve Tasker, Steve Beuerlein.
SERIES HISTORY: Fifth regular-season meeting. Jaguars lead the series, 3-2. The Lions won the last meeting, 31-14, in 2012. The most historic matchup between the teams came in 2004, when Eddie Drummond scored two return touchdowns and the Jaguars won in overtime on a 36-yard pass from David Garrard to Jimmy Smith.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: Look for both teams to come out flinging the ball. Neither one has a good ground attack; Jacksonville ranks 26th in rushing, one spot better than Detroit. The Jaguars will try to establish the running game early; but, like so many other games (only twice have they had more than 80 rushing yards), it is likely to get bogged down and they will rely on QB Blake Bortles' arm to get yards through the air. Bortles can get the yards; he just hasn't turned them into points and he is still giving the ball away too much.
The Lions are a better team and don't need to do anything fancy to win. As long as they take care of the football and protect QB Matthew Stafford , the Lions should be able to move the ball downfield against a defense that lacks playmakers.
Look for Theo Riddick to re-emerge as a key factor on offense, both running the ball and as a receiver. On defense, the Lions will try to beat up a struggling Bortles and make the Jaguars' turnover-prone offense play from behind.
--Lions WR Marvin Jones vs. Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey. The odds-on favorite for Defensive Rookie of the Year, Ramsey has held his own in matchups against some of the NFL's top receivers, including Alshon Jeffery, DeAndre Hopkins and Amari Cooper. It's not clear how the Jaguars will deploy Ramsey, if he'll shadow Jones, cover Golden Tate or play primarily on the right side. But if he can take away one of the Lions' top receiving options, he'll make things difficult on an offense that already lacks big-play ability.
--Jaguars TE Julius Thomas vs. Lions LB Tahir Whitehead. The Lions have allowed 10 touchdowns to opposing tight ends this year, and they will have their hands full with Thomas on Sunday. After a slow start to his Jaguars career, Thomas has emerged as one of the team's better red-zone threats. He has 27 catches for 269 yards and four touchdowns. Whitehead has been solid against the run; he leads the Lions with 86 tackles, but he has been exposed in pass coverage by lesser players than Thomas.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Jags LB Telvin Smith. Smith's status for the game is uncertain following the shooting death of his brother in Valdosta, Ga., on Sunday night. Smith was granted a leave of absence from the team to return to his hometown to attend to family matters. The earliest he would join the team would be Thursday and it may not be until Friday. That would leave his playing status in jeopardy for Sunday's game in Detroit. Smith is a team leader and is second on the team in tackles, just eight behind team leader Paul Posluszny. If Smith can't play, the Jaguars will likely move rookie Myles Jack to that spot.
INJURY REPORT: Jacksonville -- Out: DE Chris Smith (eye). Questionable: LB Dan Skuta (back), TE Neal Sterling (foot), WR Bryan Walters (concussion). Detroit -- Doubtful: LB DeAndre Levy (knee). Questionable: DE Ezekiel Ansah (ankle), RB Theo Riddick (ankle).
FAST FACTS: Jags QB Blake Bortles has thrown 30 or more passes in 18 straight games, second-longest active streak in the NFL (Joe Flacco, 24). Bortles also has been sacked in 23 straight games, also the second-longest active streak in the league ( Philip Rivers , 28). ... In his first season as a Detroit Lion, WR Anquan Boldin caught his fifth touchdown of the year last week. Boldin is the fourth player in NFL history to have at least five TD catches in a season with four teams (also Terrell Owens , Brandon Marshall , Irving Fryar). ... QB Matt Stafford led the Lions to a game-winning overtime drive, capped by a 28-yard touchdown to Golden Tate, in Week 9. All five of Detroit's wins this season have been a result of game-deciding drives by Stafford. Since 2011, Stafford has 23 game-winning drives in the fourth quarter and overtime, most in the NFL.
PREDICTION: The Lions are quietly becoming a force this season and there is no rational reason to believe they should lose at home to the Jaguars.
OUR PICK: Lions, 28-14.
--Frank Cooney
Tennessee Titans (5-5) at Indianapolis Colts (4-5)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis. TV: CBS, Spero Dedes, Solomon Wilcots.
SERIES HISTORY: 44th meeting. Colts lead the series, 30-13. Indy's dominance has been evident in the series, winning 10 straight and 15 of 16 against the Titans, including a 34-26 win back on Oct. 23 at Nissan Stadium.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: Through four weeks, the Titans were tied for the fewest points in the NFL. Since then, coach Mike Mularkey's vision of "exotic smashmouth" has played out. Last week's 47-25 clobbering of the Green Bay Packers marked the most points for Tennessee in a single game since 2009 and also capped a six-week stretch in which the Titans have averaged 34 points.
Tennessee will try to keep lighting up the scoreboard in Indianapolis, where it will play the Colts in a key AFC South matchup. The winner will at least temporarily gain ground on first-place Houston (6-3), which plays the Monday night game against Oakland in Mexico City, while pushing the loser into a difficult spot.
Indianapolis had last week off after dumping Green Bay 31-26 two weeks ago at Lambeau Field, leading wire-to-wire in probably its best performance of the year.
The Colts' second-best outing this year might have been the first time they played the Titans. With three offensive starters sidelined, Indianapolis established a 17-6 second-quarter advantage, saw Tennessee rally to take a fourth-quarter lead and then scored two touchdowns in an eight-second span inside the last two minutes for a 34-26 win.
--Titans OLB Brian Orakpo vs. Colts LT Anthony Castonzo. One major reason Indianapolis won last month in Nashville was that the O-line kept Andrew Luck clean most of the day, allowing just two sacks and giving him plenty of time. Orakpo has been the best pass rusher for a defense that has gotten after the opposing QB with consistency this year.
--Titans QB Marcus Mariota vs. Colts pass defense. Mariota has an 0-2 record against the Colts. He has completed 49 of 81 passes for 599 yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions for an 89.5 passer rating. Mariota has been sacked six times in his two previous meetings with Indianapolis. He connected on 22 of 37 passes for 232 yards and was sacked three times in the Colts' win earlier this season.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Titans S Kevin Byard. A rookie third-round pick, Byard has moved into the starting lineup for the Titans. Byard, who was already in a rotation, moved into the lineup due to Rashad Johnson's injury, but does not appear to be giving the starting spot back anytime soon.
INJURY REPORT: Tennessee -- No injuries. Indianapolis -- Out: DE Kendall Langford (knee). Doubtful: CB Patrick Robinson (groin). Questionable: DT Arthur Jones (illness).
FAST FACTS: The Titans' last win in the series was on Oct. 30, 2011, a 27-10 decision at home as Indianapolis stumbled to an 0-13 start with QB Peyton Manning on the shelf with neck problems. ... Colts RB Frank Gore ran for two touchdowns in the Week 9 win over Green Bay, giving him 74 career rushing TDs. Gore has 15 career receiving touchdowns; and, with another rushing score, he will join Jim Brown , Walter Payton , Marcus Allen , Marshall Faulk and LaDainian Tomlinson as the only players to record at least 75 rushing touchdowns and 15 receiving touchdowns. ... The Colts have had trouble protecting Luck this year, permitting 33 sacks in nine games. That pace would result in nearly 60 sacks by season's end.
PREDICTION: This will be an interesting battle featuring two young guns at quarterback. The smart money may be on Andrew Luck, but this is a free shot, so we are looking for Marcus Mariota to further validate his arrival.
OUR PICK: Titans, 35-28.
--Frank Cooney
Buffalo Bills (4-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (3-5-1)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati. TV: FOX, Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis , Chris Spielman, Holly Sonders.
SERIES HISTORY: 30th meeting. Buffalo leads 15-14, including a streak of 10 straight wins over the Bengals before 2011. Cincinnati defeated the Bills 34-21 last season in Buffalo. Both Bengals Super Bowl runs in 1981 and 1988 included playoff wins over the Bills.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: The Bengals were a popular pick against the New York Giants on Monday because they were the more desperate team. Following a 21-20 loss that dropped them to 3-5-1, desperation has reached new heights for the Bengals, who will be playing at Paul Brown Stadium for the first time in almost a month.
It's a common theme each week, but the Bengals' offensive line must play better -- and this week it must do so against a Buffalo defense that leads the NFL in sacks. Rex Ryan 's Bills will take some chances. If the Bengals can protect QB Andy Dalton , big plays could be available.
The Bills showed some real progress in the passing game in their 31-25 loss at Seattle as Tyrod Taylor attacked down the field against one of the NFL's best defenses. He'll need to continue doing that; but, in this game, the Bills would like to take advantage of a Bengals rush defense that has struggled all year. They rank 26th in yards per attempt and allowed the Giants -- the second-worst running team in the league -- to pile up 122 yards. The Bills are still second in the NFL at 155 rushing yards per game, LeSean McCoy 's hamstring has healed and he's ready to go for the stretch run. One key, though, will be the middle of the line as C Eric Wood is out for the year; Ryan Groy is a big drop-off, so Bengals NT Domata Peko and DT Geno Atkins could create some problems.
The Bills have given up big plays in the passing game -- seven of 50 yards or more in the first nine games. WR A. J. Green and TE Tyler Eifert are going to be difficult matchups. CBs Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby have not held up well in man coverage and Green likely will have an advantage no matter which side he lines up on.
--Bengals WR A. J. Green vs. Bills CBs Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby. Both corners have been inconsistent, not playing to the level they were at in 2015 when Rex Ryan said they were the best corner duo in the league. Darby may not start -- Corey White is getting reps this week -- but no matter which side Green goes to, he's going to be a handful for the Bills, who are also struggling at safety. If Gilmore, Darby or White can't hold up, Green could have a very big day.
--Bills RB LeSean McCoy vs. Bengals linebackers. The Bengals have not been very good against the run this season, ranking 25th in yards per attempt. The Bills, as always, must control the ball on the ground, and McCoy -- now with an extra week to rest his injured hamstring -- should be fully healthy and able to resume his Pro Bowl play. One problem the Bills will encounter, though, is that center Eric Wood is out for the year, so there will be a void in the middle of the league's second-ranked rushing game.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Bills C Ryan Groy. The third-year pro may get his first NFL start since his rookie season with the Bears in 2014. Starting center Eric Wood is out for the year with a broken leg suffered in Seattle on Nov. 7. Groy replaced him in that game, and he is in competition this week with Patrick Lewis -- who has been inactive for every game -- to be the starter. Groy played 74 snaps this year as a backup at center and both guard spots, and he's the front-runner to get the nod in Cincinnati.
INJURY REPORT: Buffalo -- Out: DT Corbin Bryant (shoulder). Questionable: DT Marcell Dareus (groin), LB Jerry Hughes (hand), WR Justin Hunter (groin), WR Walter Powell (hip), WR Robert Woods (foot). Cincinnati -- Doubtful: TE C. J. Uzomah (calf). Questionable: DE Wallace Gilberry (calf).
FAST FACTS: Bills QB Tyrod Taylor has five TD passes and two rushing scores in his last four road games. He leads NFL QBs with 362 yards rushing. Since 2015, he is the only QB with 4,500-plus passing yards (4,804) and 900-plus rushing yards (930). ... Bills RB LeSean McCoy rushed for 90 yards and a touchdown in the last meeting and has 100 yards from scrimmage in five of the last six games. Since 2010, he leads the NFL with 7,733 yards rushing. ... Bengals WR A. J. Green needs 36 receiving yards to join Randy Moss as the only NFL players to reach 1,000 in each of their first six seasons. DT Geno Atkins had sack last week. Since 2010, his 47.5 sacks is most among NFL DTs.
PREDICTION: The Bengals are a physically talented team, especially on defense, but they are coming off a tough "MNF" loss at the New York Giants and the Bills had a bye week to heal after their loss in Seattle.
OUR PICK: Bills, 32-21.
--Frank Cooney
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (7-2)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Mo. TV: FOX, Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Laura Okmin
SERIES HISTORY: 12th regular-season meeting. Bucs lead the all-time series, 6-5. They have won the last four contests. The Bucs last met the Chiefs in 2012 and won 38-10. One of the most memorable games came in 2008, when Jon Gruden 's team overcame a 24-3 deficit to win 30-27 in OT. In '93, Joe Montana made his Chiefs debut with a 27-3 win at Tampa Stadium.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: The Chiefs have won five straight overall and their last 10 home games. To push those streaks to six and 11, Kansas City must find fire and production from the offense.
The Chiefs are winning on the backs of their defense and kicking game. They need quarterback Alex Smith , running back Spencer Ware and pass catchers Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Chris Conley and Jeremy Maclin to find the end zone, convert third downs and hit big plays. So far in the 2016 season, K. C. has just 30 plays of 20 yards or more, while the Tampa Bay defense has given up 43 plays of that length.
The Bucs will try to run the football against the Chiefs, who are 28th against the run but thrive rushing the passer and defending the pass. Bucs RB Doug Martin returned to the lineup for the first time since Week 2 and looked rusty in Week 10, but he did score a touchdown. The Bucs expect his timing and toughness to be much better now that he has a few carries and has tested that hamstring.
Bucs QB Jameis Winston has done a better job of protecting the football of late, with 11 touchdowns and only two interceptions in his last five games.
Defensively, the Bucs used more blitzes to pressure Bears QB Jay Cutler last week and provided tighter coverage. But Smith, the Chiefs' QB, unloads the football quickly and is a threat to run.
--Buccaneers WR Mike Evans vs. Chiefs CBs Marcus Peters, Phillip Gaines and Steven Nelson. Evans enters the week ranked No. 6 among NFL receivers with 811 yards and fifth with 59 receptions. No other NFL receiver has been targeted more than Evans -- his 108 targets have been 31 percent of Tampa Bay's attempts. He's tied for the league lead with eight touchdown catches and 18 third-down catches for 278 yards. The numbers for the Chiefs' pass defense are also among the league's best. Peters is tied for the league lead with five interceptions, and the Chiefs lead the NFL with 13 interceptions in nine games. No matter which side of the formation Evans lines up on, the Chiefs must find a way to slow Evans' roll.
--Chiefs RB Spencer Ware vs. Buccaneers LBs Lavonte David and Daryl Smith. Ware has been the engine of the Chiefs' offense in both the run game and the passing attack. His 896 yards on 135 touches rank him No. 9 in the league. It's not just production; it's the way Ware runs the ball that sets a tone for Kansas City. He's a power back without the bulk, and his style fires up teammates. With 46 tackles this season, David is very good at stopping plays behind the line of scrimmage -- 11 tackles for loss. He also has forced two fumbles. Playing the strong side, Smith has 23 tackles, three for loss, and an interception. Whether it's a sweep, or Ware runs straight ahead and breaks it off to either side, keeping Ware from cracking the edge is a must for the Bucs.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Chiefs OLB Dee Ford. With 10 sacks in nine games, Ford is tied for the league lead. He has six in the last three games. Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston is a pocket passer and has been sacked 22 times this season -- 10th most among league quarterbacks. In the Buccaneers' wins, they have allowed one sack per game. In their losses, they have given up almost three. Tampa Bay's offensive line has been dealing with injuries and that could be something that Ford can take advantage of.
INJURY REPORT: Tampa Bay -- Out: T Kevin Pamphile (concussion), RB Jacquizz Rodgers (foot), C Evan Smith (knee). Questionable: C Joe Hawley (knee), WR Russell Shepard (hip), TE Luke Stocker (ankle). Kansas City -- Out: WR Jeremy Maclin (groin). Doubtful: DE Jaye Howard (hip). Questionable: CB Phillip Gaines (neck), LB Justin Houston (knee), LB Derrick Johnson (hamstring), CB Marcus Peters (hip), DT Dontari Poe (knee), LS James Winchester (not injury related).
FAST FACTS: Bucs QB Jameis Winston played his 25th game as a pro last week and reached 6,391 passing yards. That is the fifth-highest tally through 25 games in NFL history. Winston has 11 touchdown passes and only two interceptions over his past five games, after beginning the season with eight of each through his first four starts. ... Bucs TE Cameron Brate established career highs with seven receptions for 84 yards last week. His 375 receiving yards are the most for a player from Harvard, surpassing Kyle Juszczyk's 321 yards for Baltimore last season. ... Chiefs TE Tyreek Hill caught 10 passes last week, the most ever by a K. C. rookie. Hill's 32 receptions are the most by any AFC rookie and third among all NFL first-year players. ... The Chiefs scored 17 points in the fourth quarter to defeat the Panthers 20-17 at Carolina last week. The victory was Kansas City's fifth in a row. At 7-2, the Chiefs are tied with Oakland atop the AFC West, just a half-game ahead of Denver (7-3).
PREDICTION: The Bucs show promise but are not consistent. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are as consistent and hot as any team in the NFL and are atop the torrid AFC West.
OUR PICK: Chiefs, 36-21.
--Frank Cooney
Chicago Bears (2-7) at New York Giants (6-3)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N. J. TV: FOX, Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, Pam Oliver.
SERIES HISTORY: 52nd regular-season meeting. Bears lead series, 30-19-2. The Bears won the last meeting in 2013, 27-21 at Soldier Field. The last meeting in New Jersey, in 2010, was won 17-3 by the Giants.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: The troubled Bears are backed into a corner in this game -- they must establish a running game first. They cannot come out firing the ball without receivers Alshon Jeffery (suspended) and Kevin White (on IR). If there were a week when they needed to establish the run, this is it. They need to do what they did last week: run it early and then stick with the run.
Not helping the Bears will be the loss of guard Kyle Long (ankle), who went on IR this week along with NT/DE Will Sutton.
The Bears not only are banged up beyond belief, they are coming off a stinging loss to the Bucs in which they committed five turnovers.
Bears QB Jay Cutler has shown that he doesn't like to be disrupted in the pocket and that he is susceptible to making the errant throw that often winds up in the hands of the opposing team. The Giants' pass rush should be able to have a field day against the mistake-prone QB, especially since his offensive line will be without Long.
The Bears must keep the game close so they can at least try to show a balanced offense. Attacking with stretch plays would be the ideal method against a Giants front with ends who are pass-rush oriented and tackles who can both stuff the run and go upfield.
The Giants are a one-dimensional offense: QB Eli Manning to WR Odell Beckham Jr.
The Giants' offensive line had its share of struggles Monday night against the Bengals' defensive front. This weekend, they could catch a break if Bears nose tackle Eddie Goldman (ankle) can't play. The Giants, whose running game had its best showing last week, could be in line to add to their late-season surge with the big-bodied Goldman out of the lineup.
The Bears' secondary needs to keep the safeties home, provide as much double coverage on Beckham as possible, and let players like Pernell McPhee, Danny Trevathan and Jerrell Freeman worry about any potential rushing plays.
--Bears TE Zach Miller vs. Giants LB Keenan Robinson. Last week the Giants' defense was burned yet again by the opposing tight ends as Tyler Eifert and Tyler Boyd combined for five receptions and 108 yards. With Alshon Jeffery suspended, look for the Bears to try to get Miller, their leading receiver (44 catches and three TDs), involved as much as possible.
--WR Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Bears CB Tracy Porter. After posting mere mortal numbers in his first four games -- 75.7 yards per game with zero touchdowns -- Beckham has six touchdowns in his last five games and is averaging 94 yards per game. Porter, who leads the Bears with two picks, will try to hold Beckham down.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Giants RT Bobby Hart. Hart has been hanging in as the starting right tackle since inheriting the job in Week 2. As he continues to grow into the position, he will get a good test against OLB Willie Young, who leads the Bears with 6.5 sacks. Teams have found a way to quiet Young in recent weeks, holding him to just a half-sack in the last three games. If the Giants are to continue that trend, they will most likely devote quite a bit of help on that side of the formation.
INJURY REPORT: Chicago -- Doubtful: CB Deiondre' Hall (ankle), T Bobby Massie (concussion), DE Mitch Unrein (back). Questionable: CB Bryce Callahan (hamstring), DT Eddie Goldman (ankle), LB Pernell McPhee (knee), CB Tracy Porter (knee), WR Eddie Royal (toe), G Josh Sitton (ankle), WR Marquess Wilson (foot), LB Willie Young (ankle). New York -- Out: C Brett Jones (calf), G Justin Pugh (knee). Questionable: RB Orleans Darkwa (lower leg), G Adam Gettis (calf).
FAST FACTS: Bears RB Jordan Howard recorded his fourth 100-yard rushing game of the season last Sunday, one shy of the Bears' franchise record for a rookie. Gale Sayers you say? Nope. Try Beattie Feathers in 1934 and Rashaan Salaam in 1995, who each had five. ... Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. passed the 3,500-yard milestone last week in his 36th game. Beckham reached the milestone in an NFL-record 36 games, besting the previous mark held by Lance Alworth (37 games). After their 21-20 home win over the Bengals on Monday night, the Giants have won four consecutive games. The last five-game winning streak occurred during in 2011, six straight wins from Week 16 to the Super Bowl.
PREDICTION: Although they will need to avoid complacency, the streaking Giants are the logical pick over the troubled Bears.
OUR PICK: Giants, 35-21.
--Frank Cooney
Arizona Cardinals (4-4-1) at Minnesota Vikings (5-4)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, U. S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis. TV: FOX, Joe Buck, Troy Aikman , Erin Andrews.
SERIES HISTORY: 25th regular-season meeting. Vikings lead series, 13-11. Vikings are 7-4 at home and will be playing the Cardinals at U. S. Bank Stadium for the first time. Arizona won the last meeting, beating an injury-riddled Vikings team 23-20 at Arizona in a Thursday night game. The Vikings had won the previous three meetings, all at Minnesota, and are 8-0 at home against the Cardinals since losing to the then- St. Louis Cardinals 27-7 in 1977. The teams have met twice in the playoffs, with the Vikings winning divisional matchups at home in 1974 and 1998.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: The Cardinals and Vikings were expected to be among the top teams in the NFC, with Super Bowl aspirations and talented rosters coming off last year's playoff appearances. Minnesota started the year 5-0, with QB Sam Bradford acquired in a trade to replace injured Teddy Bridgewater and RB Adrian Peterson out injured. Arizona was 1-3 a month into the season.
Since their undefeated start, the Vikings have lost four in a row. The Cardinals (4-4-1) used two wins against the San Francisco 49ers to jumpstart the middle of their season.
Both teams were counting on top defenses. Arizona owns the league's second-ranked defense in terms of yardage, one spot ahead of Minnesota. The Cardinals are allowing 295.2 yards per game compared to the Vikings' 308.8. But Minnesota is allowing a league-low 16.9 points per game. Arizona is tied for third, giving up 17.8.
The Vikings keep losing players, and that doesn't count cutting kicker Blair Walsh and signing Kai Forbath.
Jake Long tore an Achilles tendon last Sunday, becoming the fourth Vikings offensive tackle with a season-ending injury this season. Left guard Alex Boone asked to play left tackle. He has the build to play there, and some experience at doing so. But all indications are the Vikings will move right tackle T. J. Clemmings back to left tackle, where he was before Long was signed during the bye week, and put Jeremiah Sirles at right tackle, where he started two games earlier this season.
Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu returned to practice on Wednesday but was limited due to a shoulder injury, and it is unclear whether he will help Sunday.
--Vikings WR Stefon Diggs vs. Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said he'll put Peterson, his big shutdown cover corner, on Diggs, the shifty receiver who became the first player in NFL history with back-to-back 13-catch games. Diggs had 26 catches for 244 yards in consecutive losses to Detroit and Washington. Peterson, the 6-1 corner with the long arms and a load of confidence, has made five Pro Bowls and been named first-team All-Pro three times.
--Vikings DE Everson Griffen vs. Cardinals LT John Wetzel. Griffen leads the Vikings with eight sacks; but, like all of his fellow Vikings pass rushers, he has been frustrated as teams have been getting rid of the ball more quickly. When the Vikings were 5-0, they led the league with 19 sacks. They have three during their four-game losing streak. Wetzel will be making his second straight start at left tackle since regular starter Jared Veldheer was placed on injured reserve. Wetzel is a journeyman who bounced from the Raiders to the Cowboys to the Colts to the Cardinals' practice squad a year ago. He had never played a down in the NFL regular season until this season. He also has a start at left guard. Griffen, however, was neutralized last week when Washington was forced to start a backup because of Trent Williams' four-game suspension.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Vikings kicker Kai Forbath. Welcome to Minnesota, Kai. No pressure. Just make every single kick you attempt and don't botch any kickoffs, and everything will be just swell. Forbath was signed on Tuesday, the same day the Vikings released Blair Walsh, who missed eight kicks in nine games -- including four PATs, the last in Sunday's loss at Washington. Walsh clearly lost all confidence since his infamous 27-yard miss in the closing seconds of the 10-9 playoff loss to Seattle last season. If Forbath misses so much as one makeable kick, the negativity will shift to him and the questions will begin to flow as to whether he is the guy for the job.
INJURY REPORT: Arizona -- Doubtful: DT Corey Peters (foot). Questionable: S Deone Bucannon (ankle), S Tyrann Mathieu (shoulder), CB Tharold Simon (ankle). Minnesota -- Out: DT Sharrif Floyd (knee). Questionable: LB Eric Kendricks (hip), CB Captain Munnerlyn (ankle), CB Marcus Sherels (ankle).
FAST FACTS: Cardinals QB Carson Palmer has fumbled a league-high 10 times this season, losing three; it is the most fumbles for Palmer since 2006, when he had 15 as a Bengal. In four starts against the Vikings, Palmer has a 105.2 rating, with seven TD passes, one interception and a 3-1 record. The 105.2 rating is his fourth-highest against any opponent. ... Vikings QB Sam Bradford has posted a passer rating of 100 or better in five of eight starts with the Vikings this season. That's a career high, surpassing the four 100-plus games he had with the Rams in 2012 and the Eagles in 2015. ... Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson has at least three catches in a career-high six straight games. A year ago, the former first-round draft pick had only two catches for 10 yards. This year, he is one of four Vikings with at least 30 catches. He has 30 for 256 yards and two touchdowns.
PREDICTION: When the schedule came out, this was a game many circled as a big NFC interdivision duel. Now it is a game between two well-coached teams having rough seasons. Hard to pick between them, so we will go with the home team.
OUR PICK: Vikings, 24-18.
--Frank Cooney
Miami Dolphins (5-4) at Los Angeles Rams (4-5)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 4:05 p.m. ET, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. TV: FOX, Chris Myers, Ronde Barber , Jennifer Hale.
SERIES HISTORY: 13th regular-season meeting. Dolphins lead series, 12-2. The last time the Dolphins played the Rams at the Coliseum was in 1971 -- Bob Griese completed 13 of 19 passes for 209 yards and two touchdowns.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: Rams QB Jared Goff will finally make his NFL debut. The Rams intend to play Goff as the starter the rest of the year.
The Rams insist the playbook will not be scaled back now that this year's first overall draft pick is the starting quarterback. With Goff's arm strength superior to Case Keenum 's, expect the offense to expand rather than shrink.
That could mean longer routes and more plays downfield -- the upshot being it could open up things more for RB Todd Gurley and WR Tavon Austin. The Rams need that to be the case against an improving Dolphins defense -- especially in the red zone, where the Rams have traded too many touchdowns for field goals.
Miami won't deviate from its physical running game. And, in the last six quarters, the Dolphins are also stopping the run. That's a formula for success.
Miami, which was 30th in the league in run defense last week at 136.1 yards per game, have limited the New York Jets and San Diego Chargers to 100 yards on 33 carries in the last game and a half.
Stopping the run -- Gurley this week -- allows the Dolphins to get quarterbacks -- Goff this week -- into third-and long situations, where Miami can use its ferocious pass rush.
Welcome to the NFL, Mr. Goff.
--Rams RB Todd Gurley vs. Miami run defense. This is a key category for a number of reasons -- primarily because it seems to be Miami's kryptonite. The Dolphins are 30th in run defense at 128.8 yards per game, but they seem to be improving -- just 100 yards rushing (3.3 per carry) in the last six quarters. Gurley (515 yards, 3.1 yards per carry) is an explosive runner who can exploit the fundamental errors that have plagued the Dolphins all season. If Gurley gets loose, it will be big trouble for Miami. If Gurley is contained, it will be a big success for Miami.
--Rams QB Jared Goff vs. Miami pass rush. DE Cam Wake (seven sacks) and DT Ndamukong Suh (five) get to welcome Goff, the No. 1 pick of the draft, into the NFL as he makes his first start. It will be crucial for Goff to feel comfortable in the pocket, but Wake, Suh and DE Andre Branch (3.5 sacks) will make that very difficult. Their up-field pursuit and ability to collapse the pocket will put immense pressure on Goff.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: QB Jared Goff. The No. 1 pick in the draft is making his first NFL start, and all eyes will be on him. The Rams' offense is in need of a spark, and the team hopes Goff can provide it.
INJURY REPORT: Miami -- Out: T Branden Albert (wrist), CB Xavien Howard (knee). Doubtful: LB Jelani Jenkins (knee, hand), C Mike Pouncey (hip). Questionable: S Isa Abdul-Quddus (ankle), T Jermon Bushrod (shoulder), LB Mike Hull (knee), DE Jason Jones (knee), WR Jarvis Landry (shoulder), G Anthony Steen (neck), WR Kenny Stills (calf), DE Mario Williams (ankle) Los Angeles -- Questionable: C Tim Barnes (foot), RB Todd Gurley (thigh), CB Lamarcus Joyner (ankle), DE Robert Quinn (illness), DE Eugene Sims (concussion).
FAST FACTS: Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill posted a 130.6 passer rating in last week's win over the Chargers (17 of 24, 240 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INT), his first game with a 100-plus rating this season and the second-highest rating of his career. Tannehill has gone four straight games without throwing an interception for the first time since a four-game streak in his 2012 rookie season. ... Miami RB Jay Ajayi has rushed for 608 yards and four TDs in the past four games and leads the NFL with 5.71 yards per carry. He has 26 runs of 10-plus yards, second in the NFL. ... The Rams are averaging an NFL-low 15.4 points per game. They have ranked last in the NFL just three times: 1937 (6.8, as the Cleveland Rams), 2009 (10.9, St. Louis) and 2011 (12.1, St. Louis). ... Goff will be the first rookie QB to start for the Rams since Sam Bradford in 2010 (also the No. 1 overall pick that year), and first to start for the Rams in Los Angeles since Jim Everett in 1986.
PREDICTION: While the feature of this game is the unveiling of Goff, the dominant factor could be the defenses and the deciding factor may be the running game. This could be a rude awakening for Goff.
OUR PICK: Dolphins, 21-18.
--Frank Cooney
New England Patriots (7-2) at San Francisco 49ers (1-8)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 4:25 p.m. ET, Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, Calif. TV: CBS, Greg Gumbel , Trent Green , Jamie Erdahl.
SERIES HISTORY: 13th regular-season meeting. The 49ers lead the all-time series, 8-4. The last meeting came in New England in December 2012, when Jim Harbaugh's 49ers took care of business with a 41-34 win. That contest snapped a three-game Patriots winning streak. Tom Brady has never played in his native Bay Area; he missed New England's 2008 victory at Candlestick Park with a torn ACL. The 49ers dominated New England in the rare interconference battles, winning six straight from 1980 to 1995.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: New England's reputation as a pass-first offense has been well-earned. But the Patriots have balanced things out a bit this season with LeGarrette Blount , who has topped 20 carries five times. With the 49ers allowing 5.1 yards per carry and 180.4 per game, Josh McDaniels certainly will look to give Blount a chance to get things going early.
That will only open things up through the air for Tom Brady, including the possibility that Martellus Bennett will be an even greater focal point with the lung injury to Rob Gronkowski. The play-action game will help out a New England line that has struggled to protect consistently, although San Francisco is in the bottom third of the league in sacks per pass play. If the offensive line plays its role, New England should be able to run and throw efficiently.
Defensively the Patriots are trying to clean up a lot of areas. The initial goal, as always, will be to keep Carlos Hyde and the 49ers' run game in check. Hyde is getting back to health and averaging just 3.6 yards a carry.
Of course, part of the Patriots' front seven's job in both the run and the pass is dealing with Colin Kaepernick 's ability as a runner. The once-again San Francisco starter is averaging 7.1 yards per carry and has been an active force on the ground since his return to the lineup. That means Rob Ninkovich and the rest of the New England edge players will once again be utilizing a controlled rush, much as they have in recent weeks against Russell Wilson and Tyrod Taylor.
The New England back end may have the most to prove, even against a suspect passing attack. The Patriots have played a lot of soft zone coverages of late. There is no reason to believe the approach will be abandoned against Chip Kelly's unique offense, though Devin McCourty and company will strive for much better execution and communication. The players must play stout up front against Kelly's various zone reads and unique option looks. In coverage, dealing with Jeremy Kerley in the slot is key, but Torrey Smith remains a dangerous deep threat despite his limited success this fall.
--Patriots TE Martellus Bennett vs. 49ers FS Eric Reid. Normally Reid would have to deal with Rob Gronkowski and Bennett, but the former's injury led to him remaining home. That means Bennett may have an even bigger role on offense, coming off a seven-catch, 102-yard performance. Reid is athletic and has the size to match up with opposing tight ends like Bennett, but Tom Brady has a knack for finding the right matchups and using his versatile weapons.
--Patriots DE Trey Flowers vs. 49ers LT Joe Staley. Staley has been one of the most consistent tackles in the game in his decade in San Francisco. Flowers is coming on strong in his second season, having notched two sacks in each of the last two games. The young player has earned increased reps on the edge, but this matchup with the Pro Bowl veteran Staley will be both a learning experience and an opportunity to once again prove his developing abilities.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Patriots RB Dion Lewis. The receiving back seems poised to make his return after opening the season on PUP recovering from a torn ACL suffered last November. Lewis was inactive on Sunday night after being added to the roster and likely will get limited reps as he works into game action. Still, given his impact as both a runner and receiver early last season, his potential addition to the offense only adds another element to Tom Brady's arsenal.
INJURY REPORT: New England -- Out: TE Rob Gronkowski (chest), WR Chris Hogan (back). Questionable: TE Martellus Bennett (ankle), WR Julian Edelman (foot). San Francisco -- Out: LB Aaron Lynch (ankle). Questionable: CB Rashard Robinson (knee), WR Torrey Smith (shoulder).
FAST FACTS: Patriots QB Tom Brady threw for 443 yards in the last meeting. In the past five games, he has 1,635 pass yards (327 per game) with 12 TDs and one interception. He leads the NFL in completion percentage (72.9) and passer rating (125.5). ... Patriots RB LeGarrette Blount had three rushing TDs last week and leads the NFL with 12. He has scored on the ground in five straight games. ... Patriots DE Trey Flowers has two sacks in each of the past two games. ... 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick threw four TD passes the last time these teams met. ... 49ers LB Gerald Hodges has 24 tackles, two interceptions and a sack in the past three games.
PREDICTION: The Patriots were cruising along until they were stonewalled by Seattle last Sunday. They should have a much easier time against this NFC West club, especially with Brady returning home for the first time in his career.
OUR PICK: Patriots, 31-13.
--Chris Cluff
Philadelphia Eagles (5-4) at Seattle Seahawks (6-2-1)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 4:25 p.m. ET, CenturyLink Field, Seattle. TV: CBS, Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, Tracy Wolfson.
SERIES HISTORY: 15th regular-season meeting. Series tied, 7-7. Seattle has won four of the last five meetings, including a 24-14 victory over the Eagles in 2014.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: Cliff Avril and Frank Clark will try to pressure Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz into mistakes and possible turnover opportunities. Seattle will also need to focus on covering tight end Brent Celek and the Eagles' stable of running backs in the passing game.
Offensively, the Seahawks will try to build upon their improved run game performance last week in New England as Thomas Rawls returns to the lineup. The teams that have beaten the Seahawks or played them close all have remained committed to the run during the game. The Eagles, who are coming off their best rushing performance of the season against Atlanta, must do the same on Sunday.
Russell Wilson will also continue to seek big play chances against Philadelphia's secondary. The Eagles need to keep Wilson in the pocket and not let him get outside and extend plays.
--Eagles RB Darren Sproles vs. Seahawks MLB Bobby Wagner. Seattle occasionally struggles to cover running backs in the passing game. Sproles will be a bigger factor in the passing game than as a rusher, but Wagner will be responsible for making sure Sproles is held in check.
--Seahawks RT Garry Gilliam vs. Eagles DE Brandon Graham. Graham leads a strong Eagles front against a Seattle offensive line that is still trying to establish consistency. Gilliam has been a liability at times, and Graham will provide a stiff test.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: C Justin Britt. Since moving to his third position in three seasons in Seattle, Britt appears to have settled in at center. He has been the most consistent of Seattle's five offensive linemen and has played his best football since being drafted in the second round of the 2014 draft.
INJURY REPORT: Philadelphia -- Out: S Terrence Brooks (hamstring). Questionable: TE Zach Ertz (hamstring), WR Jordan Matthews (back). Seattle -- Out: DE Michael Bennett (knee), LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (hamstring).
FAST FACTS: A victory against the Eagles will give Pete Carroll his 100th career win. Carroll is 66-38-1 in seven seasons as Seattle's coach, including an 8-4 record in the playoffs. ... Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has 630 passing yards and five TDs in the past two games. He has 17 TDs and just two interceptions in his past eight home games. ... Rookie RB C. J. Prosise totaled 153 yards (66 rushing, 87 receiving) vs. New England in Week 10. His play was so solid that the Seahawks released leading rusher Christine Michael (469 yards) with injured Thomas Rawls (fibula) about to return. ... Eagles QB Carson Wentz has thrown two TD passes in the last five games. He has thrown for 2,121 yards and nine touchdowns this season. ... Eagles coach Doug Pederson grew up about 100 miles north of Seattle and used to attend Seahawks games at the Kingdome.
PREDICTION: While the Seahawks might have some trouble against Philly's defense, it will be nothing compared to what Wentz endures against one of the toughest defenses in the NFL.
OUR PICK: Seahawks, 24-10.
--Chris Cluff
Green Bay Packers (4-5) at Washington Redskins (5-3-1)
KICKOFF: Sunday, 8:30 p.m. ET, FedExField, Landover, Md. TV: NBC, Al Michaels , Cris Collinsworth, Michele Tafoya.
SERIES HISTORY: 33rd regular-season meeting. Packers lead series, 18-13-1. The teams are meeting again at Washington's FedEx Field after Green Bay rallied for a 35-18 win over the Redskins in the wild-card round of the playoffs Jan. 10. The Packers have won two straight and six of the last seven games against Washington, going back to 2001. The Redskins' only victory in that stretch came in 2010 -- a 16-13 overtime win at home. The Packers won two of the teams' three postseason matchups, highlighted by a 21-6 triumph in the 1936 NFL Championship at New York when the Redskins were in Boston.
GAMEDATE: 11/20/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: The Packers potentially could go into the Sunday night game at the Washington Redskins without two key starters on their offensive line: right guard T. J. Lang and left tackle David Bakhtiari, who suffered foot and knee injuries in the last contest. And, there's no telling whether Green Bay will be able to mount any semblance of a ground game after doing little of it last time out as the Titans raced out to a 21-0 lead.
James Starks is considered healthy again and may get more touches than the seven carries he had against the Titans. Plus, Green Bay added some depth Wednesday by claiming fourth-year pro Christine Michael off waivers from the Seattle Seahawks. Yet, the expectations are being tempered for what Michael might be able to offer Sunday on such a quick turnaround.
Those uncertainties in the backfield portend another busy night of throwing for Aaron Rodgers , who has passed the football 188 times in the last four games. If he can play keepaway from Josh Norman, the All-Pro cornerback formerly of the Carolina Panthers , a mostly suspect Redskins secondary should allow Rodgers to have success through the air.
Rodgers' counterpart, Kirk Cousins, has played well of late and could shred a struggling Packers defense with a potent group of pass catchers. Besides having to deal with productive tight ends Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis , the Packers may have to try to contain three big-play wide receivers in DeSean Jackson , Jamison Crowder and Pierre Garcon. The speedy Jackson's status is up in the air because of a shoulder injury that kept him out of Washington's last game.
Green Bay also must pay close attention to versatile running back Chris Thompson. He had eight catches for 89 yards in eight targets out of the backfield in the Packers' win at Washington in the first round of the playoffs in January. Green Bay sacked Cousins six times in that game. However, its pass rush has been nonexistent in recent weeks, though the possible return of outside linebacker Clay Matthews after a three-game absence (hamstring) could provide a lift.
--Redskins TE Jordan Reed vs. Packers ILB Blake Martinez. Someone has to try to take Reed out of his game. He had just two catches against Minnesota on four targets, but that's an anomaly. When healthy Reed is a matchup nightmare for any linebacker or safety. The key: Be physical with him before he gets into space. Maybe Martinez can give Reed problems there. But the Packers also remember Reed caught nine passes for 120 yards against them in last year's wild card game.
--Packers WR Jordy Nelson vs. Redskins CB Josh Norman. Norman's physicality can give any receiver problems. But Nelson has a knack for finding space and Rodgers has a knack for finding him. Nelson has 50 catches this season. Expect Green Bay to move Nelson around to keep him from Norman all the time. Minnesota used that tactic last week with Stefon Diggs to great effect. But Nelson also is not fully recovered from his torn ACL last season.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: RB James Starks. The return of the seventh-year pro to game action last Sunday after a four-game absence had mixed results. Coming off knee surgery, Starks reached the end zone on an impressive 13-yard catch-and-run play as the Packers tried to rally from a huge deficit before falling 47-25 at the Tennessee Titans. However, Starks carried the football only seven times and gained just 33 yards as the team's lead back. Even with the news late Wednesday that the Packers claimed fourth-year player Christine Michael off waivers from the Seattle Seahawks, the expectation is Green Bay will need Starks to play a bigger role Sunday night at the Washington Redskins to give a lift to its beleaguered rushing attack.
INJURY REPORT: Green Bay -- Out: G T. J. Lang (foot), CB Damarious Randall (groin), LB Jake Ryan (ankle), C J. C. Tretter (knee). Questionable: TE Jared Cook (ankle), LB Clay Matthews (hamstring). Washington -- Questionable: WR DeSean Jackson (shoulder), T Morgan Moses (ankle), LS Nick Sundberg (back).
FAST FACTS: The Packers have dropped three in a row and four of their last five to tumble to 4-5. ... Green Bay's pass defense ranks 29th in opponent passer rating. Last week at Tennessee, the Titans threw five touchdown passes and only seven incompletions. ... Redskins TE Vernon Davis has 382 receiving yards in nine games -- just 13 yards shy of his total for 15 games last season with the Broncos and 49ers. ... Redskins K Dustin Hopkins became the 29th player in Redskins history to reach 200 points with his four field goals last Sunday vs. Minnesota. Hopkins ranks 10th in field goals made for Washington in just 24 games. ... Redskins WR Pierre Garcon ranks 11th in franchise history in receiving yards (3,985) after his 81-yard performance Sunday vs. Minnesota.
PREDICTION: After back-to-back home losses to Pittsburgh and Dallas to open the season, the Redskins have won five of seven. All but one of those games has been decided by a TD or less, and this one figures to follow that trend.
OUR PICK: Redskins, 31-27.
--Chris Cluff
Houston Texans (6-3) at Oakland Raiders (7-2)
KICKOFF: Monday, 8:30 p.m. ET, Estadio Azteca, Mexico City. TV: ESPN, Sean McDonough, Jon Gruden, Lisa Salters.
SERIES HISTORY: 10th regular-season meeting. Texans leads all-time series, 6-3. The Texans won the last meeting 30-14 in Week 2 of the 2014 season, a game that included a 2-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick to J. Watt. Derek Carr, in his second start, was 27 of 42 for 263 yards. The Raiders' last win was 28-23 in 2013 in Houston, with Matt McGloin throwing a pair of touchdown passes in his first start.
GAMEDATE: 11/21/16
KEYS TO THE GAME: The Raiders are rested and feeling good about the way they blocked Denver into oblivion in their previous game. The Texans, without J. Watt, are still ranked fourth in total defense but are 25th in rush defense. Look for the Raiders to lean on the Texans heavily with Latavius Murray and let their offensive line punish the Texans in the altitude. With a consistent running game, Derek Carr will be even more dangerous in play-action.
Defensively, the Raiders will likely put Karl Joseph in the box and dare Brock Osweiler to defeat them through the air.
--Raiders C Rodney Hudson vs. Texans NT Vince Wilfork. There aren't a lot of centers who can deal with Wilfork without help, but the Raiders feel pretty good about Hudson no matter who he is playing against. Hudson is playing the best football of his career and was at his best in the Raiders' recent win over the Denver Broncos. Wilfork remains adept at tying up blockers (plural), which would in theory free the likes of Jadeveon Clowney as a 3-4 end.
--Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins vs. Raiders CB David Amerson. Hopkins remains the most dangerous threat in the Houston offense. But the Raiders faced a similar challenge in Tampa Bay and fared well against the Bucs' Mike Evans by making sure he was shadowed by Amerson and bracketed all day long. Defensive coordinator Ken Norton will likely look to do the same thing with Hopkins and force Brock Osweiler to look for other receivers, assuming the Texans will struggle without their primary threat.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Raiders WR Andre Holmes. He had two big catches against Denver, including a one-handed grab for a first down. He also downed two Marquette King punts inside the 5-yard line. One of the Raiders' go-to receivers until Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree arrived, Holmes has not only accepted a lesser role without complaint, he has thrived in it.
FAST FACTS: The NFL returns to Mexico for the first time since October 2, 2005, when a crowd of 103,467 witnessed the league's first international regular-season game as the Arizona Cardinals defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-14 at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. This will be the first "Monday Night Football" game played outside the United States. ... The Raiders have won three consecutive games and six of their past seven. Oakland had a bye in Week 10 after beating Denver 30-20 in Week 9. ... Oakland QB Derek Carr has 17 touchdown passes and three interceptions this season. ... Texans QB Brock Osweiler threw for 308 yards against Oakland last year, when he was with Denver. ... Texans CB Kareem Jackson returned an interception for a TD last week, his third career INT TD. He intercepted a pass in the last game against Oakland.
PREDICTION: The Texans have been blown out in three of four road games and now face the NFL's fifth-ranked scoring team on foreign soil.
OUR PICK: Raiders, 27-17.
--Chris Cluff

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Kansas City Chiefs: prediction, preview, pick to win
Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals: prediction, preview, pick to win
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns: prediction, preview, pick to win
Chicago Bears at New York Giants: prediction, preview, pick to win


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Donald Trump is Betting Against all Odds on Climate Change (1.03/8)

(Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
President-elect Donald Trump has already begun to back off some of his promises: Maybe not all of Obamacare has to go. Maybe parts of his wall will actually be a fence. Maybe it’s okay to have some lobbyists running the government after all.
But I fear he won’t shrink from the actions he has promised on climate change: withdrawing the United States from the Paris accord, ending President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and okaying every new fossil-fuel plan from the Keystone XL pipeline on down. He won’t back down because those are hard-to-hedge choices and because he’s surrounded by climate-change deniers and fossil-fuel insiders who will try to ensure that he keeps his word.
So let’s be entirely clear about what those actions would represent: the biggest, most against-the-odds and most irrevocable bet any president has ever made about anything.
It’s the biggest because of the stakes. This year has been the hottest year recorded in modern history, smashing the record set in 2015, which smashed the record set in 2014. The extra heat has begun to steadily raise sea levels, to the point where some coastal U. S. cities already flood at high tide even in calm weather. Global sea ice levels are at record lows , and the oceans are 30 percent more acidic. And that’s just so far. Virtually every scientific forecast says that without swift action in the next few years to cut carbon emissions, this crisis will grow to be catastrophic, with implications for everything from agriculture to national security that dwarf our other problems.
It’s the most against-the-odds bet because at this point there’s so little scientific dispute about climate change. Researchers have spent three decades narrowing the error bars and establishing an ever-clearer picture of the future. There’s always the chance that scientists have overlooked something, but it’s by now so narrow a chance it hardly deserves that description.
Bill McKibben is the Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College and co-founder of His most recent book is Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet.
An Unstoppable Progressive Movement
America’s Spiral Into Permanent War Seems More Foolish Than Ever
Spinning Bannon as ‘Provocateur’ Who ‘Relishes Combativeness’
What Student Protests Tell Us About America Under Trump

How Trump will change the Republican Party


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11 shot, 2 fatally, in first 8 hours of weekend (1.03/8)

Two people were killed, including the teenage grandson of U. S. Rep. Danny Davis, and at least nine more were wounded in shootings across the city to start the weekend, according to Chicago Police.
The congressman identified his grandson as 15-year-old Jovan Wilson, who was inside his Englewood neighborhood home about 6:45 p.m. Friday in the 5600 block of South Princeton when two people broke in, started arguing with the boy and then shot him in the head, according to Chicago Police. Davis said another teen pulled the trigger. No one was in custody early Saturday.
The other homicide happened in the Gage Park neighborhood about 12:15 a.m. Saturday, when officers found a 27-year-old man in the backyard of a home in the 3500 block of West 57th Street with gunshot wounds to the head and body. He died at Mount Sinai Hospital, police said. The Cook County medical examiner’s office did not have information on the death.
About 11:50 p.m. Friday in West Englewood, CPD officers fatally shot a 25-year-old man when he refused to drop his gun after they saw him shoot a 26-year-old man during a fight in the 2000 block of West 69th Street, according to police. Both were taken to Christ Medical Center Oak Lawn, where the alleged gunman died and the initial victim was in critical “but stable” condition, officials said. The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the officers’ use of force.
About the same time, someone in a dark-colored car shot a 27-year-old man in the chest as he walked out of a Portage Park neighborhood gas station in the 5200 block of West Addison, police said. He was taken in serious condition to Illinois Masonic Medical Center.
Four people were shot in the North Austin neighborhood about 10:15 p.m. They were sitting in a car parked in the 5000 block of West Wabansia when someone in another car opened fire, police said. Two 21-year-old men were taken to Stroger Hospital, one shot in the hip and the other shot in the hand and grazed across the head, along with a 17-year-old girl shot in the knee and wrist, police said. The fourth victim, an 18-year-old woman, was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital with a hip wound. Their conditions were stabilized, police said.
Three more people were shot in other attacks across Chicago between 4 p.m. Friday and 1 a.m. Saturday.

Grandson of U.S. House member fatally shot in Chicago home invasion


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Grandson of U. S. House member fatally shot in Chicago (1.03/8)

CHICAGO — The 15-year-old grandson of Rep. Danny Davis, a longtime U. S. House member, was fatally shot Friday in a dispute that may have started over a pair of gym shoes, police said.
Police had not yet released the name of the victim, but confirmed he was the teenage grandson of Davis, who represents a district that includes part of Chicago and the city's western suburbs.
The boy was at his home in the city’s Englewood neighborhood on the city’s South Side around 6:45 p.m. CT Friday when two assailants broke in and began arguing with the boy, according to police.
“That dispute escalated and turned physical and one of the offenders pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the head,” said Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, adding that the dispute was possibly over gym shoes.
The shooting is the latest grim incident in what is shaping up to be the most violent year in Chicago since the late 1990s.
No one was in police custody late Friday, but Guglielmi said detectives have “very good leads” on the case.
The city has recorded 643 murders through Nov. 6 — a 55% increase compared to the same period last year, according to police department data.
Police and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have blamed the current spike in street violence on increased gang activity and gun laws that they say aren’t strong enough to deter convicted felons from carrying and using weapons. The vast majority of the murders have occurred in predominantly African-American neighborhoods on the city's South and West sides.
Davis, a Democrat, was first elected to the House in 1996.
He told the Chicago Tribune that his grandson was a high school sophomore.
“He was a typical 15-year-old,’’ Davis told the paper. “He liked basketball. If you listened to him he was a basketball star, but he liked basketball and music. All those kinds of things. He was an avid sports fan, he knew all about, you know, the stats of different players.”
Follow USA TODAY Chicago correspondent Aamer Madhani on Twitter: @AamerISmad

Grandson of U.S. House member fatally shot in Chicago home invasion


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Michigan State's looking for another unlikely Ohio State upset (1.03/8)

EAST LANSING -- Mark Dantonio knows what it's like to take a counted-out Michigan State team and match it up against a powerhouse Ohio State squad.
Dantonio was the Michigan State defensive backs coach in November, 1998, when a 4-4 Spartans team went to visit an undefeated and No. 1 Ohio State team that seemed en route to the first BCS title game.
Michigan State team came back from 15 points down in the second half and stunned the top-ranked Buckeyes, 28-24, that day. The Spartans finished 6-6 that year and missed a bowl, but 1998 is still a noteworthy year in Spartans history due to that win, which counts as one of the biggest upsets in program history.
Michigan State-Ohio State primer: Key matchups, players to watch and predictions
"Didn't go to a bowl game that year, everybody seems to remember it," Dantonio said of 1998. "So, I guess that's something. "
Dantonio brought up that game this week as Michigan State enters a similar scenario.
Michigan State is 3-7 entering a Saturday game against No. 2 Ohio State (9-1, 6-1) at Spartan Stadium (noon, ESPN.)
Unlike last year, when the Michigan State-Ohio State served as the de facto Big Ten East division championship game when Michigan State won in Columbus, this year saw the Spartans' title chances disappear long ago amidst a seven-game losing streak. It's chances of going to a bowl game are miniscule.
Yet even with the disparity in record, Dantonio said Michigan State will still be measuring itself against Ohio State.
"You're always trying to measure up," Dantonio said.
Michigan State enters the game as a 22-point underdog. Aside from their game against Michigan earlier this season, the Spartans haven't been underdogs by that many points since that 1998 Ohio State game, when they were 27.5-point underdogs.
Dantonio won't be bringing that point up to his team, though, or using it as motivation.
"I've never gone into a football game and said, well, we're X amount of points underdogs," Dantonio said. "We've always gone into a game planning to win and we need to understand these are the things we need to do to win a football game. "
Michigan State is a more than three-touchdown underdog in Saturday because it's facing an Ohio State team that features a host of young talent and has been rolling since a surprising road loss last month.
The Buckeyes are second in the country in scoring, behind quarterback J. T. Barrett and running back Mike Weber, and third in the country in scoring defense. Since a loss to Penn State on Oct. 22 and a four-point win against Northwestern the following week, the Buckeyes have put up back-to-back 62-3 wins, against Nebraska and Maryland.
"Guys are going to go out and play hard just because we know the talent we have coming in here," linebacker Chris Frey, a Columbus native, said. "We know that they're going to come in here and play hard. "
Michigan State, meanwhile, is coming off of a 49-0 win over Rutgers on Saturday that broke its seven-game losing streak, the longest in program history since 1982.
Players described the sense of relief that brings. Yet they still enter Saturday's game with plenty of personnel questions, leading with defensive lineman Malik McDowell, who is questionable with an ankle injury.
Michigan State is hoping to overcome that uncertainty and some long odds to play a spoiler role in the last two weeks. Ohio State and Michigan State's final opponent, Penn State, are both tied with Michigan for atop the East division standings. If Michigan State can upset either one of them, it would upend the conference title race.
"We know what we've got in front of us, and the guys that we're playing against are good teams," Michigan State running back LJ Scott said.

MSU guard Eron Harris on win over MVSU
Michigan State vs. Ohio State: How to watch live stream, online; TV, radio listings


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Trump And Republicans Could Change Medicaid Under 'Repeal And Replace' : Shots (1.03/8)

Phil Galewitz
Freida Lockaby says she has benefited from access to health care coverage Medicaid.
Phil Galewitz/Kaiser Health News
hide caption
Freida Lockaby says she has benefited from access to health care coverage Medicaid.
For Freida Lockaby, an unemployed 56-year-old woman who lives with her dog in an aging mobile home in Manchester, Ky., one America's poorest places, the Affordable Care Act was life altering.
The law allowed Kentucky to expand Medicaid in 2014 and made Lockaby – along with 440,000 other low-income state residents – newly eligible for free health care under the state-federal insurance program. Enrollment gave Lockaby her first insurance in 11 years.
"It's been a godsend to me," said the former Ohio school custodian who moved to Kentucky a decade ago.
Lockaby finally got treated for a thyroid disorder that had left her so exhausted she'd almost taken root in her living room chair. Cataract surgery let her see clearly again. A carpal tunnel operation on her left hand eased her pain and helped her sleep better. Daily medications brought her high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol level under control.
But Lockaby is worried her good fortune could soon end. Her future access to health care now hinges on a controversial proposal to revamp the program that her state's Republican governor has submitted to the Obama administration.
Next year will likely bring more uncertainty when a Trump administration and a GOP-controlled Congress promise to consider Obamacare's repeal, including a potential reduction in the associated Medicaid expansion in 31 states and the District of Columbia that has led to health coverage for an estimated 10 million people .
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, who was elected in 2015, has argued his state can't afford Medicaid in its current form. Obamacare permitted states to use federal funds to broaden Medicaid eligibility to all adults with incomes at or below 138 percent of the federal poverty level, now $11,880 for individuals. Kentucky's enrollment has doubled since late 2013 and today almost a third of its residents are in the program. The Medicaid expansion under Obamacare in Kentucky has led to one of the sharpest drops in any state's uninsured rate, to 7.5 percent in 2015 from 20 percent two years earlier.
Kentucky's achievement owed much to the success of its state-run exchange, Kynect, in promoting new coverage options under the health law. Kynect was launched under Bevin's Democratic predecessor, Steve Beshear, and dismantled by Bevin this year.
Bevin has threatened to roll back the expansion if the Obama administration doesn't allow him to make major changes, such as requiring Kentucky's beneficiaries to pay monthly premiums of $1 to $37.50 and require nondisabled recipients to work or do community service for free dental and vision care.
Budget pressures are set to rise next year in the 31 states and the District of Columbia where Medicaid was expanded as the federal government reduces its share of those costs. States will pick up 5 percent next year and that will rise gradually to 10 percent by 2020. Under the health law, the federal government paid the full cost of the Medicaid expansion population for 2014-2016.
In a state as cash-strapped as Kentucky, the increased expenses ahead for Medicaid will be significant in Bevin's view — $1.2 billion from 2017 to 2021, according to the waiver request he's made to the Obama administration to change how Medicaid works in his state.
Trump's unexpected victory may help Bevin's chances of winning approval. Before the election, many analysts expected federal officials to reject the governor's plan by the end of the year on the grounds that it would roll back gains in expected coverage.
A Trump administration could decide the matter differently, said Emily Beauregard, executive director of Kentucky Voice for Health, an advocacy group that opposes most waiver changes because they could reduce access to care.
"I think it's much more likely that a waiver could be approved under the Trump administration," she said. "On the other hand, I wonder if the waiver will be a moot point under a Trump administration, assuming that major pieces of the [Affordable Care Act] are repealed. "
Lockaby is watching with alarm: "I am worried to death about it. "
Life already is hard in her part of Kentucky's coal country, where once-dependable mining jobs are mostly gone.
In Clay County where Lockaby lives, 38 percent of the population live in poverty. A fifth of the residents are disabled. Life expectancy is eight years below the nation's average.
Clay's location places it inside an area familiar to public health specialists as the South's diabetes and stroke belt. It's also in the so-called " Coronary Valley " encompassing the 10-state Ohio/Mississippi valley region.
About 60 percent of Clay County's 21,000 residents are covered by Medicaid, up from about a third before the expansion. The counties uninsured rate for nonelderly adults has fallen from 29 percent to 10 percent.
Still, the increase in insurance coverage hasn't made Clay's people healthier yet. Local health officials here say achieving that will take a decade or more. Instead, they cite progress in smaller steps: more cancer screenings, more visits to mental health professionals and more prescriptions getting filled. Harder lifestyle changes that are still ahead — such as eating better, quitting smoking and regular exercise — will take more than a couple years to happen, said Aaron Yelowitz, associate professor of economics at the University of Kentucky.
At the Grace Community Health Center in Manchester, Ky., psychologist Joan Nantz meets with patient Ramiro Salazar, who gained Medicaid under the expansion.
Phil Galewitz/Kaiser Health News
hide caption
At the Grace Community Health Center in Manchester, Ky., psychologist Joan Nantz meets with patient Ramiro Salazar, who gained Medicaid under the expansion.
One hopeful spot is the Grace Community Health Center in downtown Manchester, where patient visits are up more than 20 percent since 2014. Those without insurance pay on a sliding scale, which can mean a visit costs $50 or more.
That was too much for Ramiro Salazar, 47, who lives with his wife and two children on a $733 monthly income. With Medicaid, he sees a doctor for his foot and ankle pain, meets regularly with a psychologist for anxiety and gets medications — all free to him. Medicaid even covers his transportation costs to doctors, vital because a specialist can be 40 miles away.
Salazar is worried about Bevin's plans, especially the additional costs. "I probably couldn't afford it as I'm unemployed," he said. "It would hurt me pretty bad. "
Any development that could take away health coverage from people with mental health issues worries Joan Nantz, a psychologist who works part time at Grace and whose appointment calendar is booked three weeks out because of patient demand. More than 90 percent of her clients are on Medicaid.
"If something happens to this program, I can't begin to think what impact it would have on society," she said. Without counseling, people with mental health issues will resort to illegal drugs and be more likely to commit crimes and domestic violence, Nantz said.
Just five primary care doctors in Manchester treat adults in Clay and surrounding counties. Manchester Memorial Hospital has tried to recruit more without success.
"We had a painful primary care shortage here five years ago and now it's worse," said Dr. Jeffrey Newswanger, an emergency room physician and chief medical officer at the hospital. "Just because they have a Medicaid card doesn't mean they have doctors. "
The emergency room is busier than ever seeing patients for primary care needs, he said.
Newswanger sees both sides to the debate over Medicaid. The hospital gained because more patients are now covered by insurance, and the ER's uninsured rate dropped to 2 percent from 10 percent in 2013.
"Eliminating the expansion altogether would be painful for the hospital and a disaster for the community," he said.
But, Newswanger also appreciates some of Bevin's proposals.
"No one values something that they get for free," he said, and incentives are needed to make people seek care in doctors' offices instead of expensive ERs.
Christie Green, public health director of the Cumberland Valley District Health Department that covers Clay County, said making the poor pay more or scrapping Medicaid's expansion would be a setback to improving people's health.
Last year, Green helped Manchester build a three-mile trail along a park and install a swinging bridge across a small creek. Both additions were intended to promote physical fitness in a place where and more than a third smoke — both far above national averages.
Progress is slow. The path is used regularly. But drug addicts congregate daily by the bridge and it rarely gets traffic.
"There is a lot to overcome here," Green said.
This story was produced through collaboration between NPR and Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent program of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation , a nonpartisan health care policy research organization. You can follow Phil Galewitz on Twitter: @philgalewitz.

How Trump will change the Republican Party


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Pitso v Steve: bonhomie forgotten in ‘classico’ between Sundowns and Chiefs at Loftus (1.02/8)

Jaguar is celebrating its past and its future in equal measure at this year's LA Auto Show by revealing a perfect recreation of its iconic 1957 XKSS roadster alongside its cutting-edge plug-in SUV concept the I-Pace and committing to the electrification of half its...

Mamelodi Sundowns vs Kaizer Chiefs


 57 /410 

Southampton v Liverpool FC LIVE score: Plus Premier League scores and results (1.02/8)

There are six 3pm kick-offs in the Premier League, with leaders Liverpool and third-placed Manchester City among those in action. Jurgen Klopp's side head to Southampton as they aim to continue the fine form that has them one point clear of Chelsea at the summit. Pep Guardiola's City are in London to face Crystal Palace, while there is a massive game at the foot of the table as Sunderland take on Hull City. Elsewhere, Everton play Swansea City, Stoke City host Bournemouth and Watford take on Leicester City. Join DAN RIPLEY for all the action as it unfolds, with updates from our reporters around the grounds.

Yaya Toure returns to Manchester City team for match at Crystal Palace
English premier league top scorers
English premier league results and standings


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Four people are charged 'after being caught in horrific video beating man' while onlookers yelled 'Don't vote Trump' (1.02/8)

Four people have been charged in the videotaped beating of a man as bystanders yelled 'Don't vote Trump,' Chicago police say. Julian Christian, 26, along with 21-year-old Rajane Lewis, 20-year-old Dejuan Collins and a 17-year-old girl who wasn't identified were each charged with vehicular hijacking in the November 9 incident, authorities say. Christian is from Broadview, Illinois, and Lewis and Collins are from Chicago. The attack happened in the 1100 block of South Kedzie Avenue, ABC30 reports. David Wilcox, 49, says he was attacked after another car scraped his. He says he was beaten after parking and asking the other driver if they had insurance. He told the Chicago Tribune : 'The car pulled up next to me, we side-swiped each other, but they hit my car. I put the car in park, the light was red, I got out of the car. 'One of the guy - African-American at the bus stop - said "Yeah, that's one of those white boy Trump supporters. " 'And I said "What does that have to do with this accident? I just want to exchange insurance. " 'And then, the next thing I know, the guy said "Don't worry about it, we're gonna beat his ass. " 'And then punches were thrown and the next thing I know, I had five people on me, and I fell to the ground, I was kicked in the head, they were in my car, stealing all my stuff. 'I tried to go to the car, I got hit some more, I tried to get into a defensive stance to try to ward them off a little bit, hold them back, and then another guy said "Get the car! Get the car! "' Someone drove off with Wilcox's car during the attack on Chicago's West Side - and Wilcox hung on for approximately one mile, ABC 30 reported. Wilcox acknowledges he supports President-elect Donald Trump, but says he told no one in the crowd that. He told the Chicago Tribune: '[Trump] might not speak perfectly politically correct, but he's the best man for the job. He's the one that's going to bring back jobs, the trade, get the people that are here illegally out.' A witness has claimed that prior to the attack Wilcox used a racial slur, which Wilcox denies, ABC30 reports. It wasn't immediately clear whether those charged have attorneys.

4 charged in anti-Trump beating of US man


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Thanksgiving gifts for the whole family (1.02/8)

Next Tuesdsay we head to Nashville to spend Thanksgiving with family. I have been brainstorming gifts for my mother-in-law who hosts us at her house, my husband's grandmother who has been slaving away for weeks creating the beautiful feast, and a few little things for my sister-in-laws, because I don't see them too often and I know they would be thrilled with a little something.
Things I am loving to gift this year include glassware with calligraphy or monograms, like Williams-Sonoma's gold double old-fashioned glasses or any stemless wine glasses with calligraphy. Then I just love the mini sets of candles... from Diptyque to Jo Malone , you can't go wrong, and S'well water bottles , how cool is this limited edition one by Gray Malin!! Shop the full list below for everyone on your list!
The post Thanksgiving Gifts for the Whole Family appeared first on Fashionable Hostess. More from Fashionable Hostess Host Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving Garland & Candle Centerpiece Holiday Brunch with Chinet

Learn more about your family's health history this Thanksgiving


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Concerned for security, Poland offers women defense training (1.02/8)

Poland's defense minister has officially launched self-defense courses for women, saying that training by military instructors will increase individual and national security. Antoni Macierewicz has repeatedly stressed that the nation's...

Concerned for Security, Poland Offers Women Defense Training


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Knitters spreading kindness by giving scarves to strangers (1.02/8)

MANCHESTER, N. H. (AP) — More than 400 scarves were hanging on a park fence earlier this month in downtown Manchester, waiting for people with chilly necks and shoulders to snatch them up for the winter season. Within a day, the scarves were gone. The hundreds of hand-knitted scarves are part of a project started two years ago by the Rev. Ruth Gallot, who was looking for a way to inspire parishioners at Longmeadow Congregational Church UCC in Auburn to do something more than write a check. "It was something simple that people could do," Gallot said "So often, people think there is no way (they) can make a difference in the world. We believe you do what you can. " The first year, parishioners made 75 scarves to give out to people in the community who needed or wanted them. "I want to see people being warm. If I can do that little thing, I'm glad to do it," said Christine Hrycuna, who knitted 50 scarves this year. The group of knitters has grown in just two years with groups donating yarn and other scarves and hats to give away. The reaction to the scarf project has been a mix of surprise and admiration, with many visitors finding it hard to believe they are getting a scarf for free. "It does a good job," said Dawon Fulse, of Manchester, who picked out a scarf. "It keeps my neck warm, plus, actually, the colors match perfectly. And listen, everybody needs help. " But at a nearby homeless shelter, not everyone felt the effort went far enough. The shelter received 75 of the scarves. "It's a nice gesture and I'm glad people want to do something to help," said Kevin Kintner, program director for the New Horizons for New Hampshire, a homeless shelter and food pantry. "But I wish they would look into ways they could address the issues on a deeper level. If people are knitting and make scarves, that is great. But hopefully they do other things, too. " Gallot said she knows this gesture is not going to solve the problem of homelessness, but this is just another step her group can take. She said Longmeadow Church this summer provided weekly food deliveries to the shelter and planted seedlings at its greenhouse. Gallot said she's even gotten a call from a group in New York that wants to put their scarves in backpacks for the homeless, and she's also heard from groups in Los Angeles and Albuquerque, New Mexico, that want to start their own donation programs. Knitter Jackie Wood said she thinks helping out with scarf-making is a great cause. "It became even more meaningful when I went to the park and talked to the people who were taking the scarves and heard their stories," she said.

Knitters Spreading Kindness by Giving Scarves to Strangers


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Michigan man gets prison for amassing 18,600 images of child porn (1.02/8)

GRAND RAPIDS — A northern Michigan man who amassed more than 18,600 images of child pornography, including images of kids being raped, was sentenced Friday to 17½ years in federal prison.
Thomas Arlan Evans collected images and videos, including “hard-core, graphic material’’ that calls for “significant punishment,’’ federal prosecutors said in a sentencing memorandum.
U. S. District Court Judge Robert J. Jonker sentenced Evans to prison and ordered that he pay a $1,500 fine. Once he gets out of prison, Evans will have to serve seven years on supervised release.
► Related: Former 'Survivor' contestant Skupin convicted on child porn charges
The porn collection was uncovered in a September 2015 raid of his home in the Antrim County village of Mancelona. Evans, 55, pleaded guilty in June to possession of child pornography. The federal offense is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
► Related: Lake Orion child porn case called 'worst in 20 years'
“A portion of this child pornography featured victims as young as toddler-aged children and a number of the images and videos depict sadistic sexual assaults on very young and vulnerable children,’’ Assistant U. S. Attorney Sean M. Lewis wrote in a sentencing memorandum.
Federal prosecutors say Evans made statements denying criminal intent, minimizing his behavior “and placing, at least in part, the blame elsewhere.’’
Evans, a divorced father of three, served four years in the U. S. military after graduating from high school. He reported being sexually assaulted by his babysitter when he was between the ages of 7 and 9, defense attorney David L. Kaczor wrote in a sentencing memorandum.
His mental health “can only be characterized as unstable’’ and Evans has not worked since 1992 due to health problems, Kaczor wrote.
The investigation got underway in summer 2015 when police went to Evans’ home to investigate a domestic dispute. Evans was arrested after he showed an officer a paddle located in a nightstand in his bedroom, court records show.
Police in September 2015 obtained a search warrant for his home, recovering more than 18,600 images of child pornography, court records show.
One thumb drive labeled ‘XXX Don’t Erase’ contained 12,000 images and 59 child porn videos. A desktop computer in the family room held another 1,044 images and three videos of child porn, federal court records show.
Evans also “encouraged inappropriate sexual behavior’’ with children, Lewis wrote in the sentencing memorandum.
“Additional victims have reported that the defendant sexually assaulted them when they were children,’’ he wrote.
Federal prosecutors say a harsh term is warranted because child pornography “validates and normalizes the sexual exploitation of children.’’

Man kept 'sadistic' child porn among 19K images


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Sanctuary cities risk billions in defiance of Trump (1.02/8)

Some of America's largest cities say they are going to remain so-called sanctuary cities even though they risk being cut off financially by the federal government once Donald Trump takes office.
As part of his immigration plan, President-elect Trump has pledged to block federal funding to these cities within his first 100 days. Sanctuary cities generally have laws or policies in place that limit how much local law enforcement cooperates with federal immigration officials when it comes to searching for and detaining undocumented immigrants.
"Block funding for sanctuary cities. We block the funding. No more funding," Trump said in August when he laid out his immigration plans at a rally in Phoenix. "Cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars. "
Should Trump carry through on that pledge, his home city of New York could stand to lose close to $10.4 billion in federal funds, according to budget documents sent from the City Council Speaker's office. Among some of the biggest recipients of federal funds in the city are the Department of Social Services, the New York City Housing Authority and the Administration for Children's Services.
New York is a sanctuary city and it has laws in place that protect undocumented immigrants accused of low-level nonviolent offenses -- like traffic stops or jumping a subway turnstile -- from being turned over to U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Those who commit serious felony offenses, such as murder or assault, however, are not shielded.
Related: What is a sanctuary city?
The day after Trump was elected, New York mayor Bill de Blasio was asked at a news conference how he'd respond to Trump's plan. "We're not going to tear families apart. So we will do everything we know how to do to resist that," he said at the time.
"We're going to push back like hell. I've been clear, our mayor has been clear and our governor has been clear that we're going to protect our values," New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito told CNNMoney.
Santa Fe stands to lose about $6 million in federal funding, or about 2% of its annual budget, city officials said.
Nevertheless, Mayor Javier Gonzales has pledged to stand by his city's sanctuary status.
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"The loss of federal funds would be certainly devastating, but we're not going to compromise our values. We'll have to find our way through it and we will," he told CNNMoney.
Most of the city's economy is driven by tourism, which brings in about $1.4 billion a year, city officials said.
"The new immigrant provides a critical supply of labor and skill sets that are needed to meet the ongoing demand of a healthy tourism economy," said Gonzales. "They're participating in our schools and are part of our labor force, they're going off and fighting for our country. "
Gonzales advised Trump and Congress to look back at what Ronald Reagan did with immigration as president and make reforming the broken immigration system a top priority.
"When you do that, this idea of penalizing or criminalizing people who are living here lawfully, for the exception of a broken federal immigration system, goes away and makes it much easier for us to move forward as a country," he said.
The Department of Homeland Security said it has been focusing its efforts to be more in line with those of the sanctuary cities.
"Many law enforcement agencies, including some large jurisdictions are now once again cooperating with ICE," Homeland Security press secretary Sarah Rodriguez said in an emailed statement.
She said the Department's new Priority Enforcement Program "focuses enforcement resources on convicted criminals and individuals who threaten public safety and national security, while also taking into account important community policing needs. "
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Mayors from other sanctuary cities, including San Francisco, Baltimore and Chicago are also standing their ground.
Days after Trump's election, Chicago's mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a press release there was "a sense of uncertainty among many immigrant communities in Chicago and across the nation. "
He reiterated that Chicago would remain a sanctuary city and said the city's 311 operators had been given special training to answer people's questions. "Chicago has been a city of immigrants since it was founded. We have always welcomed people of all faiths and backgrounds, and while the administration will change, our values and our commitment to inclusion will not," he said.
Related: America's undocumented immigrant workforce has stopped growing
"We've heard from many mayors -- Mayor Garcetti, from L. A., Mayor Emanuel from Chicago -- saying that they are going to stay sanctuary cities," said Santa Fe's Gonzales. "It's a human rights issue and ultimately what makes America great is that we've always stood on the side of human rights. "

New York to remain a ‘sanctuary city’ for immigrants: de Blasio


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Despite LePage’s move, refugees will keep coming to Maine (1.02/8)

AUGUSTA – Refugees will continue entering Maine despite Gov. Paul LePage’s announcement that the state will no longer participate in a federally funded resettlement program.
So far this year, about 607 refugees were resettled in Maine, and more will arrive next year. Over the past decade, the state has worked with Catholic Charities of Maine to settle more than 3,400 refugees.
A spokeswoman for the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services said its Office of Refugee Resettlement is working to appoint an interim agency that will administer earmarked federal funds, though a timeline is still uncertain.
That agency will likely be Catholic Charities. The federal government will later accept competitive bids for an agency that will take federal funds directly for refugee resettlement.
LePage’s office didn’t respond to requests for comment. A spokeswoman for Catholic Charities of Maine stressed that for now, the agency will continue providing services to refugees in and entering Maine.
“We were certainly disappointed the governor didn’t contact us directly,” spokeswoman Judy Katzel said, adding that LePage didn’t have to under federal law.
The governor amped up his criticism of refugee screening and taxpayer-funded benefits for refugees after learning that an Iranian refugee briefly lived in Maine and died last year fighting for the Islamic State group. The man, Adnan Fazeli, became radicalized while living in Maine, and family members alerted authorities when they learned he had left for Turkey and Syria.
The Health Department said people receive services only after they are granted refugee status following “stringent security screenings.” That process takes 18 to 24 months.
This year, Maine received $2.6 million in federal grant awards to fund contracts and services for refugees like medical support and employment-related help.
LePage wrote a Nov. 4 letter to President Barack Obama saying he no longer wants Maine associated with the federal refugee resettlement program, and he has also opposed the settlement of Syrian refugees in Maine “until adequate vetting procedures can be established.”
LePage said FBI Director James Comey had told Congress the government can’t conduct thorough background checks on all refugees. Comey actually told Congress that a challenge with background checks is that data about people coming from Syria may be limited, and he later told Congress the FBI has an effective process to vet refugees.
The governor said Maine communities are being burdened by this “unchecked influx of refugees” and “especially prevalent” welfare fraud within the refugee community. He did not provide data for such assertions.
The Boston Herald reported that Maine state officials confirmed Fazeli received federal welfare benefits – a statement that Maine advocates said may violate privacy law. LePage also told the newspaper he would review all taxpayer-funded benefits for “refugee-related” programs.
The governor has also blamed rising instances of certain infectious diseases in Maine on asylum seekers, without providing data, and said asylum seekers expose the public to diseases like the “ziki fly” – a muddled reference to Zika, a mosquito-borne virus that might be linked to birth defects.
He opposes giving state general assistance benefits to asylum seekers.
Maine joins three other states – New Jersey, Kansas and Texas – that have recently opted out the federally funded refugee assistance program.
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Send questions/comments to the editors.

Despite LePage's move, refugees will keep coming to Maine


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Land Rover BAR leads after Day 1 of America's Cup in Japan (1.02/8)

Skipper Ben Ainslie guided his Land Rover BAR team to the overall lead after the first day of racing at the America's Cup World Series in Japan on Saturday.
Land Rover BAR won the first of three races and has 27 points, one ahead of Oracle Team USA, which won the third and final race.
Emirates Team New Zealand was in third place with 23 points.
Softbank Team Japan won the second race.
The Fukuoka regatta is the ninth and final stop of the ACWS. The winner of the overall series will earn two bonus points to carry into the qualifiers in June, while the second-placed team will earn one bonus point.
Land Rover BAR holds a 15-point lead over Oracle Team USA in the series standings heading into Sunday's finale.

Land Rover BAR leads after Day 1 of America’s Cup in Japan


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Leonardo gives Jeonbuk advantage in Asian CL final 1st leg (1.02/8)

Two goals from Leonardo gave South Korea's Jeonbuk Motors a come-from-behind 2-1 home win over Al Ain in the first leg of the Asian Champions League final on Saturday.
With Jeonbuk trailing at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium, the Brazilian intervened to give the 2006 champion a narrow advantage ahead of the second leg at 12-time UAE champion Al Ain on Nov. 26.
After a scrappy first half, Al Ain, which won the inaugural Asian Champions League in 2003, went ahead with a fierce shot from Colombia's Danilo Asprilla after 64 minutes.
Six minutes later, Leonardo curled home from outside the area to put Jeonbuk back on level terms.
The Brazilian fired home the winner from the spot with 14 minutes left after Mohanad Salem brought down Kim Shin-wook. It was his 10th goal of the tournament.
"We won but there are still 90 minutes to play," said Jeonbuk coach Choi Kang-hee, who led the club to its title a decade ago. "If we can keep our concentration, then we can go to the away leg and get the result we need. We will go looking to score and win the game. "
Al Ain coach Zlatko Dalic was happy with the away goal, which means a 1-0 win next Saturday would be enough.
"I am not satisfied with the result but I am happy with the way we played," the Croat said. "Jeonbuk is a strong team but we can win at home. "
The title winner represents Asia in the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan in December.

Jeonbuk beat Al Ain 2-1 in first leg of Champions League final


 67 /410 

Three Iraq forces killed trying to defuse truck bomb (1.02/8)

Three members of the Iraqi security forces were killed Saturday when an Islamic State group truck bomb they were trying to defuse exploded west of Baghdad, police officials said. A large truck packed with explosives was intercepted by security forces in the Tamim neighbourhood of Ramadi, the main city in Iraq's vast western province of Anbar. "Three members of the police's disposal team, one of them a lieutenant colonel, were killed and the head of the squad was wounded, as they tried to defuse the truck," said a police lieutenant colonel. Iraq's interior ministry spokesman said the driver was arrested. Security forces retook Ramadi from IS jihadists early this year and recaptured Fallujah, which lies closer to Baghdad in the Euphrates Valley, in June. While anti-IS forces have now retaken much of the sprawling province -- which has borders with Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia -- the jihadists have been harassing security forces regularly.

Islamic State kills 12 Sunni tribal fighters, police south of Mosul


 68 /410 

British woman arrested in Dubai after reporting rape, group says (1.02/8)

"This is tremendously disturbing," Radha Stirling, the group's founder and director, said in a statement. "Police regularly fail to differentiate between consensual intercourse and violent rape.
"Victims go to them expecting justice, and end up being prosecuted. They not only invalidate their (victimization); they actually punish them for it. "
A UK Foreign Office spokeswoman said she could not discuss specific details, saying: "We are supporting a British woman in relation to this case and will remain in contact with her family. "
It is understood that the Foreign Office is also in contact with two other British nationals.
The press office for the British Consulate in Dubai said it was supporting a British woman and her family, adding: "We have raised the case with the UAE Government, and would like to see it progress as quickly as possible. "
Dubai is one of seven states that make up the United Arab Emirates, or UAE.
According to Detained in Dubai, the woman was "gang-raped" by a group of British nationals.
Stirling said the woman had been released on bail but had her passport confiscated.
The Government of Dubai Media Office told CNN on Saturday it had no comment on the case.
A spokesman for Dubai police said he was unable to comment because the case was before the courts.

Tourist arrested after reporting alleged gang rape in Dubai speaks out about 'nightmare' ordeal


 69 /410 

French Conservatives Fear Populist Wave That Carried Trump Will Foreshadow Primary (1.02/8)

Eleanor Beardsley
French conservatives choose their candidate for President on Sunday. The winner will likely face off against Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front in the presidential election next year.

Austria conservatives urge vote against far-right's Hofer


 70 /410 

Russia seeks explanation from Swiss over incident with government plane (1.02/8)

MOSCOW, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Moscow has sought an explanation from the Swiss government after Swiss fighter jets flew close to a Russian government airliner en route to Peru for the APEC summit. Three Swiss F/A 18 jets on Friday came close to the aeroplane carrying Russian APEC delegation members and journalists and escorted it while in Swiss air space, according to a Reuters reporter aboard the Russian airliner. "(We) have expressed surprise and asked for explanations from Switzerland over the incident with the Russian government plane in the sky of the Confederation," Russia's embassy in Switzerland wrote on Twitter on Saturday. Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to arrive at the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) which is taking place in Lima this weekend. (Reporting by Denis Pinchuk and Maria Kiselyova; writing by Maria Kiselyova; Editing by Stephen Powell)

Moscow demands explanation for Russian media plane being shadowed by Swiss fighter jets — RT News


 71 /410 

Saudi-led coalition declares 48-hour ceasefire in Yemen (1.02/8)

The Saudi-led military coalition declared a 48-hour ceasefire in Yemen on Saturday, on condition that Shiite rebels abided by it and allowed humanitarian assistance into besieged cities, particularly Taiz.
However, minutes after it went into effect, activists in Taiz said rebel shelling continued in the city, while a rebel-affiliated military spokesman said there was no halt to the fighting.
Colonel Sharaf Loqman told the Associated Press that the fighting has not stopped at any of the front lines. He said the rebels support a full cessation of hostilities, but that the reality at the moment is "all parties are engaged in fighting".
The Saudi news agency SPA carried a statement from the coalition which said the truce would take effect at 12pm Yemeni time on Saturday and that it could be renewed. The coalition warned the rebels, known as Houthis, against any sort of military movement.
The ceasefire comes at a time that forces loyal to the Saudi-backed, internationally-recognised government have made advances in Taiz, which has been besieged by the rebels for the past year.
The coalition has demanded that the Houthis send their representatives to meet a de-escalation committee based in a southern Saudi city, in order to make security and military arrangements to end rebel control over several cities in the north - including the capital, Sanaa.
While the coalition stressed that the ceasefire is aimed at paving the way for peace, it did not elaborate on whether it is accepting the UN-brokered peace plan - which sidelines President Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi and gives the rebels a share of power.
The truce also comes two days after an earlier plan for a US-brokered ceasefire faltered.
US Secretary of State John Kerry, who met Houthi representatives in Oman this week, set November 17 as the beginning of the ceasefire. The plan was immediately rejected by Mr Hadi's government, which accused Mr Kerry of striking a unilateral deal. The coalition made no comment on Mr Kerry's announcement.
The conflict in Yemen has divided the country into rival regions with the northern - predominated by Shiites - under rebel control while the south - mostly Sunnis - is under the coalition's control.
The coalition intervened in Yemen in March 2015 at the request of Mr Hadi, who was forced to flee the country when the Houthis joined ranks with forces loyal to ousted Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh and descended from their northern enclave - seizing the capital and pushing southwards.
The coalition imposed a blockade on Yemen, and the air strikes along with ground fighting have left more than 4,000 civilians dead and tens of thousands wounded.
The conflict has forced three million people to flee their homes and pushed the Arab world's poorest nation to the brink of famine.

Saudi-led coalition starts 48-hour truce in Yemen: SPA


 72 /410 

Zuckerberg Says He'll Take Steps to Solve Facebook Fake News (1.02/8)

Facebook Inc. is taking steps to address its role in spreading fake news, such as enlisting the help of third-party fact checkers and posting warnings on dubious stories.
Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg on Friday responded to criticism that Facebook’s news feed rewarded false stories in the run-up to the U. S. presidential election, including a post that said Donald Trump was endorsed by the Pope.
“Normally we wouldn’t share specifics about our work in progress, but given the importance of these issues and the amount of interest in this topic, I want to outline some of the projects we already have underway,” Zuckerberg said on Facebook. “We need to be careful not to discourage sharing of opinions or mistakenly restricting accurate content. We do not want to be arbiters of truth ourselves, but instead rely on our community and trusted third parties.”
Facebook is exploring labeling stories that have been reported as false by third parties or the community so people are warned before they read or share them, Zuckerberg said. The company also is working to make it easier for people to report fake news, and improve technical systems to better detect such articles.
Facebook is also turning outside its own organization for help. It will meet with journalists to understand how they verify information, and is exploring partnerships with third-party fact-checking organizations.
Zuckerberg also noted that fake news was becoming a big business, and said Facebook is looking for ways to disrupt the economics of it.
His remarks come just a few days after he said it was “crazy” to think that fake news on Facebook influenced the outcome of the election. He’s also said that more than 99 percent of the stories on Facebook are accurate. But the criticism of his handling of the issue mounted, and by the end of the week, even President Barack Obama was speaking about the negative effect of fake stories on social media.
“Some of these ideas will work well, and some will not,” Zuckerberg wrote. “But I want you to know that we have always taken this seriously, we understand how important the issue is for our community and we are committed to getting this right.”

Zuckerberg: Facebook will develop tools to fight fake news


 73 /410 

El-Sissi says don't 'jump to conclusions' on Trump (1.02/8)

CAIRO: Egypt ’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has praised U. S. President-elect Donald J. Trump , saying that his inflammatory statements from the campaign trail do not necessarily reflect the actions he will take as president.

El-Sissi says don’t ‘jump to conclusions’ on Trump


 74 /410 

NATO ‘absolutely confident’ Trump committed to alliance (1.02/8)

AFPBRUSSELS (AFP-Jiji) — NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Friday voiced confidence that Donald Trump was committed to the transatlantic alliance, which has stood the test of time for both the United States and Europe.

Mike Flynn Says He Helped Shape Trump's Views on NATO


 75 /410 

Suspected ISIS terrorists accused of plotting to carry out attacks in Spain are arrested in Barcelona and Madrid (1.02/8)

Two suspected ISIS terrorists, who authorities say were willing to carry out attacks in Spain, have been arrested in Barcelona and Madrid. The Moroccan pair were 'dangerous' and 'directed and controlled' by the terror group, Spanish Ministry of Interior officials said. The two men, who have not been named, are said to have isolated themselves from the rest of society and limited their contact with the outside world through 'radical jihadist profiles' on the internet. They were held during dawn raids today in the Spanish capital and Roda de Ter in the province of Barcelona an hour's drive north of the Catalan city. A Spanish Ministry of Interior spokesman, referring to ISIS by its acronym DAESH, said in a statement: 'They were fully integrated into DAESH, following their instructions and their plans of actions to the letter.' Officials described the pair as being in a 'state of pre-alert for the possible commission of terrorist attacks in Spain.' The Ministry of Interior spokesman added: 'They were also active on the Internet and social media with the aim of radicalising and recruiting new conscripts. 'They divulged a wealth of radical material including propaganda material designed to fill western societies with fear.' Today's operation brought the number of suspected Islamic terrorists held in Spain since the start of last year, when the country went onto a level 4 terror alert, to 215. Earlier this month four people suspected of trying to recruit so-called Caliphate Cubs - child soldiers as young as 12 to fight for ISIS - were held in Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta. Last month two Muslim preachers accused of supporting ISIS were held in the Ibizan party resort of San Antonio.

Spain arrests 2 Moroccans suspected of recruiting for IS


 76 /410 

Two teenagers charged with murder following stabbing of 17-year-old (1.02/8)

Two teenagers have been charged with murder following the stabbing of a 17-year-old boy.
The suspects, who are both 16, are accused of the murder of Duran Junior Kaijama, who died following an incident in Dagenham, east London.
The Metropolitan police said they would appear at Barkingside magistrates court on Saturday.
Duran was found with a stab wound in Wyhill Walk shortly after officers were called to an incident outside a fast-food shop in Church Elm Lane at 6.20pm on 12 November. He died later in hospital.
Another 16-year-old boy has already appeared at Uxbridge magistrates court charged with Duran’s murder. He was remanded in custody on Friday to appear at the Old Bailey at a date to be set.
All three youths are also charged with attempted murder after another teenager, 16, was taken to hospital with stab wounds on 12 November. Police said the victim’s injuries were not life-threatening.

Two teenagers charged with murder over boy's stab death


 77 /410 

Misfiring Azkals settle for draw vs Singapore (1.01/8)

BOCAUE, Bulacan – The Philippines left itself with a far tougher task of qualifying from Group A of the AFF Suzuki Cup after settling for a scoreless stalemate against 10-man Singapore last night at Philippine
Sports Stadium.
The Azkals rued a missed opportunity to join Thailand in the early lead as they failed to break down a resolute Lions defense, which coped well despite going a man down in the last 35 minutes.
With the defending champion Thais beating a surprisingly tough Indonesian side, 4-2, earlier, the Azkals now face the difficult task of picking up points from their last two matches in the tournament’s
Group of Death. Both Philippines and Singapore have a point each.
The Azkals face Indonesia on Tuesday, aware that the Merah Putih are tougher than they were initially billed as shown by their performance against the Thais, who needed two late goals to dispatch them.
“It’s disappointing not to score with all the chances that we had,” said Azkals captain Phil Younghusband. “We have to learn from this match.”
The crowd of 4,339 greeted the final whistle with jeers perhaps directed on the Lions for their incessant time wasting in the second half. But the home side must not escape scrutiny as well with its
inability to find the back of the net.
Stephan Schrock and Pika Minegishi, making his Azkals debut, both wasted gilt-edged chances in a second half, allowing the Lions to survive. Singapore goalkeeper Hassan Sunny also starred, denying Minegishi twice, including from a free header in stoppage.

Thais’ resolve put to the test in opening win in Suzuki Cup
Suzuki Cup: Thais ride Teerasil hattrick to beat Indonesia


 78 /410 

Toure makes surprise start for City (1.00/8)

Yaya Toure was set to make his first Premier League appearance for Manchester City this season after the Ivory Coast midfielder was surprisingly named in the starting line-up at Crystal Palace on Saturday. Out-of-favour Toure's only previous appearance since Pep Guardiola's appointment as City manager came in a Champions League qualifier against Steaua Bucharest in August. Toure's return to the team comes shortly after he apologised to Guardiola for "misunderstandings of the past". His agent Dimitri Seluk had been critical of Guardiola, accusing him of "humiliating" Toure by omitting him from City's Champions League group stage squad. Toure was also sold by Barcelona to City when Guardiola was manager of the Spanish club.

Yaya Toure returns to Manchester City team for match at Crystal Palace


 79 /410 

Stenson finally clicks in Dubai as money-list title moves closer (1.00/8)

By David French DUBAI, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Henrik Stenson has one hand on the European Order of Merit title after a string of birdies on the back nine of his third round at the DP World Tour Championship on Saturday lifted the Swede up the leaderboard as his money-list rivals failed to make headway. While the 40-year old was making moves towards topping the season's rankings, France's Victor Dubuisson fired himself into contention for the tournament win with an eight-under-par round to lead by one shot after 54 holes. Having continued his struggles of the first two days into day three with bogeys on holes four, six and 10, Stenson finally clicked into gear in the afternoon sunshine in Dubai as he holed five birdies in the last seven holes - including chipping straight in from the greenside rough on 16. "I turned it around at least and, yeah, I've got to be pretty pleased with the way we managed to play on the way home," Stenson told reporters. His two-under par round of 70 moved him to five under for the tournament, level with world number two Rory McIlroy, who had earlier threatened one of his familiar surges to give himself a sniff of a chance to usurp Stenson. However, the Northern Irishman found the water with his second shot on 18, and the eventual bogey left him four under for the day. "Maybe I just was a little too aggressive with it and pulled it slightly, as anything left of that pin is going to go in the water, unless you hit it way past the pin," McIlroy said. Coming into the tournament second on the money list, Danny Willett's challenge wilted on Saturday as a four-over par 76 left him well out of contention for both the event and season honours. Sweden's Alex Noren posted a three-under-par 69 to leave him tied for 13th overall at seven-under. He needs a top-two finish in Dubai to be in with a shout of topping the money list. FRENCH REVELATION After a steady first two days, Dubuisson emerged from the pack to head the season-ending championship. The Frenchman's eight-under par 64 included seven birdies and a eagle achieved through a contender for shot of the tournament on hole five - a majestic approach which gently spun back into the cup. "Yeah, sometimes it goes in," Dubuisson said of the eagle. "I made a lucky bogey on the next hole, so it kind of set it up. " Rivalling the Frenchman - both for the tournament and individual piece of brilliance - was English youngster Matthew Fitzpatrick. His six-under par 66 included a monster eagle putt on hole seven, as well as seven birdies. The only aberration was a double-bogey on 13. The 22-year-old was joined on 12 under par by fellow Englishman Tyrrell Hatton and Nicolas Colsaerts. Tied-second after day one, it is where the Belgian is placed once more after a topsy-turvy round three of two eagles, six birdies but also four bogeys. A further shot back were the trio of Spain's Rafa Cabrera Bello, who made 10 birdies and a bogey to record the lowest round of the tournament, England's Lee Westwood and overnight co-leader Francesco Molinari of Italy. Fellow halfway leader Sergio Garcia of Spain fell away after a two-over par round of 74 which included four bogeys and a double-bogey on the front nine. (Editing by Ed Osmond)

England's Wood has no regrets over Westwood World Cup snub


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Adamson turns long-time frustrations into UAAP Cheerdance bronze (1.00/8)

For 15 years, Adamson University has languished outside the podium of the UAAP Cheerdance Competition.
That misfortune ended on Saturday when the Adamson Pep Squad finally vanquished the monster that kept them out of the cheerdance elite as they took the bronze medal in arguably the most surprising routine of the afternoon.
Adamson scored a total of 655 points behind champion National University and first runner-up Far Eastern University.
READ: NU Pep Squad bags fourth straight UAAP Cheerdance gold
“Siyempre nakakalungkot isipin kasi ginagawa naman namin best namin every year di lang pinapalad mag place,” said team captain Carlo Espelita. “Pero nagpapasalamat kami sa lahat ng suporta sa amin kasi kahit anong mangyari andyan sila.”
Adamson’s best finish in the competition was a silver medal in 2001, giving the school the longest medal drought in UAAP CDC history.
With a Hawaiian-inspired theme, the Adamson Pep Squad took the highest score of 89 in the Pyramids category and the second-best mark of 353 behind champions NU.
“Sobrang saya kasi ang tagal naming hinintay manalo and ngayon pang graduation year ko pa,” said Espelita whose team practiced their routine starting summer of 2016. “Siguro talaga yung gutom namin na manalo, ilang taong pinaghirapan yun po ngayon nagbunga na mga paghihirap namin.”

NU also rules UAAP Cheerdance group stunts


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Iraqi forces advance into Mosul under fire, 1 soldier killed (1.00/8)

MOSUL, Iraq — Iraqi troops advanced cautiously into eastern districts of Mosul on Friday, facing stiff resistance from Islamic State militants a day after they paused their assault due to poor visibility, officers said.

Iraqi troops face stiff resistance from IS in eastern Mosul


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Test Wales v Japan line-ups (0.04/8)

Nov 19 (Gracenote) - Line-ups for the Test match between Wales and Japan on Saturday at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales : 1-Nicky Smith, 2-Scott Baldwin, 3-Samson Lee, 4-Corey Hill, 5-Alun-Wyn Jones, 6-Danny Lydiate;7-Sam Warburton (capt), 8-James King;9-Lloyd Williams, 10-Gareth Anscombe, 11-Alex Cuthbert, 12-Jamie Roberts, 13-Jonathan Davies;14-Leigh Halfpenny 15-Liam Williams Replacements: 16-Kristian Dacey, 17-Rhys Gill, 18-Scott Andrews, 19-Jake Ball, 20-Ross Moriarty, 21-Gareth Davies, 22-Sam Davies, 23-Keelan Giles Japan : 1-Satoshi Nakatani, 2-Shota Horie (capt), 3-Kensuke Hatakeyama, 4-Kyosuke Kajikawa, 5-Samuela Anise, 6-Malgene Ilaua;7-Shunsuke Nunomaki, 8-Amanaki Lelei Mafi;9-Fumiaki Tanaka, 10-Yuu Tamura, 11-Kenki Fukuoka, 12-Harumichi Tatekawa, 13-Timothy Lafaele;14-Akihito Yamada 15-Kotaro Matsushima Replacements: 16-Takeshi Hino, 17-Koki Yamamoto, 18-Heiichiro Ito, 19-Uwe Helu, 20-Shuhei Matsuhashi, 21-Yuhimaru Mimura, 22-Keisuke Uchida, 23-Amanaki Lotoahea

Test England v Fiji line-ups
Test Italy v South Africa line-ups


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LSU vs. Florida: What TV channel is today's game on? (0.03/8)

After getting past Arkansas last weekend, LSU (6-3) will host Florida (7-2) Saturday at noon in Tiger Stadium. It is the last home game of the year for the Tigers.
The game will be televised by SEC Network at noon CT. You can live stream the game online at .
LSU is No. 16 in the College Football Playoff rankings; No. 14 in Amway coaches and No. 16 in AP poll; Florida is not in the CFP rankings. No. 18 in coaches poll, No. 21 in AP.
Florida leads the series, 31-28-3, but LSU has won the last three meetings, including 35-28 last year.
LSU vs. Florida game info:
What channel? SEC Network
What time? noon
What day? Saturday
How to watch online/stream live? WatchESPN
Here are a few of our stories to check out before the game:

Tulane vs. Temple: What TV channel is today's game on?


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La Liga top scorers (0.02/8)

Nov 19 (Gracenote) - Top scorers of the La Liga on Saturday 8 Lionel Messi (Barcelona) Luis Suarez (Barcelona) 6 Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) Willian Jose (Real Sociedad) 5 Aritz Aduriz (Athletic Club) Yannick Carrasco (Atletico Madrid) Kevin Gameiro (Atletico Madrid) Rafinha (Barcelona) Sandro Ramirez (Malaga) Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) Nicola Sansone (Villarreal) 4 Deyverson (Alaves) Pedro Leon (Eibar) Neymar (Barcelona) Kevin-Prince Boateng (Las Palmas) Sergio Leon (Osasuna) Roberto Torres (Osasuna) Gerard (Espanyol) Ruben Castro (Real Betis) Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) Alvaro Morata (Real Madrid) Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad) Luciano Vietto (Sevilla) Duje Cop (Sporting Gijon)

English premier league top scorers
La Liga results and standings


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Man hurling bricks from roof comes down after seven-hour police stand-off (0.02/8)

A seven-hour stand-off between police and a man hurling bricks from a roof has ended. The man, who had been shouting and throwing objects from a property in Twickenham, south-west London, since around 5am on Saturday, "came down of his own accord", a Metropolitan Police spokesman said. Neighbours described hearing loud noises and screaming and said the man made a number of requests including a blanket, water and chocolate bars while standing on the roof. Officers had been called to reports of a disturbance and found a man, thought to be in his 30s, outside the property in Heath Road with a head injury. He was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. After they arrived, another man climbed on to the roof and remained there until shortly after 1pm, while the road was cordoned off and emergency services tried to get him down. Local resident Olivier Fusil said he was woken at 5.30am to the sound of someone "shouting for help at the top of their lungs". The 43-year-old banker said : "I thought somebody was in trouble. I was later told by police that it was somebody on the roof and it became clear he was not asking for help. " Speaking while the incident was ongoing, he said: " I can hear lots of expletives. He was screaming for a blanket, He said he was 'f****** freezing'. "He is literally ripping bricks from the building and throwing them. I don't think he is aiming them at the police. He just wants to cause disruption and make a lot of noise. " Thousands of rugby fans were expected in Twickenham on Saturday for the England v Fiji match. Another resident, who did not wish to be named, criticised those dealing with the incident for not putting an end to it sooner. He said: "It is just a waste of police resources, fire brigade, police helicopter. It has caused chaos for the rugby fans. They should have just dealt with it there and then on the spot. " He added: "The fire brigade should have been up there this morning, someone who has got some sort of body armour on there, gone on the roof and stopped him throwing stuff down - done and dusted in a couple of hours. " He estimated the fallout could have cost "hundreds of thousands of pounds" in lost earnings to nearby businesses, traffic diversions and resources including the police helicopter. A Scotland Yard spokesman said the man was "being checked over by medical professionals" and added that no-one had been arrested.

Man hurls bricks from the roof of a house as a stand off with police closes roads in Twickenham ahead of England Fiji match
Street on lockdown after man hurls bricks from roof in stand-off with police


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Eduard Gutknecht in hospital after George Groves fight (0.01/8)

George Groves' opponent Eduard Gutknecht has undergone surgery after falling ill after their fight last night. Groves beat the 34-year-old super-middleweight by unanimous decision at Wembley's SSE Arena, following which Gutknecht was taken to hospital. Gutknecht is sedated and will continue to be monitored in the coming days, according to the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC). Gutknecht took significant punishment throughout the one-sided fight before Groves, 28, was declared a 119-109, 119-109 and 119-110 winner on the three judges' scorecards to remain in contention for an expected fourth shot at a world title in 2017. Concerns almost immediately turned to Gutknecht, however, when reports of his condition emerged. He was already clearly losing the fight against the heavy-handed Groves when a cut opened up around his swollen left eye in the ninth round, further reducing his ability to defend himself. He impressed in surviving until the final bell despite Groves' consistent aggression and did not appear distressed while the scorecards were announced. It was afterwards in his changing room when his condition declined, leading to him requiring medical attention and swiftly being taken away in an ambulance. According to the BBBofC, it was after that point that Gutknecht - born in Kazakhstan but who fights out of Germany - was operated on. At the same venue in March, English middleweight Nick Blackwell collapsed at the end of his stoppage defeat by Chris Eubank Jnr. He suffered bleeding on his skull and was treated at St Mary's hospital in Paddington where he eventually recovered, despite having to retire. More recently in September, Scottish welterweight Mike Towell died just 25 hours after losing to Dale Evans in Glasgow. He had suffered severe bleeding and swelling to his brain. Speaking before Gutknecht was taken ill, Groves told Channel 5: "I am very happy with how I fought, it went exactly to plan. I set a great tempo and busted him up badly. I am surprised he made it to the bell - Gutknecht is a tough character. "We want real, big, proper fights. There was no world title on the line, but we knew Gutknecht was going to give me a tough fight. " After reports of Gutknecht's condition emerged, Groves cancelled plans to discuss his performance at a post-fight press conference, considering it inappropriate. Victory is expected to earn him a shot at the vacant WBA super-middleweight title next year.

George Groves sends support and best wishes to Eduard Gutknecht after he was taken to hospital


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Review: David Allen Buckner has one of year's best male country singles (Includes first-hand account) (0.01/8)

Country singer David Allen Buckner has one of the best singles this year by a male artist with "Forget The Past With You. " The acoustic version that he performed of this song, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, is equally heartfelt and haunting. He pours a great deal of emotions either way. Country fans and listeners can check out "Forget The Past With You" on The Verdict Overall, His single garnered a favorable review from Digital Journal, and rightfully so. Buckner's baritone vocals on "Forget The Past With You" are reminiscent of Luke Bryan, especially when Bryan first started out in the country scene. The acoustic version that he performed of this song, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, is equally heartfelt and haunting. He pours a great deal of emotions either way. Country fans and listeners can check out "Forget The Past With You" on iTunes Overall, David Allen Buckner has been one of country music' best-kept secrets of 2016, and for the following new year, which is coming up, 2017, Buckner deserves to be one of "Country Music's New Artists to Watch. " He is one gifted country storyteller. david allen buckner, forget the past with you, Country, Single

Review: ‘London Road’ is paved with innovation and a few potholes (Includes first-hand account)


 88 /410 

Ed Balls lands in Blackpool as Strictly stars arrive for BBC special (0.01/8)

They have been training for months to make it to the iconic Tower Ballroom in Blackpool. And now the stars of Strictly Come Dancing have made it to the Northern town for the BBC stalwart's Saturday night special with fan favourite Ed Balls all smiles as he arrived at the renowned dancing venue. Cutting a causal figure, the 49-year-old politician sported a pair of navy chinos which he teamed with a blue jumper, wrapping up in a Barbour jacket. Scroll down for video The former Shadow Chancellor left the judges speechless with his salsa to Psy's classic Gangnam Style with his dance partner Katya Jones last week and has been busy preparing for his latest show-stopping performance. Fan favourite Ed is set to dance to Rockabilly pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis' song Great Balls Of Fire and would be lowered from the ceiling playing a piano. Earlier in the week, he revealed he has been put on a strict curfew ahead of his highly-anticipated debut at Blackpool by his dance pro Katya. Although used to boozing during his Labour conferences in the seaside town, the former Shadow Chancellor has been given specific orders by the no nonsense 27-year-old pro as they prepare for their jive to Great Balls of Fire this weekend. Speaking to the Mirror , Ed insisted the only drinking he'll be doing is having a cup of Ovaltine as they plan on wowing the judges in the iconic Tower Ballroom. He said: 'My days of two hours’ sleep in Blackpool are long gone. Katya would absolutely not approve, she thinks we should be calling it an early night at 11 o’clock and she thinks Ovaltine is a better nightcap than anything else. 'So I'm unfortunately going to be in a strict regime in Blackpool. I’m on a Katya curfew this time, it’s probably the only way I’m going to survive this jive.' Also showing her face outside the iconic dance venue was the only remaining girl in the contest Louise Redknapp. Looking fresh-faced, the TV presenter and former Eternal singer made sure to make time for fans as she posed for photos and signed autographs with her brown locks styled into a chic plait. The 42-year-old's recently admitted she's desperate for another baby with husband Jamie Redknapp. Louise is hoping her Strictly partner Kevin Clifton can prove to be something of a lucky charm in that area after two of his previous partners on Strictly had fallen pregnant after appearing on the dance contest. 'Two of his previous partners have got pregnant after the show. Bring that one on,' she told The Sun. 'Maybe he’s the good luck charm I need to get that girl I really want. 'Jamie would love another baby, I’m not getting any younger so we’ll see what happens. But I’m in Strictly shape now so we’ll see.' Kevin's partner in 2015 - Kellie Bright - fell pregnant after competing on the show, while soon after the 2014 series, his partner Frankie Bridge announced she was expecting her second son with husband Wayne. Meanwhile, the men of Strictly cut a dapper figures as they arrived in style in Blackpool ahead of tonight's show. Danny Mac slipped on a pair of form-fitting skinny jeans which he teamed with a navy marl tee under his wool peacocks. BBC presenter Ore Oduba strutted his stuff in a pair of tan Chelsea booth as he wrapped a parka around his frame. Meanwhile, Long jumper Greg Rutherford worked a sporty look for the outing in a pair of grey Nike joggers.

Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips tips 'novelty act' Ed Balls to win ahead of Blackpool special


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Jessica Gomes wishes Jesinta Campbell and Buddy Franklin a 'lifetime of happiness' (0.01/8)

at a private 12.5-acre garden in the Blue Mountains. The pair were said to have only invited 'their immediate friends and family,' a guest told The Sydney Morning Herald. 'It wasn't a stuffy wedding. (Jesinta) is known for being laid back and easy going and that's exactly what she was as a bride,' the source revealed. 'They danced all night long and were surrounded by people who love and respect them,' they added. In an bid to keep the location private, guests falsely claimed on social media it was taking place in different places across Australia and New Zealand. Reports emerged the ceremony was taking place in Queenstown, South Australia's Barossa Valley and even Cape Town. But in reality, the low-key wedding was held at Mount Wilson's Wildenstein Gardens in the New South Wales Blue Mountains. The service at the sprawling 12.5-acre estate was 'pulled together really quickly', an insider told Fairfax Media. Buddy and Jesinta announced their marriage on Instagram on November 5 after having the ceremony the day before.

Buddy Franklin and Jesinta Campbell honeymoon in the Gold Coast among Schoolies


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Iowa law enforcement to focus on seat belt use over holiday (0.01/8)

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Numerous Iowa law enforcement agencies will participate in special Thanksgiving holiday traffic enforcement effort next week.
The Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau enforcement program begins Sunday and runs through Nov. 27 and will coincide with a nationwide “Click It or Ticket” campaign. The goal of the campaign is to increase the awareness of and compliance with Iowa’s seat belt and child restraint laws.
This year alone, Iowa has seen more than 335 traffic fatalities, and nearly half of those involved people not wearing a seat belt.
Over the 2015 holiday, five people were killed on Iowa roads.

Patrol says holiday enforcement to focus on seat belt use


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Warren Beatty meticulous about his movies, marriage and Diet Coke (0.01/8)

It was the rise of feminism and then the advent of the Sexual Revolution that kept Warren Beatty from getting married in his 20s, 30s and 40s.
So says Warren Beatty.
“When I was a young movie actor,” says Beatty, “I could not help but look down the road and think, ‘Well, I think I’m seeing a lot of divorces coming.’
“It wasn’t that I was afraid of marriage when I was younger. It was that I was, I think quite correctly, afraid of divorce. And maybe that should be plural. Afraid of divorces.
“I had long, loving relationships with several very wonderful women” — over the years, Beatty was involved with Joan Collins, Natalie Wood, Julie Christie, Diane Keaton and Madonna, among others — “but I was not married until I was 54.”
Beatty came to Chicago to promote his new film “Rules Don’t Apply,” opening Wednesday. He and I had dinner at RPM Steak, where he marveled at the sheer heft of the bacon and dined on a salad, mac-and-cheese and fries. (“You get to a point in your life where you don’t worry too much about carbs and such,” said the 79-year-old Beatty with a grin.) We picked up the conversation the following afternoon, where the talk turned to social media, politics, the changing nature of the movie business and the proper way to enjoy a Diet Coke.
RELATED STORY: Warren Beatty recommends 3 Warren Beatty films — sort of
Warren Beatty has a very particular way of enjoying a Diet Coke.
The Diet Coke should be a room temperature.
The glass should be indeed glass, a tall glass at that.
Ice cubes in a bucket.
With tongs, you take one cube at a time and fill the glass three-quarters of the way up.
Then, you pour the room-temperature Diet Coke — slowly, mind you — to get just the right mixture of fresh carbonation and cooling cubes.*
“But maybe you want to do it a different way,” says Beatty.
No, no. I’m good. I’ve been here for five minutes, and we should probably get past the Diet Coke tutorial. (The prolonged conversation we had about french fries the night before is still resonating with me.)
Warren Beatty and wife Annette Bening at the world premiere of “Rules Don’t Apply” on Nov. 10 in Hollywood. | Getty Images
And to think some people have said the Oscar-winning legend can be slow and deliberate and maddeningly precise when it comes to making movies.
Back to the talk of relationships.
“I like to think the smartest thing I ever did was to get Annette Bening to marry me and to have these four spectacular children, whom I like to call my four small Eastern European countries that I negotiate diplomatically with constantly and every once in a while emerge victorious when I receive an actual answer to my texts.”
Like just about every other parent in America, Beatty sometimes fights the battle with his kids to put the phone down when they’re having dinner. He has resisted joining social media and sharing his every thought and experience with the public.
“I’m not as inhibited or, as some would say to me, boring as I used to be,” he says. “And, yes, there is a time when people reach an age where they can say anything — but don’t kid yourself, I’m not going to do it today!
“I don’t know about Twitter and Critter and Fritter, but I did something on this thing called Ask Me Anything [on Reddit], and it was fun. I got compliments from my kids.”
Beatty’s first movie in 15 years is set in the late 1950s and early 1960s, mirroring the time when Beatty was an up-and-coming superstar in Hollywood. It was in the early 1960s when Beatty first became interested in Howard Hughes, whom he plays in the film.
Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood in “Splendor in the Grass” (1961). | Sun-Times file
“What has percolated for a long time has been the amusement I’ve always felt about Howard Hughes, in particular his wish to be hidden. The impossibility of working for him, with him, has always seemed to me to be good fodder for farce.
“I was lucky. My first movie [1961’s ‘Splendor in the Grass’] was what they called a hit, which then caused me to be whatever that’s called, and one thing I chose to be was very sensibly paranoid about being followed by tabloids.
“I was at the Beverly Hills Hotel, I was 23 or 24, and I thought some tabloids were following me, so I called the desk, and I complained. I said, ‘I want to tell you how disappointed I am you’re allowing the tabloids to spy on me.’
“And they said, ‘Mr. Beatty, those people are not with the tabloids. They’re with Mr. Hughes.’
“ ‘Are you telling me I’m in the next suite from Howard Hughes?’
Warren Beatty stars as Howard Hughes in “Rules Don’t Apply,” which he also wrote and directed. | 20th Century Fox
“ ‘Confidentially, he has seven suites. And he also has five bungalows.’
“Seven suites and five bungalows, now THAT is fodder for a French farce. As I grew older, I always had in the back of my mind, that if I were to make a movie about Howard Hughes, what I would really be making a movie about would be why I was amused by him. “
As for any effort to draw comparisons between himself and Hughes, Beatty laughs and says:
“One belief I’ve held onto for all of these years of what I guess would be called fame, or maybe a better word would be access, which fame brings, sometimes unfortunately, but, yes, it brings, is that I have continued to believe that a man who is not paranoid is a man who is not in full possession of the facts.”

Warren Beatty recommends 3 Warren Beatty films — sort of


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Dalian Atkinson's old teammates join hundreds of mourners for funeral (0.01/8)

Hundreds of mourners today gathered for the funeral of former Aston Villa footballer Dalian Atkinson, who died after being Tasered by police. Atkinson, 48, was pronounced dead around 90 minutes after being apprehended by West Mercia Police when they were called to an incident in his hometown of Telford, Shropshire. The service was held at Telford Crematorium before he was interred at a private ceremony in nearby Hadley Cemetery. Former teammates, including Tommy Johnson and Ian Taylor were pictured at the funeral this morning. Ahead of the funeral, his sister Elaine expressed frustration at not knowing why 'such force was used' by police when they confronted him on August 15. Relatives paid tribute to him as a 'kind, caring and protective' son and brother and spoken of their continuing agony at his death. In statements issued ahead of the ex-footballer's funeral, the star's sister Elaine expressed frustration at not knowing 'why such force was used' by police on the night of his death. In a joint statement issued through a law firm, siblings of the former Ipswich and Sheffield Wednesday star, said he had struggled to come to terms with a serious illness affecting his kidneys during the last six months of his life. The statement read: 'From his earliest years, our beloved little brother had his heart set on becoming a professional football player. 'He pursued his ambition with determination, and before he had left school, his abilities had been recognised by a talent scout working on behalf of Ipswich Town. 'Dalian grew to be a kind, caring and protective brother, with a lively personality: he was funny and cheeky. He always brought life and energy to family gatherings - when Dalian turned up, we knew there would be laughter and banter. 'While he lived his dream and enjoyed the Premier League lifestyle, he remained a very loving son; and was deeply affected by our mother's passing in 1999. He never really had the heart to play any more. 'He tried to stay positive, but it was heart-breaking for us to see a further deterioration in his health with pneumonia, leaving his light and energy significantly reduced.' During his health problems, family members had done their best to support Dalian, his sister Elaine said, adding: 'One comfort we have is that he knew that he was loved and he told us this. 'Dalian was supposed to have been admitted to hospital for treatment on the day he died. 'Tomorrow we want to celebrate Dalian's life but the way that he died while he was so vulnerable casts such a dark shadow over everything. Every day is filled with agony and frustration because we still do not know what happened nor understand why such force was used on him.' Meanwhile, Dalian's brother, Kenroy Atkinson, appealed for anyone who saw what happened on August 15 to come forward and speak to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). 'When Dalian died, there was a lot of confusion about the events surrounding his death,' he said. 'Criminal and disciplinary investigations are now being conducted to get to the truth of what happened. While these investigations are ongoing, it is crucial that no further speculation is reported and that we wait for the findings.' Relatives also revealed that on the evening before Dalian died, he spoke at length to his sister Otis about his worries and fears, his deteriorating health and the medical care he was getting. Reflecting on his life, the retired footballer told her: 'All I ever wanted was to make people happy. I played football the way that I did because I wanted to entertain. I wanted everyone to go home with smiles on their faces.' The IPCC announced in August that two West Mercia Police officers had been advised they are under criminal investigation as part of its inquiry. The watchdog will look into the level and type of force used during the incident. A post mortem was held three months ago and the cause of Atkinson's death was inconclusive. Further tests will be carried out, the IPCC said. Relatives said Atkinson was 'not in his right mind', was suffering a number of health issues and had a weak heart when he was hit with the weapon. Eyewitnesses reported seeing Atkinson drunkenly stumbling towards officers shouting 'I am the Messiah' before being shot 'four or five times', even when he had fallen to the floor. He went into cardiac arrest in an ambulance on his way to hospital and medics were unable to save him. IPCC Commissioner Derrick Campbell said: 'Having carefully considered the evidence gathered so far, we are undertaking a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr Atkinson's death and the level and type of force used. 'Two police officers will be interviewed under criminal caution by IPCC investigators.' One neighbour said the retired footballer – a regular visitor to the property but understood to be living with a friend – screamed that he was homeless and appeared to be trying to kick his father’s front door down. His brother Kenroy told how Atkinson, who had been suffering depression after dialysis treatment for kidney failure, tried to strangle his elderly father Ernest at his home. Kenroy, 53, told The Sun: 'My brother had lost it. He was in a manic state and depressed — out of his mind and ranting. He had a tube in his shoulder for the dialysis and he had ripped it out and was covered in blood. 'He got dad by the throat and said he was going to kill him. He told dad he had already killed me, our brother Paul and sister Elaine and he had come for him. He was not in his right mind.'

Soccer stars join mourners at funeral for Aston Villa's Dalian Atkinson


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Diego Costa's commitment is an example to all... he's one of the best strikers in the world, says Chelsea boss Antonio Conte (0.01/8)

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has heaped praise on Diego Costa, saying the striker was an example to all after he learned to control his aggression on the pitch and translate his combative nature into tireless performances for the London club. Brazil-born Spain striker Costa has done much to please Conte this season and tops the Premier League scoring charts with nine goals from 11 games. It was only a month ago, however, that he clashed publicly with the Italian during last month's win over Leicester City but relations between Costa and his coach have clearly improved. 'He's an example for all,' Conte said. 'If he continues to score, I'll be very happy. But I'll be happier to see this commitment, this work rate during training and in games. 'It's fantastic, I think, that Diego is improving a lot in a lot of aspects. For me, now, Diego is one of the best strikers in the world. 'He must continue that, working in this way, with his commitment and work rate.' Chelsea, who next play Middlesbrough on Sunday, have risen to second in the league on the back of a five match winning-streak in which they have scored 16 goals and conceding none.

Costa's commitment an example to all - Chelsea coach Conte


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Michigan changes its fortunes against SMU (0.01/8)

Michigan went cold down the stretch in a painful 62-51 loss in 2014 and watched its defense get picked apart in an 82-58 thrashing last year.
The third time, though, Michigan turned the tables.
The Wolverines used a strong first half and a 3-point barrage by Derrick Walton Jr. to trounce SMU, 76-54, in the 2K Classic championship game Friday at Madison Square Garden.
Walton Jr. scored 23 on a career-high seven 3-pointers, Zak Irvin had 16 points and Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman added 12 for the Wolverines (4-0).
BOX SCORE: Michigan 76, SMU 54
Walton, Irvin and Abdur-Rahkman were named to the All-Tournament team, with Irvin taking MVP honors.
“The last lost that we had to (SMU), we basically got punked throughout the whole game and we knew that we weren't going to let that happen this game,” Irvin said. “We came out with a chip on our shoulder and Derrick really started it on the offensive end.
“But collectively on the defensive end, we held them to 37 percent from the field. That's huge for us.”
D. J. Wilson emphatically swatted Semi Ojeleye’s shot on the first possession, sending an early message to SMU (3-1) that things were going to be different.
After going scoreless in the semifinal win over Marquette, Walton hit two early 3-pointers — the second on a high-archer before the shot clock expired — to help give Michigan an 8-2 lead less than three minutes into the first half.
Mark Donnal (nine points, five rebounds) tipped in a missed 3-point attempt by Walton before the senior guard made another 3-pointer from the wing to push the lead to 13-4 with 16:09 left.
"Personally, I felt like I let my teammates down by picking up two cheap fouls (against Marquette),” Walton said. “They did a great job without me. It just shows how good we are as a unit. I just wanted to be really aggressive and that was pretty much it.”
Michigan’s reliance on jumpers began to lead to empty possessions and SMU began ramping up its attack to the basket, converting back-to-back layups to cut it to 18-13 at the 11:05 mark.
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Irvin sparked a 6-2 spurt with a lefty lay-in and assist to a streaking Donnal for a dunk in transition before Jon Teske received his first serious minutes and hit two free throws to give Michigan a 24-14 lead with 8:13 left.
SMU continued its assault on the rim to close within 26-19, but Michigan pulled away with an 18-6 run over the final 6 minutes, 46 seconds of the half.
Walton started the flurry with his fourth 3-pointer to re-establish a double-digit advantage, 29-19, while Donnal drew charges on back-to-back defensive possessions.
Walton then fed Wilson on a backdoor cut for a two-handed slam and a chance for a three-point play. Wilson missed the free throw, but Donnal corralled the offensive rebound and later hit a 3-pointer to make it 34-19.
Walton connected with Wilson again on an outlet pass for a fast-break dunk before Michigan ended the half with an Abdur-Rahkman 3-pointer and Irvin bouncing in another as time expired for a 44-25 advantage at the break.
"We pretty much just trusted our offense,” Walton said. “We got too many weapons within our system that it's kind of hard to take away everything.
“We started the game and hit a couple shots. We knew that would open up our backdoor cuts and special sets that we call. I think tonight was a great example of what Michigan basketball looks like. "
SMU came out firing in the second half, hitting two 3-pointers within the first minute to slice the deficit to 44-31.
Rather than panic, Michigan took a patient approach against SMU’s defense and it paid off. Abdur-Rahkman had a layup and 3-pointer and Irvin added two layups to extend the lead to 53-33 with 15:19 remaining.
Walton made two more 3-pointers — his fifth and sixth of the game — a little over a minute apart to balloon Michigan’s lead to 61-37 at the 11:03 mark.
The Wolverines poured it on, using Walton’s seventh 3-pointer and two free throws each from Duncan Robinson and Irvin to effectively put the game out of reach at 73-44 with 5:18 left.
“We're champions at The Garden. It's a great feeling for us all,” Irvin said. “We're excited, we worked so hard, our coaching staff worked so hard. It's just nice to be able to start the season 4-0 and keep the ball rolling.”

UM's Derrick Walton Jr. on his 3-point barrage


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Join MLive for live blogs, score updates, photos from today's football semifinals (0.01/8)

The 2015 high school football semifinals were played in mountains of snow that made the day memorable for all involved.
It might just snow again today - at least at some games. Too bad the action wasn't Friday, when temperatures were in the 60s most of the day around the state.
No matter what, the MLive reporters and photographers will have live blogs, live photos and stories as teams fight for berths in the state championships next weekend at Ford Field in Detroit.
Refresh this page for score updates - we'll have the most updates the fastest all afternoon, and MLive's football brackets will show you how the championship games are shaping up.
Until kickoff, here is some football playoff information for your brain:
Here is MLive's coverage guide - all games start at 1 p.m.
D1 State Tournament Bracket
Cass Tech vs. Utica Eisenhower , at Howell | Boxscore | Live Chat | Photo Gallery
Romeo vs. Catholic Central , at Troy Athens | Boxscore | Live Chat | Photo Gallery
D2 State Tournament Bracket
Lowell vs. Walled Lake Western , at Brighton | Boxscore | Live Chat | Photo Gallery
Groves vs. Detroit King , at Dearborn | Boxscore | Live Chat | Photo Gallery
D3 State Tournament Bracket
Muskegon vs. Edwardsburg , at East Kentwood | Boxscore | Live Chat | Photo Gallery
St. Mary's vs. Divine Child , at West Bloomfield | Boxscore | Photo Gallery
D4 State Tournament Bracket
Unity Christian vs. Catholic Central , at Greenville | Boxscore | Photo Gallery
Detroit Country Day vs. River Rouge , at Hazel Park | Boxscore
D5 State Tournament Bracket
Frankenmuth vs. Menominee , at the Superior Dome, Marquette | Boxscore
Algonac vs. West Catholic , at Battle Creek Harper Creek | Boxscore
D6 State Tournament Bracket
Pine River vs. Glen Lake , at Thirlby Field, Traverse City | Boxscore
Millington vs. Lumen Christi , at Lansing Catholic | Boxscore | Live Chat | Photo Gallery
D7 State Tournament Bracket
Pewamo-Westphalia vs. Ubly , at Mount Pleasant | Boxscore
Cassopolis vs. Detroit Loyola , at Withington Stadium, Jackson | Boxscore
D8 State Tournament Bracket
Catholic Central vs. St. Ignace , at Petoskey | Boxscore
Lutheran Seminary vs. Whiteford , at Dearborn Edsel Ford | Boxscore | Live Chat
8-Man Tournament Bracket
Deckerville vs. Powers North Central , at Greenville | Boxscore | Photo Gallery
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Join MLive for live photos, score updates from today's volleyball championships


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Wits to probe whether its structures responded appropriately to rape case

This comes as it emerged that Wits structures and managers did not respond timeously and sensitively to the concerns of a student who was allegedly raped on October 30 at the Wits Junction Residence by a fellow student.
The incident caused such an uproar that it got #RapeAtJunction trending for most of Wednesday night.
"Yesterday‚ I had a lengthy conversation with the complainant and her mother to hear about the incident and how the University’s official structures responded to her complaint. I particularly enquired about her experience of the Office of Residence Life‚ Student Affairs and the Gender Equity Office regarding her complaint‚" said Habib in a statement on Saturday.
Furthermore‚ the resident's house committee had accused the university of being slow to react to the crime.
"She explained that some individuals engaged with her more effectively than others‚ and while some were extremely helpful and sensitive to her needs‚ others had not been equally responsive to her situation. This suggests that it may be that particular processes and procedures of the University have not been fully complied with by certain individuals in these circumstances‚" added Habib.
Habib said the investigation would be instituted immediately and would be concluded timeously by an experienced and dedicated university official dealing with issues of gender based‚ politics and cultural matters at Wits.
The investigator‚ Nomboniso Gasa‚ would report back to Habib within 72 hours.
He added that a timeline would be communicated to the University community early next week.


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Baroka have a score to settle against SuperSport

Both sides have been in good scoring form this season which suggests goals galore‚ with Baroka coach Kgoloko Thobejane having already told reporters this week he expects his side to score four goals against Matsatsantsa.
But with 12 goals in their last three league games‚ it is SuperSport who have the Midas touch in front of goal against a Baroka side who have already conceded that number this season.
“It’s going to be a very tight match‚” Zimbabwean midfielder Munetsi‚ who is on loan for the season from Orlando Pirates‚ tells TMG Sport.
“SuperSport have been winning‚ they are second on the log and in very good form. But we believe in our abilities and we always believe we can match any team in the PSL.
“I think for us it is about the mental side as much as the physical‚ they have a lot more experience in the PSL than us‚ but we always prepare very well for games and know what to expect. We are ready.”
Baroka feel they have a score to settle with SuperSport after Matsatsantsa knocked them out of the Nedbank Cup at the semifinal stage last season when the Limpopo club were still campaigning in the National First Division.
They are also still searching for a first home win in the league having taken just two points from a possible 12 so far in Polokwane. They have managed draws against Ajax Cape Town and Polokwane City‚ but suffered defeats at the hands of Bidvest Wits (0-2) and Chippa United (1-4).
Munetsi‚ meanwhile‚ is pleased with his start to life in the PSL having been signed from FC Cape Town by Pirates and immediately loaned out to Baroka to gain top-flight experience.
“It’s a really good loan at a really good club‚” he says. “This is a team that gives youngsters a chance and I am thankful for having the opportunity to play.”
The 20-year-old is a midfielder by trade but has been pushed further forward by Thobejane this season‚ resulting in two goals already against Polokwane City and Highlands Park.
He has featured in every single game for Baroka so far in the 2016/17 season.


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New beginning or beginning of the end for Boks and Coetzee in Florence?

A much-needed win after only four victories in 10 Tests this season‚ would give the Boks a huge boost with Wales looming in Cardiff next week.
Flank Nizaam Carr makes his first start‚ in the familiar openside role‚ which he played under Coetzee when he was Stormers’ coach.
Wing Bryan Habana returns for his 124th Test cap while the bench sees three changes with prop Trevor Nyakane‚ flank Teboho Mohoje and flyhalf Elton Jantjies all coming in after last week’s 37-21 loss to England.
With conditions expected to be wet and cool‚ the Bok pack‚ with Pieter-Steph du Toit returning to his more natural lock role‚ will have to set the foundation. The fact that the halfbacks and the centres are unchanged from last week will add some continuity and hopefully more fluidity to the team’s attack and more structure to its defence. Italy will ask questions at the breakdown where Carr will have to curb his natural instincts to fulfil a linking role while Willem Alberts’ ball-carrying will be crucial to get the Boks over the gainline.
“Hopefully we can take a step closer to becoming the team we want to be on Saturday‚” captain Adriaan Strauss said. “It will be a physical battle‚ but first and foremost we have to be clinical. We haven’t done that for 80 minutes this season.
“I’m totally focused on being processes-driven – I’ve always been like that. Coach Allister Coetzee said this week we had to take a step up in everything we do‚ which included the training sessions. Within the training sessions every aspect had to be better.
“On match day our processes – lineouts‚ scrums‚ breakdown‚ finishing and defence all have to improve. Winning is massively important‚ and even though our focus is not on the end result in itself‚ but we need a win.”


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Two men risk their lives by crawling across the thin ice surface of a lake to rescue a boy, 14, who had fallen into the freezing water

Two men risked their lives by crawling over the thin ice surface of a lake to rescue a boy who had fallen into the freezing water. Yu Haiyang spotted the 14-year-old after he got into trouble trying to reach an object he had dropped while walking along a bridge over the lake in Qiqihar City, China. Yu slid along the ice and threw a rope to the teenager, but his hands were too cold to grab it. After three desperate attempts, the boy eventually grabbed hold of the rope and wound it around his arm. At this point, local policeman Wang Wanyu saw what was happening and came to help. With the sound of ice cracking beneath them, the two men worked together to haul the child out of the pool. 'I could feel the danger under me as my weight increased the pressure on the lake surface,' Wang told CCTV news . 'About six minutes later, I heard a cracking sound and told him [Yu] to pull immediately. 'When the boy was pulled out of the pool, he was too cold to speak. 'So I took off my cotton-padded jacket to wrap him up and sent him to hospital by car.'


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Alessandra Ambrosio proves that less is more as she cuts a chic figure in a plain white T-shirt and skinny jeans

She's gearing up to walk in the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. And Alessandra Ambrosio proved she was in top condition for the runway as she flashed her enviably taut stomach on a shopping trip in California. Soaking up the sunshine as she indulged in a bit of retail therapy on Friday, the 35-year-old model seemed in good spirits. Scroll down for video Looking effortlessly chic for the outing, Alessandra donned a plain white T-shirt that flashed her abs. She teamed the garment, with cropped skinny jeans and swapped a pair of heels for sensible yet stylish white trainers. Layering up, she wrapped a green bomber jacket around her waist, whilst she slung a small scarlet handbag over her shoulder. Injecting some glitz into her ensemble, she donned a delicate gold necklace, which she wore over a slender choker. She also donned a pair of wayfarer sunglasses, and swept her glossy tresses up into a high ponytail. Alessandra finished off the look with a pair of small silver earrings and a matching bracelet. The runway star - who is married to Jamie Mazur - will hit the Victoria's Secret catwalk on December 5. This year's show will take place in Paris, France with fan favourites Adriana Lima, Stella Maxwell, Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt also booked for the gig. Newcomers for this year's show include Bella Hadid, Dilone and Georgia Fowler. Jasmine Tookes was chosen to wear this year's coveted Fantasy Bra, which is worth $3 million.


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Geoff Huegill squeezes into a pair of Speedos for a dip in the pool

Geoff Huegill enjoyed a dip in the pool on Friday. The former Olympic swimmer wore a pair of black Speedos for a session at the Bondi Icebergs Club in Sydney. Geoff, 39, also donned a pair of flippers and a snorkel before diving into the famous salt-water pool. Scroll down for video The father-of-two looked slightly less toned than he did in 2011 when he competed in the Australian Swimming Championships. At the peak of his career, Huegill won a Silver and a Bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney. He also previously held the long course world record in the 50 metre butterfly. After the 2004 Athens Olympics, the former athlete struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. He also became depressed, and ended up gaining 45 kilos. 'By 2005 my party life had given me a drinking problem, financial worries, and I was experiencing depression,' he wrote in his 2012 autobiography, Be Your Best. Geoff is now married to publicist Sara Hills. The happy couple gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Mila, in 2012. In 2014, the couple pleaded guilty to cocaine possession after being caught with the drug in the bathroom at Sydney's Randwick racecourse.


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No bones about it, group wants to preserve doggie haven

ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. (AP) — At Dog Mountain, canines and their human owners can take walks on a 150-acre Vermont hillside, enjoy several ponds, attend dog parties and even visit a chapel and an art gallery. Now, a group is hoping to preserve the doggie haven and the vision of Stephen Huneck, the late artist and children's book author who founded it. The Friends of Dog Mountain recently received a $75,000 federal grant that will used to transfer the property to nonprofit ownership and for fundraising and development efforts. "The mission is to preserve, steward and protect both Dog Mountain as a public access and asset for future generations to enjoy with their dogs," said Scott Buckingham, acting director of the nonprofit Friends of Dog Mountain. Huneck and his wife, Gwen, purchased the property in 1995, transforming the barn into an art studio, and later opening the dog chapel, which welcomes "all creeds, all breeds, no dogmas allowed. " Huneck, whose whimsical dog-centric prints, sculptures and furniture showed his love of the animals, envisioned the chapel as a ritual space to help people achieve closure after their dogs die. And based on the vast amount of loving notes on the chapel walls from pet owners to lost pets, it has achieved his vision. Dog Mountain, where dogs can go leash-free, remains popular with animal lovers. A USA Today reader contest recently picked the destination as the #1 dog friendly tour or activity. The Friends of Dog Mountain hopes the property can continue to flourish and become an "economic and cultural asset" to the St. Johnsbury, Vermont area. Ideas include redoing the barn and holding programs for artists in residence, offering children's art and therapy dog training, said Buckingham. A local arts organization wants to hold a concert series at Dog Mountain — dogs welcome of course. Dog Mountain has had its financial struggles and its recent history is a tragic one. Huneck, after a battle with depression, killed himself in 2010. Gwen kept Dog Mountain going but after three years, she took her own life. The gallery's creative director said she finds joy in the fact that the destination keeps operating in their honor. "It's such a joyous place. It's too bad there's that little bit of a shadow of sadness," said Amanda McDermott. But McDermott is hoping the Friends of Dog Mountain effort will help to alleviate some of that. Catrina Nuite, of Brattleboro, was visiting her son when she stopped by with her dog and her son's dog. She said she visits from time and time and likes "the people, the dogs and the land. " Carolsue Cummings, of Surf City, New Jersey, placed a note in the chapel this week after losing her 16-year-dog. She and her husband and her daughter and son-in-law who live in Vermont also visited the gallery. "This is just so nice and so interesting," she said. Roaming around the gallery is Sally, a black lab that belonged to Gwen Huneck. She's been adopted by McDermott, who says the comfort people receive by touching and loving a dog is great. Sally provides that comfort to visitors. "It's a prescription that I think everybody needs in this type of world," McDermott said.


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5 teams that would get crushed in the College Football Playoff

The college football regular season is almost wrapped up, so it's only right that we take stock of which teams might find their way into the College Football Playoff. Besides Alabama, it seems like every other school in the top 10 doesn't quite know how things will shake out when the final rankings are announced.
In light of the ambiguity, we've taken the time not to choose which teams will make the cut, but instead which teams would get destroyed if they made the College Football Playoff.
Check out the five teams below:
5. Washington
Washington suffered its first loss of the season last week at the hands of USC, and looked pretty average doing it. The offense is explosive and the defense looks good, but only because the Huskies have been playing average to sub-par teams all year. Up against the likes of Ohio State or Alabama, this team would get embarrassed.
4. Colorado
Believe it or not, Colorado still has a chance to make the College Football Playoff, albeit a fairly slim one. However, in the unlikely circumstance the Buffaloes are able to make the CFP, they too, would get the same reality check as the Huskies. Colorado already lost to Michigan 45-28 this year, I'd expect the same if the Buffaloes and Buckeyes had another go.
3. Penn State
Penn State would get destroyed in the playoff. I know the Nittany Lions beat Ohio State earlier in the season and all, but this is the same team that just last week almost lost to Indiana. The Hoosiers committed five turnovers and held a 24-10 lead at one point. I'm still convinced this team would get blown out against Alabama or an Ohio State rematch. They're incredibly overrated.
2. Wisconsin
Wisconsin defense? Great. Wisconsin offense? Bad. This team simply can't put up enough points to compete with the big boys. The defense is stellar and is responsible for keeping the Badgers in the game, but the offense leaves a lot to be desired. In seven of ten games the Badgers have been unable to muster more than 23 points. That's not going to get it done.
1. Clemson
Yeah, I know what you're thinking. How could I put Clemson here? The wins against Louisville and Florida State were far from impressive, and the offense still looks like it hasn't figured itself out. The Tigers probably deserve to go to the CFP, but I'd be surprised if they won a game.
More from The Spun: Louisville's loss is huge news for the Big Ten's College Football Playoff hopes Oklahoma's path to the College Football Playoff is no longer complicated Nick Saban responds to Brian Kelly and scout team critics


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Pretty Little Liars' final 10 episodes get 2017 premiere date on Freeform

Freeform is giving Über A one last chance to make fools of us all this April.
PHOTOS Pretty Little Liars : 10 Famous Guest Stars You (Probably) Forgot About
The network on Friday announced that Pretty Little Liars ' final season will resume Tuesday, April 18 at 8/7c, followed by the series premiere of the Bella Thorne-led drama Famous in Love (which also happens to be executive-produced by PLL 's Marlene King).
VIDEOS Pretty Little Liars ' Ian Harding Says Goodbye to Ezra, Recalls Awkward Audition 7 Years Ago
See photos from series filming wrap:
More to come...
Launch Gallery: Pretty Little Liars : 10 Forgotten Guest Stars


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Mel B dazzles in a billowing navy kaftan as she throws gleeful daughter Madison in the air on fun family day out

The X Factor Australia finals are looming ever close and she has much to prove as the 'Underdogs' mentor. But Mel B managed to squeeze in some quality time with her family as she enjoyed a day at the beach in Sydney with her children on Thursday. Clad in a bright blue kaftan, the former Spice Girl, 41, seemed in great spirits as she danced on the sand with her children Angel and Madison. Scroll down for video Running along the sand, the Say You'll Be There hitmaker looked radiant as she hoisted up her daughter Madison and swung the gleeful five-year-old around. Mel shares Madison with husband Stephen Belafonte - who she wed in 2007. The brunette beauty also has daughter Angel, ten, with ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy, and Phoenix, 17, with ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar. And Mel's youngest children seemed in great spirits as they enjoyed their day out on the beach. Proving to be just as stylish as their mum, Madison looked adorable in a little pink beach dress, whilst Angel looked chirpy and colourful in a bright striped maxi dress. Whilst Mel's ensemble was more muted, she injected a splash of colour with a large green handbag, and added some glitz with a pair of hooped gold earrings. Meanwhile, Mel recently explained she was 'fed up', talking about a Spice Girls reunion. Mel, Geri Halliwell, and Emma Bunton sent fans into a frenzy in July by announcing they were reuniting the band as a trio under the name GEM. But no official mention of the project has been made since, leaving 90s pop fans to wonder if it's been abandoned altogether. But Mel B has finally addressed the situation, telling The Daily Telegraph a Spice Girls reunion will not happen until 'everybody gets their arse in gear'. 'I wish there was something to say,' said the 41-year-old singer. 'I'm fed up with talking about it because until it is absolutely set in stone and everybody gets their arse in gear, there is nothing to say.' She continued: 'If the girls said to me in January, "We’ve booked five shows in the UK", I’d drop everything and be there.'


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Andy Murray vs Milos Raonic LIVE: World No 1 faces his Canadian rival in ATP World Tour Finals semi-final

Andy Murray and Milos Raonic go head-to-head in Saturday's ATP World Tour Finals semi-final. The world No 1 will take on his Canadian rival for the sixth time this year and third time in the capital. Raonic is yet to get the better of Murray in 2016 ‒ with both players looking to book a place in the final for the first time in their careers. Join Sportsmail's MATT MALTBY for live game-by-game coverage from 14.00 GMT, with updates coming from MIKE DICKSON...


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I'm Feeling Like An Adult Stepchild

Dear Sugar Radio is a weekly podcast from member station WBUR. Hosts Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed offer "radical empathy" and advice on everything from relationships and parenthood to dealing with drug problems or anxiety.
Dear Sugar Radio | Subscribe
Courtesy of WBUR
hide caption
Today the hosts think about relationships between step-parents and adult children. A woman writes that despite being an adult, she is still coming to terms with her parents' divorce many years later. And talking about it with her mother and stepfather isn't helping things.
Dear Sugars,
I'm a woman in my late 20s, and recently became a "stepchild. " My parents divorced when I was 19. After returning home from my first year of college, I discovered my dad was having an affair; I had front row seats to their implosion. Within the next few years he had developed an addiction, disowned me and my siblings, and disappeared from my life. My mother was devastated, and my siblings and I were left to pick up the pieces.
Several years later, she was dating. It moved fast. Like, from meeting online to married in under a year. He seems to be a kind man and is good to my mom. She seems genuinely happy, and I am thankful for that.
But, I cannot stand him. He tries so hard with me and my siblings. It irritates me, and then I feel childish for being irritated. Every conversation is about how much he loves my mom and cherishes her. How he has this "unconditional love for me. " And I am like, "Dude, slow down. Do you have any hobbies? What is your favorite color? " It feels fake, forced and frustrating. When he talks, I have to resist the urge to make retching noises. I think he has the best of intentions, but it is way too much.
Even more than the emotional overstepping, his very existence is the reminder to me of so many griefs in my life: my parents' divorce, my father's abandonment, the fact that my family will never be what it once was.
I have tried to talk to my mom about my fears and sadness, and she responds one of two ways: 1) ignoring my feelings and moving on; or 2) crashing into guilt and tears about how she is a "terrible mother. " Then I end up comforting her and feeling guilt-ridden for sharing how I feel. I feel like I'm losing the only parent I have left.
What do I do with this pain? My mom can't hear it. She doesn't want to hear it. She can't manage her own guilt, and then I'm left alone in my grief. I know it's not his fault. But I had no choice in any of this, and the place I once called home no longer exists. And he is there painting a fairy tale when I have come from a nightmare. I don't buy it, and I can't stand it.
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Steve Almond: This is such a powerfully self-aware person. Here's the deal: You didn't have a chance to grieve the loss of your family. And your mom, in her quest for happiness and stability, found somebody else. Your stepfather is painfully aware of your mom's past and that she was betrayed and hurt and so were you, so he's overdoing it. And you also feel that your mom has abandoned you. It's not just your dad who blew up the family; it's your mom not being able to deal with the fact that you're not over it, and you need to feel more grief and feel that you're not alone in it. You have to find a way to tell your mom, "You have to be my mom. "
Cheryl Strayed: Step-Whatever, I don't think that you really need to process this with your mother and stepfather. I think the person you need to heal is yourself. You say you're in your late 20s and the divorce was when you were 19. So it sounds like you've gone the better part of a decade having to adjust to this new family structure. And it's full of sorrow, it's full of pain and anguish, and now that your mom has moved on and found happiness more quickly than you'd like with a man who doesn't behave exactly the way you prefer, it's brought all of that sorrow and loss front and center for you.
The answer isn't that your mom says, "OK, because it causes you pain that I married to this super sweet guy, I'm going to leave him. " I get that you would want to adjust his behavior, but I don't really think that's the problem.
I relate to this so much, because my mom died when I was 22. My stepfather, who I loved like a father, pretty quickly got involved with another woman. Suddenly there was another woman sleeping in my mother's bed, which was very difficult. Their relationship brought up my profound loss, and the truth was that my family would never be the same again. What's causing you to suffer is your sorrow and your righteous grief. You wanted your parents to stay married to each other. You wanted the life of your childhood to continue into your adulthood, and it hasn't, and that is really painful. But you do have to find a way to accept it.
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Justin Bieber has made NRL relocate Sydney ANZ Stadium games

The NRL's upcoming season is facing stiff competition from touring musical acts.
The Sunday Telegraph claims rugby league officials are moving games to the suburbs and New Zealand for the upcoming season.
The reported decision for the venue change is that Justin Bieber and Adele have booked out Sydney's ANZ Stadium.
The Sunday Telegraph claims NRL officials are moving games to the suburbs and New Zealand for the upcoming season due to Justin Bieber and Adele concerts taking place at ANZ Stadium
Adele is performing at the 83,500 capacity venue on March 10, with Justin's show taking place just five days later.
The publication states it will be 'impossible' to transform ANZ Stadium back into a rugby league field in time.
The 2017 season draw will confirm ANZ Stadium, which hosts the NRL Grand Final, will not be used in rounds two and three.
Adele is performing at the venue on March 10, with Justin's show taking place five days later - making it 'impossible' to transform ANZ Stadium back into a rugby league field in time
An NRL spokesperson told The Sunday Telegraph that 'the concerts created logistic problems in creating the draw'.
They continued: 'We have worked around the unavailability of the ground and the release of the draw is still on schedule for next week.'
ANZ Stadium General Manager of Business Development Greg Sleigh also confirmed 'the stadium is unavailable for round two and three'.
'The stadium is unavailable for round two and three': ANZ Stadium's representative confirmed the music concerts had affected the 2017 NRL season's games at Sydney's Olympic Park
Last month, Justin announced he will visit Australia and New Zealand for his Purpose World Tour in March.
He last performed Down Under almost four years ago during his Believe Tour in 2013.
Justin will be joined at all shows by Dutch DJ Martin Garrix for the shows.
Last month, Justin Bieber announced he will visit Australia and New Zealand for his Purpose World Tour in March. He last visited Down Under during his Believe Tour in 2013 (pictured)


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WHO declares Zika virus no longer international public health emergency

GENEVA, Switzerland, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- The World Health Organization declared Friday the Zika virus is no longer an international public health emergency.
The WHO's Emergency Committee on Zika and microcephaly met for a fifth time and determined the mosquito-borne disease was no longer a global health threat under International health regulations.
"Many aspects of this disease and associated consequences still remain to be understood, but this can best be done through sustained research," the WHO said in a statement. "The EC recommended that this should be escalated into a sustained program of work with dedicated resources to address the long-term nature of the disease and its associated consequences. "
The Zika virus was first designated as a public health emergency in February following the emergence of an "extraordinary cluster" of microcephaly and other neurological disorders in Brazil and a similar outbreak in French Polynesia.
WHO Dr. Pete Salama said the Zika virus will now be treated as a chronic problem and could return seasonally like other mosquito-borne diseases, the New York Times reported.
"It is really important that we communicate this very clearly: We are not downgrading the importance of Zika," he said. "In fact, by placing this as a longer term program of work, we're sending the message that Zika is here to stay. And WHO's response is here to stay, in a robust manner. "


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These Are The BEST And WORST Cities To Vape In

We now know what American cities are most and least hospitable to vaping.
Vaping involves using an e-cigarette device to heat liquid nicotine, which produces a vapor the user inhales. Evidence suggests vaping is 95 percent safer than traditional cigarettes, because the majority of cancer causing chemicals are inhaled through smoke.
Many health experts argue that promoting vaping over traditional tobacco aids the public health, while harsh regulations make smokers less likely to use the device to quit. Nevertheless, states took steps on election night to impose new sales taxes on vaping; some activists claiming e-cigarettes are extending the “tobacco epidemic.”
To better understand the shifting landscape governing e-cigarettes, researchers from the free market think tank R Street Institute created , an interactive database ranking 52 U. S. cities on their friendliness to vaping.
“Our first Vapescore analysis reveals a rapidly developing policy area rife with misinformation and heavily motivated by a political desire to replace declining cigarette revenues,” researchers Cameron Smith and Dan Semelsberger wrote in the report. “Rather than arbitrarily and unscientifically drawing the conclusion that cigarettes and vapor products are equivalent, public officials should consider policies treat vapor products proportionally to their health impacts.”
Supporters of high taxes on e-cigarettes are fearful vaping is re-normalizing smoking as socially acceptable, and will eventually lead to higher smoking rates among America’s youth. Evidence that e-cigarette use is turning another generation of children into cigarette smokers is thin. The United Kingdom actually promotes the sale of e-cigarettes as a health conscious alternative to smoking.
1. Virginia Beach, VA
Virginia does not tax liquid nicotine and has no statewide vaping bans.
Virginia Beach (Credit: Jason Pratt/Flickr, no changes made)
While e-cigarettes are banned on public transportation, all other indoor areas are free to establish their own rules for using the products.
2. Tucson, AZ
There are no specific regulations governing the use of e-cigarettes at the state or local level and there is currently no tax on the product.
Tucson (Credit; Bill Morrow/Flickr, no changes made)
Legislators in the state are discussing a future excise tax on the product.
3. Phoenix, AZ
The landscape in Phoenix is the same as Tuscon.
Phoenix (Credit: Ms. Phoenix/Flickr, no changes made)
There are no current regulations or taxes, but there is the looming threat of an excise tax.
1. Chicago, IL
Chicago ranks among the worst cities for e-cigarette users, scoring an F from Vapescore.
Vaping is banned everywhere that traditional cigarettes are prohibited. There is a 80 cent tax on vaping units and a 75 cent tax per milliliter of nicotine fluid.
2. Boston, MA
Vaping is treated like smoking cigarettes in Boston and banned anywhere tobacco products are prohibited, including vape shops, which are usually allowed to use the products in-doors.
Boston (Credit: Rene Schwietzke/Flickr, no changes made)
There is no current tax on vape products, but some legislators propose taxing it at the same rate as cigarettes. There have also been two public ad campaigns since 2014 that suggest vaping is just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.
3. Minneapolis, MN
Vape products are taxed at 95 percent of their wholesale price.
Minneapolis (Credit: Doug Kerr/Flickr, no changes made)
E-cigarette use is banned everywhere smoking is prohibited, including all state universities. Liquid nicotine is taxed at a higher rate than traditional cigarettes.
For a comprehensive ranking of U. S. cities visit .
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Rochelle Clark makes history, but England go down to New Zealand

Rochelle Clark became the most-capped woman of all-time, but England were unable to celebrate the occasion by toppling New Zealand. The Red Roses slipped to a thrilling 25-20 defeat at Twickenham Stoop to endure their first loss of the Old Mutual Wealth Series. Front row forward Clark made her 116th international appearance, but it was New Zealand's Kendra Cocksedge who stole the show with a 20-point haul. England trailed 7-5 at half-time, but two tries in the space of two minutes through Harriet Millar-Mills and Lydia Thompson helped them establish a 10-point lead. Cocksedge crossed twice as the Black Fearns went 19-17 ahead before a penalty from Emily Scarratt nudged the world champions back in front. But once again Cocksedge intervened with two late penalties to settle a pulsating clash between the fierce rivals.


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Shirley Caesar isn't cooking 'beans, greens' at Thanksgiving

NEW YORK — Shirley Caesar won't be cooking "beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes" at Thanksgiving this year.
The legendary gospel singer, who is enjoying viral success with a remix of one of her sermon-songs featuring a line referencing food items, says she's not cooking this year during the U. S. holiday.
"I ain't cooking nothing," 79-year-old Caesar said with a laugh in a phone interview with The Associated Press on Friday. "Absolutely zilch. "
The Grammy-winning singer has become a hot topic online after her song, the 9-minute "Hold My Mule," was re-created with a new addictive beat. On the song, Caesar tells the story of "Shouting John," who is told he is too loud and cannot dance in church because of his excitement.
But Caesar later sings in a live version of the song that John fires back, explaining that God created this land and he's been blessed with "beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lambs, rams, hogs, dogs, chicken, turkeys, rabbits. You name it! "
In the new alteration of her song, the viral clip includes the question, "Grandma, what are you cooking for Thanksgiving? " The response is a video of Caesar singing the line "beans, greens... " as well as videos of various people dancing happily.
"I was excited. I'm just grateful that I've been chosen, that the Lord is blessing me like this," Caesar said. "This is a mind-boggling thing for me. Who would have thought that something like that would have gone viral? "
The online video being used of Caesar is a few years old, from when she performed the track live; she said she originally recorded the song in 1988.
Caesar's singing the words "you name it" sparked the #UNameItChallenge online, which features people doing dances to the song. Chris Brown and other celebrities have participated, though Caesar said she's not enjoying all of the videos.
"There's those where they have women showing their rumps, their butts ... I think they call it twerking... I want them to know that I see it as a sign of disrespect because I'm a pastor, I'm a gospel singer and I love the Lord," she said. "I'm shocked they would do that. "
Other videos and photos show people prepping food, including greens and beans, for Thanksgiving.
Caesar admits while she likes cooking, she's not that into it.
"I think that I could really love it if I knew how to do a lot of it," she said. "There are certain dishes I can cook, but then there are so many things that I cannot cook. "
She said she usually has a big Thanksgiving dinner at her home, but that's changed.
"A lot of my family members are dying out ... so I'm going to go and have dinner with a friend," said Caesar (her husband passed away in 2014).
The gospel music icon, who has won 11 Grammy Awards, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this year. Her latest album, "Fill This House," debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's gospel albums chart.
She said she loves that her newfound fame is introducing her music to younger fans.
"They don't really know who I am unless their moms or their grandparents tell them. I'm glad," she said. "I mean, little 3-year-olds are singing, 'I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes.'"


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Talk about keeping up with the neighbours! Wealthy buyer pays $27MILLION for Australia's priciest penthouse - breaking the record set in the same building just days earlier

The Australian apartment record has been smashed once again, after a penthouse in Circular Quay was purchased for $27million. The four-bedroom home will sit above the 20-storey Opera Residences which will be developed on the site of the old Coca Cola Amatil building, Domain reported. The penthouse was purchased by a lower north shore-based buyer and all 104 apartments were sold resulting in $500million worth of sales. Just days earlier, an undisclosed buyer purchased a penthouse in the same complex for $26 million along with the two apartments below for a combined price of $57million. The buyer, who is a local eastern suburbs woman, reportedly purchased the other two three-bedroom apartments for her children. At 280 square metres the $27million sale equates to an all-time high of $96,400 a square metre. Sales agent and CBRE director Tim Rees said the sale 'broke every record set.' 'It was a great opportunity in what's set to be the best-located building in Sydney.' Mr Rees told the publication one-bedroom units will likely start form $1.5 million, two from $3.5million and three from $6.5million. Prices won't be finalised until the night before the sale. Contraction of the ultra-lux Opera Residencies will begin in April and is set to finish in December 2019.


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Amid wildfires, North Carolina getaway turns to ghost town

LAKE LURE, N. C. (AP) — Don Cason had his 125-year-old inn in the western North Carolina mountains booked solid for Veterans Day weekend, rooms full and restaurant reservations lined up. Guests came to the Esmeralda Inn & Restaurant in Chimney Rock to see late fall colors in the crisp mountain air. They ended up evacuating in a smoky haze. That Friday, Cason looked back as he drove away. Flames and plumes of smoke dwarfed the inn from the mountainside behind. "I was looking at my inn, not knowing if I was telling it goodbye or we'd be back," said Cason, who owns the inn with his wife, Kim. "You've put blood, sweat and tears in for years, and to look back and go, 'Lord, I don't know if you've got me coming back or not' — that's not a good feeling. " For about a week now, Chimney Rock, part of the Lake Lure area outside Asheville, has been virtually deserted in a smoky haze as dozens of wildfires burn an estimated 190 square miles across the Southeast. Stores and restaurants are closed and houses show no signs of life. The only visitors are firefighters from across the country. About 1,000 people are still evacuated. The shroud of smoke is making a dent in the tourism economy — which thrives during the fall season in much of the affected area — but Lake Lure could be taking the most concentrated hit. Elsewhere, several officials called the smoke annoying but say it hasn't been deterring all the visitors. Kentucky officials said they nearly set a record for deer harvest in last weekend's opening of the season. In Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains, the Dollywood theme park's Christmas festival is higher than projected, regardless of smokiness. In the north Georgia mountains, the Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals group said there's been essentially no effect on bookings. On a positive note, nothing in the Lake Lure area has been burned down or damaged by the fires, said Cason, who serves as Rutherford County's top tourism official. But a dry, windy weekend forecast is keeping the community waiting nervously. Emergency officials have blocked the road to get to Chimney Rock. Most inns have closed. The 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa is open — but to provide shelter for firefighters who have come to the region to help. On Tuesday night, the inn fed 810 firefighters, manager Patrick Bryant said. The inn, about 100 yards from the makeshift compound set up for firefighters and the supporting agencies, also is housing evacuees. Bryant said some people have canceled plans, but two weddings scheduled for this weekend were still on. So is next week's Thanksgiving buffet. For The Esmeralda Inn, fire is a familiar foe. Almost a century ago, the inn was rebuilt from its foundation after a fire destroyed it. The inn again burned to the ground in 1997. It was rebuilt to keep its old character. Once a late 19th century stagecoach stop, Esmeralda became a getaway for silent film stars. Some of their movies were filmed there. The area's unique draw for the film industry is better connected with "Dirty Dancing," which was filmed in Lake Lure. Other innkeepers, family and friends have been opening their doors to the Casons while the fire keeps blazing. For now, the community's holding pattern continues. "We have restaurants, retail shops, everybody trying to just really back into their businesses, get things cleaned up and get back open," Cason said. "But everybody is in limbo on what to do next. " ___ Mattise reported from Nashville, Tennessee.


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Swastikas, Trump graffiti defaced park named for Jewish Beastie Boys rapper

A children's playground named in memory of the late Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch was defaced with Swasitkas and Trump slogans on Friday, the New York Post reported.
Yet more hatred & anti-Semitism from Trump supporters. Swastikas on the playground equipment in Adam Yauch Park in BK Heights. #NeverIsNow
— Brad Lander (@bradlander) November 18, 2016
According to the Post , local officials have announced a rally at the Crown Heights, Brooklyn park to "denounce hate and intimidation.”
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Yauch, who founded the Beastie Boys with Mike Diamond and Adam Horowitz in 1979, was born to a Jewish mother and a Catholic father in Brooklyn. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and passed away at age 47 in 2012. Two swastikas were carved into a door at the Manhattan apartment building where New York State Sen. Brad Hoylman resides earlier this week , prompting the senator to express his fear they were inspired by President-elect Donald Trump's recent victory, according to the New York Daily News. The vandalism, according to Hoylman, was a result of Trump refusing to condemn the white supremacist ties of Steve Bannon , who Trump recently "rewarded" as his chief strategist.
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A Dying Mule Always Kicks the Hardest

Why Donald Trump's election means "we must work together for a Third Reconstruction in America. "
Barack Obama on this night of his first election in Chicago. Donald Trump's victory was a reaction to the first African-American president, Rev. William Barber II writes — the likes of which America has seen before. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
The reactionary wave that swept across America with the election of Donald Trump is not an anomaly in our history. It is an all-too-familiar pattern in the long struggle for American reconstruction.
The story of our struggle for freedom is not linear: Every advance toward a more perfect union has been met with a backlash of resistance.
When African-Americans became full citizens of the United States during Reconstruction, a violent backlash arose in the Redemption movement that included both the violence of the Klan and the voter suppression of Southern Democrats. The same kind of backlash followed the legislative victories of the civil rights movement — what many historians call a “Second Reconstruction.” Richard Nixon’s “law and order” campaign of 1968 was an intentional effort to appeal to racial hate and fear without using overtly racist language. His adviser, Kevin Phillips, called it the “Southern Strategy.”
Donald Trump’s unanticipated victory could not have been possible without the election of Barack Obama as America’s first African-American president. Trump entered national politics by waging a crusade against the possibility of Obama’s citizenship. It proved to be the perfect way to touch the psychic wound of so many Americans who have not faced our legacy of racism. Anyone familiar with the Mississippi Plan of 1876 or the Southern Strategy of 1968 can be surprised only by the ease with which Trump adapted them for the 21 st century.
Trump’s attacks on immigrants, Muslims and the LGBTQ community were political ploys based on the fundamental racial fear at the heart of the American experience. When he told white Americans that he was their last chance to make America great again, he was touching a wound passed down since the lost cause religion of the 19 th century.
America must not waste time asking ourselves how this could have happened. It happened because it is a habit written deep in our public memory. If we are willing to see ourselves as we are and have been, we will also see our potential for prophetic resistance, even in times like these.
For we are also the heirs of great dissenters who’ve stood for right even when they were a minority of one. When the Jim Crow laws of the solid South were upheld by the US Supreme Court in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson , only one justice — John Harlan of Kentucky — dissented. But his dissenting opinion laid the legal groundwork upon which Thurgood Marshall built his case over half a century later in Brown v. Board of Education.
When Woodrow Wilson showed Birth of a Nation at the White House a century ago, W. E. B. DuBois, Ida B. Wells and the interracial NAACP challenged the most powerful man in America to face his racism. When three civil rights workers were brutally murdered in the first days of Freedom Summer, black and white students chose to press on together, challenging Mississippi’s brutal racism.
Less than a majority of Americans elected a mortal, not a god, when they cast their ballots for Donald Trump. They did not un-elect the foundational principles of our Constitution, nor have they overwhelmed the moral convictions of our faith.
Across lines of division, we can continue to build the moral coalition that is already a majority in this country. We can and must face the race and class question together and not as separate issues.
Yes, we have some difficult days ahead. But our foreparents were up against more with less. And they taught us that a dying mule always kicks the hardest. Our work continues: we must work together for a Third Reconstruction in America.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 License.
The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II is the architect of the Forward Together Moral Monday Movement, president of the North Carolina NAACP and pastor of the Greenleaf Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Goldsboro.
Donald Trump is Betting Against all Odds on Climate Change
TV Pundits Eager to Make Trump the New 'Normal'
This Doesn't Sound Like Our Voice
An Unstoppable Progressive Movement


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Iconic Marilyn Monroe dress fetches $4.8m during auction

The dress ragged by Marilyn Monroe as she sang “Happy Birthday Mr President” to John F Kennedy has been sole during auction for $4.8m (£3.9m).
The figure-hugging Jean Louis gown, with 2,500 crystals, was bought by a Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum chain.
David Sillito reports.


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Maltesers bags have ‘lost weight’

If a blank Toblerone triangles story done we angry, afterwards wait until we hear about a timorous weight of Maltesers’ pouches.
Earlier this month it was announced Toblerone was spacing out a triangles to revoke a weight of a bar.
But now it seems as yet you’ll also be removing reduction in one form of Maltesers bag.
Steve Dresser, a food sell expert, tweeted about Mars shortening a tote weight from 121g to 103g.
His cinema highlighted a disproportion between a shelf tag and a packet. More associated stories
Toblerone triangle change upsets fans
Quality Street bins a Toffee Deluxe
Cadbury’s Creme Egg recipe rage
It’s suspicion a change might have been done to a tote weight progressing this year.
He also forked out that a Galaxy Counters tote appears to have shrunk – from 126g to 112g.
Mars, that owns a Maltesers brand, says rising costs means it’s carrying to cut back.
“Like all chocolate manufacturers, we have seen a cost of tender materials arise and, while we try to catch these pressures as most as possible, infrequently we have to make a formidable preference to revoke a distance of some of a products so a consumers can continue to suffer an affordable treat,” a matter says.
“Our concentration is always on charity consumers a good tasting, high peculiarity chocolate brands during a best value for money.”
Newsround: Six break shockers that got people rather cross
We consternation if Jenny even knows what’s happened…
And this is a final Maltesers news that Abi is disturbed about. It’s not a usually changing chocolate this year…
Quality Street private a Toffee Deluxe in Sep and transposed it with a Honeycomb Crunch.
Then Oct brought a 10% diminution in a distance of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.
There was also “outrage” final year after a recipe for a Cadbury’s Creme Egg was altered by a US owners.
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Former nuclear bunker becomes museum of Albanian persecution

A former top-secret nuclear bunker has been reopened as a museum in Albania's capital to show visitors how Communist-era police persecuted the regime's opponents. The 1,000-square-meter (1,077-square-foot) bunker with reinforced...


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Football: El Camino Real advances to first Division I semifinal since 1980

El Camino Real is having a season to remember. The Conquistadores have advanced to their first City Section Division I football semifinal since 1980 after a 41-27 quarterfinal victory over Banning.
"It's exciting," Coach Jeff Falgien said. "It's a great opportunity for the kids. "
Ladell Atkins scored four touchdowns and Cornelius Hawkins rushed for 208 yards.
The Conquistadores are 10-2 and advance to play unbeaten Narbonne on Friday night. The other semifinal will have San Pedro at Dorsey.
In Division II, unbeaten Grant will play at unbeaten Hawkins and Los Angeles will host Westchester.
In Division III, it will be Chavez at Franklin and Hollywood at Reseda.


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Trump Cabinet Pick Sparks Anxiety In Marijuana Industry

President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for a top cabinet post is leaving marijuana advocates uncertain about the future of state legalization laws.
Trump chose Sen. Jeff Sessions, a close campaign adviser, to be his attorney general Friday. Sessions, a staunch opponent of marijuana reform, would have authority over the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and some activists worry his appointment would lead to further raids in states where marijuana is legal. But Trump repeatedly pledged to support state marijuana laws during the campaign, and marijuana activists are hopeful he will keep his word, reports The Washington Post.
Sessions said that lawmakers have failed to spread the message to the public, especially youths, that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”
“While the choice certainly isn’t good news for marijuana reform, I’m still hopeful the new administration will realize that any crackdown against broadly popular laws in a growing number of states would create huge political problems,” Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “A clear majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana and super-majorities across party lines believe that states should be able to implement their own cannabis laws without federal interference.”
Marijuana activists won major ballot victories on Election Day in states across the country. Medical marijuana legalization passed in Florida with 71 percent support and also secured passage in Arkansas and North Dakota. Voters in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine all approved measures to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Arizona’s initiative is the only recreational marijuana ballot that failed to pass.
The ballot victories mark a major turning point for marijuana reform activists, who won victories in Republican states. Following the results of the election, roughly 20 percent of Americans will have access to legal marijuana. (RELATED: Marijuana May Help Treat Opioid, Alcohol Addictions)
Yet Sessions could deal a blow to state marijuana laws as attorney general. “We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized, it ought not to be minimized, that it’s in fact a very real danger,” Sessions said during the April hearing.
Roughly 60 percent of Americans now support legalization of marijuana. Advocates are circling a petition addressed to Trump, ensuring that he keeps his campaign promise to respect state autonomy on the issue.
“During the campaign the president-elect clearly pledged to respect state marijuana laws, and he should keep his word – both because it’s the right thing to do and because a reversal would be a huge political misstep,” said Angell.
A growing body of research is showing marijuana’s many useful medicinal purposes. Researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) studied the relationship between marijuana use and mental health and tested its interaction with different illnesses. Their findings suggest marijuana is a helpful tool for those suffering from addictions to more harmful substances, like prescription painkillers. They also found that marijuana could help those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression.
The psychologists from UBC note that research remains limited due to the federal government’s designation of marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug.
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Melbourne transgender man, 18, speaks out about how he always wanted to be a boy

A transgender teen is hoping to raise $10,000 via crowdfunding to pay for an operation to remove his breasts. Jack Clark, 18, from Melbourne’s St Kilda, suffers from dysphoria, and hopes a double mastectomy operation will alleviate his anguish. Dysphoria is a condition involving the distress brought on by a perceived mismatching between gender identity and sex. The special education teacher told Daily Mail Australia he struggles choosing between male and female bathrooms and often battles finding the strength to get out of bed. ‘Since I was 12 I knew my breasts didn't belong and I wanted them gone. This surgery is the step to being in the body was supposed to be born in.’ The major double mastectomy surgery involves drainage tubes and several weeks of recovery. ‘It is daunting but I believe this surgery is the key to my freedom and happiness.’ He said he suffered from depression and a sense of alienation growing up with his condition in Shepparton, in rural Victoria. ‘Growing up with dysphoria is extremely difficult when you're a child and have no idea what's going on, why you're hating your body,’ he said. While he found a sense of belonging with local LGBTIQ group as a lesbian, he still feels out of place in his own body and feels the surgery is the only answer. ‘Some of the challenges I face every day are as simple as getting out of bed and facing the world. Then there is choosing toilets, which can be tricky.’ He said he chooses toilets depending on his surroundings and how comfortable he is passing as a male. ‘Facing homophobic and transphobic people in the community, especially in club settings is hard but I’m thankful I do not personally face these bigots too often.’ Jack, who has a long-term partner and works special education as a teacher aid in Melbourne, said he is grateful for any messages of support to those who cannot donate to the cause. For more information on Jack's fundraising, visit here


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Ian Thorpe is moving to Paris with boyfriend Ryan Channing

Ian Thorpe has announced plans to move to France to be with his boyfriend of less than one year, Ryan Channing. Channing, a 27-year-old law student, is relocating to Paris for a year-long internship in Paris. According to The Daily Telegraph , Thorpe is set to follow his younger lover abroad. The former Olympic swimmer will reportedly split his time between Australia and France. The couple recently raised awareness for marriage equality in Australia. Last week, Thorpe and Channing posted an image of themselves in Sydney sporting matching 'Equality' T-shirts. Ryan perched upon his back for the playful piggyback snap, while the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House were visible in the background. Ian uploaded the happy moment to Instagram, captioning the post: 'It's time Australia... Marriage equality is a human right for all.' His partner then followed suit, by sharing the same image with a simple, direct message with all the hand-holding emojis : 'IT'S // TIME.' The couple went public with their relationship in February.


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Snow-driven winter storm rolls eastward

After dumping a foot of snow across parts of Minnesota, Winter Storm Argos — the season's first major storm — rolled eastward Saturday, threatening to bring snow to northern Michigan, the Great Lakes and upstate New York and a sharp drop in temperatures across the East.
Aided by a new blast of cold Canadian air, the heaviest snow accumulations this weekend through Monday night are expected in the Adirondacks of New York and eastern Great Lakes snowbelts, which could see over a foot of snow, according to the Weather Underground .
The National Weather Service predicts the storm will deliver a light-to-moderate mixture of rain and snow to parts of the northern Mid-Atlantic and northwest New England by Sunday, but the mix will stick to interior areas off the coast, sparing early Thanksgiving travelers on I-95 from Maine to Virginia.
As the storm moves across the country's northern tier, winter storm warnings are in effect for portions of northern Michigan, upstate New York and northern Vermont. A winter weather advisory is in effect for parts of Pennsylvania, western Maryland and parts of eastern West Virginia.
The weather service predicts temperatures could plummet some 30 degrees from Friday's mild weather.
"The days of Indian summer are over for now," the weather service said.
As the storm seized sections of the northern Plains and Upper Midwest, wind gusts as strong as 79 mph were reported in Jackson, Mich., 71 mph near Summit, S. D., and 59 mph at Minneapolis International Airport, according to The Weather Bug .
Minnesota was particularly hard hit by Winter Storm Argos as it slammed into the Midwest. A spotter for the weather service said nearly 14 inches of snow fell at a location in Cass County by early Friday afternoon, the St. Cloud Times reported.
The Minnesota State Patrol reported 340 crashes statewide from Thursday night through Friday afternoon, 37 involving injuries. Another 559 vehicles spun out or went off the road, according to the St. Cloud Times. There were two fatalities.
Jerimiah Moerke with the Minnesota Department of Transportation said snow and high winds made it difficult for big rigs to get up hills on the interstate around Dalton. Officials said at least one semitrailer jackknifed on Interstate 94 between Fergus Falls and Evansville.
In north-central Minnesota, where 4,000 customers lost power as heavy, wet snow brought down trees and power lines, Crow Wing Power pulled its crews off the roads Friday and temporarily shut down operations because of the dangerous conditions.
"This is the first time in my 26 years at Crow Wing Power that we've ever closed the offices," said Char Kinzer, public relations manager, the Brainerd Dispatch reported. "We've never, ever not allowed crew members to go out after 5 p.m. " More crews were being dispatched to restore power Saturday.
In Baxter, Minn., snow fell so hard that firefighters were sent out to hose off traffic signals that were caked with snow and ice at five intersections on Hwy. 371, according to Deputy Chief Dave Cox, the Star Tribune of Minneapolis reported .
In the West, winter storm warnings are in effect for the southern Cascades, while winter weather advisories are in effect across the Sierra Nevada, according to the National Weather Service.


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Tara Reid covers her increasingly slender body in ripped jeans and a sweater as she visits latest celebrity haunt Catch

Flashing a glimpse of her slim legs, she wore fitted ripped jeans, adding height in wedge trainers. Teaming the low-slung denim with a loose-fitting colour-block top, the actress diverted attention from her slender figure which has been under the spotlight lately. And wearing her platinum blonde locks perfectly blow-dried, she brightened up her make-up with a splash of magenta lipgloss, accentuating her blue peepers with black eyeliner. Last month Tara worried onlookers when she displayed her tiny frame at the Maxim magazine Halloween Party in Los Angeles. The Sharknado star put on an eye-popping display in a racy Greek goddess costume. Donning a black halter-style bra with gold shimmering leaves adorned along the bustline, she put on a racy display. She then opted for a Christmas themed bralet and micro-skirt – an outfit that once again drew attention to her worryingly slight frame during an appearance at the annual Trick or Treats magazine bash. Revealing a pair of slender legs and super slim waistline, Tara inevitably caught the eye as she climbed from the rear of her car and made her way inside. In 2014 Reid hit back after social media commenters slammed her for being 'too skinny'. 'I'm just a small-boned girl. I eat, I eat, I eat,' she told TMZ at the time. 'Some people that eat too much, you yell at them that they're fat. You want to get mad at me because I'm skinny? Great, get mad at me. I am what I am.'


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Fifteen people arrested after campaigners against Heathrow expansion run onto the M4 spur and lie down in front of traffic

Fifteen people have been arrested after campaigners objecting to airport expansion staged a protest near Heathrow Airport. A small group of people ran on to the M4 spur road and lay down in front of oncoming traffic, causing temporary disruption. A number of other protesters were arrested on suspicion of public order offences. Pictures from the scene showed protesters fastened together with similar devices to those used by Black Lives Matter protesters earlier this year. The Black Lives Matter protesters chained themselves together using concrete locks during a protest in August, causing further delays as police struggled to remove them. The group staged their protest at Heathrow during one of the busiest times of the year for airports, with 100,000 passengers flying out of Heathrow alone as families headed off on their summer holidays. Today's protest saw traffic disrupted on the road out of the airport, close to terminals one, two, and three. The protesters brought traffic to a halt just after 11.30am, and there were still some delays to traffic three hours later. There were no reported delays to flights in or out of the airport. The protest was part of a day of action by campaigners who are angered by the government’s plans to expand the airport, which included a peaceful rally attended by Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith and former president of the Maldives and climate campaigner Mohamed Nasheed. Today's action is the latest in a long line of protests objecting to a third runway at Heathrow. Last month protesters lay on the floor of Heathrow's Terminal 2, with many wearing white masks in a so-called die-in to highlight the impact of air travel on climate change and pollution levels. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: 'A planned protest is ongoing at Heathrow Airport on Saturday 19 November. 'A proportionate policing plan is in place. 'There have been 15 arrests for obstructing the highway and public order offences. Officers remain on scene.' As some people took arrestable action, other campaigners gathered on the flyover to chant 'No ifs, no buts, no third runway' and 'No more runways'. People of all ages were present to take part in the demonstration on Saturday which was organised by campaign group RisingUp!. Placards reading 'Heathrow expansion will destroy thousands of homes' and 'Protect the planet, no more runways', were raised high as locals gathered in the cold to rally against airport expansion. A spokesman for the group said: 'The Government's decisions to expand Heathrow, despite mass opposition from local residents and the fact that doing so is incompatible with the UK's own laws on climate change, leaves us with no morally acceptable option but to resist. 'Only 15 per cent of the British public is responsible for 70 per cent of international flights taken in the UK and Heathrow largely serves international passengers who have a mean income of £57,000 per year. 'This expansion is being driven by the very rich at the expense of some of the poorest people in the world.' Neil Keveren, a resident of nearby Harmondsworth, said: 'Democracy has failed us. Elected leaders have totally reversed the will of the people. 'As a direct result, the quality of life and life expectancy of the population here will be shorter. This is against our human rights and must be defended. 'Who is left to correct this injustice when our politicians will not? The answer is us - you and me.' A Heathrow Airport spokeswoman said: 'Whilst we respect the right to peaceful protest, the safety of our passengers, aircraft and colleagues, together with the smooth running of the airport, is paramount. 'Heathrow expansion is not a choice between delivering for the economy and protecting the environment – we can do both. 'Independent analysis by the Airports Commission has found that building and operating an additional runway at Heathrow is compatible with the UK meeting its long-term climate change reduction targets. 'The Independent Committee on Climate Change has also shown that a 60 per cent growth in passenger numbers in the United Kingdom can be achieved within the UK's Climate Change Targets.'


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Bannon, Kushner and Priebus: rivals for power at the heart of Trump's team

One by one they came, walking by the marble walls, the cascading waterfall, the ogling tourists and the eager cameras, into the shiny lifts and up to the 26th floor to kiss the ring of the new king.
This week, Trump Tower was a hive of scurrying courtiers, from a prime minister, media mogul and nonagenarian diplomat to senators, congressmen and businessmen. And as the palace intrigue deepened, it was apparent that three men, in particular, had the ear of President-elect Donald Trump.
“I am Thomas Cromwell in the court of the Tudors,” Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, told the Hollywood Reporter , likening himself to Henry VIII’s right hand man and master manipulator (who, in a fact he may have overlooked, was ultimately executed for treason). Bannon did not propose historical roles for Reince Priebus, chief of staff, or Jared Kushner, an intimate adviser married to Trump’s daughter, but they are his rivals for Trump’s attention.
Shaun Bowler, associate dean of political science at the University of California, Riverside, likened the plot to Hilary Mantel’s historical novel Wolf Hall . “Her account of people tiptoeing around a character like Henry VIII strikes me as providing lots of insight into what life for advisers will be like inside the White House from now on,” he said. “What we probably can say is that – whatever the actual pattern of influence – we can be pretty sure that at least one of them will end up leaving after a blow-up.”
The scenario seemed unthinkable just two weeks ago, when polls showed Hillary Clinton on course for the White House and the Republican party hurtling towards civil war. Then, in the most stunning upset in US politics for at least half a century, Republicans swept the board and Democrats plunged into despair. What was supposed to be a valedictory foreign tour for Barack Obama became a glum mission to soothe a panicking world, a plea to keep calm and carry on.
Until Obama hands over power to Trump on inauguration day, on 20 January, the political spotlight is on the former US capital, New York, where Trump is huddled with his transition team. Police have been forced to barricade sidewalks near Trump Tower and a no-fly zone has been imposed above it.
Last Sunday, the president-elect made his first move. He announced that Bannon would be chief strategist , triggering a fierce backlash because of the adviser’s executive role at the website Breitbart, which has run white nationalist and antisemitic headlines. At the same time, Trump appointed the more conventional Priebus to the more conventional role of chief of staff. The chairperson of the Republican National Committee (RNC) had been unswervingly loyal ever since the end of the primaries, even while the candidate ignored pleas to tone down the rhetoric.
But there is also a third centre of power, unofficial but no less important. Kushner, a property developer, investor and newspaper publisher married to Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, is said to have called the shots throughout the campaign and is now doing the same in the transition. He was present at Thursday’s meeting with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and reportedly behind a “Stalinesque purge” of the transition team.
There are other major players in the Trump universe. They include Vice-President-elect Mike Pence, a vital bridge to Congress and the conservative movement; Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the first senator to endorse Trump and now the nominee for attorney general; Paul Ryan, the House speaker with whom Trump has made a fragile peace; and Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Senate.
But it is Priebus, Bannon and Kushner, vying for 70-year-old Trump’s infamously short attention span, who could form the most potent triumvirate in the Oval Office since the days when Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Karl Rove counseled George W Bush. Given Trump’s track record of pitting rivals against each other in his business, campaign and reality TV show, they probably face an uncertain future.
“Apparently Trump likes to manage with concentric circles of chaos,” said Michael Steele, Priebus’s predecessor as RNC chair. “He doesn’t mind that. He likes the tension between the different sectors of influence. So far you’ve got the Kushner circle, you’ve got the Bannon circle, they all interrelate into Trump’s circle but when they have to work with each other, that’s where the challenge is going to be because their interests are very different interests.”
Priebus, a technocrat and consummate party man, will be the voice of the Republican establishment, and a vital conduit to Congress, including Ryan, a fellow Wisconsinite.
“Reince is not Donald Trump’s guy,” Steele added. “Bannon is. Reince is Paul Ryan’s guy and so Trump is doing what he thinks he needs to do to create some olive branches to the establishment types because he knows he needs them. But, quite honestly, they need him just as much. I suspect, as much as they will try to play it down, there will be some tough times where those interests will conflict.”
During the campaign, Kushner, well-mannered but guarded, emerged as operational guru, helping with recruitment, online fundraising, drafting policy and even selecting a running mate. Over the past week Kushner was said to have orchestrated the removal of transition team leader Chris Christie and his allies; Christie had successfully prosecuted his father for tax evasion 11 years ago.
Kushner, 35, is taking legal advice on whether he can get around anti-nepotism laws to join the new administration, the New York Times reported. Like Trump, he is steeped in the property world and has no political experience. “I’m sure he’s a very smart young man, a very successful businessman,” Steele said. “But he doesn’t know foreign policy, he doesn’t know national security, that’s not the world in which he has operated.
“Trump has to be very careful how close in he has someone and the advice he’s taking from someone who has no real background or appreciation or understanding of the obvious stuff, let alone the nuances of policy and government.”
Kushner and 62-year-old Bannon are, in many respects, polar opposites. One is clean cut and favours crew-neck sweaters; the other is dishevelled and looks in need of a shave. One is the son of a multimillionaire; the other was born into a working-class family. One is an Orthodox Jew (Ivanka converted before their marriage), the other a Catholic who has been accused of antisemitism.
“Jared Kushner’s the most interesting to me,” said Rick Tyler, a former member of Ted Cruz’s campaign team. “Billionaires don’t trust everyone who walks through the door but Trump trusts Kushner and Kushner trusts Bannon. They believe in Bannon and the advice he’s given. People can complain about it, then get over it.”
All week Trump has hunkered down at his headquarters, with journalists gathered at 8am each morning in the atrium, clad with 2,400 tons of salmon-coloured marble, to watch his guests come and go.
Among the parade of luminaries come to honour the new king was 93-year-old Henry Kissinger, secretary of state under Richard Nixon; Rupert Murdoch, 85, the media tycoon and another bete noire of the liberal left; Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York, worrying about traffic snarl-ups in central Manhattan; even an impromptu turn by “the naked cowboy”, best known for his performances in Times Square.
The president-elect continued to break with precedents, as he had throughout his campaign. One night, reporters assigned to monitor his movements on behalf of the media were told he would be staying at home, only to later discover that he had nipped out to a steakhouse, where he promised to lower taxes and received a standing ovation.
Rumours flew that the likes of Rudy Giuliani and Ted Cruz were in contention for top jobs, and sources described the process as “a knife fight”. Trump became the first president-elect to respond via Twitter. “Very organized process taking place as I decide on Cabinet and many other positions,” he posted, from the skyscraper that had served as the set of The Apprentice for a decade. “I am the only one who knows who the finalists are!”
On Friday, he announced three winners of the ultimate reality contest, nominating Sessions as attorney general, congressman Mike Pompeo as CIA director and retired lieutenant-general Michael Flynn as national security adviser. The hawkish trio, with a chequered past on issues of civil liberties, race relations and surveillance, was condemned by liberal groups as a nightmare come true.
The rest of the world watched the unfolding soap opera with trepidation. Months after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, commentators pronounced the death of neoliberalism and an irresistible wave of populism. The postwar certainties were gone. Obama travelled to the cradle of democracy, Greece, and its potential new standard bearer, Germany, having spent months assuring world leaders that Trump wouldn’t win. Now he suddenly found himself trying to normalise a proven liar whom he recently warned could not be trusted with the nuclear codes.
Before setting off, Obama, perhaps clutching at straws, told reporters at the White House that Trump was a “pragmatist”, not an “ideologue”. The same could be said of Kushner and Priebus, both of whom are valued for organisational sense. But Bannon is different.
After careers as an investment banker and naval officer, and before becoming Trump’s campaign chief executive, Bannon ran Breitbart, notorious for rightwing dog-whistles and anti-globalist themes that surfaced in Trump speeches and ads. Its headlines have included “Hoist it high and proud: The Confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage”, “Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy”, and “Clinton aide Huma Abedin ‘most likely a Saudi spy’.”
Bannon denied allegations of racism in the Hollywood Reporter interview. “I’m not a white nationalist, I’m a nationalist,” he said. “I’m an economic nationalist. The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia. The issue now is about Americans looking to not get fucked over.”
He then claimed that. “if we deliver”, Trump’s team would win most white voters and a near majority of black and Hispanic voters. “We’ll govern for 50 years.” Democrats, he said, had “lost sight of what the world is about”.
Dan Cassino, a political scientist at Fairleigh Dickinson University, said it was unclear whether business or ideology was Bannon’s priority at Breitbart. “He’s willing to use racist and antisemitic content to make money off it, whether or not he’s racist or antisemitic himself. He’s willing to tolerate it.”
Cassino argued that whereas Fox News covers familiar issues from a conservative perspective, Breitbart pursues an entirely different agenda. “We should be concerned to the extent Steve Bannon controls what information goes in and goes out of the White House. Traditionally information is controlled by the chief of staff but every administration is different.”
He noted that Breitbart typically gives official figures no credence, and that Trump appeared surprised, in a recent TV interview, to learn about actual hate crime totals. “If he’s getting facts from Breitbart just as Bush got facts from Fox News, we have a problem,” Cassino said. “We want a president to make data-based decisions.”
It may then fall to Priebus, a 44-year-old whom Trump called “a superstar” on election night, to provide a reality check. Henry Barbour, who helped run his 2010 campaign to chair the RNC, said the committee was in so much debt at the time that Priebus had to make payments on his personal credit card.
“He was an easy guy to work with even when we didn’t agree on everything,” he recalled. “His ability to work with people and cut through the crap will serve him well. He does not have a big ego. He’s not interested in self-promotion and will be interested in giving good, candid advice to the president. He’s not a yes-man but he will be loyal.”
Barbour, now a lobbyist with Capitol Resources, insisted: “Reince has told me directly he has developed a good working relationship with Bannon and gets on well with him. I have no doubts Reince will work well with Jared Kushner.”
Terry Sullivan, a Republican strategist, said Priebus was “Wisconsin nice” but also “a smart hire”.
“He can bring multiple factions together,” he said. “He might be the only figure who is still liked by the establishment of the party who spent so much time defending Trump.”
Priebus was with the president-elect en route from Trump Tower to a golf club in New Jersey for more meetings this weekend, and Kushner and Bannon presumed close by. For now, the court of Trump with its peculiar composition is at peace. But for how long?
Bill Galston, a former policy adviser to President Bill Clinton, refused to hazard a guess. “I’m prepared to believe that an administrative arrangement that wouldn’t work for anyone else might just work for Donald Trump,” he said. “One of the most ramshackle campaigns in American political history tore up the rule book and somehow wended its way into government. All of my normal assumptions have been upended.”


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Storm Angus is set to batter the UK with 80mph winds and torrential rain as ice and snow from a 'polar air mass continue' to cause chaos

Severe weather warnings have been issued ahead of a storm which is set to batter the UK, bringing torrential rain and hurricane-force gales of 80mph. The first named storm of the season - Storm Angus - is set to hit the south-east of England, and the Met Office has issued amber 'be prepared' weather warnings as winds lash towns and cities. Meanwhile a polar air mass continues to rage across northern parts of the country which dropped to minus 8C on Friday night - and could plummet as low as minus 10C overnight Saturday and into Sunday morning. The extreme weather has wreaked havoc across the UK - including in North Yorkshire, where heavy snow fall trapped some 200 revellers in a pub overnight after they watched a Children in Need gig by the chart-topping band Scouting For Girls. Scroll down for video Hundreds of visitors packed into the Tan Hill Inn at Reeth, NorthYorkshire - which stands at 1732 ft - to watch the Indie-rock band's gig for Children in Need. However after two snowfall blocked roads around the venue on Friday night, 90 revellers were forced to seek accommodation overnight at the 30-room inn, while other visitors were forced to take shelter in their vehicles. The gig raised almost £7,000 for Children in Need, and attracted large crowds. Landlady Louise Peace said: 'We make sure to warn people when they come to stay at this time of year about what the conditions up here can be like. 'We always tell people to bring warm clothes and emergency equipment just in case something like this were to happen. But hardly anyone listens to that. 'There were 200 people stranded here last night. Some were able to eventually get down the roads in the snow, but since it was a gig a lot of people were drinking and couldn't drive - and obviously no taxis or anything could get up here. 'This morning I was cooking breakfast for around 90 people whilst we waited for the snow ploughs to arrive. 'Usually we would charge people for staying the extra night, but on this occasion we have decided to give the extra money to charity.' The Met Office has issued an amber 'be prepared' weather warning ahead of Storm Angus, from Bournemouth to Dover, for coastal winds and gusts of up to 80mph. A yellow 'be aware' warning for wind and rain has been issued over a larger area, including London, with gusts of up to 55mph expected elsewhere. Up to 1.6in (40mm) of rain is predicted in some areas, and Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge warned of localised flooding if drains become blocked with leaves blown off trees by the high winds. Storm Angus is due to hit the South West of England at around 8pm or 9pm on Saturday night, moving north-eastwards and continuing over East Anglia on Sunday morning. But Mr Partridge said the storm will move off quite quickly into the North Sea towards Europe around midday Sunday, with the rest of the day expected to be dry with sunny spells. Northern areas can expect more chilly weather with fairly light winds and clear skies. Braemar in Aberdeenshire dropped to minus 8C (17.6F) on Friday night, with sheltered areas in Scotland set to plummet as low as minus 10C (14F) overnight Saturday and into Sunday morning. As Storm Angus hits, people are being told to be prepared for disruption to travel services, interruptions to power supplies and some damage to buildings. Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Andy Page, said: 'Storm Angus is developing rapidly and will move northeast across southern and southeast England during Sunday morning. Southerly then southwesterly gales are likely with storm force winds developing over the English Channel and affecting some coastal districts. Very squally showers are also expected such that isolated gusts of 70-75 mph are also possible further inland in the Amber warning area.' Drivers crossing the Pennines were confronted with a covering of snow at high levels but all main routes remained open. Winter wonderland scenes greeted walkers above 1,000ft (305m) in areas of the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales, with some light snow showers hitting lower ground in West Yorkshire. Further north, Durham Police tweeted: 'A66, Bowes to Cumbria, snow on both carriageways, slow moving but passable with care. Gritters hard at work.' This graphic shows snow sweeping across the UK. The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for the weekend, with parts of the country expecting further snow showers - particularly in the west - and cold temperatures, particularly on Saturday. The weather warnings come after an elderly couple were found dead outside their home on Friday, following the coldest night of autumn so far. While their deaths are being treated as unexplained, it is thought the pensioners, who have not yet been named, may have slipped on ice outside their home on a remote Scottish island. Police Scotland confirmed the bodies of a man and a woman had been found outside their home in Gravir in the South Lochs area on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides on Friday morning. The force has launched an investigation, adding enquiries were at an early stage and the deaths were currently being treated as 'unexplained'. Terrified passengers flying from Manchester to Amsterdam on Friday morning had to be diverted after lightning struck their Flybe plane as a storm lashed the area. Stuart Smith was on the flight, which had been in the air for less than ten minutes when it was struck by lightning. He was travelling to Amsterdam for three days with his wife Gemma and two friends to celebrate his 40th birthday. 'It was a horrifying experience and my life flashed before my eyes, all I could think of was my children Freddie and Elizabeth,' he told MailOnline. The software development manager from Chesterfield added: 'I saw a huge flash out of the left hand side of the plane followed by a huge bang and more enormous flashes and what looked like a fireball I thought the engine had blown up. 'There was huge movement in the plane as well, loads of turbulence as you'd expect'. After asking the airline for some whisky to calm his nerves as he boarded another plane, Mr Smith added: 'Still no whiskey from Flybe though :( A 40th to remember!' An airline spokeswoman confirmed the aircraft landed safely without further incident and 56 passengers were moved to another plane, which departed shortly after. As temperatures dipped to as low as -6C in some places on Friday, the driver of a road gritting lorry was taken to hospital after it slid off the road. The stricken driver was attempting to spread tons of grit to stop vehicles sliding on ice. Police said the accident happened at 4.50am, more than two hours before daybreak. Icy temperatures had forced the council to send out gritting teams during the night to try to prevent early-morning crashes as people de-frosted their cars to begin the treacherous trip to work. The gritter lorry slewed off the ice-covered road and ended up on its side on the 'old' A5 at Norton near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. The driver was taken to hospital but is not thought to be in a life-threatening condition, while his passengers escaped badly shaken but not seriously injured. The road re-opened but a rescue operation was made to pull the lorry from the ditch. Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service said: 'The gritter lorry left the road and was made safe by firefighters who had been sent from Shrewsbury and Wellington. 'The driver was taken to hospital by ambulance. People should take extra care on the roads this morning.' On Thursday, gusts of up to 95mph were recorded and close to flattened chalets in Clarach Bay, near Aberystwyth, west Wales, while houses nearby had their roofs ripped off. More than 550 properties in Wales were left without power, amid yellow weather warnings for wind and dangerous driving conditions. In parts of west Wales all buses were suspended in the area, and a road near the coast was closed, as trees were ripped from the ground and twenty caravans blown over. Smashed windows and the wreckage of one overturned caravan were pictured on social media, while a video showed a metal frame being blown down some steps. Trees were ripped up and 20 caravans blown over by dangerous gusts, and a branch crushed a car as it fell due to the high winds. Several other roads were closed due to fallen trees, and in Hartside, Cumbria, heavy rain turned to snow, which blanketed the hills in the town in north east England. Damage had also been caused to Adcote School, Shropshire, with six trees falling and a window smashed by what was described as a tornado. Have you been affected by the extreme weather conditions? Get in touch with us by phoning 0203 615 3729 or email


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'Game of Thrones' icon Emilia Clarke joins Han Solo standalone movie

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- British actress Emilia Clarke has joined the ensemble of the upcoming Han Solo standalone Star Wars movie.
The Game of Thrones icon will act alongside Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo and Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian in the as-yet-untitled movie, the official Star Wars blog announced .
No details about her role have been revealed yet.
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are directing the latest chapter in the space epic, which is set for theatrical release next year.


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Trump Presidency Poised to Defuse Risks of World War

Despite the current geopolitical tensions in the world, it appears that the risks of a new world war erupting have decreased significantly following the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States. ...


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State’s star witness in Panayiotou trial accuses cops and prosecution of playing dirty

Luthando Siyoni‚ who initially confessed to helping Christopher Panayiotou orchestrate the murder of his wife‚ Jayde‚ told a stunned court the state had gone to extraordinary lengths to get him to say exactly what they wanted to hear.
But Siyoni stuck to his guns about one thing – he claimed Panayiotou‚ 30‚ had given him R80‚000 to pay Sizwezakhe Vumazonke‚ 36‚ for the hit.
While he now denies helping Panayiotou to find hitmen in April last year‚ Siyoni said he had become aware of the plot to kill Jayde‚ 29‚ only after her death.
Taking the stand for the sixth day on Friday‚ Siyoni went from refusing to answer questions from state advocate Marius Stander‚ to telling Panayiotou’s lawyers just what they needed to build their defence.
Questioned by advocate Terry Price SC‚ Siyoni said that before taking the stand for the first time on Friday last week‚ he had told Stander and his attorney‚ Zolile Ngqeza‚ he would deviate from his statement and tell the court that police had assaulted him.
He said Stander and investigating officer Captain Kanna Swanepoel had been aware of his plans “to tell the truth” as far back as September – a month before the trial kicked off.
A date was even set down in the High Court for Siyoni’s Section 204 status to be revoked‚ but Ngqeza came to some sort of agreement with the state.
Towards the end of September‚ a meeting was held between Siyoni‚ Stander‚ Ngqeza and Siyoni’s mother and cousin.
“I was told if I don’t stick to my statement I will stand trial as an accused. My mother and cousin left the meeting crying.”
Siyoni said his family had been told that should he not testify as a Section 204 witness‚ he would face life in prison.
“My mom begged me to testify for the state‚ but I said I am not prepared to lie.” Siyoni also claimed the underhanded tactics from the police had started while he was being held in protective custody at the Humewood police station.
At Panayiotou’s bail application‚ Swanepoel made a statement on Siyoni’s behalf‚ claiming the injuries he sustained were the result of a “scuffle” with police when he resisted arrest. Siyoni also alleged that he was never warned of his rights or given access to medical treatment after the assault.
He further alleged that: A Legal Aid SA advocate was appointed to represent him‚ despite him asking for a private attorney; For nearly two days in custody he was not given any food or water and did not sleep; During the assault‚ police ripped his pants to look at his buttocks; and Swanepoel told him he needed to be in protective custody because Panayiotou wanted to kill him.
Price said the police were “cold-hearted” enough to get Siyoni to phone Panayiotou – to try to entrap him – an hour after he buried his wife.


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WRAP: English Premiership

AutoTrader is your trusted motoring marketplace for both used cars and new cars, and all vehicles. It’s your one-stop-shop for all your automotive needs and is the simple way to buy and sell cars.


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Four die after party boat catches fire on Hartbeespoort Dam

Cape Town - At least four people have died after a party boat caught fire on the Hartbeespoort Dam on Saturday afternoon, the Hartbeespoort Emergency Rescue Unit reported.
According to the rescue service, three people drowned and one died in the fire.
There were about 200 people on board.
Private boats helped bring people to shore.
This is a developing story.


 134 /410 

Ruling underlines no clear path to AFSCME-Rauner resolution

After 67 negotiating sessions and an official declaration of an impasse, Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration and the union representing 38,000 state employees are still at odds on a number of contract issues — which may prompt a first-time strike for the union.
Administration officials described the lengthy bargaining sessions — packed with hundreds of workers riled up by union leaders — as “an exercise in futility.” And the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31 say they’re dealing with a governor intent on weakening unions throughout the state, who announced an “anti-union” executive order on fair share agreements as the two sides sought to find common ground. Talks have been testy since February 2015.
Tuesday’s decision by the Illinois Labor Relations Board to declare an impasse — three of its five members appointed by former Gov. Pat Quinn — essentially leaves the union with three choices: accepting Rauner’s final offer, calling a strike or hoping the board’s decision will be overturned on appeal.
But the governor’s administration can begin imposing some of its offer “as soon as operationally feasible,” including merit pay and overtime beginning at 40 hours a week, instead of 37.5.
Yet, the two sides can’t even agree upon that implementation. AFSCME says nothing can be done until a written ruling is finalized. The Rauner administration says that’s not needed to begin implementation — which may take time and occur after a written ruling is finalized. Both sides estimated the ruling would come in “weeks.”
The union is waiting for the written ruling to appeal — and to go back to its members to decide whether to accept the governor’s terms or strike. A strike would mean child protection workers, caregivers for veterans and people with mental illnesses and development disabilities, Illinois State Police dispatchers, State Crime Lab forensic scientists and State Park rangers, among other union members, could walk the picket line. The union also represents correctional officers and other security employees in prison, who are not allowed to strike.
But instead of talk about a strike — the union put on a big show of might on Thursday, protesting at 120 sites across Illinois to urge Rauner to go back to the negotiating table, instead of imposing his offer.
“We’re not placing any demands. We’re saying come back and let’s work it out. He refuses to do that. He continues to stubbornly refuse to negotiate,” AFSCME spokesman Anders Lindall said. “He said as a candidate he would take a strike and shut down the government and do it proudly. You have to take him at his word. We’ve seen this state with no budget. It’s his way or no way at all.”
There is little to no indication that Rauner will come back to the table, but union officials say he should realize that the disruption of important services will hurt the people of Illinois.
A Rauner administration official with direct knowledge of the negotiations said the union’s strategy since January 2016 has been to “stall” negotiations so that their previous contract would continue to be applied: “To say right now, ‘Let’s go back to the table and negotiate’— that will accomplish absolutely nothing and that’s exactly what they want because they do not want to negotiate. They just want to last our four years under the existing contract, which will give them a huge win on something that taxpayers cannot afford.”
Rauner on Wednesday called his latest contract offer “very good for the people of Illinois” and good for taxpayers.
“Common sense. It allows good common sense changes to the system and in the long term, it’ll save $3 billion over the next four years. That helps with our balanced budget. It’s critically important and it’s fair on all levels,” Rauner said.
Administration officials say AFSCME rejected proposals on overtime after 40 hours and on allowing volunteers to handle some of the worker’s duties. Rauner on Thursday announced a “State Day of Service,” which union officials called a distraction from the real issues about the contract, including health care changes and a wage freeze.
The union says they’d have to pay 100 percent more in health care in the first year of the contract, and a 10 percent per year increase. There are also no pay increases over the four-year term of the contract. Lindall called that a “pay cut,” which would amount to $10,000 lost over four years.
But the administration official contended state workers were being covered by very expensive plans — with the vast majority of employees not opting to use the top coverage.
That means members can opt for cheaper plans and see no increase to their premiums but higher copays.
“We have to somehow be able to manage the cost of the AFSCME contract, which they got very rich benefits in the past,” the official said. “And they’ve gotten that from all the governors in the past, from [Gov. Pat] Quinn, [Gov. Rod] Blagojevich. They’ve gotten very, very high wage increases and so it’s our position that freezing wages for four years of their contract is not any kind of hardship for them. They can do that.”
A change in health care would affect some 365,000 state workers, their families and dependents, but not retirees. Retirees will continue to receive “platinum” coverage, which members are currently receiving, the administration said.


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50 migrants escape from resettlement center in Istanbul, set building on fire (VIDEO) — RT News

The fire broke out on the third floor of a refugee repatriation center in Istanbul, according to Turkish media. Local fire brigades, ambulances, and police units were dispatched to the scene on short notice to deal with the situation.
Officers fired warning shots to prevent some 50 refugees from escaping, but failed. At least three people have been injured in the fire and taken to a nearby hospital for emergency care.
The refugees reportedly set fire to furniture to protest the miserable living conditions at the center, Hurriyet said. An investigation and police search are underway to locate the escapees.


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Olympics-Kenyan officials "embezzled money meant for Rio team" - govt report

By Isaack Omulo NAIROBI, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Large sums of money meant to cover the expenses of Kenya's team at the Rio Olympics were misappropriated by officials, according to an investigation ordered by the country's sports ministry. The report, seen by Reuters, said the money had been earmarked to buy air tickets for team members, but was instead taken by unidentified ministry officials. The report was compiled by an investigation team led by Paul Ochieng, the dean of students at Nairobi-based Strathmore University. The report says the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) also diverted money and kit from U. S. sports equipment manufacturer Nike worth millions of shillings. "Some (sports) ministry officials misappropriated 88,611,480 shillings ($871,190) meant for air tickets. NOCK has been misappropriating Nike contract funds and kit amounting to 126 million shillings per year meant for athletes since 2013," the report said. "The eight-year (2013-2020) contract between Nike and NOCK on behalf of all national teams is heavily skewed towards Nike and needs review or cancellation. " Officials at the Ministry of Sports did not respond to telephone calls or text messages when contacted by Reuters. Nike did not return calls seeking comment. Athletes told the investigation committee that bonuses from Nike for medals won at Olympic and Commonwealth Games did not reach them. Athletes said Nike gives NOCK $15,000 for each gold medallist, $7,500 for each silver medallist and $5,000 for each bronze medallist, but medallists told the investigation committee they had never been given bonuses from NOCK. Reuters was unable to confirm the specifics of Nike's agreement with NOCK. NOCK Chairman Kipchoge Keino said athletes dealt directly with Nike on such matters and that the ministry handled all ticketing and other financial matters. "It's all lies. Athletes sign for endorsement and bonuses with Nike. All we get are kit and training funding. We don't handle athletes' money," he said from Doha, Qatar, where he is attending a meeting of the Association of National Olympic Committees. "It is not our duty and we did not receive any money, nothing absolutely. We have never handled such things, and it's not in our agreement. " The probe was commissioned by Hassan Wario, minister for sports, culture and the arts, who has in turn presented it to President Uhuru Kenyatta, according to a source familiar with the matter. It has not been officially made public. The report recommends that action be taken against those found culpable in the misappropriation of money and that NOCK account for the money received annually from Nike on behalf of the athletes. ($1 = 101.7000 Kenyan shillings) (Editing by George Obulutsa, Mitch Phillips and Dale Hudson)


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Emerging markets are also thriving as the Trump trade lifts all boats

Emerging markets still offer opportunity for investors, several strategists say, as President-elect Donald Trump's election upset will only pause —but not end—the asset class's recovery this year.
"Our view is the market is overreacting and that the truth and reality is somewhere in between (where) you may continue to get a strong dollar with economic growth," said USAA Investments Head of Global Multi-Assets Wasif Latif, who has $9.35 billion in assets under management. He turned slightly overweight on emerging markets from neutral early this summer.
"If anything, our next move will be to full overweight, but it could be many years down the road," he said. "We're not reacting to our positions the way the market is. "
Concerns of a trade war, near 14-year highs in the Dollar Index, and multi-month highs in Treasury yields have prompted an immediate sell signal for many investors in emerging markets.
The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) has fallen more than 7.5 percent since the election, while the S&P 500 is nearly 2 percent higher. The Dow Jones industrial average and Nasdaq composite have climbed more than 2 percent, touch record highs just a few days ago.
"If the dollar goes up this tends to hurt emerging markets," Isabelle Mateos y Lago, a global macro investment strategist at BlackRock Investment Institute, said on CNBC's " Squawk Box " Friday. She is overweight emerging markets.
"But emerging markets are much less vulnerable to these developments than they were in the past," she said. "They have lower dollar-denominated debt, they have very strong fundamentals of their own, [and] they have scope to ease monetary policy if need be. And they've been powered by very strong inflows. "
Emerging market equity funds have seen inflows of several billion a month since July, but those trends reversed in the last three weeks and accelerated after the election. Those funds saw $5.4 billion in outflows last week, the largest such decline since August 2015, according to EPFR Global. The firm also said emerging market debt funds saw a record outflow of $6.6 billion last week.
Still, the EEM is on pace to post its first positive year in four, up nearly 8 percent year-to-date after an 18 percent plunge in 2015. The S&P 500 is up about 6.8 percent for 2016 after ending only a touch lower the prior year.
"The market is digesting that change and potential risk of renegotiation of trade deals and rate hikes," USAA's Latif said. From a longer-term perspective, "valuation would tell you in the next 3 to 5 years [emerging markets] is going to be one of the strong performing asset classes. "
The MSCI emerging market index had a price-to-earnings ratio of 14.94 at the end of October, versus 22.63 for the MSCI USA index.
Part of the confidence in emerging markets also relies on a view that Trump will have a softer stance on trade as president than during his campaign.
"The U. S. will never, never have the capacity to renegotiate the trade agreements," said Philippe Ithurbide, global head of research, strategy and analysis at Amundi, which has more than $1 trillion in assets under management. "Perhaps we are wrong," he said, but no major changes on trade policy is our "central scenario. "
Trump has called for a 45-percent tariff on imports from China and deportation of undocumented immigrants, while threatening to withdraw the United States from the World Trade Organization—an outgrowth of the populism sweeping developed economies.
"Last time we had a surge in protectionism we had a war, massive decline in trade, massive recession worldwide," Ithurbide said. On the small chance that Trump does implement tariffs and anti-immigration policies, he said the U. S. economy would likely fall into "a deep recession" and global growth would slow to 2 percent or less.
On Thursday, Barclays said the strong dollar and potential Trump changes on trade policy contributed to its decision to turn tactically neutral on emerging markets.
But Keith Parker, global equity strategist, also said the firm would look for opportunities to buy dips.
"We continue to believe that [emerging market] equities have the greatest upside potential over the medium term, given relative valuations, potential growth and the relative valuations, potential growth and the relative cyclical position (outside of China)," he said in a note.


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Record sale for a rare Tintin drawing in Paris auction

The original drawing in Chinese ink from the Belgian cartoonist Herge shows the fearless reporter, his white dog Snowy and his friend Captain Haddock in spacesuits, walking on the moon for the first time and looking at the Earth. ...


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Achieve justice and equality through the ballot box‚ urges Moseneke

His address at the event‚ hosted by the Helen Suzman Foundation in association with the Gordon Institute of Business Science and the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Cape Town‚ was on “shades of the rule of law and social justice”.
Moseneke’s lecture centred on three ways in which the rule of law could be understood. The first is merely that the words of the law must be obeyed‚ but this permitted evil legal systems‚ such as apartheid. The second is more substantive‚ purposive and justice-oriented‚ and a means to bring democracy and accountability to post-colonial societies.
The third way was the one inspired by the Constitution. He said South Africa could not rely only on Chapter 9 institutions and social movements to litigate constitutional rights. The ultimate means to transformation and accountability is at the ballot box‚ he said.
Moseneke criticised a Cabinet decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court‚ saying that when the rule of law fails domestically‚ the ICC is an important‚ although imperfect‚ means to protect citizens from abuses of power.
He began his lecture by paying tribute to Helen Suzman‚ speaking of her commitment to prisoners’ rights. He remembered her regular visits to Robben Island during his imprisonment and her continued opposition to Robert Sobukwe’s indefinite detention.
“I heard of the name Helen Suzman in my township of birth‚ Atteridgeville. The adults said in hushed tones that she was different from them. They never said who ‘them’ were … I was 15 years of age and yet I’d become a child soldier. Soon members of our underground cells were arrested‚ charged and convicted in a mass political trial. I earned myself 10 years on Robben Island.
“Within days of the conviction Helen Suzman rose in Parliament to express her disapproval and disgust … Frankly‚ she was the only one in Parliament to demur publically.”
In the dark days of apartheid she reminded Parliament that no one should be detained without trial; that Parliament is not a court of law. She spoke out about the right to equal worth‚ free movement and the right to work.
“She interceded for fellow citizens in distress for no immediate gain … Her life was filled with the courage of principles and prompts me to ask difficult questions about shades of rule of law in our democracy.”
For the full version of Moseneke’s address here.


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Cult-like McRib returns to Atlanta

ATLANTA, Ga – Colder temperatures, falling leaves, warm sweaters … McRibs?
That’s right. To its followers, the McRib, a faux-barbecue rib sandwich from McDonald's, is as much a part of November and December as holiday lights and celebrations.
The sandwich, topped with barbecue sauce, pickles and onions and served on a hoagie style roll, debuted in 1981 and was sold year-round for a while. But a few years later, McDonald's pulled the menu item from its shelves and began offering the sandwich only for a few weeks each year.
For the past several years, the sandwich’s most regular availability has been in November and December.
Last week, McDonald’s announced an iPhone app that lets people message other McRib fans as to where the sandwich has been spotted. It’s free and uses the smartphone’s GPS to find the nearest McRib-selling McDonald’s.
There has also been an online McRib locator for the past couple of years where fans can report sightings of the elusive sandwich to its cult-like followers, which will only be available until Dec. 31.
McDonald’s allows franchisees to decide whether they want to offer it, but not all of them do.
A search of the map reveals several confirmed sightings around the metro Atlanta area.
(© 2016 WXIA)


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Suspected robber wounded in shootout near Nevada-Utah line

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A suspect in an armed robbery in Utah hours earlier was critically wounded in a shootout with police near the Nevada-Utah line after he fired his gun inside a strip club, fled the scene and crashed outside a Nevada casino along Interstate 80, authorities said Friday.
Elko County Sheriff’s Lt. Kevin McKinney said more than two dozen shots were exchanged between the suspect and West Wendover, Nevada police before he surrendered Thursday night and was flown by helicopter to a Salt Lake City hospital.
Ogden police identified him Friday afternoon as Christopher Anthony Martinez, 30, and reported he was in critical condition. He was shot at least once in the chest and suffered leg injuries from the crash.
Martinez is believed to be the same man who was caught on surveillance tape during a holdup on Thursday at the Mountain America Credit Union in Ogden, police said in a post on the department’s Twitter account.
Investigators say a large amount of cash found in his car after the shootout includes bills that match serial numbers of those taken in the robbery.
Ogden police Lt. Danielle Croyle, the department’s public information officer, did not immediately respond to telephone calls and emails seeking further details.
Authorities in Nevada recovered multiple firearms from the suspect’s car, and a bomb squad robot disarmed a possible explosive device found inside. Roads remained closed at midday around the Red Garter Casino in West Wendover, nearly 160 miles southwest of Ogden.
“We found some other firearms, a couple of long guns and a shotgun,” McKinney told the Deseret News ( ).
Police responded at about 8:45 p.m. Thursday after the man allegedly pulled a handgun on the doorman at the strip club, hit him over the head with the gun and fired a round into the bar.
McKinney said the doorman suffered minor injuries, and no one else was hurt.
A witness, Randy Rudd, said he saw the crash and almost immediately heard gunfire.
“He opened fire in his car or something, and the cops pulled the (guns) out and just lit him up,” Rudd told Salt Lake City’s KUTV ( “It was a trip.”
Eds note: The story has been corrected to fix the spelling of the name of the newspaper, the Deseret News
Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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Silver Alert issued for 25-year-old woman missing out of Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N. C. – A Silver Alert has been issued for a Greensboro woman who has not been seen since Friday.
Elizabeth Susan Pennington, 25, was last seen at about 7 p.m. Friday and was reported missing from a home at 420 West Radiance Drive.
She was last seen on foot, in an unknown direction of travel, according to Greensboro police.
Pennington has been described as being about 5’3” and 150 pounds with long brown hair and green eyes.
She was last seen wearing a red and black plaid tunic top, black leggings, no socks and gray Keds sneakers. She has a tattoo of three little birds behind her right ear.
The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information on Pennington’s whereabouts can call Greensboro police at (336) 373-2287 or 911.


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Man killed in New Orleans East early Saturday

A man was shot dead in the early hours of Saturday (Nov. 19), New Orleans police report.
An emergency call came in shortly before 3 a.m. reporting an incident on the 14000 block of Peltier Drive in New Orleans East. Emergency medical personnel pronounced the victim dead at the scene.
Authorities have not yet released the man's identity or age.
Police ask anyone with information about the crime to call Crimestoppers at 504 822-1111 or 877 903-STOP.


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Critical Counties: How Trump seized the map and Clinton lost it

Donald Trump overcame long odds to win the election in part because of Hillary Clinton's failure to seize the structural advantages she had entering the general election.
Trump managed to walk away with Ohio and even took Pennsylvania, a state no Republican presidential nominee had won in decades. And the margins were close in some places like Michigan, a state most thought was comfortably in the blue column.
The stunning result was the culmination of a lot of factors but, simply put, Trump outperformed his polls in some key areas while Clinton failed to turn her map into a reality.
Over the course of the 2016 campaign, CNN analyzed a series of counties that could help explain the election. From these critical counties in Michigan, Colorado, Pennsylvania and other states, we see how Trump's win came together. We also see where Clinton lived up to expectations and where she fell short.
So as the dust continues to settle around the Republican upset, here's how Trump and Clinton fared in 11 counties that helped decide the election.
Data from Google Trends from the week following Election Day offers a glimpse at what residents of these counties searched following Trump's victory.
Genesee County, Michigan
Clinton won the home county of Flint, Michigan, but as with many places in this state, she severely underperformed compared to President Barack Obama in 2012. Her failure to turn out the vote heavily in this safely Democratic area left her vulnerable to Trump's unexpected performance elsewhere.
Top searches
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Clinton and Trump performed about as well in this Pittsburgh-led blue spot in Pennsylvania on election night as one might have expected. However, the story in Pennsylvania is less about the critical counties but the renewed energy in the state's rural areas.
Trump's strength in rural Pennsylvania ultimately helped him carry the state.
Top searches
Vigo County, Indiana
Vigo County, the ultimate bellwether county, retains its bellwether status.
All the way back to 1956, Vigo County has voted for the candidate that went on to win the election. 2016 was no exception.
Top searches
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Wake County, North Carolina
Wake County, a sign of a changing North Carolina with its increasingly educated and new residents, swung even harder for Democrats than it had the past few cycles. However, it wasn't enough to bring Clinton a southern victory.
Top searches
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Stark County, Ohio
We said Stark County was a swing county in a swing state -- and a sign of Trump's potential strength there. It very much was, pulling sharply for the now President-elect.
Trump's margin of victory in Ohio ended up being relatively wide, especially considering the state backed Obama in 2008 and 2012.
Top searches
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Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Despite a last-minute star-studded concert in Cleveland, Clinton did not manage to come close to a win in Ohio. However, she did manage to do about as well as Obama in Cuyahoga County's vote breakdown.
Top searches
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Prince William County, Virginia
One of the few predictions the polls bore out clearly was the DC area never swinging for Trump. Prince William County was rigidly blue and stopped Trump from notching another swing-state upset.
Top searches
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Jefferson County, Colorado
This suburb of Detroit, like much of Colorado, went for Clinton about as strongly as it did for Obama. Despite the help from the Coors family, Trump didn't manage to outperform expectations there.
Top searches
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El Paso, Colorado
Colorado was one of the few battlegrounds that went about how polls expected. El Paso County, a GOP stronghold in this increasingly Democratic state, went out for Trump -- but it was still not enough for a Rocky Mountain surprise.
Top searches
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Macomb County, Michigan
Macomb County is the story of Michigan laid plain.
Once the home of "Reagan Democrats," this county helped crush the GOP's chances in Michigan the past few cycles, even against one of its own: Mitt Romney. But Macomb County's wide swing for Trump underscored his surprising Rust Belt victories. It's early to say, but Macomb County is the kind of place that demonstrates exactly how Trump pulled off his out-of-left-field strength in this region.
In our preview of this county, we called it a "moonshot" for the Trump campaign. Well, he managed to pull it off.
Top searches
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Bucks County, Pennsylvania
As with Allegheny County, Clinton's strength in Pennsylvania was thought to come from the deep blue cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as well as their outlying suburbs. Although Clinton did almost as well as Obama in this purple zone, Trump clearly brought Pennsylvania's rural areas out to vote in a way Republicans hadn't for years.
Top searches
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Danny Willett's challenge for Race to Dubai ends in failure after shocking round in DP World Tour Championship

Danny Willett suffered the human equivalent of catastrophic engine failure in the Race to Dubai on Saturday to end any hope of finishing the season as Europe's Golfer of the Year. The Masters champion had played well over the first 36 holes in the DP World Tour Championship and was looking for a low one to boost his chances of catching Open Champion Henrik Stenson when the season-long race draws to its conclusion on Sunday. Instead he never got out of first gear over the penultimate lap in the final event, subsiding to a horrific 76 on a day when many of the 60 man field took full advantage of some easy pin positions and forward tees to post a flurry of low scores. One of those looked like being delivered by Rory McIlroy, the man who pipped Willett in the Race to Dubai last year and who was continuing his fine recovery from a 75 on the opening day. But a number of golden opportunities went begging and, going all out for an eagle three at the last, he found only the water hazard to run up a bogey. 'I played some lovely golf today but somehow managed to turn a 62 into a 68,' reflected the Northern Irishman, who now has virtually no chance of holding on to either of the two titles he claimed on the same Sunday last year. 'There's still plenty to play for,' insisted the 27 year old, who stands tied 22nd, a distant eight strokes off the lead held by Frenchman Victor Dubuisson, who shot 64. 'I want to finish on a high note so I can feel good about myself over the next two months before I play again.' As for Willett – all the way back in 51st place - this was the second year in a row where he led the Race to Dubai for much of the season, only to fall short at the death. Still, once he's had a bit of time at home, he'll surely reflect on the fact that it's not a bad place to be, and particularly in a year when he can open the wardrobe and find it contains a certain green jacket. 'You're obviously doing a lot right if you're in contention for most of the season but I do want to finish as Europe's number one at least once during my career,' said the Yorkshireman. An outrageous fluke three holes from home has left Stenson in prime position to claim the Race to Dubai for the second time in four years. Like Willett he was having a nightmare but he turned it round with four birdies in his last five holes, including one that was all about luck at the 16th, where a chip destined to finish 20ft past the hole hit the flag and dropped below ground instead. Stenson stands alongside Rory after a 70. Fellow Swede Alex Noren is now the only man who can catch Stenson but, needing a top two finish to have a chance, currently stands joint 14th. As for what will happen in the tournament on Sunday, that's much harder to predict. Dubuisson holds a one stroke lead over Belgian Nicolas Colsaerts and a pair of talented young Englishmen who both enjoyed excellent days: Ryder Cup rookie Matt Fitzpatrick who shot 66, and 25 year old Tyrrell Hatton, who carded a 67. Lee Westwood had a chance to join them but missed from 5ft for an eagle at the final hole. Nevertheless he shot 69 and is only two behind, alongside Spaniard Rafa Cabrera-Bello who shot a brilliant 63, and Italian Francesco Molinari, who shot 70.


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Preparations on track for GC2018 with 500 days to go (CGF - Commonwealth Games Federation)

( Source : CGF - Commonwealth Games Federation ) The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) has reached a major milestone as the clock strikes midnight on the Gold Coast , marking 500 days to go until Queensland, Australia Shares the Dream


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Sevilla go third after dramatic finale at Deportivo

By Richard Martin BARCELONA, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Gabriel Mercado scored a controversial stoppage-time winner as Sevilla produced a sensational late turnaround to come from two goals down to win 3-2 at Deportivo La Coruna and provisionally go third in La Liga on Saturday. Deportivo were denied a penalty late in the second half while leading 2-1 when Argentina international Mercado pushed Florin Andone over in the area. Mercado escaped a possible red card and netted from close range in the 92nd minute after Vitolo had levelled in the 87th. Former Liverpool forward Ryan Babel headed Deportivo in front in the first minute and Andone finished off a brilliant individual run to double the home side's advantage in the 42nd, only for Steven Nzonzi to pull one back for Sevilla in the 44th. Deportivo were left fuming after Mercado's push on Andone, who remained on the floor for several minutes after the challenge, and Sevilla took full advantage of referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz's leniency. Vitolo turned in a loose ball from inside the area and five minutes later Mercado pounced around the goalmouth following a corner, sparking jubilant celebrations from coach Jorge Sampaoli and a cacophony of boos and whistles from the home supporters. Barcelona host Malaga and leaders Real Madrid travel to local rivals Atletico later on Saturday. (Editing by Ed Osmond)


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Firefighters battle blaze at historic Union Station

Firefighters early Saturday battled a blaze at Los Angeles’ Union Station, preventing the main historic structure from being damaged.
About 82 firefighters were on the scene. The L. A. Fire Department said the damage was confined to an office next to the main entrance to the storied train terminal on Alameda Avenue.
“Though the fire appeared to have originated in a roll-away trash dumpster, the cause of the blaze remains under active investigation,” the LAFD said in a statement. “A monetary loss from the fire is still being tabulated.”


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UFC fighters get in the ring, but they're not employees

The distinction is significant. It means that neither fighters nor cheerleaders get the guaranteed pay and benefits that employees are entitled to under the law.
UFC fighters sign individual contracts with the company that only cover certain fights. Those deals vary in terms of how much individuals are guaranteed to make for fighting, and how much they'll get if they win. The contracts also include limited health insurance.
But that means there are large chunks of time when the fighters are unpaid and uninsured.
In contrast, pros within the NFL and NBA are employees of a particular team through the length of their contracts, which typically last for a season or more, and always cover all of the extra events that they have to attend.
While the NFL cheerleaders are fighting just to make minimum wage, some of the top UFC fighters can make hundreds of thousands of dollars -- sometimes even millions -- for winning a bout. But most of the fighters make very little unless they win.
Related: NFL cheerleaders win ruling in fight for better wages
Fighters have complained about the fact that they're treated like employees without any of the benefits.
They say they often have to make UFC appearances without getting paid. They are also required to check in for random drug tests and to fight wearing gear from Reebok -- the UFC's official partner -- even if they personally have other sponsors.
"Controlling things like uniforms and requiring drug tests could mean that a worker is being treated as an employee," said employment attorney Christopher Marlborough. "If you hire someone to paint your house, you're contracting them -- you can't control what they wear. If they're your employee that's different -- you have more control over what they do. "
Several UFC fighters have brought a class action anti-trust lawsuit against UFC that alleges the company uses its dominance in the space to, among other things, keep fighter pay low. The UFC recently lost its appeal to have the case thrown out.
Related: New York Jets settle wage lawsuit with cheerleaders
Neither UFC fighters nor cheerleaders have been able to successfully form a union to help establish collective bargaining agreements.
But the NFL cheerleaders have used another tactic to demand better wages and rights -- they've sued for the right to be labeled an employee.
Cheerleaders for the Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets have all sued their teams -- most have settled.
The Raiders cheerleaders reached a settlement for $1.25 million and the Buccaneers agreed to a $825,000 settlement.
California passed a law classifying cheerleaders as employees, making them eligible for at least the minimum wage.
The Buffalo Jills won the right to bring a class action suit against their employer, and a decision in that case is expected by the end of 2016.


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Back together? Vogue Williams cosies up to artist ex boyfriend Maser as they enjoy picturesque holiday in Iceland

She's most famous for being married to former Westlife star Brian McFadden and since their split has been showing her ex what he is missing with a range of sizzling bikini selfies. And on Saturday Vogue Williams took to Instagram to share a cosy selfie with her former flame Maser as they enjoyed a holiday in Iceland. The 30-year-old Irish model cosied up to her artist ex-boyfriend against a snowy backdrop. Scroll down for video Wearing a white bobble hat and cosy khaki parka she smiled as she posed with the Irish artist. Maser was also kitted out for the icy weather, laughing as he held his ex. The backdrop showed a clear sky and snow-covered mountains. 'Out for the day with @icelandtravel this place is so incredible... next up, SNOWMOBILING', Vogue captioned the picture, tagging her former beau. However according to her Twitter the break is just of a friendly nature, with her tweeting: 'Off to Iceland with one of my best pals today… excited X 1000000000.' Their break comes shortly after Maser 31, and top model Thalia Hefferman, 21, reportedly called quits on their relationship after a year of dating. Goss reports the duo called time on their relationship, with Thalia returning to work while Maser took a break. Maser previously dated Vogue until shortly before she embarked on a relationship with Brian, exchanging vows in September 2012 just 16 months after they started dating. The couple announced their split in July 2015 following three years of marriage. In July Vogue's ex Brian, 36, spoke about his relationship with Vogue in an interview with Loose Women. He said: 'I'm not in contact with Vogue. Not anymore. I think before there may have been some unfinished business [when we were still hanging out together] but we have both now moved on.' Showing off his wrist, Brian also showed that he had got his wedding anniversary tattoo inked over with the Batman logo. He also said that he has always been able to move on after breaking up with someone, apart from with Kerry, because of the children. He said: 'I can switch straight off and pretend they don't exist. I don't want them to be dead - but what am I supposed to do?' MailOnline has contacted Vogue's representative for comment.


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Medieval women can teach us how to smash gender rules and the glass ceiling

On the night of the US election, Manhattan’s magisterial, glass-encased Javits Centre stood with its ceiling intact and its guest-of-honour in defeated absence. Hillary Clinton – who has frequently spoken of


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BC-SOC--English Standings

Arsenal 1, Manchester United 1 Swansea vs. Everton 1500 GMT Hull vs. Sunderland 1500 GMT Liverpool vs. Southampton 1500 GMT Bournemouth vs. Stoke 1500 GMT Leicester vs. Watford 1500 GMT Manchester City vs. Crystal Palace 1500 GMT West Ham vs. Tottenham 1730 GMT Chelsea vs. Middlesbrough 1600 GMT Burnley vs. West Bromwich Albion 2000 GMT Shrewsbury vs. Sheffield United 1500 GMT Port Vale vs. Charlton 1500 GMT Gillingham vs. Walsall 1500 GMT Millwall vs. Bolton 1500 GMT Chesterfield vs. Fleetwood 1500 GMT MK Dons vs. Bristol Rovers 1500 GMT Swindon vs. Rochdale 1500 GMT Bury vs. Wimbledon 1500 GMT Peterborough vs. Northampton 1500 GMT Coventry City vs. Oxford United 1500 GMT Oldham vs. Scunthorpe 1500 GMT Bradford vs. Southend 1500 GMT Wycombe vs. Cambridge United 1500 GMT Newport vs. Notts County 1500 GMT Portsmouth vs. Cheltenham 1500 GMT Grimsby vs. Plymouth 1500 GMT Hartlepool vs. Doncaster 1500 GMT Exeter vs. Carlisle 1500 GMT Blackpool vs. Leyton 1500 GMT Luton vs. Morecambe 1500 GMT Colchester United vs. Yeovil 1500 GMT Crewe vs. Barnet 1500 GMT Crawley vs. Mansfield 1500 GMT Stevenage vs. Accrington Stanley 1500 GMT Aston Villa 1, Brighton 1 Brentford vs. Blackburn 1500 GMT Burton vs. Reading 1500 GMT Rotherham vs. Derby 1500 GMT Bristol City vs. Birmingham 1500 GMT Wolves vs. Preston 1500 GMT Norwich vs. Queens Park Rangers 1500 GMT Sheffield Wednesday vs. Fulham 1500 GMT Huddersfield vs. Cardiff 1500 GMT Wigan vs. Barnsley 1500 GMT Nottingham Forest vs. Ipswich 1730 GMT Newcastle vs. Leeds 1315 GMT Yeovil 3, Solihull Moors 5 Cheltenham 4, Crewe 1 Boreham 0, Notts County 2 Bury 0, Wimbledon 5 Crawley 2, Bristol Rovers 4 Dag & Red 1, Halifax 2 Southport 1, Fleetwood 4 Maidstone 0, Rochdale 2 Alfreton 1, Newport 4 Taunton 1, Barrow 2 Eastleigh 3, Swindon 1 Morecambe 1, Coventry City 2 Gillingham 3, Brackley 4 Cambridge United 4, Dover 2


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BC-SOC--English Results

LONDON (AP) — Results from English football: Solihull Moors 5, Yeovil Town 3 Cheltenham Town 4, Crewe Alexandra 1 Notts County 2, Boreham Wood 0 AFC Wimbledon 5, Bury 0 Bristol Rovers 4, Crawley Town 2 Halifax Town 2, Dagenham & Redbridge 1 Fleetwood Town 4, Southport 1 Rochdale 2, Maidstone United 0 Newport County 4, Alfreton Town 1 Barrow 2, Taunton Town 1 Eastleigh 3, Swindon Town 1 Coventry City 2, Morecambe 1 Brackley Town 4, Gillingham 3 Cambridge United 4, Dover Athletic 2 Aston Villa 1, Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Brentford vs. Blackburn Rovers Burton Albion vs. Reading Rotherham United vs. Derby County Bristol City vs. Birmingham City Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Preston North End Norwich City vs. Queens Park Rangers Sheffield Wednesday vs. Fulham Huddersfield Town vs. Cardiff City Wigan Athletic vs. Barnsley Nottingham Forest vs. Ipswich Town Newcastle United vs. Leeds United Arsenal 1, Manchester United 1 Swansea City vs. Everton Hull City vs. Sunderland Liverpool vs. Southampton Bournemouth vs. Stoke City Leicester City vs. Watford Manchester City vs. Crystal Palace West Ham United vs. Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea vs. Middlesbrough Burnley vs. West Bromwich Albion Shrewsbury Town vs. Sheffield United Port Vale vs. Charlton Athletic Gillingham vs. Walsall Millwall vs. Bolton Wanderers Chesterfield vs. Fleetwood Town Milton Keynes Dons vs. Bristol Rovers Swindon Town vs. Rochdale Bury vs. AFC Wimbledon Peterborough United vs. Northampton Town Coventry City vs. Oxford United Oldham Athletic vs. Scunthorpe United Bradford City vs. Southend United Wycombe Wanderers vs. Cambridge United Newport County vs. Notts County Portsmouth vs. Cheltenham Town Grimsby Town vs. Plymouth Argyle Hartlepool United vs. Doncaster Rovers Exeter City vs. Carlisle United Blackpool vs. Leyton Orient Luton Town vs. Morecambe Colchester United vs. Yeovil Town Crewe Alexandra vs. Barnet Crawley Town vs. Mansfield Town Stevenage vs. Accrington Stanley


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Detroit Lions TE Eric Ebron eyes favorable matchup with Jaguars 'D'

ALLEN PARK – Eric Ebron's first home game since the season opener will present a matchup any receiving tight end should love.
In come the Jacksonville Jaguars, filled with the flaws to fit their 2-7 record. But the weakness that's developed particularly in recent weeks is one the Detroit Lions can relate to: It's their struggle to cover tight ends.
Three weeks ago, the Jaguars allowed Kansas City's Travis Kelce to rack up 58 yards on 5 catches before he was ejected for throwing his towel at a referee.
Two weeks ago, they lost track of Tennessee's Delanie Walker to the tune of 4 catches for 75 yards, including one that went for 47 yards.
And last week, they surrendered touchdown catches to two different Houston Texans tight ends.
They lost all three games.
This week, they'll face a former first-round pick who might be heating up at the right time. Since Ebron returned from foot and ankle injuries, the third-year player notched seven receptions for 79 yards against the Texans and seven catches for 92 yards against the Minnesota Vikings. In the process, he's helped mitigate the cooling production of Marvin Jones on a roster that has been carrying just four wide receivers.
"I'm just in-tune with the system and my coaches," said Ebron, who averaged 52 yards per game prior to missing with injury. "We all have an understanding of each other and what makes me go and things I can do. That pays off. "
After a bye week of rest, he'll get a young and improving Jaguars defense. It's held a stagnant offense in games late, but the inability to lock down the safety-valve receivers has cost them during a four-game losing streak.
The Lions can relate, as tight-end coverage has been arguably their biggest single weakness this season. It's a harder area of football to assign praise or blame, as tight ends receive coverage assignments from inside linebackers, outside linebackers, safeties, nickel corners and sometimes even traveling outside corners in the course of a single game. Those shifts can also leave a team prone to losing track of a player, as the Jaguars did on Walker's 47-yarder through zone coverage and up the right sideline.
Keeping a steady eye on a 6-foot-4, 253-pound tight end on a hot streak shouldn't be hard, but Ebron will have the scheme to his advantage. Unlike Kelce and Walker, who are go-to options in their respective passing games, Ebron fits snug into one of the more distributive short-range passing attacks in the league. It's one that has moved from Jones as a leading receiver to Golden Tate to a little more of Ebron over the course of nine games.
"You don't know who it might be. Theo (Riddick) might lead us in yards. Andre (Roberts) might lead us in yards the next game. Marvin's going to lead us, Golden's going to lead us. You don't know. It's football. You just take what they give you.
"It's anybody's game. "
This week, it could be his game, and the Lions might need it to be as they look to hold tight to a tie-breaker lead for first place in the NFC North. If Riddick is at all slowed by the ankle that kept him limited in practice each day this week, exploiting Jacksonville's 28th-ranked rush-efficiency defense won't be as easy. The edges present the Jaguars' biggest strengths, such as former top-five picks in Dante Fowler Jr. at defensive end and Jalen Ramsey at cornerback.
The middle of the defense is where the problems have lied for the Jaguars in recent weeks. And it's where Ebron will hope to post up Sunday.


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DC courthouse to celebrate 'Adoption Day'

WASHINGTON (AP) - Twenty-nine children will have their adoptions finalized as part of Adoption Day at Superior Court in Washington. The adoptions will be finalized Saturday during this year's Adoption Day ceremony. Each child and his or her family will be introduced, and a judge will then sign their final adoption decree. The 29 children are becoming part of 23 families. This is the 30th time the court has held an Adoption Day ceremony. The event is co-hosted by the court and the D. C. Child and Family Services Agency. Officials say the ceremony is designed to celebrate the joys of adoption and encourage residents to consider adopting or fostering a child. D. C. Child and Family Services Agency says it is currently seeking adoptive homes for 86 of the 1,004 children in foster care.
(Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)


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TV Pundits Eager to Make Trump the New 'Normal'

Lesley Stahl interviews the Trump family on 60 Minutes (11/13/16).
After wrongly predicting the election, political pundits are returning to TV talkshows to explain what will happen under a Trump presidency. But these predictions aren’t like TV anchors predicting the weather; these forecasts have a profound impact on the public reception to the Trump administration and the future course of US politics.
The danger is that by normalizing Trump—a candidate distinguished by an embrace of political violence and open appeals to ethnic nationalism who boasted of getting away with sexual assaults —these commentators will make racist and sexist bullying an acceptable way to run for public office.
The Atlantic ’s Michelle Cottle told Al Sharpton on MSNBC (11/13/16): “This is a guy who will say anything on the campaign trail, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll start out like that.” Her reasoning as to why Trump won’t be as vile and dangerous as he promised:
I think he starts out knowing he’s got people watching him, and knowing that people are nervous, and until he has a reason to clash with folks, I think he’s going to try to moderate a little bit.
When Sharpton asked Michael Steele, an MSNBC political analyst and former Republican national chair, what happens if Trump bans Muslims and deports millions of people, Steele responded by explaining:
Well, first off, I don’t think that’s going to happen…. Exit polls showed that, you know, his supporters never took that seriously. The press took it literally. They never took it seriously. And I don’t think that’s going to be part of the agenda.
Apparently people who voted for Trump thought he was kidding, so not to worry.
In the worst-case scenario—that Trump actually meant what he promised to do on the campaign trail multiple times—that still isn’t a problem, Steele assured us:
But I’ll go with that. If that’s the type of legislation that comes out of the West Wing, and presented to the Congress, yes, there are going to be some really strong thought lines drawn there, and some pushback.
In fact, the opposite of all this horror might happen; Trump may transform into Bernie Sanders. Steele went on to say: “I really believe, Reverend, that you’re going to see Donald Trump govern as a pragmatic populist.”
Sharpton’s guests aren’t the only ones who expect Trump will be another run-of-the-mill president. On CNN (11/13/16), political reporter Eugene Scott also looked forward to a normal presidency. Scott’s reasoning as to why Trump will behave nicely:
I think he has to realize that he’s serving multiple demographics and he has to find a way to compromise. And that’s what Reince Priebus is going to help him do.
Priebus, it should be remembered, is a long-time advocate of voter suppression as a tool for Republican electoral success ( Urban Milwaukee , 11/14/16 ). MSNBC ’s Chris Matthews ( Hardball , 2/24/16 ) once observed that Priebus’ “No. 1 goal is to keep blacks from voting.” In the event that this aide can’t control Trump, CNN correspondent Chris Frates stated:
But House Speaker Paul Ryan told early to Jake Tapper today that neither lawmakers nor Trump are planning to create that deportation force. He says that they’re focused more on border security, Fred.
You know, Paul Ryan—the GOP leader who wants to privatize Social Security, end guaranteed Medicare, eliminate health insurance for low-income children and sell off federal land for revenue ( Grist , 10/28/15 ). He’s got your back, undocumented immigrants!
Trump gave his first extended post-election TV interview to CBS ‘s 60 Minutes ( 11/13/16 ), and to return the favor correspondent Lesley Stahl did what she could to legitimize his presidency. She introduced the segment:
What we discovered in Mr. Trump’s first television interview as president-elect was that some of his signature issues at the heart of his campaign were not meant to be taken literally, but as opening bids for negotiation.
She asked Trump mostly softball questions, like “Are people going to be surprised about how you conduct yourself as president?” and “Are you in any way intimidated, scared about this enormous burden, the gravity of what you’re taking on?” before bringing on Trump’s wife Melania (“What kind of a first lady do you think she’s going to be?”) and his adult children (“Don, did you discover something about your father that you didn’t know before?”).
When CBS ’s John Dickerson ( Face the Nation , 11/13/16) brought up Trump’s association of “ alt-right ” neo-supremacists, guest Newt Gingrich responded:
This is crazy. Donald Trump is a mainstream conservative who wants to profoundly take on the left. The left is infuriated that anybody would challenge the legitimacy of their moral superiority. And so the left goes hysterical.
Dickerson didn’t ask what makes Trump a mainstream conservative, instead inquiring about what would happen to Trump’s Twitter account.
NBC ’s Meet the Press (11/13/16) did more than most to challenge the normalization of Trump. When Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, told host Chuck Todd that this election was a “mandate” for Trump, Todd pushed back, asking how you could have a mandate while losing the popular vote. When Conway answered by observing how many people live in states like California and New York, Todd noted that these states are “all part of America.”
Todd brought on Sen. Cory Booker (D.-N. J.) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D.-Minn.), both of whom highlighted the hatred Trump has promoted. When Booker was asked if he had a message for those who had taken to the streets against Trump, he answered, “God bless the protesters.” Asked if the Clinton brand was “tainted,” Ellison shifted the focus to Trump, explaining that he
has hurt workers in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Florida, multiple bankruptcies, never showed his taxes. I don’t know any good thing this guy has ever done…. He actually lost the popular vote.
Unlike some talk show hosts, Todd occasionally challenged statements and provided context for facts put forward by guests. Basic as such journalistic acts may seem, this resistance to the normalization of Trump’s racism and sexism is critical to avoid the subsequent normalization of Trump’s proposed policies, including gutting the Paris Climate Deal , creating a registry to monitor Muslims and deporting millions of undocumented people.
© 2016 Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)
Rohit Chandan is a freelance writer and editorial intern at FAIR.
An Unstoppable Progressive Movement
America’s Spiral Into Permanent War Seems More Foolish Than Ever
Spinning Bannon as ‘Provocateur’ Who ‘Relishes Combativeness’
What Student Protests Tell Us About America Under Trump


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South East warned to brace for battering from Storm Angus

The first named storm of the season is set to batter south-east England, as pockets of the North continue to be hit by snow showers. The Met Office has issued an amber "be prepared" weather warning ahead of Storm Angus, from Bournemouth to Dover, for coastal winds and gusts of up to 80mph. A yellow "be aware" warning for wind and rain associated with the storm has been issued over a larger area, including London, with gusts of up to 55mph expected elsewhere. Up to 1.6in (40mm) of rain is predicted in some areas, and Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge warned of localised flooding if drains become blocked with leaves blown off trees by the high winds. "It is the first storm of the season, coming quite late at this time in November," said Mr Partridge. "This will be a bit of a shock to the system for most people in terms of wind and rainfall. "Any weak branches are likely to come down in the first storm. " Storm Angus is due to hit the South West of England at around 8pm or 9pm on Saturday night, moving north-eastwards and continuing over East Anglia on Sunday morning. But Mr Partridge said the storm will move off quite quickly into the North Sea towards Europe around midday Sunday, with the rest of the day expected to be dry with sunny spells. Northern areas can expect more chilly weather with fairly light winds and clear skies. Drivers crossing the Pennines were confronted with a covering of snow at high levels but all main routes remained open. Winter wonderland scenes greeted walkers above 1,000ft (305m) in areas of the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales, with some light snow showers hitting lower ground in West Yorkshire. Further north, Durham Police tweeted: "A66, Bowes to Cumbria, snow on both carriageways, slow moving but passable with care. Gritters hard at work. " Braemar in Aberdeenshire dropped to minus 8C (17.6F) on Friday night, with sheltered areas in Scotland set to plummet as low as minus 10C (14F) overnight Saturday and into Sunday morning.


 158 /410 

Notorious Fernhill Gang members jailed for 95 years

A notorious drugs gang filmed themselves berating police officers, tried to smuggle Class As into prison and terrorised their community with guns. Mark Ainsworth, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court the pair were 'feared by the community' during the 2015 operation, according to the Liverpool Echo. He said: 'Night and day, they and their team of helpers worked tirelessly round the clock dealing Class A drugs locally on the Dodge Estate, from where they came, and throughout South Sefton and north to Southport. 'They used many graft phones, which were the call centre for the business. The phones were active 24/7, with batch messages being sent out to their customer database, sometimes hundreds at a time.' The gang had acquired drivers to deliver their drugs. When police recovered their cars, they began to hire vehicles. Mr Ainsworth added: 'The gang used intimidatory tactics to try and prevent police officers working the streets from stopping them. 'When police officers did stop the gang, the vehicles would often be seen to initially try and evade the police, allowing the occupants the time and opportunity to internally secrete the drugs.' Residents were said to have petrified by the gang culture in Fernhill, Liverpool. Drug dealer Kevin Roberts fleed his car after being attacked and armed himself with a shotgun and pistol. Terrence Nixon was found with £300 of heroin and cocaine in his sock. Police discovered £2,000 in a Gucci case and £530 of heroin in Steven Fletcher's 'safe house'. Abbey and Sam Knowles were found with cannabis, cocaine and heroin at their home.


 159 /410 

Utah Highway Patrol trooper critically injured in Box Elder County crash

BOX ELDER COUNTY, Utah – A Utah Highway Patrol trooper was critically injured in an accident in Box Elder County.
According to a statement released Saturday morning from Sgt. Todd Royce, Trooper Eric Ellsworth stopped to assist with a downed power line at 13600 North on SR-13, near Garland City.
Trooper Ellsworth exited his patrol vehicle and was attempting to slow traffic when he was struck by a vehicle traveling southbound on SR-13, according to the statement.
Trooper Ellsworth sustained severe injuries and was transported to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, where he is listed in extremely critical condition with his family by his side.
The Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office is handling the crash investigation.
The Highway Patrol will have an update at a news conference at 10 a.m. at the Murray headquarters.


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This Doesn't Sound Like Our Voice

New Yorkers march against President-elect Donald Trump. (Photo: Joe Catron /cc/flickr)
We’re already starting to see how America’s gamble on Donald Trump will pay off: with gifts to the corporations and billionaires he swore he’d put us above.
One of Trump’s first priorities is to repeal one of the only federal laws standing between us and Wall Street. That law created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal office created to look after consumers’ interests.
Since its founding, the bureau has returned $11.8 billion that big banks essentially stole from 27 million of their customers. The agency recently uncovered rampant fraud at Wells Fargo and hit the bank with a $100 million fine. It also acted to rein in the predatory payday lending industry, which catches 12 million people in its debt trap each year.
Our president-elect now wants to eliminate that agency, and the Republicans running Congress will be all too happy to accommodate him. Like the Republicans’ 2012 presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, they’ve always been in the pocket of the big banks.
Without the consumer protection agency, you’ll be absolutely on your own. The big banks can run roughshod over you, and there won’t be a single federal agency whose sole job it is to defend you from them.
Trump also says he’ll repeal Obamacare right away. There’s a lot that isn’t working in the health care law. But Trump doesn’t have any plan to fix those things, or to lower premiums and get rid of deductibles.
Instead, he’ll throw out the health care plans an estimated 20 million people received through the Affordable Care Act — many for the first time in their lives. There will be no one there for them but the insurance corporations, and we know how that goes. And House Speaker Paul Ryan is talking about turning Medicare over to the insurance corporations, too.
On top of that, Trump’s going to toss the Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon emissions. He’s pledged to put a climate change denier at the head of the EPA and to undermine the key laws that protect our air and water. The corporations that dump poisonous waste into our drinking water and asthma-inducing pollutants into our air are thrilled.
He’s also vowing to deport millions of our friends, neighbors, and family members. The futures of millions of young people hang in the balance. And he’d shred the Constitution to ban Muslims, destroying a nearly 300-year tradition of religious liberty.
I sincerely hope that’s not our voice.
But we’ll have to prove it’s not by standing up for each other — for the immigrants in our communities, Muslims, African Americans, and everyone who’s now under attack. The man who claims to speak for us has stoked a wave of alleged attacks against marginalized communities by his supporters.
There are reports of high school students calling out “heil Hitler” and using slurs against African American and gay students, handing out “deportation” letters to classmates, and harassing Muslim students. A church just outside the nation’s capital found its banner advertising a Spanish-language service vandalized with the inscription, “Trump Nation. Whites Only.”
The Ku Klux Klan says Donald Trump speaks for them, and they’re planning to celebrate by marching in North Carolina. Does he speak for the rest of us, too?
Now the choice is ours. No matter how we voted, we have to show who we really are. Forget about anybody speaking for us. It’s time for us all to speak up for ourselves and our neighbors, and to pledge to defend everyone in our communities — from billionaires and bigots alike.
LeeAnn Hall is co-executive director of People's Action and People's Action Institute, a national organization of a million people in 30 states fighting for economic, environmental, racial, and gender justice.
An Unstoppable Progressive Movement
America’s Spiral Into Permanent War Seems More Foolish Than Ever
Spinning Bannon as ‘Provocateur’ Who ‘Relishes Combativeness’
What Student Protests Tell Us About America Under Trump


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Police have suspect in fatal beating of Saudi Arabian student in Wisconsin

Police in Menomonie, Wis., say they have a suspect in the fatal assault of a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Police said Friday the suspect is not a UW-Stout student and does not live in Dunn County. Police have sent their investigative findings to the district attorney's office and... ...


 162 /410 

Former 'Survivor' contestant who burned hands in fire is convicted on child porn charges

A former "Survivor" contestant who had to be medivacked after falling into a campfire and burning his hands has been convicted of possessing child pornography. Michael Skupin, who burned himself during the 2001 series "Survivor II: The Australian Outback" and who returned for "Survivor: Philippines,"... ...


 163 /410 

Deputy U. S. marshal, suspect shot dead in Georgia gun battle

LUDOWICI, Ga., Nov. 19 (UPI) -- A U. S. Marshal who was part of a law enforcement team trying to capture a fugitive in Georgia was shot and killed Friday in a gun battle, authorities said.
Deputy Commander Patrick Carothers, 53, died about 9 a.m. while attempting to serve a warrant in Ludowici, Ga., located about 55 miles south of Savannah. He had been with the U. S. Marshals Service for 26 years, most recently as deputy commander of the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force for more than a year.
Carothers was part of a team seeking to arrest Dontrell Montese Carter, 25, who was wanted on charges of attempted murder of police officers, domestic violence and unlawfully discharging a weapon during an incident in September in Sumter County, S. C.
Investigators said the task force team found Carter in a trailer home when Carothers was shot twice. He died at a local hospital. Carter was also hit multiple times and died, the U. S. Marshals Service said.
"Our deputies and law enforcement partners face dangers every day in the pursuit of justice nationwide," U. S. Marshals Service Deputy Director David Harlow said. "The fugitive who killed Deputy Commander Carothers was extremely dangerous, wanted for trying to kill law enforcement officers and deliberately evading authorities. Pat is a hero and our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and five children. "
Deputy U. S. Attorney General Sally Q. Yates lauded Carothers as an "inspiring leader and an exemplary public servant. "
"Deputy Commander Carothers was dedicated to his mission, devoted to his team and heroic to his core. For those of us lucky enough to see him in action, he set an extraordinary example of valor and decency in service to the American people," Yates said. "Losing him today is a blow to our law enforcement family in Atlanta and across the country and it underscores the grave risks that law enforcement officers assume every day in order to keep us safe. "


 164 /410 

Sisi praises Trump, expects more US engagement in region

Cairo, Nov 19: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi praised US President-elect Donald Trump and said he expected greater engagement in the Middle East from his administration, in an interview with Portuguese media. The former Egyptian army chief had strained relations with...


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Kanye has a lot in common with Trump

After all, this is the same man who famously declared that "George Bush doesn't care about black people" in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
During a concert this week, West said he would have voted for Trump in the recent presidential election, if he had voted.
Kanye West: I didn't vote but if I did, 'I would have voted for Trump'
And folks seemed genuinely surprised by this proclamation. But when you think of it, could there be two celebrities more similar?
Here's what we mean:
Neither Yeezy nor Trump suffer from any self-esteem issues.
In 2013, Trump posted on Facebook "Show me someone without an ego, and I'll show you a loser -- having a healthy ego, or high opinion of yourself, is a real positive in life! "
Let us not forget that West was once quoted saying "My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live. "
The two are each married to beautiful women, who you can see a lot of if you Google their images.
Like, a lot.
Both Kim Kardashian West and Melania Trump have been criticized for posing nude -- and both seem none too concerned about said criticism.
The women have also each been lampooned for "copying" other famous women: Melania Trump caught heat for lifting portions of a speech from First Lady Michelle Obama, while Kim Kardashian West has been known to "borrow" Beyonce's style.
Trump is so famous that he made it into West's, now famous, "Famous" video.
The mogul was made in the image of one of 12 lifelike, naked sculptures West placed in a bed for the music video.
The project was intended, the rapper said, to be he's statement on fame.
"It was an expression of our now, our fame right now, us on the inside of the TV," he said at the 2015 MTV Music Awards. "This is fame, bro... We all came over in the same boat and now we all ended up in the same bed. "
A look inside Kanye West's exclusive 'Famous' exhibition
Wealth, and debt
It's no secret that the President-elect has filed for bankruptcy before. He could probably offer West some tips on how to bounce back from a "restructuring. "
In February, the rapper complained that he was $53 million in debt because of his forays into the fashion world.
'Delete your account'
Where do we even begin with these two and their Twitter behavior?
It's an understatement to say they've each taken turns stirring the Twitterverse.
If you don't believe us, check out this cool interactive:
Who tweeted it, Kanye West or Donald Trump
Trump is now the President-elect and Ye is not backing down from his promise to run for president in 2020.
Celebs who could run for president in 2020
In September 2015, Trump responded to West's White House aspirations by declaring the rapper "great. "
Trump added he would never say anything negative about West "because he loves Trump! "
Donald Trump on Kanye West 2020: 'I hope to run against him someday'
"He goes around saying 'Trump is my all-time hero,'" Trump said during a press conference. "He says it to everybody. So, Kanye West, I love him. "


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UNC 83, Hawaii 68: The day after

North Carolina began its Great Hawaiian Adventure of 2016 with an 83-68 victory at Hawaii on Friday night – or early Saturday morning, North Carolina time – and if you stayed up to watch it then, well... you’re a better fan than I am a beat reporter.
I did have an excuse, though, for getting some rest: There’s some long travel ahead before arriving on Sunday to join the Tar Heels in Hawaii in advance of the Maui Invitational, which starts on Monday. Some quick thoughts off of UNC's victory on Friday:
-On UNC's success without much from Joel Berry …
Five Tar Heels scored in double figures on Friday but none of those players was Joel Berry, who during the first three games averaged more than 20 points per game. He finished 1-for-9 for the field, and 0-for-5 from behind the 3-point line, and scored two points. And yet UNC still won by 15 points.
-On the Tar Heels' ability to respond when challenged in the second half …
Hawaii won 28 games last season and reached the second round of the NCAA tournament. The Rainbow Warriors, though, lost four starters, including Big West Conference Player of the Year Stefan Jankovic. Still, Hawaii gave UNC some trouble on Friday. It cut UNC's lead to three with 16 ½ minutes to play, and then the Tar Heels extended it to 13 points a couple of minutes later. Hawaii hung around and tried to get back in it, cutting its deficit to eight with about 6 ½ minutes to go. And then, again, UNC quickly extended its lead, this time to 16 points with 4 ½ minutes to go. And so, when threatened, the Tar Heels quickly eliminated the threat.
-On Isaiah Hicks and fouling …
I've written a decent amount in the early season about Isaiah Hicks and fouls and that's because it's paramount that he stays on the floor as much as possible – and thus avoids the kind of foul trouble that sends him to the bench. Hicks has done a good job with this so far. He didn't commit more than three fouls in any of UNC's first three games. But he had that many during a five-minute span late in the second half on Friday, and finished with four fouls. Hicks remained in the game after his second (overall) and third fouls, but then exited with about four minutes to play after picking up his fourth.
-On Tony Bradley …
He finished with 10 points and 13 rebounds and continues to be one of the greatest positives for UNC early in the season. Bradley has now scored in double figures in all four of his college games. The last UNC freshman to do that? Brandan Wright 10 years ago, at the start of the 2006-07 season. Bradley has a ways to go to match Wright's streak. Wright scored in double figures in his first 18 college games. Bradley's 13 rebounds were the most by a UNC freshman since Kennedy Meeks finished with that many against Iowa State in the 2014 NCAA tournament.
So there you have it. See you in Maui …


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Drug-resistant bacteria brewing to become a ‘superbug’ for children — RT America

Scientists are in a race to develop new medicine to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria as infection rates soar. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that infections from P. aeruginosa – relatively common bacteria that can cause skin rashes and ear infections – have grown increasingly antibiotic resistant.
The bacterium isn’t harmless, as it’s been known to cause severe symptoms leading to death. The alarming findings, which are outlined in the latest issue of the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, come as the result of a decade-long survey involving child patients aged 11-17 from 300 hospitals across the United States.
It was discovered that 15.4 percent of P. aeruginosa bacteria were resistant to at least three types of antibiotics in 1999, but that number exploded to 26 percent by 2012.
Even more worrisome, the number of infections from P. aeruginosa has increased in children.
Despite P. aeruginosa being relatively commonplace, the bacteria “can be serious and are associated with significant morbidity and mortality,” author Latania K. Logan, a doctor with Rush University Medical Center, says. In some cases, there is risk of prolonged illness bringing about complications that can result in death in extreme cases.
“Highly drug-resistant P. aeruginosa infections leave health care providers with limited – or sometimes no –antibiotic choices available, and these antibiotics are less safe and more toxic in children,” added author Sumanth Gandra of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy.
Even more troubling is that the effectiveness of carbapenems, a broad-spectrum antibiotic thought of as a last resort for antibiotic resistant bacteria, has decreased. In 1999, only 9.4 percent of bacteria were resistant to carbapenems, but by 2012 that number had doubled to 20 percent, meaning that there is a one in five chance that the strongest antibiotic will not be effective in killing bacteria.
READ MORE: Pig sick: Deadly superbug found in British supermarket pork
Antibiotic resistant bacteria have been an ongoing international concern for some time now, but the people most likely to suffer are children, who have weaker, less developed immune systems and are more susceptible to infection. The CDC hopes that these findings inspire improved tracking of antibiotic resistant bacteria in order to improve prevention strategies.


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Thousands of Malaysians March Against Government, Defying Threats

When they were completed in 1998 , the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur were the tallest buildings in the world. At 1,483 feet, they beat out Chicago ’s Sears Tower — which had held the record since 1973 — by only 10, but all the same, the


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Myanmar man accused of self-immolation in Australian bank

CANBERRA, Australia: A 21-year-old man accused of injuring 26 bystanders when he set himself on fire with gasoline in a bank branch in Australia’s second-largest city was identified on Saturday as a Myanmar asylum seeker who had been


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International criminal gang who stole high end supercars including a £300,000 Lamborghini tried to claim the 10,000 euro reward when it turned up in an Essex showroom

A cocky gang of international car thieves stole a £300,000 Lamborghini and then planned to claim the €10,000 reward offered by its owner, Spanish police have revealed. The luxury sports car, owned by a German man, was stolen from Mallorca this summer, and was later found in an Essex car showroom. Spanish, German and British police worked together to smash an international vehicle crime operation, run by a gang of highly organised thieves. Scroll down for video The thieves were involved in a long-running plot to steal top-end cars, motorbikes, jet skis and even aircraft, selling some of them with altered number plates. In some cases vehicles were even cut in half and scrapped - sometimes in exchange for drugs money. Stolen motorcycles were taken to Morocco, where they were exchanged for drugs. The more than 450 horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo, worth €350,000, had been parked by its owner in a rented car park on the Spanish holiday island. It had already been staked out by the gang and the car's German owner, who returned to the car park to find it missing. Police have revealed workshops in Mallorca, Malaga, Murcia, Germany and England were all involved in the highly organised scam. The yellow Lamborghini Gallardo was later found offered for sale in a car showroom in Essex. 'We discovered that the thieves were even planning to collect the €10,000 reward,' said a spokesman for the Spanish Civil Guard. 'The owner had offered the reward, not just because of the economic value of the Lamborghini but for sentimental reasons as well as it had been owned by his late wife,' he added. Eleven members of the criminal organisation have been arrested in raids across 13 homes, as well as seven mechanic workshops in Mallorca, Malaga, and Murcia in Spain, in Germany and in England. Numerous vehicles were also seized, including cars and motorcycles. The gang even had their own legal officer who falsified ownership documents and licence plates. 'The network specialised in the theft of high-end vehicles, which were later sold to other countries in Europe and North Africa,' said a spokesman for the Spanish Civil Guard. The leader of the organisation, based on Mallorca, co-ordinated the theft of vehicles, jet skis and aircraft, which were stolen to order. On some occasions, the gang went along to compounds where cars were being held and presented false court orders so they could drive them away unchallenged. Gang members often kept watch on their owners to stake out their movements and any security measures they used to secure their vehicles. The stolen vehicles were then driven straight to workshops where their matriculations were changed. 'One of the top sports cars was stolen in Frosinone, Italy, showing the extent of the gang's operation,' said the spokesman. Police said several of the suspects had previous convictions for crimes related to the illicit traffic of vehicles.


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European Tour World Tour Championship scores

Nov 19 (Gracenote) - Scores from the European Tour World Tour Championship at the par-72 course on Saturday in Dubai -13 Victor Dubuisson (France) 70 69 64 -12 Nicolas Colsaerts (Belgium) 67 71 66 Matthew Fitzpatrick (Britain) 69 66 Tyrrell Hatton (Britain) 71 66 67 -11 Francesco Molinari (Italy) 68 67 70 Lee Westwood (Britain) 66 70 69 Rafael Cabrera-Bello (Spain) 71 63 -9 Bernd Wiesberger (Austria) 70 67 70 Soren Kjeldsen (Denmark) 70 69 68 Ignacio Elvira (Spain) 70 69 68 Charl Schwartzel (South Africa) 70 67 70 -8 Tommy Fleetwood (Britain) 70 71 67 -7 An Byeong Hun (Korea) 70 69 70 Rikard Karlberg (Sweden) 72 70 67 Sergio Garcia (Spain) 68 67 74 Thorbjorn Olesen (Denmark) 71 70 68 Alexander Noren (Sweden) 71 69 -6 Ross Fisher (Britain) 72 71 67 Joost Luiten (Netherlands) 68 69 73 Shane Lowry (Ireland) 70 71 69 David Horsey (Britain) 72 71 67 -5 Richard Sterne (South Africa) 70 71 Jorge Campillo (Spain) 72 71 68 Julien Quesne (France) 67 76 68 Branden Grace (South Africa) 72 74 65 Rory McIlroy (Britain) 75 68 Henrik Stenson (Sweden) 72 69 70 -4 Wang Jeunghun (Korea) 75 72 65 Martin Kaymer (Germany) 71 74 67 Andy Sullivan (Britain) 76 66 70 Ricardo Gouveia (Portugal) 72 69 71 -3 Jaco Van Zyl (South Africa) 69 71 73 Renato Paratore (Italy) 70 73 70 George Coetzee (South Africa) 72 70 71 Pablo Larrazabal (Spain) 71 Gregory Bourdy (France) 72 73 68 Alexander Levy (France) 69 73 71 Li Haotong (China) 74 70 69 -2 Thongchai Jaidee (Thailand) 74 70 Thomas Pieters (Belgium) 72 70 Scott Hend (Australia) 72 73 69 Felipe Aguilar (Chile) 74 73 67 Padraig Harrington (Ireland) 72 71 -1 Raphael Jacquelin (France) 72 71 72 David Lipsky (U. S.) 72 71 72 Joakim Lagergren (Sweden) 74 69 72 Alejandro Canizares (Spain) 73 72 70 0 Mikko Ilonen (Finland) 70 73 Matthew Southgate (Britain) 72 74 70 Kiradech Aphibarnrat (Thailand) 69 74 73 1 Richard Bland (Britain) 71 76 70 Danny Willett (Britain) 71 70 76 Louis Oosthuizen (South Africa) 69 74 2 Chris Wood (Britain) 75 72 71 3 Bradley Dredge (Britain) 72 75 72 4 Lee Soomin (Korea) 71 73 76 Romain Wattel (France) 82 68 70 5 Marcus Fraser (Australia) 69 74 78 Brandon Stone (South Africa) 74 73 74 10 Andrew Johnston (Britain) 78 70 78


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Pile of dead deer dumped near west Michigan home

HART, Mich. — A pile of dead deer left on state land near a home near Hart was road kill left there by an employee of the Oceana County Road Commission.
When she discovered the pile of eight decomposing deer about 200 yards from her house in Weare Township, Tami Smith says at first she wasn’t able to get an explanation from the DNR or road commission. But after an article and picture were published by the Oceana County Press, she says an apologetic person at the road commission called to say a new employee left the deer there by mistake and the carcasses were removed.
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“The deer are gone and that's the only thing I wanted,” says a relieved Tami Smith. “I don't want any of the coyotes or the creepy crawlies that would have drawn. Or the smell and stench. I’m a happy girl.”
► Related: Backyard buck shot by poacher as residents watch
Smith says the area where the deer were piled is a former dumping ground in Weare Township. But she says a representative from the road commission told her their policy is to only leave one carcass at a time and farther away from the road.


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Mali ethnic militia group says it will lay down its arms

BAMAKO, Nov 19 (Reuters) - A militia in central Mali that represents ethnic Peuhls said on Saturday it would lay down its arms in a boost for government attempts to bring peace to the country. The National Alliance to Safeguard the Peuhl Identity and Restore Justice was one of three groups that claimed an attack on an army base in central Mali in July in which 17 soldiers were killed. The other two groups were Islamist. The alliance was founded in June 2015. It aims to defend ethnic Peuhl civilians from atrocities and does not agree with Islamist militant groups that operate in northern Mali or with the separatist agenda of the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA), which is also in the north. Many ethnic Peuhl, or Fulani, people live in the region of Mopti and rear cattle, practicing a pastoralist or nomadic lifestyle. "Long discussions with our brothers in the CMA's armed movement have forced our hand to rejoin the (peace) process. It was never a question for our movement to oppose the territorial integrity of Mali nor to make war against Mali," said Oumar Aldiana, leader of the group, in an interview. "For the moment, the alliance... has laid down its arms and will sign up to the peace process," Aldiana said. Journalist and writer Serge Daniel said he believed the declaration was credible and the alliance had effectively been forced into the decision because of an internal split. Its vice-president said he was renouncing violence and its president Aldjana was left with little alternative but to join him, Daniel said. Islamist groups such as Ansar Dine have stepped up an insurgency in Mali this year, carrying out more than 60 attacks on United Nations and other targets since May and spreading south into areas previously deemed safe. Islamist groups hijacked a separatist Tuareg rebellion in 2012 to seize major towns in Mali's vast desert north and declare sharia, or Islamic law. Forces from former colonial power France drove them back a year later, but they have kept bases in remote desert locations. (Reporting by Adama Diarra; Writing by Matthew Mpoke Bigg; Editing by Dale Hudson)


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Inside the Huddle: Leonard Floyd is Bears' gain, Giants' big loss

Rookie outside linebacker Leonard Floyd still remembers what he felt when the Bears traded up to select him in the draft.
He was elated but stressed.
“It’s a good thing,” Floyd said. “But it’s also a lot of pressure. I mean, they traded up to get you for a reason.”
Bears OLB Leonard Floyd celebrates vs. the Vikings. (Getty)
That trade takes center stage this week. It’s widely thought that Floyd was a top target for the New York Giants, who owned the 10th pick.
In a bold draft-day move, the Bears jumped ahead of the Giants, acquiring the No. 9 pick from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 11th pick and a fourth-round selection.
Coach John Fox downplayed the significance of the decision, referring to all the “bogus” information involved in the draft. But it might go down as one of general manager Ryan Pace’s best moves. Floyd has been that impressive.
After some early struggles attributable to minor injuries, Floyd has blossomed into an every-down difference-maker. He’s the main reason to believe in what the Bears are building.
In the last three games, Floyd has 4½ sacks and three tackles for loss. He also a forced fumble by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and recovered it for a touchdown.
“He’s obviously a very talented young man,” Giants coach Bob McAdoo said during a conference call with the Chicago media.
The story in New York was that the Bears’ trade left the Giants spinning. It was reported that the Giants had Floyd and offensive tackle Jack Conklin in mind for the No. 10 pick. The Tennessee Titans drafted Conklin with the eighth selection after they also traded up.
The Giants selected cornerback Eli Apple — a move that was heavily criticized at the time. Apple has had typical growing pains. He responded from a Week 9 benching against the Philadelphia Eagles with a more complete performance in a 21-20 victory last week against the Cincinnati Bengals.
“Eli’s done a nice job,” McAdoo said. “He had some bumps in the road a couple of weeks ago. But we dusted him off. We threw him back out there last week, and he played at a high level. He had some production, covered well.”
But Apple’s story also includes his mother, Annie, a writer for, who has criticized the Giants this season.
“I try to handle my own messaging with the team and not necessarily worry about the noise,” McAdoo said when asked about Apple and his mother. “But he seems like he’s handling it just fine.”
It’s a recurring distraction the Bears don’t have, though. And they also have Floyd’s surging production.
The Giants’ defense only has 14 sacks, the second-fewest in the league. Safety Landon Collins is tied with defensive end Olivier Vernon — the Giants’ free-agent prize who received a five-year, $85 million deal — for the team lead with three sacks.
Floyd still is improving in one-on-one pass-rush situations. But defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has tapped into his skills through designed pressures and stunts.
Overall, Floyd has emerged as a unique and versatile weapon for Fangio, who’s not afraid to have him cover a slot receiver, rush him over a guard or loop him around two teammates on a stunt.
“This is probably the longest stretch of practice and the subsequent games that he’s had since he’s been here [because of injuries],” Fangio said, “so you’re seeing progress on the field.”
But it’s progress highlighted by the production the Bears envisioned since draft day.
“I’ve said all along that there’s an uncoachable skill set that he has, that it’s just a matter of time until he gets comfortable,” Fox said. “He’s going to be a very, very good young player.”
With Alshon Jeffery suspended, Cameron Meredith is the Bears’ No. 1 receiver, but can he make No. 1-like receiver plays?
Quarterback Jay Cutler said he can and that includes 50/50 jump balls.
“He’s a long guy in one-on-ones,” Cutler said. “His favorite route is a go route, so he can definitely do it.
“We’re going to be in a position going forward in these next four games where we’re going to have to take some shots at some point, and he’s definitely a candidate for that.”
Even though he’s 6-3 and has long arms, Meredith really hasn’t shown it yet.
When Kevin White was placed on injured reserve, Meredith slid into the No. 2 role and the offense didn’t change. But it will with Jeffery out.
Meredith excelled in plays that were typically designed for White.
Before his 50-yard Hail Mary touchdown, Meredith’s longest receptions went for 30 and 36 yards, respectively, against the Colts and Jaguars. But both were short completions, not jump balls.
The 30-yarder was the result of short curl route and broken tackles. The 36-yarder was a well-executed screen.
Rookie defensive lineman Jonathan Bullard will start his second consecutive game with Mitch Unrein sidelined by a back injury.
Bullard has improved over time, but he’s still not reacting to plays and his reads as quickly as the Bears want. His coveted fast first-step has been slower because he’s over-thinking.
“It’s getting better,” Bullard said. “I still think sometimes about taking certain chances and stuff where they’re telling me to just ahead and play.
“I try to just play now. I still think about certain things that I shouldn’t and that they don’t want me thinking about. But that’s just going to come with time.”
Rookie safety Deon Bush’s development has lagged behind other rookies since he injured his hamstring in the preseason.
But the Bears are starting to phase in the fourth-round pick, getting him snaps in the dime package.
It’s only amounted to eight plays over the past four games, but it’s a start.
“He’s doing better, taking baby steps,” defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said. “Maybe he’ll warrant some more action as we move forward.”


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Vieira: Managing Manchester City is my fairytale story

The former Arsenal midfield enforcer hopes to one day return to the dugout at the Etihad Stadium, and not the Emirates, after impressing in his maiden coaching job at New York C... ...


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‘How to Meet a Mermaid’ Review: An Unusual, Aquatic Study In Grief

There’s something in the water — no threat so tangible as a shark or a stingray, but a seductive, insidious pull into the blue — in “ How to Meet a Mermaid ,” and the more writer-director Coco Schrijber attempts to identify it, the more tauntingly it floats away from us. A distinctly personal expression of mourning that shifts, by turns, into a more esoteric rumination on man’s ever-uneasy relationship to the ocean, this visually and sonically imposing essay pic is most effective (and affecting) when it concentrates on Schrijber’s first-hand investigation into the unexplained maritime disappearance of her older brother. Attempts later in the film to weave his tragic story with two unrelated tales of the sea’s secrets are less immediately involving, though the whole is elegantly enigmatic enough to snag the attention of further doc-fest programmers and perhaps some boutique-label buyers.
“I would prefer breathing to not breathing,” a quote attributed to William Faulkner, appears on screen near the beginning of “How to Meet a Mermaid.” It’s the first in a varied, oblique range of cultural reference points, from Virginia Woolf to “Pippi Longstocking” to archive recordings of John F. Kennedy, that Schrijber — a longtime documentary experimentalist who won several international festival gongs for her homelessness-themed 2004 short “Mooie wereld” — uses to articulate her own curious, conflicted emotional state. Faulkner’s words may offer no middle ground between life and death, yet Schrijber’s absent brother Lex appears to occupy, for her at least, a kind of spiritual limbo: Years after vanishing underwater on a Red Sea diving expedition with friends, his body remains undiscovered. Speaking with Lex’s cohorts and his psychiatrist, Schrijber expresses her conviction that he committed suicide, yet closure eludes her: “Why can’t we believe in the decisions our loved ones make?” she asks, perhaps more of herself than anyone.
In puzzling out how the waters claimed his life and retained the evidence, Schrijber finds a kindred tragedy of sorts in another, equally mysterious empty space: of Rebecca Coriam, the young British crew member of a vast Disney cruise liner whose unexplained disappearance from the ship off the coast of Mexico made headlines in 2011. It’s a case still under shrouded inquiry, and where the helmer takes a kind of passively poetic approach to processing her brother’s death, the film’s manner here shifts markedly to one of anxious, untrusting investigation, as possibilities extending to murder and cover-up are broached. Additionally, the film here supplies speculative, from-the-beyond narration from “Rebecca” herself — a creative leap that won’t sit well with all viewers, though whether Schrijber is exploiting her story or channeling her own grief through it is a matter of interesting debate.
A shorter, intermediate segment of the film, bridging the uncertain fates of Lex and Rebecca with the testimony of Miguel, a young Mexican surfer preparing for his own oceanic odyssey, is the film’s most sketchily developed and thematically opaque, though its more hopeful tenor provides welcome tonal contrast.
Which is not to say that “How to Meet a Mermaid” is by and large a downbeat or severe film. There’s much melancholic whimsy here, while the filmmaker’s consistent fascination with the physical and symbolic properties of the ocean producers some moments of actual cinematic rapture: Lars Skree’s serenely composed, crystalline widescreen lensing regards the water with suitable awe, with aerial shots of whirling turquoise currents, or slow-motion profiles of cresting waves, that wouldn’t be out of place in a David Attenborough spectacle. (Or, for that matter, a latter-day Terrence Malick one.) Composer Mark Lizier, meanwhile, may earn MVP status on the pic with a lushly thrumming, sometimes brittly tingling score that gives suitably siren-like voice to the sea itself. A singular, perhaps intentionally frustrating cri de coeur , “How to Meet a Mermaid” may find its maker wrestling with bitterly mixed emotions about the life aquatic, but casual disdain is never remotely on the cards.


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An Unstoppable Progressive Movement

Demonstrators protesting then-Republican candidate Donald Trump while he addressed an event organized by the American Israel Public Affairs Council, Washington DC, March 21, 2016. (Photo: Stephen Melkisethian /cc/flickr)
There is no reason to sugar coat it. The election of Donald Trump is a wakeup call for those of us who care about working-class families. People all across the country are struggling to make ends meet and they feel like the economy is rigged against them in favor of the wealthy. Some of those voters felt disillusioned and frustrated that their voices weren’t being heard in Washington.
This is true of places like my hometown of Kenosha, Wisconsin, which used to have a thriving automobile industry, and now has dwindling economic opportunities. For decades now, we have not adequately addressed the basic problems that continue to worsen for the working class.
Income inequality began to grow during the 1970s as economic growth slowed. Concentration of wealth rose to the very top while safety nets protecting the most vulnerable have gradually been snipped away. Things have gone in the wrong direction for the majority of people. Explaining why this happened is often complex. On the campaign trail, Trump gave simple answers that preyed on people’s insecurities and anger, even if they weren’t solutions.
The progressive movement offers real solutions to raise wages and get Americans back on solid economic footing, but it is going to take a grassroots effort to make our voices heard.
The system has been deliberately rigged against us—by the Republican elite who use redistricting, voter ID and other voting restrictions to keep people likely to oppose them away from the polls. Yet, in my Congressional district in Wisconsin, we had very high turnout, helped by expanding early voting to new locations such as libraries to make it convenient. Voting rights activists helped students get the new voter IDs they needed on campus. This helped boost turnout despite some of the toughest anti-voter laws in any state. Every time Governor Walker’s administration looks to trample on voting or any other rights, many local governments find ways to fight back and work around the new restrictions.
In Wisconsin, efforts to overturn Citizens United, which opened the floodgates for corporate money in elections, were on the ballot in eighteen communities. Move to Amend won all of those votes and by huge margins, even in conservative areas. Nationwide, more than 700 communities have endorsed overturning Citizens United and related Supreme Court decisions.
The new political landscape has shaken people’s belief in a country that prides itself on diversity and inclusiveness. It is more important than ever to support and stand up for one another. I am encouraged by people in my District who are holding neighborhood potlucks, impromptu support gatherings, protests, vigils, and forums to come together as a community.
We can’t wait another four years to have a different President or different legislative bodies—the time to come together around our shared values is now. Turn the hurt, loss, anger and fear into action. Get more involved in the areas that interest you, get more engaged with the organizations that support the issues you care about.
An unstoppable progressive movement begins at the grassroots. We’ve already laid the foundation of public support through organizations across the country fighting for higher wages, college without debt, and protecting our environment. But it’s time to strengthen the partnership between those of us fighting like hell in Congress to prevent Trump from enacting the worst of his campaign promises and those of you going door to door to spread our progressive message. We need to raise our progressive voices in order to improve the lives of people who feel like they are being left behind and ensure they have the opportunities to get ahead.
After this election, our country is at a crossroads. We can blame one another and give in to fear. Or we can organize and fight and take back our country. I vote for the latter.
© 2016 The Progressive
Mark Pocan has served as U. S. Representative for Wisconsin's 2nd congressional district, since 2013.
America’s Spiral Into Permanent War Seems More Foolish Than Ever
Spinning Bannon as ‘Provocateur’ Who ‘Relishes Combativeness’
What Student Protests Tell Us About America Under Trump
Unified Against Trump Threat, World Vows To Push Ahead on Climate Action


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Why Airbnb hosts are thrilled about giving tours

LOS ANGELES - Airbnb hosts - the folks who rent out their rooms and homes to travelers for extra money, gave Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky a standing ovation this week.
He had just announced the company's plans to expand into more of a full-service travel app at the Airbnb Open, a three-day festival for over 7,500 Airbnb hosts, basically showing them more ways they can increase their businesses. So when he told them they could add personal, local tours to overnight stays, at rates that start at $200, they were really, really happy.
And why not? This means more money for the roomshare economy.
We explore the Airbnb Open and what the new moves mean for the company on the extended, weekend edition of the #TalkingTech podcast.
Plus we go over the week's top tech headlines, with commentary from comedian John Caparulo, and talk mobile music and gaming with Jeff Smith, the co-founder of Smule, and Josh Yguado, the co-founder of Jam City (formerly SGN) home to such games as Cookie Jam and Panda Pop.
As SGN, the company had several top grossing mobile games and $400 million in annual revenue. So why would a successful company change their name amidst all these hits? Yguado explains.
We first met Smule in 2009 , when a Stanford music professor and his student decided to form a company for non-musicians to make music on their smartphones. Some 16 million songs are performed daily on Smule’s apps, including Magic Piano and AutoRap. But the company hasn't released a new app in 4 years. Why not? Tune in to hear Smith explain why.
Finally, when Caparulo arrived to the USA TODAY offices here to record the podcast, he brought along his 18-month-old, ultra-cute baby Madden. So naturally, we asked him to pose with Madden. And so did the rest of the panel. (We've since learned that Madden often makes cameos on Caparulo's web series, Caplets. Check it out.
Listen to #TalkingTech every day on Stitcher and iTunes and don't forget to subscribe, rate and comment on the show. You can find me on Twitter, @jeffersongraham.


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Add some pep to your holiday step with these must-have velvet shoes

The holidays are almost here. But if your wardrobe isn’t quite ready to party, don’t panic. What’s one fast way to add a festive kick to the most un-awe-inspiring outfit? Sink your feet into sumptuous velvet. That goes for ladies and gentlemen.
The rich fabric is particularly plentiful this season, elevating sandals, booties and loafers as well as laid-back desert boots, slides and sneakers. Jewel hues and intricate adornment add another level of fancy to this new velvet footwear. And the bonus is: luxe velvet showed up on runways for next spring, officially making the material seasonless. So these shoes will stylishly help you transition into all that comes your way in 2017.
Daylight Saving Time tips
Michelle and Dennis Madden of Irvine show us their e-bikes. (Video by Allen J. Schaben)
Waldo Yan's parents worked at a Chinese restaurant for years so that he could have a better life, toiling nights, weekends and holidays at a tiny restaurant in the food court of a Rosemead grocery store.
Before his mother died two years ago, she begged him from a hospital bed "not to do this work. " But about a year ago, after graduating from UCLA with honors, Yan took over the family restaurant and began to pursue a career as a chef.
He makes the food his mother used to make for him, to honor her memory and to prove that he's made something of himself.
Waldo Yan's parents worked at a Chinese restaurant for years so that he could have a better life, toiling nights, weekends and holidays at a tiny restaurant in the food court of a Rosemead grocery store.
Before his mother died two years ago, she begged him from a hospital bed "not to do this work. " But about a year ago, after graduating from UCLA with honors, Yan took over the family restaurant and began to pursue a career as a chef.
He makes the food his mother used to make for him, to honor her memory and to prove that he's made something of himself.
Area artists discuss how they celebrate Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) to remember their loved ones, featuring work from the Dia de los Muertos exhibit at the Ontario Museum of History and Art.
PlateFit workout is done on a vibrating plate.
PlateFit workout is done on a vibrating plate.


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Ask a Trooper: How hunters avoid trouble transporting firearms

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – With firearms deer season just begun, this week's Ask a Trooper looks at transportation of guns, cross bows and bows and arrows.
A state police lieutenant reminds us that painful lessons are often the best remembered.
Have a traffic question? Email state police Lt. Rob Davis and the troopers at the Lakeview and Rockford posts at
Here's Rob Davis :
This week's article is not as timely as I had hoped, but still certainly relevant as we're only a few days into the firearm deer season.
Ask a Trooper: Dogs on laps, solid white lines, cops are people, too
As a long-time hunter I know from experience that at times we have thoughts of bending the rules as it relates to transporting firearms: "Do I really need to put it in a case, I'm only a mile from home," or "I'm just going to lunch I'm not unloading the magazine. "
I urge all of you not to get "loosey goosey" with this stuff because DNR and law enforcement take it very seriously, and excuses are not likely to get you off the hook. If you have teenagers hunting with you, please double check their firearms as well, with teens being teens, you'll likely find a stray round still in the magazine from time to time.
With that said, here' s a quick review of the rules which I've copied verbatim from the DNR's 2016 Hunting and Trapping Guide. There are certain exceptions to these rules which can be found in the aforementioned guide ( ).
Ask a Trooper: Confused by roundabouts? You'll be OK
At all times when carried in or on a motor vehicle, including snowmobiles:
• Rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and other firearms must be unloaded in both barrel and magazine and enclosed in a case or carried in the trunk of a vehicle on private or public property, whether your vehicle is parked, stopped, or moving.
• Crossbows, slingshots, and bows and arrows must be enclosed in a case or unstrung or carried in the trunk of a vehicle while that vehicle is operated on public land or on a highway, road, or street.
At all times, when carried in or on an off-road vehicle (ORV):
• Rifles, shotguns, muzzle-loading, and other firearms must be unloaded in both barrel and magazine and enclosed in a case or equipped with and made inoperative by a manufactured key-locked trigger-housing mechanism.
• Crossbows, slingshots, and bows and arrows must be enclosed in a case or unstrung.
I have read a number of recent articles in M-Live about accidental shootings so I wanted to give a brief reminder about firearm safety. As a new hunter I'll never forget pointing what was an unloaded shotgun near my father. He slapped the barrel away and just stared at me...... It was simple but direct message.
Police identify man shot in Christmas tree field on firearm deer opener
So please reinforce with your young hunters that the muzzle always points down, and never at a person even if unloaded. Finally, I'll leave you with general measures that will help ensure everyone's safety. Have a good weekend and thanks for reading.
• Store firearms in a locked cabinet, safe, gun vault or storage case when not in use, ensuring the gun(s) is in a location inaccessible by children and cannot be handled by anyone without your permission.
• Remove ammunition from the firearm and store the ammunition in a locked location separate from the firearm.
• Store the key for the firearm case/cabinet and the ammunition in a different area from where you store household keys. Keep the keys out of the reach of children.
• Use a gun-locking device that renders the firearm inoperable when not in use. A gun lock should be used as an additional safety precaution and not as a substitute for secure storage.
• Gun-cleaning supplies are often poisonous, and should also be locked up to prevent access by children.
• Educate everyone in your household about firearms safety.
Ask a Trooper: 'Move over' law a life saver, blinking red rules


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Those luxury Egyptian cotton sheets you own may not be luxurious – or Egyptian

E gyptian cotton, which can be spun into fine, long fiber to make sheets with a high thread count, is synonymous with luxury bedding. But in the last four months, it’s been at the center of a controversy that has caused many Americans to wonder whether the Egyptian cotton sheets they rely on for a good night’s sleep actually contain any cotton from Egypt.
The controversy involves Welspun India, a giant home textile manufacturer. Target, Walmart and a handful of other big US retailers have pulled hundreds of thousands of bedding sheets off shelves after discovering that Welspun had sold them falsely labeled Egyptian cotton products.
Welspun has seen its stock price tumble since Target led the defection in August when an investigation by the retailer found the 750,000 sheets and pillow cases that Welspun labeled as 100% Egyptian cotton were actually fake. Bed, Bath & Beyond, also one of Welspun’s top customers, is the latest to stop selling the manufacturer’s 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, Bloomberg reported.
Welspun, which sells its goods in more than 50 countries and generated $871.4m in annual revenue, is now facing consumer lawsuits over the fake sheets. Most recently, a suit was filed against Walmart , alleging that the store knew about the problem for years but didn’t pull the sheets until two months ago.
The trouble Welspun is in demonstrates both the difficulties of monitoring a supply chain that stretches around the world and the power of a label to entice consumers to pay more for products they perceive to be superior. The Egyptian cotton label doesn’t present a verified claim of quality – all it signifies is that the cotton is grown in Egypt. The connection to luxury comes from the recognition that the cotton makes for strong, soft and tightly woven fabric. There are around 10 varieties of cotton farmed in Egypt, according to the US Department of Agriculture.
The trouble of verifying a product’s origin and quality pops up in many products, not just bedding. It’s fairly common in the food business: Whole Foods and Safeway, for example, are among the major supermarkets that have gotten in trouble for selling extra virgin oil from Italy that didn’t meet either claim.
Welspun is now facing a credibility check from one of the industry groups it belongs to: the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), which aims to promote the production of sustainable cotton. Part of the BCI’s role is to set standards to ensure the cotton its members use is in fact sustainably grown and harvested. Matthew Kempen, a spokesperson for the initiative, noted that the phrase “Egyptian cotton” is more of an indicator of quality and sustainability, and that BCI doesn’t verify the origins of cotton.
“As a matter of precaution we shall be contacting Welspun about the incident to request that they share their corrective actions with us, and we shall remind them that members contribute to credibility of BCI as a framework,” said Kempen.
Dishonesty hurts a brand’s reputation as well as sales, said Tulin Erdem, a business and marketing professor who specializes in brand reputation management at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Welspun’s shares dropped by nearly 43% in the week following the announcement from Target, which was the manufacturer’s second largest customer and accounted for $90m, or 10% of the company’s business , in the fiscal year that ended in March.
Retailers play a part in ensuring consumers get what they’re paying for. Although it can be difficult to track every manufacturer’s claim, retailers have a responsibility to take action promptly when they suspect dishonesty, said Erdem.
Walmart’s actions – and whether it reacted quickly enough to protect its customers –are also under scrutiny. The lawsuit against Walmart claims that the company first became suspicious of Welspun’s Egyptian cotton label back in 2008, but only pulled the product off its shelves in September, after Target announced it was doing the same. Walmart declined to comment.
Target said it was phasing out all products manufactured by Welspun under the “Fieldcrest” label after an investigation revealed sheets produced by the company between August 2014 and July 2016 used non-Egyptian cotton.
“Retailers with a good reputation should be vigilant about whether the claimed quality is indeed the delivered quality,” Erdem said. “The decisions about what brands to carry need to be made carefully, and that is part of quality management for a manufacturer.”
Welspun did not respond to the Guardian’s request for comment. The company said in a statement in September to shareholders that it had hired an accounting firm to investigate its cotton suppliers. “We take the current traceability concerns around some of our product lines very seriously,” the company said.
Welspun said the products under investigation represented 6% of the company’s annual business, and its deal with Walmart accounted for 1.5% of annual sales.
The dwindling supply of Egyptian cotton could be a factor that leads cotton suppliers to cheat. Egyptian cotton production has been on a steady decline over the past decade as the global price for cotton has dropped and the Egyptian government has removed subsidies to help farmers.
According to the US Department of Agriculture , Egypt is expected to produce 395,000 bales of cotton in 2017, down from nearly 940,000 bales in 2005.
While verifying claims on labels can be challenging, technology is making it easier for retailers to at least check the reputation of certain brands, said Erdem. A laboratory outside New York City offers DNA testing to verify whether textiles are made of premium cotton. If they are, a tiny barcode is sprayed on the cotton before it is turned into yarn, allowing it to be tracked throughout the production process.
“Certain claims are almost not verifiable, such as whether a certain cream delays the onset of wrinkles in the long run,” said Erdem. “But some others are easier to verify, such as the origin of the main raw material.”


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Chicago priest on front line of Trump immigration policy battle

Born in El Salvador, the Central American country today known as murder capital of the world, the Rev. Jose Landaverde was smuggled out.
He’d been just a teenager when he joined rebels fighting oppression by El Salvador’s brutal military regime during the civil war of 1980 to 1992, and he became one of the hunted.
He was just shy of 20 when he escaped — through Guatemala and Mexico, arriving in the United States as a political refugee in the late 1980s.
Landaverde, 49, has always looked back.
“My father and mother were farmers,” he says. “We were very poor. At that time, we didn’t have political freedom. We didn’t have an opportunity to go to school. School was totally prohibited. Even to be religious in El Salvador was prohibited.”
After leaving, he never saw his parents again.
The outspoken priest who heads the Faith, Life and Hope Mission in Back of the Yards has long been on the front lines in the battle for immigration reform. He says his story mirrors that of many immigrants.
“We know what Donald Trump wants,” Landaverde says. “And we know what we want.”
The election of the billionaire reality TV star, whose hard-line stance on immigration has sparked anxiety in the communities Landaverde has championed for over 30 years, has the activist priest gearing for battle.
“In the last year, Donald Trump brought a lot of hate against immigrants and Latinos around the country,” he says.
“Since the election, I’ve seen people in the Latino community very scared, very sad, telling me, ‘They’re going to deport me. I’m going to be separated from my family.’
“I am telling them, ‘Don’t be afraid.’ Listen to the gospel last Sunday in St. Luke. Jesus tells his disciples, ‘Don’t be afraid.’ Go and fight for whatever you believe. And stay calm.”
Landaverde has lived by those words. He settled here in the late 1980s with help from Catholic nuns who took in Central American refugees. He joined Chicago’s activist community soon after, employed as an organizer with such groups as 8th Day Center for Justice, Life Directions and the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.
In 2001, he founded the Latino Union of Chicago to take on agency abuse of day laborers, working for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network until 2005, when he became pastor of Little Village’s Amor de Dios Church.
“At that time, every person they stopped who were not documented, Chicago police were sending to Homeland Security,” Landaverde says. “We started fighting for this to be declared a ‘sanctuary’ community to reunite families.”
Chicago’s sanctuary city ordinance, protecting undocumented immigrants from police harassment, was passed in 2006. Landaverde was ordained that year by the Anglican Province of America, then helped mobilize his community for an immigration reform march that drew 100,000 people in March 2006, sparking similar marches nationwide.
Trump has threatened to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities like Chicago and said he wants to rescind President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order, allowing an estimated 725,000 young people who are in the United States illegally through no fault of their own to remain in the country.
His election has caused a spike in calls to mental-health hotlines across Illinois and nationwide, health officials say.
Landaverde, as well-known for his tactics on immigration as the Rev. Michael Pfleger is for his against violence, is defiant.
“It is totally impossible that Donald Trump will come to our beautiful city of Chicago and take away our rights,” he says. “We are talking about a safe place for those who are suffering. Many of us, we will die to keep the city as it is.”
Landaverde has been prepared to die before. Founding the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Little Village in 2007, he made headlines with his hunger strikes after Chicago hospitals refused to put undocumented immigrants on transplant waiting lists. A state law was passed in 2014 requiring they do so.
He has walked across the country to draw attention to his cause.
“I am very positive about the future,” Landaverde says. “Donald Trump is confusing our society about how we are to live in our country. We are organizing people to know their rights, to not be afraid and to use love against hate.”


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Community greeted with holiday cheer at Grand Haven Light Night

GRAND HAVEN, MI - The smell of roasted chestnuts, the taste of hot cocoa, the sound of holiday music and the sight of twinkling lights created a perfect atmosphere to kick off the holidays for local residents.
Grand Haven Light Night returned for its ninth year in downtown Grand Haven on Friday, Nov. 18.
The first 500 shopper received free hot cocoa and Main Street shopping bags.
Hundreds of people showed up to get their free hot chocolate and to peruse the lights and local businesses. Evergreen wreaths from the Grand Haven Boy Scout troop were available for purchase.
Many participating merchants hosted open houses with special promotions and some provided their own treats for people to enjoy.


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New on video: 'Hell or High Water' is both entertaining and enlightening, plus more new releases

“Hell or High Water” (Lionsgate DVD/Blu-ray combo, $39.99; also available on VOD)
One of 2016’s most welcome surprises — and a left-field hit to boot — the modern western “Hell or High Water” tells a distinctly Texan story, which is unexpected given that it was directed by a Scotsman, David Mackenzie. Give credit to screenwriter Taylor Sheridan and to an outstanding cast that includes Chris Pine and Ben Foster as two brothers on a cross-state bank-robbing spree, and Jeff Bridges as a retiring Texas Ranger trying to anticipate their next move. The film has echoes of the Oscar-winning “No Country for Old Men,” but it’s less mythic, instead dealing with the repercussions of real-world financial crises and decaying public institutions. At times funny, at times poetic and always haunted by the specter of tragedy, “Hell or High Water” is an entertaining throwback, elevated by its commentary on life in the early 21st century.
[Special features: A handful of featurettes]
“Evolution” (available Nov. 25)
French art-film director Lucile Hadžihalilović belatedly follows up her beguiling 2004 feature debut “Innocence” with the equally nightmarish “Evolution,” an exercise in experimental horror about an oceanfront community where sickly pale women raise and exploit young boys. Though not entirely plotless, “Evolution” is less about telling a comprehensible story and more about exhibiting a strange primal pull, through memorable images of slime, grime and gender-bending. With its lulling soundtrack and eruptions of shocking body-horror, the movie aims straight for the subconscious.
A long time ago in an era of VCRs and DVD players... The independent video store was a place of happenstance and wonder, a domain of cinephiles. Standing defiantly near a bowling alley on Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica is VIDIOTS, one of the last of the video stores.
Quidditich, the popular and dangerous sport played throughout the Harry Potter series, has come to life through many organizations across the globe. Our Curiosity Correspondent, Benjamin Cruthcer, heads to UCLA to learn how to play the game and to see if he can become an expert. It goes... poorly.
Justin Chang reviews 'Elle' directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Isabelle Huppert, Laurent Lafitte, and Anne Consigny. Video by Jason H. Neubert.
Kenneth Turan reviews 'Arrival' directed by Denis Villeneuve, starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg, Tzi Ma, and Mark O’Brien. Video by Jason H. Neubert.
Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans star in the live-action movie "Beauty and the Beast. "
“The DePatie-Freleng Collection” (Kino DVD, $49.95; Blu-ray, $79.95)
Anyone who grew up watching weekday afternoon syndicated cartoon packages on UHF channels in the ’70s and ’80s should be familiar with some of the shorts on “The DePatie-Freleng Collection.” With discs dedicated to the characters “The Inspector” (based on “The Pink Panther” movies’ bumbling Inspector Clouseau), “Roland and Ratfink” (an exaggerated riff on good and evil), “The Ant and the Aardvark” (a Tom and Jerry knockoff with John Byner imitating his favorite Vegas stars) and “Tijuana Toads” (a wildly inappropriate example of vintage ethnic humor), the set collects some of the most memorable ephemera from the same company that produced “The Pink Panther Show.”
[Special features: Commentary tracks on multiple cartoons and a strong batch of featurettes aimed at animation buffs]
“To Live and Die in L. A.: Special Edition” (Shout Select Blu-ray, $34.93)
When William Friedkin’s punchy, ultraviolent cop picture “To Live and Die in L. A.” was released in 1985, it was largely dismissed as a minor effort from the man who once made the Oscar-winning policier “The French Connection.” But with hindsight, Friedkin’s ’80s Los Angeles counterpart to his gritty ’70s New York classic is its own kind of masterpiece. It’s a pointed look at the decade’s “counterfeit” culture, following two ethically shaky federal agents (played by William Petersen and John Pankow) who break the law in order to raise money for a case against a master crook ( Willem Dafoe ). As obsessed with the details of crime as it is with blood-spurting shootouts, “To Live and Die in L. A.” is both action-packed and slyly pointed in its evocation of Reagan-era amorality.
[Special features: A Friedkin commentary, new and old interviews, and a laughably bad alternate ending]
“Hands of Stone” (Anchor Bay DVD, $29.98; Blu-ray, $34.99; also available on VOD); “Kubo and the Two Strings” (Universal DVD, $29.98; Blu-ray, $34.98; 3-D, $44.98; also available on VOD); “War Dogs” (Warner Bros. DVD, $28.98; Blu-ray, $29.98; 4K, $44.95; also available on VOD)


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For subjects of new Boston Marathon documentary, a struggle that wears on

Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky would seem to represent a powerful story of trauma and recovery.
A psychology PhD candidate and an oncology nurse, respectively, their lives were upended when they found themselves near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in April 2013. A bomb from the attacks that day sent shrapnel tearing through their lower torsos, causing severe injuries and leading to the amputation of each of their left legs.
Months of surgeries and rehab followed as the couple sought to adjust to their lives without limbs. Their situation seemed to hit rock bottom when Kensky made the difficult choice to amputate her right leg as well after it stubbornly refused to heal.
If this was many documentaries, that would have marked the beginning of a comeback story. But as portrayed in the new nonfiction film "Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing," it was just one of a complicated tangle of setbacks for the couple — part of what might be described as the aftermath of the aftermath, as victims struggle to recover long after public attention has moved on.
Kensky had at least 10 surgeries over the course of filming as her suffering continues. More than 3 1/2 years since the bombings, the once-effusive nurse, 33, and Downes, 35, still live at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., struggling with both physical and psychological pain.
The couple's story is one of three survivor tales documented in "Marathon," which also looks at the mother-daughter pair of Celeste and Sydney Corcoran (the former is a double amputee) and the thirtysomething construction-working Norden brothers, J. P. and Paul, who each lost legs. Directed by the veteran nonfiction filmmakers Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg ("Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work"), the film is a gut-punch of a reminder that while the Boston attacks have faded from public view, those who experienced it continue to face enormous hardships.
"Patriots Day" is an account of the Boston Marathon bombing.
All three films seek to memorialize that sunny spring day when a triumphant finish line became a carnage-filled death scene. Three people were killed, 16 lost limbs and more than 250 were injured as a pair of bombs placed by Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev tore through Boston’s Boylston Street.
But where "Patriots Day" and "Stronger" offer glossier Hollywood takes on the bombings, "Marathon" examines the story from the intimate and often raw perspectives of the victims themselves.
What became apparent to the filmmakers — and will quickly become apparent to viewers — is that for many survivors the hard part began once the news spotlight dimmed. Far from a heartbreak-to-hope trajectory, the movie shows how survivors lives are often filled with both.
"For many survivors, the mental, emotional and even physical struggle is so much more than anyone would suspect," Stern said of the movie, which was made in formal cooperation with the Boston Globe and drew from the paper's reporting. "A lot of these stories are bittersweet, and even though there are inspirational moments we wanted to show that it's an ongoing process. There are no pat finishes. "
In some of the more potent scenes of "Marathon," the viewer is invited into the homes and bedrooms of the survivors as they go about the mundane but mountainous challenges of their routine.
Kensky and Downes describe even basic middle-of-the-night activities, such as a going to the bathroom or responding to a strange sound, as exceedingly difficult.
"To see two youngish people getting out of bed and transferred to wheelchairs and have a service dog and a drawer full of pills and our [prosthetics] are on can be shocking," Kensky said in a phone conversation, which she conducted alongside her husband from their room at Walter Reed. "It's 'That's how she wakes up? That's how he goes to bed at night?’" She paused. “Sometimes we just wish we had one full body between us.”
Redemption does find its way into the film, as when Downes runs the Boston Marathon or when the Nordens start a construction business and help the first-responder who saved them build an addition to his house.
And heartwarming moments can come into the survivors’ lives off-screen: with Kensky's colleagues, for instance, who donated thousands of hours of vacation time so she could continue receiving healthcare, or the police officers who carried her and Downes into their Cambridge apartment so they could say goodbye to it one last time before moving out.
But “Marathon” quietly subverts what might be called documentary’s victim genre, in which viewers tacitly will accept pain and suffering if it comes with light and hope at the end. The title, indeed, is meant as a double entendre.
Not least is the survivors’ differing rates of recovery, which can put a strain on a couple. "I thought because I had suffered an amputation that I understood what Jess was going through,“ Downes said. “And eventually I had to be honest and submit to the idea that I didn’t know a lot of what she was experiencing.”
Survivors also describe encountering a kind of public discomfort that the recovery has taken so long. "It's kind of like 'compassion fatigue,'" Downes said. "No one does it consciously. But at some point people have to create a barrier between them and catastrophe. "
The Corcorans are also depicted as a complicated and compelling family and help convey the toll the bombings took on family dynamics. Celeste Corcoran had her legs amputated and has undergone a painful recovery process. Her husband, Kevin, had turned to alcohol, a fact captured with a quiet, fly-on-the-wall power in the film. Sydney must deal with the pain of being an early-twentysomething with a hole in her foot and two parents who will never be the same.
"There were similarities to what all the families went through with amputations. But the recovery and emotional challenges were unique to each one," Sundberg said. "What we wanted was to speak to the invisibly wounded, to the stress this places on relationships. "
“Marathon” comes after a year in which domestic terrorism, from San Bernardino to Orlando, has made such stories all too common and makes all the Boston films all too timely.
In a bit of film crossover, Kensky and Downes are depicted in "Patriots Day,” seen in their apartment the night before the bombing and in the hospital cleaving to each other after the attacks. Though they were consultants on the film — Downes came to the AFI premiere and made a powerful call for peace during a post-screening talk — they also seem to harbor some ambivalence about the Hollywood adaptation, which focuses a lot more on the manhunt than the survivors’ recovery. "One of my friends described it as sugary cereal over your Wheaties," Kensky said.
"Their goal was very clearly to tell a much shorter period of time," Downes said, more understatedly.
Still, the couple hopes all the films convey the nature of their struggle, which they emphasize is, like the aftermath of so many tragedies, untidy and open-ended.
"When Ricki and Annie told me they were done, I was, like, 'No, wait; I'm not better.'” Kensky said. “But that’s the thing about real life. You don’t always go on the journey you think you’re going on.”


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Our top picks from the L. A. Auto Show

Choosing our favorites among the more than 1,000 cars at the Los Angeles Auto Show was no easy task. Forty-one automakers brought their latest and greatest to the event, where 50 cars made their world, U. S. or West Coast debuts. Here are the seven that wowed us the most — for their beauty, utility, technological perfection or sheer audacity.
If Cadillac is serious about incorporating the elegant design of its Escala concept sedan into future vehicles, it means there’s hope for the flagging brand. A quiet and confident masculinity would replace the Cadillac’s now-tired hyper-angular aggro look. But it’s not without testosterone: It gets a new Cadillac-only V-8 engine too.
The first all-electric vehicle from Jaguar looks good, drives fast and is taking aim at Elon Musk’s Model X. This production concept SUV goes from zero to 60 mph in about 4 seconds, has a 220-mile range and will become available in 2018. When that happens, it will challenge Tesla and other electric vehicles from luxury automakers.
Chevy 's all-electric plug-in Bolt EV gets an EPA-approved 238 miles per charge and will cost under $35,000 before government tax incentives and rebates, Chevy says. The company expects to sell more of them in Southern California than anywhere else in the world — just as it does its plug-in hybrid Volt. The big surprise: It’s comfortable and fun to drive.
Alfa Romeo's new Stelvio is a high-performance SUV the company hopes will entice Porsche, BMW and Audi fans to the brand. The top-end model, the Quadrifoglio, delivers a whopping 505 horsepower, goes from zero to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and is capable of a top speed of 176 mph.
Chevy is trying to turn up the heat on sporty off-road trucks like the Nissan Pro 4 X and the Toyota TRD Pro with the introduction of the newly minted ZR2 desert sled. The 4x4 will be available with V-6 or Duramax engines and come in Crew Cab or Extended trim lines. The truck’s expected top market? L. A., where people buy more Chevy trucks than in top truck towns Dallas or Houston.
Not for the faint of heart or the budget conscious, this mid-engine hybrid supercar starts at $156,000 and features a 573-horsepower twin-turbo V-6. Combine that with an electric motor attached directly to the driveshaft and the car’s relatively light aluminum frame, and the all-wheel-drive NSX can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and reach speeds topping 190 mph.
Making its world premiere at the show, this is the hybrid version of the second generation of the Panamera luxury touring cars and is priced starting at $104,100. The new four-door Panamera has an extended wheelbase that allows for extra legroom and more luxurious rear-seat features, including touch-screen displays attached to the back of the front seats. The hybrid power plant generates 462 horsepower.


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Soaking up the scenery in Beverly Crest

This newly built traditional, found near the entrance to Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Crest, was designed to make the most of its verdant setting.
Abundant walls of glass and private balconies center on the leafy setting that envelops the East Coast-inspired home. Outside, a crisp-white picket fence surrounds such features as a saltwater swimming pool, a koi pond and a detached gym.


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A-listers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decouple from first of many homes

Dating back to the 1830s, the French Quarter row house had been listed a year ago for as much as $6.5 million. Pitt and Jolie bought the property in 2007, following Hurricane Katrina , for $3.5 million.
The brick traditional-style house has a front balcony and dormer windows that overlook the historic area.
The New Orleans row house was built in the 1830s. Archival images show the house as it appeared in 2006.
The nearly 7,650 square feet of living space includes scaled formal rooms, an updated kitchen, a laundry room, five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Venetian plaster walls, custom-designed marble mantels and crown moldings are among the interior details.
A grand staircase and an elevator connect the three-story home. There’s also a guesthouse and a two-car garage.
Pitt, 52, became involved in efforts to rebuild New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He will appear in the upcoming historical drama “Allied” alongside actress Marion Cotillard.
Jolie, 41, in 2004 won the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. This year, she lent her voice to the animated comedy “Kung Fu Panda 3.”
Lewis, who bought the property in 1989 for $720,000, isn’t the only one connected to the Mediterranean-style home. Past owners and residents include actor-singer Eddie Albert, actor-dancer Gene Nelson and prolific voice-over actor Charles Judels.
The Mediterranean-style house, built in 1926, sits up from the street and has a canopy-topped front patio.
The hillside home in Hollywood Hills West counts actors Eddie Albert, Gene Nelson and Charles Judels among its former occupants.
Within more than 2,500 square feet of white-walled space is a living room with a fireplace, a dining area, an updated kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Glass doors off the media room/lounge open to a balcony with another fireplace.
The master retreat — with a built-in reading nook and a separate office — takes in a view of the city.
Peter Maurice and Tregg Rustad of Rodeo Realty hold the listing.
Lewis, 69, gained fame for his appearances on “Late Night With David Letterman” as well as his HBO specials. He has had a recurring role on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” in which he plays a fictionalized version of himself, since its first season.
Set on a quiet cul-de-sac, the one-acre property takes in mountain views and includes a 7,800-square-foot main house, a 900-square-foot guesthouse, a tennis court and an orchard.
The main residence features formal living and dining rooms, a theater, a game room with a wet bar, five bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. The center-island kitchen opens to a family room with retractable doors leading outside.
The modern home sits on about an acre with a guesthouse and a swimming pool.
The guesthouse has a living room, a kitchen, one bedroom and a bathroom.
The expansive grounds contain a swimming pool, a spa, an outdoor kitchen with barbecue, an outdoor dining area, patios and lawn.
The R&B and hip-hop artist, 31, has released six studio albums including “Trigga” two years ago.
Marc Shevin and Cindy Goldstein of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices were the listing agents. Mica Rabineau and Vadim Khabyuk of Nourmand & Associates represented Songz in his purchase.
The bohemian-vibe estate sits behind large wooden gates on more than three acres of lush grounds.
The main house, a 1930s hacienda, was extensively restored and features a hand-carved fireplace, a family room, a chef’s kitchen with a large center island, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Contrasting hues, patterns and materials enliven the rustic interiors.
Sitting on more than three acres in the mountains of Topanga, the estate features multiple guest houses, an outdoor pavilion and a swimming pool.
Three guesthouses, a playroom, an outdoor kitchen and a stacked-stone pavilion also lie within the grounds. A row of cabanas surrounds the swimming pool. Connecting the structures are stone pathways that wind through mature oaks, olive trees and a vineyard.
Including the guesthouses, there are seven bedrooms and five bathrooms in more than 2,300 square feet of living space.
Rory Posin and Kristian Bonk of Results Real Estate Group, an affiliate of Re/Max Estate Properties, hold the listing.
Audigier, who died last year at 57, used his connections with celebrities to help turn brands such as Ed Hardy and Von Dutch into global powerhouses. In 2011, he sold the Ed Hardy label for $62 million.
The estate of the six-time NBA champion has nearly 13,500 square feet of living space. Built in 2004, the Italianate house features a three-story foyer, a temperature-controlled wine room, a home theater, six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms and two powder rooms. There’s a fitness room, of course. An expansive terrace overlooks the 215 feet of waterfront.
The Fort Lauderdale estate sits along the waterfront and can be purchased with or without Scottie Pippen's yacht.
Called Villa Del Lago, the nearly three-quarter-acre property is designed for resort living, with patios, an outdoor kitchen and a pool area that includes a spa, waterfalls, a water fountain play area and a giant water slide. Did we mention the waterfront basketball court and putting green?
The property first came on the market two years ago at $11.8 million.
Gilles Rais of Coldwell Banker is the listing agent.


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Clark Lake native wins Gulf of Mexico sailing race

CLARK LAKE, MI -- A Clark Lake native recently won a sailing contest that spanned 150 miles along the coast of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico.
John Barnett, 66, moved to Texas from Clark Lake about 10 years ago and competes in sailing contests around the world. This is his first year winning the Harvest Moon Regatta, a race from Galveston to Port Aransas.
"This has been going on for 30 years and people come from all over the world," Barnett said. "We were screaming down the waves, surfing all night. We've been running this race for 29 years. "
Barnett won the competition by 4 minutes, 32 seconds with his 35-foot boat named Vici.
"That's what's funny, my smallest boat won," Barnett said. "It's been there done that. Mostly big boats race there, the smallest was 25 feet and there was 145 total. "
There is no cash prize for the winner, Barnett said, but Bacardi shots awaited his crew.
"Sailing is for the prestige," he said. "Bacardi has sponsored the event for over 25 years, so we all cheered afterward. "
In a previous regatta race, 22 boats had to be rescued by coast guard, Barnett said.
"One boat sank, many boats mis-navigate and waves pick them up and put them on the beach," he said. "We had 52-mile-per-hour winds three years ago, but I prepare my boats very well and replace stuff that is marginal. "
Another race Barnett competes in is the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, which he says is much more dangerous.
"Four years ago two people got killed in that race," he said. "Gulf of Mexico pushes you to the beach, but the Great Lakes are cold, 15 minutes is all you have in Lake Michigan. "
Barnett hasn't had any close encounter with going overboard, but he does have one story.
"Twenty years ago was my only horror story," he said. "A lady cooked food for us with mayonnaise and everybody got food poisoning except for two of us. We came in dead last. "
Barnett started professional sailing when he was 30 years old. Since then, he's won many championships and competes year-round.
"I sail all over the world," he said. "In France I won a contest with 600 boats. I sailed Bermuda last year.
"Big thing is sailing teaches you confidence in making a decision and leadership. Mother nature throws you for a loop all the time. "
Barnett learned to sail growing up on Clark Lake. He says Harry Melling, and Bruce Goldsmith, Rocky Stone and George Carr all helped him get to the point he is at now.
Barnett makes a trip back to Clark Lake for a few weeks each year to visit his dad, who still lives in the Jackson area.


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A pill may soon replace the costly EpiPen

As allergy sufferers reel from the soaring costs of the EpiPen — a handheld auto-injection device of epinephrine made by Mylan that prevents life-threatening anaphylactic shock — a new oral tablet alternative is being tested that could solve a host of issues.
This comes at a time when the price of the injector has skyrocketed 500 percent since 2007. It now costs $500. That's an expensive dilemma for approximately 43 million people suffering from life-threatening allergies in the United States. Many find the price tag prohibitively expensive.
Such an orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) is good for people who have trouble swallowing. It is also a way to deliver medicine orally without getting the digestive tract involved, so the drug can quickly flow into the bloodstream in seconds.
Such a pill would bypass the patent issues that allow Mylan to corner the market on the epinephrine injector, but there is a host of other issues standing in the way.
Right now consumers and medical professionals point to EpiPen flaws. Most notably, a study published last year showed only 16 percent of patients used the device correctly. Plus, the devices expire after a year and are bulky and hard to carry around.
In contrast, if it worked, the Epi-Pill would have a shelf life of up to seven years.
The challenge now is testing to see how the pill would work in people actually experiencing anaphylaxis.
"Due to the uniqueness and variability of severity of these life-threatening allergic reactions, it's unethical to conduct trials on patients experiencing anaphylaxis or induce anaphylactic reactions to conduct a study for EpiPill or any other alternative injectable or non-injectable dosage form," Rawas-Qalaji told CNBC.
Although he did not disclose the nature of the trials that would one day be conducted, he said that "the testing will be conducted in a manner that meets the FDA regulations and requirements and expectations for registration. "
A big unknown is how the swollen mouth of a patient in anaphylactic shock might absorb epinephrine versus a person with a healthy mouth.
Rawas-Qalaji has already met with the FDA and filed for a Pre-Investigational New Drug meeting. In the first meeting, the agency discussed its expectations for Epi-Pill registration, the design of Rawas-Qalaji's planned studies and any additional studies that may be necessary afterward.
So far, no date has been set to begin clinical trials, but Rawas-Qalaji told CNBC that the required work preceding the clinical trials has already begun and is well under way.
As for the price, Rawas-Qalaji feels the pills can be manufactured and sold at an affordable price.
He hopes to get FDA approval before Mylan's patents are up in 2025, although he said it's possible the product will be on store shelves for consumers before then.
Rawas-Qalaji said that medications administered through the nasal or oral mucosa are absorbed quickly, so those routes of administration might create the opportunity for an invention to compete against the EpiPen. But apart from the medical challenges an Epi-Pill would face, there would also be challenges in introducing it to the market.
"I imagine it may be difficult to persuade parents to switch from the tried-and-tested EpiPen to a new and radically different method of drug delivery," said Matthew Allen, head of drug delivery at Cambridge Consultants , a product development and design firm. Additionally, he said that even if it's successfully tested and brought to market, don't expect Mylan to take the competition lying down.
"All pharma companies work hard for their shareholders to maximize their returns, and the manufacturers of EpiPen will use their marketing expertise to protect or enhance their position," he said. "Anyone launching a new product has to deal with that marketing competition, and this would be no different. "
Allen also added that while a pill wouldn't necessarily compete with the EpiPen, it would still have to stand on its own merits and demonstrate its reliability to consumers — a tall order.
"At the moment, the biggest barriers are … successfully marketing against a market leader and, probably most challenging, convincing users that the product is as safe and reliable as EpiPen," Allen said.
And what does Rawas-Qalaji himself have to say about the challenges inherent in bringing the Epi-Pill to market? In many ways, he faces the same hurdles that any other inventor faces when introducing a new idea to the public: "Raising enough money by investors to support the product development, and a wise marketing strategy," he told CNBC.
He added, "We have overcome the technical risks and now are facing commercial risks associated with FDA approvals, legal protection and bringing a revolutionary pharmaceutical product to the general public. "
Human testing remains the largest barrier to developing the product. After all, inducing anaphylaxis in human subjects and hoping an untested invention will pull them back from the brink of death is unethical, to put it mildly.
Rawas-Qalaji described this type of human testing as unacceptable. Rather, he said he plans to test the Epi-Pill by comparing the epinephrine plasma concentrations of an already established product to those of his formulation. Conducting this test in healthy volunteers would be the next step in the long process that he was inspired to embark upon six years ago.
"My inspiration was a serious unmet medical need, due to children in danger, mothers afraid to treat their children, too many serious allergenic reactions and the rising costs of commonly used methods," he said. "I hope the development of this product is successful and can be registered as early as possible, to meet the needs of the patients and reduce the level of anxiety associated with the self-administration of epinephrine injections. "


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Charlotte Hornets at New Orleans Pelicans, game breakdown

Tip off: 6 p.m. Saturday, Smoothie King Center.
Records: New Orleans Pelicans (3-10). Charlotte Hornets (8-3)
TV: Fox Sports New Orleans
Radio: WRNO-99.5
Summary: Point guard Jrue Holiday made a successful debut in Friday night's 113-101 victory against the Portland Trail Blazers at the Smoothie King Center. After missing 12 games to be with his wife, Lauren, who had brain surgery last month, scored 21 points with seven assists, two rebounds and had a steal and block.... Anthony Davis has scored 30 or more points in six of the first 13 games. He scored 38 points in Friday night.... Charlotte is 6-0 against teams below.500... The Hornets, like the Pelicans, also played on Friday night, beating the Hawks, 100-96, to end their six-game winning streak.... Charlotte is now on a stretch of playing 18 games in 32 days.
Pelicans probable starters: PG Tim Frazier 6-1, 170 (10.8 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 7.5 apg, 0.9 spg); SG E'Twaun Moore 6-4, 191 (12.5 ppg, 1.8 rpg, 3.0 apg, 1.0 spg); SF Dante Cunningham 6-8, 230 (5.6 ppg, 3.7 rpg, 0.5 apg, 0.6 spg); PF Anthony Davis 6-10, 252 (31.2 ppg, 10.9 rpg, 2.1 apg, 3.0 bpg); C Omer Asik 7-0, 255 (3.1 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 0.6 apg, 0.4 bpg).
Hornets probable starters: PG Kemba Walker 6-1, 184 (25.8 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 5.5 apg, 1.9 spg); SG Nicolas Batum 6-8, 200 (13.8 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 5.2 apg, 1.4 spg); SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 6-7, 232 (8.6 ppg, 8.0 rpg, 0.9 apg, 1.3 spg); PF Marvin Williams 6-9, 237 (10.9 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 1.4 apg, 0.5 bpg); C Cody Zeller 7-0, 240 (10.6 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 1.3 apg, 1.0 bpg).
Injury report:
Pelicans: G-F Tyreke Evans (right knee) out; SF Quincy Pondexter (left knee) out. C Alexis Ajinca (sore left shoulder) questionable. Hornets: Guard Jeremy Lamb (strained left hamstring) out.
Up next: Pelicans at Hawks, Tuesday. Grizzlies at Hornets, Monday.


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Foundation leads effort to seed oysters in Hampton River

HAMPTON, Va. (AP) - Like many tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay, the Hampton River is impaired by fecal matter and other pollutants routinely dumped into it by stormwater runoff.
But the river watershed is in the midst of a two-year $200,000 cleanup effort led by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in partnership with Hampton community leaders, nonprofits, citizen volunteers, property owners, students, teachers and others.
Together, they’re seeding baby oysters in the river to grow big enough to filter out pollutants, planting living shorelines and rain gardens to ease erosion and runoff, and educating residents about what steps they can take to clean up their own backyards - and the bay in the bargain.
About 30 projects are being funded by a watershed grant awarded last year by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. CBF has had similar grants for other Virginia projects in the Lafayette River in Norfolk and Smith Creek in the Shenandoah Valley.
“What we’ve found is that it’s an exciting opportunity to kind of focus in a more visible way and raise awareness, bring in more engagement,” said CBF’s Hampton Roads director Christy Everett. “To kind of thread the needle on existing - and maybe fledgling, in some cases - efforts to protect our waterways. To kind of ramp things up a little and give it a little steroid boost.”
For the 3.2-mile Hampton River, the boost includes installing demonstration projects such as a rain garden, then holding workshops to educate residents and gauge their interest in installing easy and affordable projects of their own.
“We try to keep rain gardens really simple and replicable, based on people’s budgets or their situation,” Everett said. “Hopefully, they can do it in a few hours with just a few native plants or maybe a few hundred bucks, so it’s not something that’s going to break the bank.”
Two rain gardens were installed in the last few weeks in public parks. Three more are planned for next spring, she said, but no firm locations for those have been identified. A living shoreline is still under construction.
The group also is pioneering shellfish restoration in the river, Everett said, working with property owners “to kind of get in and jump-start oyster efforts.”
“We really want people growing oysters along the shoreline in the Hampton River,” she said, “as well as better understand the before-and-after snapshot and how that, as well as other restoration efforts, can make a difference.”
The first reef in the Elizabeth Lake neighborhood has already been stocked with shellfish. And over the last several weeks, CBF has taken Hampton University students on boat trips to survey spat set in the river and count mature oysters. Spat are baby oysters that “set” on a hard surface to grow.
Everett said such trips also offer students a chance to see if a career in restoration science might appeal to them.
In September, they also took the city manager, city council members, members of the Clean City Commission, school administrators and others on an educational river trip.
The larger idea, Everett said, is to identify and support new and existing community efforts, share information and network toward a common goal.
“Hopefully just kick-starting some level of restoration effort in the community,” Everett said. “And hopefully educating people along the way so they’ll stay involved.
“You want to make sure you’re not just preaching to the choir,” she added. “Which can happen with conservation efforts.”
CBF was recently awarded another watershed grant for the James River near Hopewell, said CBF spokesman Kenny Fletcher.
Stormwater runoff is more intense in highly developed areas such as Hampton, where 138,000 residents live in a 51-square-mile area.
Runoff typically contains a “toxic soup” of lawn chemicals, sewage overflow, pet waste and “whatever’s on the ground,” Everett said.
Without natural or man-made filters, such pollutants get dumped directly into the bay.
Information from: Daily Press,


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Couple spends honeymoon hunting for elk

CHARLESTON, W. Va. (AP) - As honeymoons go, Scott and Megan Thomas’ turned out pretty wild.
How could it not? Mile-high altitudes, Rocky Mountain landscapes, four-wheelers, high-powered rifles and trophy elk make for plenty of excitement.
“I can’t think of a better way to have a honeymoon,” said Scott. “We both got nice elk and we had a great time together.”
Not many couples decide to turn honeymoons into hunting trips. For the Thomases, the decision centered on the delay between the wedding ceremony and the honeymoon.
“We were married last September,” Scott explained. “Megan was in her last year of nursing school, so we put off the honeymoon until after she graduated.”
The two had dated for seven years, and had hunted together every year. When Scott’s aunt, who lived in Colorado, invited them to come out for an elk hunt, they started wondering if a hunting honeymoon might be possible.
“In March or April, we applied for our elk tags,” Megan recalled. “We said that if we both drew tags we would go. In June we found out that we had both drawn tags. That’s when we really started planning.”
The individual success rate for drawing tags for public-land elk hunts in Colorado is 17 percent. The odds of both Thomases drawing tags for the same year were slimmer. The odds of them both drawing bull tags were slimmer still.
“When we first started talking about it, I was excited,” Megan said. “I’d always liked to do that stuff. So even though my idea of an ideal honeymoon was to go to the beach, we planned the hunt.”
They arrived in Colorado on Oct. 15. They had 10 days to fill their tags.
“We were hunting on (Bureau of Land Management) lands near Rangely,” Scott said. “Our aunt’s brothers knew the area and they took us hunting.”
Scott hunted with one brother, Megan with the other.
“It was an hour-and-a-half ride on a four-wheeler to get to where we were supposed to go,” Megan said. “We saw some elk in a field, so we sat down and settled in. The wind was really bad. The elk ended up winding us and they took off in the opposite direction.
“Then we heard some elk behind us. We had to run to the top of the ridge to get a look at them. I was huffing and puffing because of the altitude, but I made it up there. At first we saw cows, but a short while later a bull came walking out, about 280 yards away. I put the rifle up on the shooting sticks and took a shot.”
The 7mm bullet struck the bull squarely behind its shoulders. It bolted into the woods.
When Megan and her guide found the animal, they discovered that it sported a nice 6-by-6 rack of antlers.
“We didn’t green-score it, but the guys guessed that it would score about 280 (on the Boone and Crockett Club scale),” she said.
Scott didn’t get a bull that day, so Megan had bragging rights. She let him know about it.
“It wouldn’t have been fun if I hadn’t given him a hard time,” she said with a laugh.
“She was pretty tickled and I was proud of her,” Scott said. “At that point, I really didn’t care if I got one or not.”
But he did, two days later.
“We were on our way to a spot (my guide) had picked out when we pulled off and glassed a nice-looking area. We spotted some elk about 2 miles away in a clearing,” he said. “We got the four-wheelers off the trailer and took off. We rode the four-wheelers as far as we could and went on foot after that.
“After we crossed a couple of canyons, we thought we might be getting close. Eventually, we found the herd and got set up about 300 yards away. The wind was blowing in that direction, and when the elk winded us they started getting skittish. Luckily a nice bull came toward us and gave me a broadside shot.”
The first shot from Scott’s .300 Winchester Magnum struck the elk, but the big animal hardly flinched.
“I shot again, and he started slowing,” Scott recalled. “I put another one in him and he dropped in his tracks.”
Like Megan’s bull, Scott’s sported a 6-by-6 rack, but that’s where the similarity ended. Scott’s was larger and heavier.
“It wasn’t until we got our hands on it that we realized just how big it was,” he said. “We green-scored it at 340. I told my (guide), ‘I’m going to wake up in the morning and think this is all a dream.’”
Getting the hunting out of the way early in the honeymoon allowed the Thomases to spend the rest of their time in Colorado doing other things, such as four-wheeling the famous red-rock trails in the state’s southwestern corner.
“It turned out to be perfect for us,” Megan said. “It’s one of the funnest trips I’ve been on.”
She didn’t get to sunbathe on the beach, but the honeymoon souvenirs she and Scott brought home - two sets of trophy elk antlers and a freezer full of meat - are mementos few other couples will have.
Megan didn’t get to sunbathe on the beach this time, but she will in January when she and Scott jump a jet and head for Hawaii. The rifles will stay at home in Sissonville.
“I got my honeymoon last month,” Scott said. “In January, she gets hers.”
Information from: The Charleston Gazette-Mail,


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Grand Vue Park in Moundsville adds astronomy structure

MOUNDSVILLE, W. Va. (AP) - Experienced astronomy researchers and star gazing novices alike are now able to enjoy a new nighttime feature at Grand Vue Park.
Last week marked the park’s official partnership with the Near Earth Objects Foundation and the SMART Center of Wheeling for the creation of a public and astronomical observatory at the park.
According to SMART Center founder Robert Strong, the two educational nonprofits are working to establish public programs, along with astronomical research that a new observatory fueled by the purchase of a XX16g Telescope, located in a new building in the Aerial Adventure parking lot at Grand Vue.
Chevron donated $3,700 for the telescope purchase, while the SMART Center secured $1,200 for related equipment.
Grand Vue Park matched both the Chevron grant and SMART Center to purchase a 12×20 old hickory building with double barn doors to house the telescope.
Strong said the telescope will allow locals to see space as most never have before.
“It’s got a catalogue of over 42,000 objects that you can find in the sky,” he said. “The 16-inch mirror is going to increase the light gathering power of the unaided eye somewhere between 80 and 10,000 times. We’ll be bringing in a lot more light, so it will be like your pupil is 16 inches.”
Strong’s wife, Libby, who serves as programming coordinator for the center, said the telescope and corresponding star gazing activities to come, will benefit both the organizations and the park.
“This will be an extension of what we already do with an opportunity for a lot of folks to utilize a telescope of this size,” she said. “It will bring a lot of people to the park so they will benefit as well.”
Todd Hager, guest activities coordinator at Grand Vue Park, said the park is planning more astronomy related activities and additions to the building in the future.
“We’re hoping to add solar panels and LED lighting to the outside of the building so people can see what’s going on,” Hager said. ” We will have additions on the inside as well to make it a themed building.”
Information from: The Intelligencer,


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Community makes new home reality for a local military hero

STAFFORD, Va. (AP) - “Welcome home.”
These were the words that moved U. S. Army Sgt. Timothy Goodrich to tears as he burrowed a shovel into the plot of land where his new home will soon stand. After putting his life on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan, the returning hero and his family will soon receive a small token of appreciation_a home to call their own.
A large crowd gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony for Goodrich’s new house on Nov. 14 at Embrey Mill in Stafford County. Just days before, on Veterans Day, Goodrich received the surprise of his life when the plans for his custom, mortgage-free home were revealed during a Washington Wizards game at the Verizon Center in Washington, D. C.
“I had no idea. I was completely surprised,” Goodrich said.
Originally from Baton Rouge, La., Goodrich joined the Army after high school in June 2004. He fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
While deployed in Afghanistan in 2012, his base in Kunar was hit by rockets. His leg and jaw shattered, and he suffered a brain injury.
“I’ve received a lot of different kinds of support, but not everyone is plugged in,” Goodrich said. “There are people willing to help, but sometimes you have to find your own way.”
Newland Communities, the developer of Embrey Mill, partnered with general contractor Miller & Smith and Operation Finally Home to provide a home for the Goodrich.
Gary Scola, vice president of operations for Newland Communities, said Newland donated the land for the project, but it took a community to make the home happen.
“The response we have gotten from everyone involved in this has been: ‘What else can we do?’ ” Scola said.
Larry Adams-Thompson of Operation Finally Home said the organization is a nonprofit established to bring together builders, suppliers and communities to provide homes for America’s military heroes. Over the past 11 years, more than 200 homes either have been completed or are in progress in more than 30 states across the U. S.
“These are folks who have served their country_all four of them,” Thompson said, as he looked toward Goodrich’s wife, Jacqueline, and their two children, Lucy, 8, and Judah, 4.
Stafford County also played an integral role in making the new home a reality. On Aug. 16, the Board of Supervisors authorized a donation of $14,044 to Operation Finally Home to cover the cost of water and sewer connection fees.
Dale Hall, vice president of Miller & Smith, said he is grateful to Stafford.
“I am so impressed with Stafford,” Hall said. “They didn’t just waive all the fees to build this house. They stepped up and paid for those fees. They found the way. That was a great starting point.”
Stafford County Commissioner of Revenue Scott Mayausky said the home should be a symbol for Stafford because it represents the coming together of the community.
“The tumult in national politics_the division we are all feeling_prevents us from focusing on what is really important,” Mayausky said. “And this is what is really important: to honor the men and women who have sacrificed to defend not just their freedom and their family’s freedom but to defend the freedom of people half a world away who they have never met and will probably never meet.”
“I know I am five months premature, but I want to be one of the first ones from Stafford County to welcome you home, brother,” Mayausky added.
Additional building partners for the Goodrich home include Atlantic Builders, Drees Homes, Integrity Homes, K Hovnanian Homes, Lennar and Stanley Martin Homes.
“While Miller & Smith are taking the lead, without each and every one of the builders here today, this would not have happened,” Hall said.
Hall said it is an honor to build a house for such a wonderful and deserving family. He explained that making the home a reality involved finding the perfect charity, followed by the perfect lot, and, finally, finding the perfect family.
Unlike many charities, all of the money donated to OFH for a project goes to building the house and to the family. Newland solved the next piece of the puzzle_the perfect lot_by providing a the land.
“Such a big part of Embrey Mill is community,” Hall said. “It has a large component of military families and government employees. This is the perfect community for a family.”
Goodrich and his family are expected to receive the keys to their new home in March. While thrilled about the new house, to Goodrich, the real gift is the community members who selflessly came together to build a home where he and his family can make new memories.
“I am overwhelmed and excited_who gives away a house?” Goodrich said. “But it is not about the house; it is the actions of the people. It takes good people with great hearts to do things like this. Each person here today will hold a place in our lives forever.”
Information from: The Free Lance-Star,


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Black Eyed Peas star opens up about his cancer battle

Los Angeles - Black Eyed Peas member Taboo has opened up on his battle with testicular cancer.
The 41-year-old rapper - real name Jaime Luis Gomez - has revealed a trip to the emergency room when he thought he had the flu ended up saving him from stage two testicular cancer.
Speaking to People magazine, Taboo said: ''It all started with a pain in my back and abdomen. I was so busy working that I wasn't worried about it, but I went to the emergency room to get checked out.''
After a series of tests in 2014, doctors diagnosed the Where Is the Love? hitmaker with the stage two cancer - which means the cancerous cells have spread from the testicle to nearby lymph nodes in the abdomen or pelvis.
Taboo says that his fellow Black Eyed Peas bandmate ''instantly reached out'' to help him.
He continued: ''The very next day I went into surgery to have the 'mother ship' removed. But my fight had just begun. ''My family and the group were all in shock, but instantly reached out to a great doctor who helped me figure out a treatment plan. I was racing against the clock.''
After 12 weeks of ''aggressive'' chemotherapy, the I Gotta Feeling musician - who is joined in the band by,, and Fergie - has been cancer-free for two years, and is hoping to use his experience to ''inspire others'' in his position.
He said: ''There were times that I wanted to give up, but I became inspired by sports figures who have gone through similar battles. I began channelling my energy into the thing that keeps me alive and spirited: music. I wanted to share my story and inspire others like those who had inspired me.''
Taboo admits he chose to keep his diagnoses quiet until he could be sure he'd ''made it out the other side stronger'', and has since penned lyrics about his battle with the disease.
He said: ''I had chemo brain and kept fading in and out, but my team kept me focused because they knew how important it was.'


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Tennessee school bus crash sends 23 students to hospital

A school bus crash in Tennessee has left 23 students in hospital and two in a critical condition after it crashed and rolled on an interstate off-ramp. The bus, which was carrying 43 students, crashed as it left Nashville's Interstate 65 northbound on Friday at 10.45 a.m when the driver lost control. Among those injured was a 17-year-old with a broken collarbone and two other students suffered arm injuries. Two of those who were injured were in a serious but stable condition in hospital, according to the Metro Nashville Fire Department. Twenty three students were rushed to hospital in ambulances, while a further 20 were taken by bus as a precaution. 'A fast, coordinated response to a school bus crash today likely saved lives,' Brian Haas of the fire department said. 'Our team immediately declared it a mass casualty incident, alerting local hospitals that they could have a flood of patients. 'Two teens were critically injured in this crash, but fortunately none of the injuries appeared to have been life threatening. Both were on their way to the hospital within a few minutes of our arrival.' 'Especially when children are involved in a crash, we err on the side of caution. We get them to the hospital, make sure everything is OK.' Metropolitan Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron said 43 students were on the bus, along with two chaperones and the driver. The bus was one of three headed from Chester County in western Tennessee to an academic and community service convention at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville at the time. Aaron said the bus has been in service for a year. The driver told police she had trouble steering and felt wind on the bus when she drove off the interstate.


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America’s Spiral Into Permanent War Seems More Foolish Than Ever

Donald Trump is inheriting the scariest tools of aggression imaginable. A new book explores their dark legacy.
Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force. (Photo: Sgt. Daniel P. Shook/ Afghanistan Media Operations Center/ DVIDSHUB /cc/flickr)
“We have fallen into a self-defeating spiral of reaction and counterterror,” writes Mark Danner in his new book Spiral: Trapped in the Forever War. “Our policies, meant to extirpate our enemies, have strengthened and perpetuated them.”
Danner — an award winning journalist, professor, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations who has covered war and revolutions on three continents — begins Spiral with the aftermath of a 2003 ambush of U. S. troops outside of Fallujah, Iraq.
The insurgents had set off a roadside bomb, killing a paratrooper and wounding several others. “The Americans promptly dismounted and with their M-16s and M-4s began pouring lead into everything they could see,” including a passing truck, he writes. “By week’s end scores of family and close friends of those killed would join the insurgents, for honor demanded they kill Americans to wipe away family shame.”
The incident encapsulates the fundamental contradiction at the heart of George W. Bush’s — and with variations, Barack Obama’s — “war on terror”: The means used to fight it is the most effective recruiting device that organizations like Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Shabab, and the Islamic State have.
Targeted assassinations by drones, the use of torture, extra-legal renditions, and the invasions of several Muslim countries have combined to yield an unmitigated disaster, destabilizing several states, killing hundreds of thousands of people, and generating millions of refugees.
Putting War Crimes on the Menu
Danner’s contention is hardly breaking news, nor is he the first journalist to point out that responding to the tactic of terrorism with military force generates yet more enemies and instability. But Spiral argues that what was once unusual has now become standard operating procedure, and the Obama administration bears some of the blame for this by its refusal to prosecute violations of international law.
Torture is a case in point.
In the aftermath of the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, the Bush administration introduced so-called “enhanced interrogation” techniques that were, in fact, torture under both U. S. and international law. Danner demonstrates that the White House, and a small cluster of advisers around Vice President Dick Cheney, knew they could be prosecuted under existing laws, so they carefully erected a “golden shield” of policy memos that would protect them from prosecution for war crimes.
In his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Obama announced that he had “prohibited torture.” But, as Danner points out, “torture violates international and domestic law and the notion that our president has the power to prohibit it follows insidiously from the pretense that his predecessor had the power to order it. Before the war on terror official torture was illegal and an anathema; today it is a policy choice.”
And president-elect Donald Trump has already announced that he intends to bring it back.
There is no doubt that enhanced interrogation was torture. The International Committee of the Red Cross found the techniques “amounted to torture and/or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.” How anyone could conclude anything else is hard to fathom. Besides the waterboarding — for which several Japanese soldiers were executed for using on Allied prisoners during World War II — interrogators used sleep deprivation, extreme confinement, and “walling.” Abu Zubaydah, who was waterboarded 83 times, describes having a towel wrapped around his neck that his questioners used “to swing me around and smash repeatedly against the wall of the [interrogation] room.”
According to a 2004 CIA memo, “An HVD [high value detainee] may be walled one time (one impact with the wall) to make a point, or twenty to thirty times consecutively when the interrogator requires a more significant response to a question.” There were, of course, some restraints. For instance, the Justice Department refused to approve a CIA proposal to bury people alive.
And, as Danner points out, none of these grotesque methods produced any important information. The claim that torture saved “thousands of lives” is simply a lie.
There was a certain Alice in Wonderland quality about the whole thing. Zubaydah was designated a “high official” in Al Qaeda, the number three or four man in the organization. In reality he wasn’t even a member, as the Justice Department finally admitted in 2009. However, because he was considered a higher up in the group, it was assumed he must know about future attacks. If he professed that he didn’t know anything, this was proof that he did, and so he had to be tortured more. “It is a closed circle, self-sufficient, impervious to disobedient facts,” says Danner.
The logic of the Red Queen.
Through the Looking Glass
The Obama administration has also conjured up some interpretations of language that seem straight out of Lewis Carroll.
In defending his use of drone strikes in a 2014 speech at West Point, the president said he only uses them “when we face a continuing, imminent threat.” But “imminent” means “likely to occur at any moment” and is the opposite of “continuing.” A leaked Justice Department memo addresses the incongruity by arguing, “Imminent does not require the U. S. to have clear evidence that a specific attack on U. S. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future.”
Apparently the administration has now added “elongated” to “imminent,” so that “a president doesn’t have to deem the country under immediate threat to attack before acting on his or her own.” As Humpty Dumpty says to Alice in Through the Looking Glass , “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean.”
Danner turns the phrase “American exceptionalism” on its head. The U. S. is not “exceptional” because of its democratic institutions and moral codes, but because it has exempted itself from international law. “Americans, believing themselves to stand proudly for the rule of law and human rights, have become for the rest of the world a symbol of something quite opposite: a society that imprisons people indefinitely without trial, kills thousands without due process, and leaves unpunished lawbreaking approved by its highest officials.”
The war has also undermined basic constitutional restrictions on the ability of intelligence agencies and law enforcement to vacuum up emails and cell phone calls, and has created an extra-legal court system to try insurgents whose oversight and appeal process in shrouded in secrecy.
Failure by Any Measure
The war on terror — the Obama administration has re-titled it a war on extremism — hasn’t been just an illegal and moral catastrophe. It’s a failure by any measure. From 2002 to 2014, the number of deaths from terrorism grew 4,000 percent, the number of jihadist groups increased by 58 percent, and the membership in those organizations more than doubled.
The war has also generated a massive counterterrorism bureaucracy that has every reason to amp up the politics of fear. And yet with all the alarm this has created, a total of 24 Americans were killed by terrorism in 2014, fewer than were done in by lighting.
Terrorism, says Danner, is “la politique du pire,” the “politics of the worst” or the use of provocation to get your enemy to overreact. “If you are weak, if you have no army of your own, borrow you enemy’s. Provoke your adversary to do your political work for you,” he says. “And in launching the war on terror, eventually occupying two Muslim countries and producing Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib celebrating images of repression and torture, the United States proved all too happy to oblige.”
Danner argues that idea you can defeat terrorism — which is really just a tactic used by the less powerful against the more powerful — with military force is an illusion. It can and does, however, make everything worse.
Even the Department of Defense knows this. In 2004, the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board found that: American direct intervention in the Muslim world has paradoxically elevated the stature and support for radical Islamists while diminishing support for the United States. Muslim do not “hate our freedoms.” They hate our policies, including one-sided support for Israel and for tyrannies in the Arab world. American talk of bringing democracy to Muslim countries is self-serving hypocrisy. The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan hasn’t brought democracy to those countries, only chaos and destruction.
Increasingly the war on terrorism (or “extremism,” if you prefer) is a secret war fought by drones whose targets are never revealed, or by Special Operations Forces whose deployments and missions are wrapped in the silence of national security.
And as long as Obama calls for Americans “to look forward as opposed to looking backward,” the spiral will continue.
As Danner argues, “It is a sad but immutable fact that the refusal to look backward leaves us trapped in a world without accountability that [Obama’s] predecessor made. In making it possible, indeed likely, that the crimes will be repeated, the refusal to look backward traps us in the past.”
© 2016 Foreign Policy In Focus
Conn Hallinan is a Foreign Policy In Focus columnist. Hallinan is also a columnist for the Berkeley Daily Planet, and an occasional free lance medical policy writer. He is a recipient of a Project Censored "Real News Award. " He formally ran the journalism program at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he was also a college provost. He can be reached at:
Donald Trump is Betting Against all Odds on Climate Change
TV Pundits Eager to Make Trump the New 'Normal'
This Doesn't Sound Like Our Voice
An Unstoppable Progressive Movement


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A look inside Scientology weddings on what would have been Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ tenth anniversary

“Hear well dear bride, for promise binds. Young men are free and may forget.”
It is entirely possible Katie Holmes heard these very words 10 years ago from a Scientologist minister as she stood across from Tom Cruise during their 2006 wedding ceremony.
While warnings of inevitable infidelity are far from what a woman would like to hear on her big day, it is written in the vow exchange of the Traditional Scientology Wedding Ceremony, according to religion founder L. Ron Hubbard’s “The Background, Ministry, Ceremonies & Sermons of the Scientology Religion.”
One of five different ways to celebrate marriage in the controversial church, the Traditional Ceremony, written in a sort of stilted free-verse format, has no shortage of surprising exchanges between bride and groom.
Tom Cruise calls Scientology 'a beautiful religion'
“And when she’s older do you then keep her still?” the minister asks the groom. “Do you?”
The vows continue: “Now, (groom’s name), girls need clothes and food and tender happiness and frills. A pan, a comb, perhaps a cat... Do you provide? Do you?”
While the words exchanged between the couple during the Traditional Ceremony seem a far cry from nuptials outside of Scientology, the church’s celebrations share some similarities with a more typical wedding.
For example, the bride usually dresses in white and is escorted down the aisle by her father, while wedding parties — made up of the classic groomsmen and bridesmaids — watch eagerly.
Tom Cruise hasn’t seen daughter Suri in three years: report
The Double Ring Ceremony — among the most popular of the five ceremonies, which also include Informal, Single Ring and Concise Double Ring celebrations — like many weddings, calls for a ring exchange between the bride and groom.
The Double Ring Ceremony, unlike the Traditional, focuses a bit more on the tenants of Scientology. It refers to one of the most well-known symbols of the religion, the ARC Triangle, whose three points represent affinity, reality and communication. Couples are told they must be vigilant in preserving all three.
“I want you to see that triangle in their center as a reminder that the reality of their symbolism of permanency will hold true only so long as that triangle remains unbroken.”
For Scientologists, marriage is recognized as a part of the Second of their Eight Dynamics of Existence, or the essential aspects and key principles they need to embrace in order to live life fully. The Second Dynamic refers to creativity.
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are dating, Claudia Jordan says
“Creativity is making things for the future ...” according to the Church of Scientology’s website. “The Second Dynamic contains the family unit and raising children as well as anything that can be categorized as a family activity. It also, incidentally, includes sex as a mechanism to compel future survival.”
After a little less than six years of attempting to observe these tenets as husband and wife, Holmes filed for divorce from her Scientologist beau in June 2012 — perhaps Cruise really should have gotten her that cat.


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How much solar energy can your roof make? Google it

Typically, it involves multiple visits from solar installers.
The standard practice in the industry is to go up on the rooftop with a fish-eye camera, then take a picture from each of the four corners to make an estimate of the solar potential of the roof.
What if you could do that from your computer instead, and all by yourself?
Enter Project Sunroof, a Google tool that uses high-resolution 3D data and artificial intelligence to allow you to do exactly that.
A better (Google) Earth
Project Sunroof shares some of its technology with the familiar Google Maps and Google Earth, and then adds its own spin to it.
"The centerpiece of the technology is a 3D model of the world that does shadowcasting, which means that for every point of a roof we can determine whether there will be shade or not, for every time of the day, every day of the year," Joel Conkling, Google's principal of energy and sustainability, told CNN, from the COP22 climate change conference, in Marrakech.
Users in covered areas -- 42 US states and about 43 million buildings at the moment -- can go to the Sunroof Project website, enter their address and see an estimate of the energy production potential of their roof right away, and the actual savings based on weather data (less sunny areas will yield less power) and the price of electricity from the local utility.
"We connect directly to the providers, so customers can immediately get a quote. You can ask for your proposal within two minutes," says Conkling.
Machine learning
To make this possible, Google uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze the data.
"Our system can automatically identify buildings and then extract information about the roof, including how it's angled, the direction it's pointing, and whether there are trees in its vicinity," said Conkling.
The end result is at least as accurate as going up on the roof, according to Conkling.
The only catch is that the source data must be very detailed: Project Sunroof doesn't use satellite photos, because the resolution isn't enough, but high quality imagery which is available only where Google has flown airplanes to collect aerial shots.
"For that reason we probably won't ever get to cover all the buildings in the US, or any country for that matter. That's why we focus on the most populous areas," said Conkling.
"We hope to expand abroad but we have no concrete plans to do so as of yet. The data is available for around 30 to 40 other countries already. "
UN award winner
The project spawns from Google's "20 Percent Time" scheme, which allows engineers at the company to spend one day a week on whatever they find interesting. The scheme has incubated some famous Google products, like Gmail and Google News.
After launching in 2015 in just three cities, Project Sunroof has attracted millions of users so far, according to Conkling.
It's one of the winners of the 2016 United Nations "Momentum for Change" award, which every year shines a light on innovative, scalable and replicable examples of what people are doing to address climate change. As such, it was showcased at the UN's climate change conference, COP22, in Marrakech, Morocco.
New this year is something called the "Data Explorer:" whereas Sunroof's original incarnation focuses on the solar potential of a specific house, the Data Explorer takes it up a level to aggregate data about a city, a county or a state.
"It's targeted at city or state leaders and other governmental figures who want to learn about the solar potential for their whole jurisdiction to set data driven solar policies," said Conkling.
Green commitment
Google has a strong commitment to renewable energy.
To date, it says it has invested $2.5 billion in wind and solar projects around the world, which can generate over 3.7 GW a year, enough to power one million US homes. It is the largest non-utility purchaser of renewable energy in the world.
The company already powers 35 percent of its operations from renewables, with a goal of 100% by 2025.


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Chloe Khan struggles to contain her ample bust in a daring cut-away jumpsuit as she hits the town

She's never been afraid to flaunt her eye-popping cleavage. And Chloe Khan ensured her buxom bust would be front and centre as she slipped into a barely-there nude jumpsuit on a night out at the Ink Bar in Liverpool on Friday. Joined by her boyfriend, Ashley Cain, the 25-year-old starlet seemed in great spirits for her night out on the town. Scroll down for video Barely protecting her modesty, the scanty garment featured thick straps across the chest, designed to cover the bust whilst flashing a hint of underboob. However, Chloe's 32HH bosom was barley able to fit beneath the material, giving onlookers quite the eyeful. Cinching in at her slender waist, the garment remained skintight on her shapely pins, to highlight her enviably lean legs, whilst she added some height in white studded heels. Layering up, the buxom beauty wore a rose pink satin coat over the neutral hued ensemble. The flattering hue complemented her glossy pout, whilst her brunette locks were styled in loose waves. She finished off the looks with a pair of gold chandelier earrings. Meanwhile, her beau Ashley - who shot to fame with his many stints on MTV reality show Ex On The Beach, complemented her ensemble by wearing a pink bomber jacket. Also flashing some flesh of his own, the star donned a pair of distressed jeans, whilst he finished off the look with a white baseball cap and T-shirt. Walking arm in arm, Ashley was unable to stay away from his girlfriend, pulling Chloe in for several kisses on the outing. The couple began dating in September and have been inseparable in recent months, following her high-profile romance with Ashley's former co-star Stephen Bear in the Big Brother house this summer. However, Chloe - who has an eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship - is still married to estranged husband, Mohammad Imran Khan. Mohammad recently cleared up their relationship status using her social media accounts to post that their marriage had ended 'very amicably' and that they 'remain the best of friends'. A representative for the star then told MailOnline that the pair were never 'legally married' , as it wasn't a formal legal marriage service they had, but they referred to one another as husband and wife after it and classed themselves as civil partners. The Sun later claimed that Mohammad was also a convicted killer, who was allegedly sentenced to four years imprisonment in 2013 after 'killing a cyclist during an illegal street race'. Chloe has had quite the lively romantic history, particularly during this year's CBB where she started a brief yet saucy romance with housemate Stephen Bear. The Leeds-born lass first found fame when she appeared on X Factor under the name Chloe Victoria (soon to become Mafia) sporting a very different appearance. The former aspiring singer then had a complete makeover in 2015, re-branding herself as Chloe Khan. As part of her make-over, Chloe also underwent a radical image re-haul, splashing out roughly £50,000 on cosmetic procedures. Speaking to new! magazine, the Playboy playmate explained: 'In my circles, surgery isn’t weird. It’s like going for dinner! 'I love looking like a Barbie and being out of proportion.' She added: 'I’ve spent about £20,000 on my boobs, £9,000 on my nose, £8,500 on veneers, and my lips were another £10,000 - so about £50,000 in total.'


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Has Pembury Circus done the London housing trick?

Near my corner of Hackney, on bus routes I often use, stands a cluster of five new buildings that might be a bit of a model for London’s housing future. Pembury Circus is a mixed use development containing 268 flats, a community hall, a nursery and some shops, including a branch of the Co-op. Nearly half of the flats - 119 of them - are designated “affordable” of some kind, which is an unusually high proportion.
There is no provision for car parking on the site, other than a few bays for disabled people. It is a high density development, though the block that forms the highest part is not, at 12 storeys, particularly tall. It is heated from a low carbon energy centre and it is “permeable” - which basically means you can walk or cycle all the way through it to connect with the surrounding area - and it is striking to look at, with different blocks built in different styles in an effort to fit in with neighbouring older buildings. Pembury Circus has attracted plaudits from a clutch of housing and design organisations and recently won the Best Mixed Use Development Award from the prestigious Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF).
It’s not easy to be high-density, car-free, good-looking and provide a large amount of affordability all at the same time, but Pembury Circus has managed it. Is it everything new London housing ought to be? If so, what’s its trick?
The backstory begins at the end of the 1990s when the large, adjacent Pembury estate was transferred from Hackney Council to the Peabody housing association as part of the Labour government’s stock transfer programme , aimed at upgrading social housing. Part of the deal was that one section of the estate, comprising 42 of its nearly 1,300 dwellings, road and car parking space and a little open land, would be redeveloped.
This is where Pembury Circus now stands. The 42 estate flats were demolished in 2004 and the site was landscaped for the time being. Eventually, Peabody and commercial developer Bellway came forward with plans. There were two of them: one proposed garage parking for 80 cars, the other proposed none. Hackney’s planning committee preferred the latter. Some 95% of housing developments in Hackney are now car-free. Pembury Circus is believed to be the largest of that type in Europe.
Work began in 2013. The deal included the council being able to widen a pavement on a street that goes past the site and the developers paying for forthcoming improvements to the five-way junction that part of the development faces on to. By early 2014 Pembury Circus was recognised as a destination in on-board bus announcements and by 2015 it was complete. Every unit has now been let or sold.
The project is a local outcome of a national housing policy begun in the last century that continues to split opinion: for some, stock transfers are always to be condemned as a form of privatisation , though other assessments, such as one for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in 2009 , have found them to be mostly beneficial for residents. The 42 Pembury estate homes knock down, all of which had been for social rent, were considered sub-standard by the council and their environs had an unhappy reputation as a crime spot. The open space that replaced them became valued by local people, some of whom were unhappy to see it go.
Now, the 268 homes of Pembury Circus fill the same piece of land. Of the 119 “affordable” ones , 21 are for traditional social rent, 58 for the higher “affordable rent” variety, ranging from 55% to 75% of local market levels, and 40 are for shared ownership. Relevant context: nearly 45% of Hackney households rent from a social landlord , be that the council or a housing association, and “affordable rent” tenants, can be eligible for help from housing benefit.
Some of the rented homes were reserved for older estate residents and others who wanted to move to somewhere smaller. The different tenures are in different sections of the development - a set up you often find in the capital these days, given the need for sales of one housing type to help subside others - but, thanks in part to the building materials used, Pembury Circus looks more “tenure blind” than “poor doors”.
Different people will take different views about it for a range of different reasons, some of them historical. But judged on its own, contemporary terms within the exacting framework of, in particular, Inner London housing financing, Pembury Circus meets several desirable criteria: a high level and wide spread of “affordable” tenure types; good environmental standards; pretty to look at; efficient and creative use of available space. There could be more of this kind of development on its way across London. London could certainly do a lot worse.


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Motorist shot dead in botched hijacking as gang flees cops

Johannesburg - A motorist was shot and killed when a gang of hijackers attempted to steal his vehicle as a getaway car while trying to evade police in Riverlea on Saturday.
Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela said police were alerted to a hijacking of a minibus in Johannesburg at about 11:00.
"The vehicle was spotted and the officers followed it. The men noticed that police were chasing them and jumped out of the vehicle in Nasrec Road," he said.
The gang then attempted to hijack any car in the vicinity.
"In their attempt to hijack a Toyota Fortuner, the vehicle owner was shot. They then left that vehicle and hijacked a Nissan bakkie, in which they attempted to escape. "
The motorist was taken to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead.
Police pursued the vehicle and a shootout ensued.
Two of the gang members were shot dead, and the rest of the hijackers escaped on foot.
A stolen VW Passat, which appeared to have been escorting the stolen minibus, was also found deserted.
A rifle and handgun were discovered in the recovered vehicles.
Makhubela said during the chase, an accident occurred involving about four vehicles.
A policeman was also hit in the shootout with the gang but was not seriously injured, he confirmed.
He urged anyone with information on the whereabouts of the gang to inform the authorities.
CICA Crime Intelligence and Community Awareness shared a video of the aftermath:


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Natalie Imbruglia talks about getting older

Natalie Imbruglia will celebrate the 20th anniversary of her breakthrough hit single Torn next year. But the 41-year-old claims she is happy and confident to reflect on her many years in the music industry. The Australian singer told The Sunday Telegraph said she did not have a problem with getting older. Scroll down for video Natalie said it's more risky trying to cling on to youth in Hollywood than simply going grey or getting a wrinkle. 'I think if you try to hold on too tightly to youth, you get yourself into trouble,' she told the publication. The London-based star said she respected figures like Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep who are 'sexy and beautiful'. Natalie also claimed women get asked about age and family far more often than men - which she finds ridiculous. 'It’s sad that in the media, we’re scrutinised more harshly than men,' she said. 'The George Clooneys of the world don’t get asked the same things women do.' She also insists that women should be 'loud and proud' about ageing, and does not understand the habit of shaving a few years off. 'I don’t care about telling people my age. In Hollywood, people shy away from that, which I find hysterical. Why would you want to lie about how old you are? It’s stupid.'


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Steve Bannon Interviewed: “It’s About Americans Not Getting F—ed Over”

Moments ago, the Hollywood Reporter released the much anticipated Michael Wolff interview with Steve Bannon, the controversial president-elect’s chief strategist. As a preface, Wolff reveals that Bannon – unlike virtually anyone else in the “credible” media – predicted exactly how things would play out:
In late summer when I went up to see Steve Bannon, recently named CEO of the Donald Trump presidential campaign, in his office at Trump Tower in New York, he outlined a preposterous-sounding scenario. Trump, he said, would do surprisingly well among women, Hispanics and African-Americans, in addition to working men, and hence take Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan — and therefore the election. On Nov. 15, when I went back to Trump Tower, Bannon, promoted by the president-elect to chief strategist for the incoming administration, and by the media as the official symbol of all things hateful and virulent about the coming Trump presidency, said, as matter-of-factly as when he first sketched it out for me, “I told you so.”
Perhaps Trump naming Bannon “chief strategist” is not a bad idea.
Below we picked a few of the most notable excerpts from the interview, starting with Wolff’s description of what he saw on the day he visited Trump. He writes “ the New York Times, in a widely circulated article , will describe this day at Trump Tower as a scene of “disarray” for the transition team.” It appears the NYT was being a source of fake news again:
“ In fact, it’s all hands on: Mike Pence, the vice president-elect and transition chief, and Reince Priebus, the new chief of staff, shuttling between full conference rooms; Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and by many accounts his closest advisor, conferring in the halls; Sen. Jeff Sessions in and out of meetings on the transition team floor; Rudy Giuliani upstairs with Trump (overheard: “Is the boss meeting-meeting with Rudy or just shooting the shit?”), and Bannon with a long line of men and women outside his corner office. If this is disarray, it’s a peculiarly focused and organized kind.”
Why did Wolff pick Bannon as the subject of his interview: simple – he is the brains of the operations, the man whose job is to make the Trump regime “intellectually and historically coherent.”
The focus on Bannon, if not necessarily the description, is right. He’s the man with the idea. If Trumpism is to represent something intellectually and historically coherent, it’s Bannon’s job to make it so. In this, he could not be a less reassuring or more confusing figure for liberals — fiercely intelligent and yet reflexively drawn to the inverse of every liberal assumption and shibboleth. A working class kid, he enlists in the navy after high school, gets a degree from Virginia Tech, then Georgetown, then Harvard Business School. Then it’s Goldman Sachs, then he’s a dealmaker and entrepreneur in Hollywood — where, in an unlikely and very lucky deal match-up, he gets a lucrative piece of Seinfeld royalties, ensuring his own small fortune — then into the otherworld of the right wing conspiracy and conservative media. (He partners with David Bossie, a congressional investigator of President Clinton, who later spearheaded the Citizens United lawsuit that effectively removed the cap on campaign spending, and who now, as the deputy campaign manager, is in the office next to Bannon’s.) And then to the Breitbart News Network, which with digital acumen and a mind-meld with the anger and the passion of the new alt-right (a liberal designation Bannon derides) he pushes to the inner circle of conservative media from Breitbart’s base on the west side of liberal Los Angeles.
Incidentally, Bannon appears to be a fan of “darkness”:
“ Darkness is good ,” says Bannon, who amid the suits surrounding him at Trump Tower, looks like a graduate student in his T-shirt, open button-down and tatty blue blazer — albeit a 62-year-old graduate student. “ Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they—“ I believe by “they” he means liberals and the media, already promoting calls for his ouster “—get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”
Bannon next discusses the “battle line” inside America’s great divide.
He absolutely — mockingly — rejects the idea that this is a racial line. “I’m not a white nationalist, I’m a nationalist. I’m an economic nationalist, ” he tells me. “ The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia. The issue now is about Americans looking to not get f—ed over. If we deliver—” by “we” he means the Trump White House “—we’ll get 60 percent of the white vote, and 40 percent of the black and Hispanic vote and we’ll govern for 50 years. That’s what the Democrats missed, they were talking to these people with companies with a $9 billion market cap employing nine people. It’s not reality. They lost sight of what the world is about.”
Trump’s strategist views himself as a simple symbol: the “fall of the establishment.” He also slams the media: “The media bubble is the ultimate symbol of what’s wrong with this country…. It’s just a circle of people talking to themselves who have no f—ing idea what’s going on. If The New York Times didn’t exist, CNN and MSNBC would be a test pattern. ” He’s right.
Bannon represents, he not unreasonably believes, the fall of the establishment. The self-satisfied, in-bred and homogenous views of the establishment are both what he is against and what has provided the opening for the Trump revolution. “ The media bubble is the ultimate symbol of what’s wrong with this country ,” he continues. “ It’s just a circle of people talking to themselves who have no f—ing idea what’s going on. If The New York Times didn’t exist, CNN and MSNBC would be a test pattern. The Huffington Post and everything else is predicated on The New York Times. It’s a closed circle of information from which Hillary Clinton got all her information — and her confidence. That was our opening.”
Bannon’s vision: an “entirely new political movement”, one which drives the conservatives crazy. As to how monetary policy will coexist with fiscal stimulus, Bannon has a simple explanation: he plans to “rebuild everything” courtesy of negative interest rates and cheap debt throughout the world. Those rates may not be negative for too long.
“ Like [Andrew] Jackson’s populism, we’re going to build an entirely new political movement ,” he says. “It’s everything related to jobs. The conservatives are going to go crazy. I’m the guy pushing a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. With negative interest rates throughout the world, it’s the greatest opportunity to rebuild everything. Ship yards, iron works, get them all jacked up. We’re just going to throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. It will be as exciting as the 1930s, greater than the Reagan revolution — conservatives, plus populists, in an economic nationalist movement.”
How Bannon describes Trump: “ an ideal vessel”
It is less than obvious how Bannon, now the official strategic brains of the Trump operation, syncs with his boss, famously not too strategic. When Bannon took over the campaign from Paul Manafort, there were many in the Trump circle who had resigned themselves to the inevitability of the candidate listening to no one. But here too was a Bannon insight: When the campaign seemed most in free fall or disarray, it was perhaps most on target. While Clinton was largely absent from the campaign trail and concentrating on courting her donors, Trump — even after the leak of the grab-them-by-the-pussy audio — was speaking to ever-growing crowds of thirty-five or forty thousand. “He gets it, he gets it intuitively,” says Bannon, perhaps still surprised he has found such an ideal vessel. “You have probably the greatest orator since William Jennings Bryan, coupled with an economic populist message and two political parties that are so owned by the donors that they don’t speak to their audience. But he speaks in a non-political vernacular, he communicates with these people in a very visceral way. Nobody in the Democratic party listened to his speeches, so they had no idea he was delivering such a compelling and powerful economic message. He shows up 3.5 hours late in Michigan at 1 in the morning and has 35,000 people waiting in the cold. When they got [Clinton] off the donor circuit she went to Temple University and they drew 300 or 400 kids.”
Bannon on Murdoch: “Rupert is a globalist and never understood Trump”
At that moment, as we talk, there’s a knock on the door of Bannon’s office, a temporary, impersonal, middle-level executive space with a hodgepodge of chairs for constant impromptu meetings. Sen. Ted Cruz, once the Republican firebrand, now quite a small and unassuming figure, has been waiting patiently for a chat and Bannon excuses himself for a short while. It is clear when we return to our conversation that it is not just the liberal establishment that Bannon feels he has triumphed over, but the conservative one too — not least of all Fox News and its owners, the Murdochs. “They got it more wrong than anybody,” he says. “ Rupert is a globalist and never understood Trump. To him, Trump is a radical. Now they’ll go centrist and build the network around Megyn Kelly.” Bannon recounts, with no small irony, that when Breitbart attacked Kelly after her challenges to Trump in the initial Republican debate, Fox News chief Roger Ailes — whom Bannon describes as an important mentor, and who Kelly’s accusations of sexual harassment would help topple in July — called to defend her. Bannon says he warned Ailes that Kelly would be out to get him too.
Finally, Bannon on how he sees himself in the administration:
Bannon now becomes part of a two-headed White House political structure, with Reince Priebus — in and out of Bannon’s office as we talk — as chief of staff, in charge of making the trains run on time, reporting to the president, and Bannon as chief strategist, in charge of vision, goals, narrative and plan of attack, reporting to the president too. Add to this the ambitions and whims of the president himself, and the novel circumstance of one who has never held elective office, the agenda of his highly influential family and the end runs of a party significant parts of which were opposed to him, and you have quite a complex court that Bannon will have to finesse to realize his reign of the working man and a trillion dollars in new spending. “I am,” he says, with relish, “Thomas Cromwell in the court of the Tudors.”
Perhaps that was a Freudian slip: Cromwell’s end under Henry VIII was not a happy one .
Read the full interview here.


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Carolina Panthers: Despite injuries, Cam Newton sees glass half-full

CHARLOTTE, N. C. -- The Carolina Panthers ' sideline turned into a football version of a MASH unit in the second half of Thursday's narrow win against the New Orleans Saints .
Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil, who was trying to play through a shoulder injury that cost him the past two games, exited after Carolina's first drive of the half. Later in the quarter, head trainer Ryan Vermillion held the left arm of nickel back Leonard Johnson as he walked off the field.
Midway through the fourth, defensive end Mario Addison limped off after covering a punt. And eight plays later, linebacker Luke Kuechly was carted off in one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Bank of America Stadium history.
Despite all that, and the fact the Panthers nearly blew a comfortable lead for the second time in 10 days, quarterback Cam Newton refused to add to the melancholy mood.
"I'm not about to let you guys downplay this win. We won. So I'm excited that we won," Newton said. "We get to go into a mini-bye week and get healthy. So that's my feeling.
"Everybody is talking down and saying this and that. But look, I'm going to leave this and go to Atlanta and feel good. Me and my son are going to go on a run. He's going to cook for me. I talked to him. That's what he said he's going to do. "
Chosen Newton hasn't even celebrated his first birthday and he's already cooking?
"Hey," his dad said, "you just have to know how to make gourmet Lucky Charms right out of the box. "


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Twitter musings can reveal your gender, political views and even how old you are

Turns out people really are what they Tweet - after scientists discovered that posts on the social media site can reveal a whole host of information about the sender.
A study found that other Twitter users can judge your gender, age and even political leanings based solely on the type of words used in a post.
Predictably, the giveaway terms used by women included love, hair, make-up and chocolate, while men favoured words such as 'beer', 'football' and 'fantasy'.
A study found that other Twitter users can judge your gender, age and even political leanings based solely on the type of words used in a post (stock)
Posts also helped to determine who was Conservative, with the words 'Muslims', 'Isis', 'Christ' and 'illegal' spilling the beans.
Liberals, meanwhile, were identified through their use of the terms 'action', 'science', 'African' and 'marijuana'.
Psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania used anonymous tweets from 7,296 different authors for the study, with 2,741 Americans tasked with identifying the profile of posters.
The word 'bae' was among those to signal that the user may be under the age of 24, as was 'sleep' and 'me'.
Meanwhile 'federal', 'via', 'candidates' and 'our' helped to signify that the poster was above the age of 24.
Researchers said the success rate by which subjects were able to be correctly identify the person's details was above 75 per cent.
The study was published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.


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Don't you dare mansplain to Theresa May! Downing Street officials warn politicians and diplomats not to patronise or speak over the Prime Minister

Theresa May is so fed up of mansplaining that male officials are now being warned not to patronise or talk over the Prime Minister. Reports from within Downing Street say Mrs May is unhappy at the way she's been spoken to by some during her time in office, and will not tolerate boorish behaviour from those reporting to her. Among those thought to have fallen foul of the PM's behaviour expectations are Sir Mark Lyall Grant, the national security adviser, and Andrew Parker, director-general of MI5, The Times reports. Scroll down for video A source said word has spread around Whitehall that Mrs May has taken a dim view of mansplaining - patronising and disrespectful conduct addressing women - and people are now 'hyper-aware' of their conduct. Tory MP Nadine Dorries said it remains a problem in politics, telling the newspaper: 'We are very used to men talking over us or looking at us with glazed eyes because all they are really interested in is what they have to say, acting with a complete lack of self awareness.' Soon after Mrs May took office, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard warned she could face 'gender-based' criticism, telling the BBC : 'What I actually found was, when I came to the prime ministership in a political crisis moment, my gender wasn't the focus of the reaction. 'Rather the gender stuff grew over time, as the government I led dealt with hard issues and got into politically choppy waters. 'The harder it got, it became more likely that gendered insult would become the political weapon.'


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Wintry weather heading to Michigan after another warmup

Wintry weather is heading to Michigan and the northern part of the state is expected to see it first.
The National Weather Service said expect snow in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, bringing 4 to 7 inches over the weekend.
In southern Michigan, after highs in Detroit and elsewhere hit an unseasonably warm 70 degrees on Friday, much colder weather arrived today.
Light snow accumulations are likely in many locations in the Lower Peninsula and some areas could see more than an inch. Slippery roads are expected.
► Related: Metro Detroit winter outlook: 'Bit of everything'
The change comes as the northern Plains states are expected to see blizzards, freezing temperatures and high winds.


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Kristina Rihanoff keeps it simple in black top and jeans as she helps Chelsea boutique celebrate its first anniversary

She’s in the midst of preparations for a new West End show, some four months after welcoming her first child with partner Ben Cohen. But while new mother Kristina Rihanoff has expressed concern about her ability to slip into the skimpy outfits required for her new role so soon after giving birth, she was in fine form during an appearance in London on Friday evening. The Russian dancer, 39, caught the eye in simple black top and skinny jeans while helping fashion designer Dolly Lloyd celebrate her first anniversary at her Chelsea boutique. Scroll down for video A matching black jacket and on-trend leather ankle boots completed the look as Kristina posed for photos before making her way inside. In keeping with the low key nature of her ensemble the former Strictly Come Dancing star maintained her tousled blonde locks with a simple centre parting. Opting for limited accessories on the night, Kristina completed her look with bold statement earrings and a simple neck chain. The dancer was joined by former pop star Sinitta, who caught the eye in an embellished red top and skinny leather trousers. Kristina previously revealed she's worried about slipping back into her skimpy dance outfits four months after the birth of her daughter Milena. Chatting with Andy West in an exclusive clip released to MailOnline, she explained she's preparing for a West End show with fellow Strictly Come Dancing professional Gleb Savchenko, but isn't looking forward to slipping into the skimpy outfits. 'I am worried about getting into the costumes,' she admitted. 'I have just a month to get into them, thankfully they are Lycra, but I could look like a stuffed sausage.' She added that breastfeeding had stopped her going on the diets she would normally use to lose weight as she 'needs the nutrients', but explained she wasn't slowing down her exercise routine. And Kristina said she was confident that she'd soon be back to her shape as she revealed: 'My body always reacts great when I train in dancing, it will bounce back!' Nothing, however, compares to the health and happiness of her daughter, as she reasoned: 'She’s the most precious thing in the world. It changes you so much as a woman, there is nothing so important as a baby. 'So many things I’d worried about, they became so secondary, so unimportant. It’s a beautiful experience. It has taken me a lot of time to get back in shape.' She continued: 'Being a mum shifts your priorities. I know my body will never be the same again. But that’s okay.'


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Paranoid ISIS leader 'doesn't sleep without his suicide bomber vest'

ERBIL, Iraq - A few weeks ago, a person inside Mosul began to send text messages to Iraqi military intelligence in Baghdad. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Islamic State, "has become intemperate," said the early November message, written by an informant inside the city who has contact with the group but is not a member of it.
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"He has cut down on his movements and neglects his appearance," the message read. "He lives underground and has tunnels that stretch to different areas. He doesn't sleep without his suicide bomber vest so he can set it off if he's captured. " The text message, which Reuters has seen, was one of many describing what was happening inside Islamic State as Iraqi, Kurdish and American troops began their campaign to retake the group's northern Iraqi stronghold of Mosul. The texts, along with interviews with senior Kurdish officials and recently captured Islamic State fighters, offer an unusually detailed picture of the extremist group and its leader's state of mind as they make what may be their last stand in Iraq. The messages describe a group and its leader that remain lethal, but that are also seized by growing suspicion and paranoia. Defectors or informants were being regularly executed, the person texted. Baghdadi, who declared himself the caliph of a huge swathe of Iraq and Syria two years ago, had become especially suspicious of people close to him. "Sometimes he used to joke around," one text said. "But now he no longer does. " While Reuters has verified the identity of the informant who has been texting Iraqi military intelligence, the news agency couldn't independently confirm the information in the messages. But the picture that emerges fits with intelligence cited by two Kurdish officials - Masrour Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Security Council, and Lahur Talabany, who is chief of counter-terrorism and director of the KRG intelligence agency. Talabany and other intelligence chiefs said the military coalition is making slow but steady progress against Islamic State. The coalition has formidable assets inside Mosul, they said, including trained informers and residents who provide more basic surveillance by texting or phoning from the city's outskirts. Some of the informants have families in Kurdistan whom the KRG pays. The Kurds believe that the military assault on Mosul, which began on October 17, is fueling Islamic State's sense of fear and mistrust. In the short term, they said, the group's obsession with rooting out anyone who might betray it may help rally fighters to defend Mosul. But the obsession also means the group has turned inwards right as it faces the most serious threat to its existence in Iraq since seizing around a third of the country's territory in the summer of 2014. The number of executions is a clear sign Islamic State is beginning to hurt, said Karim Sinjari, interior minister and acting defense minister with the KRG, which controls the Kurdish area in northern Iraq. As well, he said, many of the group's local Iraqi fighters lack the "strong belief in martyrdom that the jihadis have. " "Most of the die-hard Islamists who are fighting to the death are foreign fighters, but their numbers at the front line are less than before because they are getting killed in battle and in suicide attacks," he said. Barzani said the growing paranoia has pushed Baghdadi and his top lieutenants to move around a lot, further hurting the group's ability to defend the city. Baghdadi, Barzani said, "is using all the different tactics to hide and protect himself: changing positions, using different ways of traveling, living in different locations, using different communications. " If the military coalition does push Islamic State from Mosul, the Kurdish officials said, the group is likely to flee to Syria, from where it will pose a nagging threat to Iraq through regular suicide attacks and other guerilla tactics. DANGERS OF A SIM CARD Islamic State has always been paranoid. Its rule in Syria and Iraq has relied in large part on a vast intelligence network that uses everyone from children to battle-hardened former Baathists to spy on both subjects and its own officials. That paranoia appears to have reached new levels as Islamic State's enemies advance. Suspicion grew in the weeks before government troops began to encircle Mosul in mid October. Early last month, Islamic State leaders uncovered an internal plot against Baghdadi, according to Mosul residents and Iraqi security officials. Hatched by a leading Islamic State commander, the plot was foiled when an Islamic State security official found a telephone SIM card that contained the names of the plotters and showed their links to US and Kurdish intelligence officers. Retribution was brutal. Islamic State killed 58 suspected plotters by placing them in cages and drowning them, according to residents and Iraqi officials. Since then, Islamic State has executed another 42 people from local tribes, Iraqi intelligence officers said. Those people were also caught with SIM cards. Possession of SIMs or any form of electronic communication now amounts to an automatic death sentence, according to residents in Islamic State areas. The group has set up checkpoints where its militants search people, and regularly mount raids on areas hit by US air strikes because Islamic State officials assume locals have helped to identify targets. The informant texting from Mosul is aware of the dangers. "I am talking to you from the rooftop," began one recent message. "The planes are in the skies. Before I go back down I will delete the messages and hide the SIM card. " THE CUBS OF THE CALIPHATE Islamic State relies on a network of child informers, the so called ashbal al khilafa or "cubs of the caliphate. " "These young boys eavesdrop and find out information from other kids about their fathers, brothers, and their activities", said Hisham al-Hashemi, an Iraq government adviser and Islamic State expert. "In every street there are one or two ashbal al khilafa who spy on the adults. " The huge network of informants also hurts Islamic State, according to Lahur Talabany, chief of counter-terrorism for the KRG. Overwhelmed by information, the group is devoting a lot of its energy to its own people rather than its enemies. That fuels further paranoia. "There are regular (internal) plots against Baghdadi" Talabany told Reuters. "We see incidents like that on a weekly basis, and they take out their own guys. " Until a few months ago, Talabany said, he had a mole inside Baghdadi's inner circle: an Islamic State commander who had once belonged to al-Qaeda. "He was a Kurd born in Hawija", the Kurdish spy chief said, declining to name the man. "He was one of my detainees. I released him a year before Daesh (Islamic State) arrived. " After Islamic State seized Mosul, the commander-turned-agent infiltrated the group and was made a military officer. From that position, he began feeding the Kurds "valuable daily information. " The agent told Talabany that Baghdadi consulted closely with top aides, including Saudis who he said were experts on Sharia law. Saudi Arabia has said that there are Saudi nationals in Islamic State. "He told me Baghdadi has got charisma, and has connections, but that he is a front. And that the committees around him take the main decisions, even on the military side," Talabany said. The agent told Talabany he had met Baghdadi a few times and was plotting to kill the Islamic State leader. But before the commander could act, Islamic State discovered he was working as an agent. A few months ago, Talabany said, Islamic State publicly executed him. CUTTING THROATS The group's brutal methods were recounted in a rare interview with two captured Islamic State fighters last week. Reuters met the fighters at a Kurdish counter-terrorism compound in the town of Sulaimaniya. A Kurdish intelligence official and an interrogator sat in on the interviews but did not interfere. Ali Kahtan, 21, was captured after he killed five Kurdish fighters at a police station seized by Islamic State in the northern town of Hawija. Kahtan's path to militancy began at the age of 13, he said. He became a member of al-Qaida and then joined Islamic State when a friend took him for religious lessons and military training at a Hawija mosque. The training, he said, involved learning how to use a machine gun and pistol. Trainees were also shown how to cut someone's throat with the bayonet from an AK-47. Kahtan said that a year ago, a local emir ordered him to cut the throats of five Kurdish fighters. The emir stood over him while he did it, he said. "One after the other with a knife, a Kalashnikov blade, I did it. Really, I felt nothing. " Afterwards, he said, he returned home. "I cleaned up and sat down to have dinner with my parents. " Kahtan said Islamic State fighters no longer talk about taking over Baghdad, but focus solely on Mosul, and how to recruit more fighters to protect it. A second detainee, Bakr Salah Bakr, 21, who was caught as he prepared to carry out a suicide attack in Kurdistan, said Islamic State initially tried to recruit him through Facebook to join the fight in Mosul. They are desperate for Iraqi fighters, he indicated, because the influx of foreign fighters dried up after Turkey slowly closed its borders a year ago. THE BATTLE Iraqi intelligence officials say they believe Baghdadi is not in Mosul but in al-Ba'aj district, a Beduin town on the edge of Nineveh province, which borders Syria. Ba'aj has a population of about 20,000 and is dominated by extremists loyal to Islamic State. The area is heavily fortified, with long tunnels that were built after the fall of Saddam when the town became a staging post for smuggling weapons and volunteers from Syria into Iraq. Even if Mosul and Baghdadi fall, said Kurdish counter-terrorism chief Talabany, Islamic State is likely to persist. "They will go back to more asymmetric warfare, and we will be seeing suicide attacks inside KRG, inside Iraqi cities and elsewhere. " Security chief Barzani agreed. "The fight against IS is going to be a long fight," he said. "Not only militarily, but also economically, ideologically. " Barzani, who is the son of veteran Kurdish leader and KRG President Masoud Barzani, estimated there are around 10,000 Islamic State suicide bombers in Iraq and Syria. He said Islamic State had prepared waves of fighters it was now deploying to defend Mosul.
"You see the first group come to the front line and they know they're going to be killed by the planes overhead, but they still come. And then the second group come to the same place where the others were hit," he said. "They see the limbs and the bodies all over and they know they will die, but they still do it. They see victory in dying for their own cause. "
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Trump’s Digital Director: Twitter CEO Personally Censored Our Campaign

Gary Coby, director of digital advertising and fundraising for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, is accusing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of personally censoring pre-approved advertising campaigns purchased by the eventual president-elect’s team.
Coby wrote a lengthy piece on Medium detailing the entire situation.
The allegations stem from an “upfront deal” Trump’s campaign signed with Twitter back in August 2016.
Coby wrote that the deal “is a common setup where we [committed] to spending a certain amount on advertising and in exchange receives discounts, perks, and custom solutions.”
The deal placed a $5 million minimum spending commitment on the Trump campaign but provided “discounts on promoted trends” and “value adds,” including the “custom hashtag emojis” Dorsey and Twitter COO Adam Bain would eventually block from running.
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Obama guidance, press schedule Nov. 19-20, 2016. Peru for APEC

Office of the Press Secretary
November 18, 2016
On Saturday morning, the President will meet with U. S. Embassy staff and families. This meet and greet at the JW Marriott is closed press.
Afterward, the President will meet with President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of Peru at the Lima Convention Centre. There will be a pool spray at the top of this meeting.
In the afternoon, the President will hold a meeting with leaders of participating countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership. There will be a pool spray at the top of this meeting.
Afterward, the President will hold a Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative town hall. This town hall at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru is open press.
Later in the afternoon, the President will hold a bilateral meeting with President Xi Jinping of China. There will be a pool spray at the bottom of this meeting at the JW Marriott.
In the evening, the President will attend an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) welcome gala dinner. This dinner at the Parque de la Reserva is closed press.
The President will remain overnight in Lima, Peru.
On Sunday morning, the President will participate in the opening session of the APEC retreat and the APEC family photo. There will be a pool spray at the top of the opening session and pooled press coverage of the family photo at the Lima Convention Centre.
In the afternoon, the President will participate in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia and attend the second session of the APEC retreat. There will be a pool spray at the bottom of the bilateral meeting, and the second session is closed press.
Later in the afternoon, the President will participate in the adoption of the 24th APEC 2016 Leaders’ Declaration and the closing session of APEC. These meetings are closed press.
Afterward, the President will participate in a pull-aside with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada. This meeting will be closed press.
In the evening, the President will hold a press conference. This press conference will be open to pre-credentialed media.
Later in the evening, the President will depart Lima, Peru en route Washington, DC. The departure from Jorge Chávez International Airport will be open to pre-credentialed media, and the arrival on the South Lawn will be open press.
Saturday’s Out-of-Town Travel Pool
Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg
Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP
TV Corr & Crew: ABC
Print: Tribune
Sunday’s Out-of-Town Travel Pool
Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg
Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP
TV Corr & Crew: ABC
Print: Wall Street Journal
Saturday, November 19, 2016
10:20AM THE PRESIDENT meets with U. S. Embassy staff and families
JW Marriott, Lima, Peru
Closed Press
11:05AM THE PRESIDENT meets with President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of Peru
Lima Convention Centre, Lima, Peru
Pool Spray at the Top
12:30PM THE PRESIDENT holds a meeting with leaders of participating countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Lima Convention Centre, Lima, Peru
Pool Spray at the Top
2:15PM THE PRESIDENT holds a YLAI town hall
Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Lima, Peru
Open Press
5:05PM THE PRESIDENT holds a bilateral meeting with President Xi Jinping of China
JW Marriott, Lima, Peru
Pool Spray at the Bottom
7:35PM THE PRESIDENT attends an APEC welcome gala dinner
Parque de la Reserva, Lima, Peru
Closed Press
Sunday, November 20, 2016
10:15AM THE PRESIDENT participates in the opening session of the APEC retreat
Lima Convention Centre, Lima, Peru
Pool Spray at the Top
12:45PM THE PRESIDENT participates in an APEC family photo
Lima Convention Centre, Lima, Peru
Pooled Press
1:30PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Turnbull
Lima Convention Centre, Lima, Peru
Pool Spray the Bottom
2:30PM THE PRESIDENT participates in the second meeting of the APEC retreat
Lima Convention Centre, Lima, Peru
Closed Press
5:00PM THE PRESIDENT participates in the adoption of the 24th APEC Leaders’ Declaration
Lima Convention Centre, Lima, Peru
Closed Press
5:15PM THE PRESIDENT participates in the APEC closing session
Lima Convention Centre, Lima, Peru
Closed Press
5:40PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a pull-aside with Prime Minister Trudeau
Lima Convention Centre, Lima, Peru
Closed Press
6:30PM THE PRESIDENT holds a press conference
Lima Convention Centre, Lima, Peru
Open to Pre-Credentialed Media
7:50PM THE PRESIDENT departs Lima, Peru
Jorge Chávez International Airport
Open to Pre-Credentialed Media
1:00AM Monday’s In-Town Pool Call Time
2:45AM THE PRESIDENT arrives at Joint Base Andrews
Out-of-Town Travel Pool Coverage
3:00AM THE PRESIDENT arrives at the White House
South Lawn
Open Press (Final Gather 2:40AM – North Doors of the Palm Room)
Schedule for the Week of November 21
On Monday morning, the President will return from Lima, Peru.
On Tuesday, the President will present the Presidential Medal of Freedom to recipients in a ceremony at the White House. The First Lady will also attend. The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Nation’s highest civilian honor, presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.
On Wednesday, the President will pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey in a ceremony in the Rose Garden. The President will celebrate the 69th anniversary of the National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation, reflect upon the time-honored traditions of Thanksgiving, and wish American families a safe and healthy holiday.
On Thursday, the President will celebrate Thanksgiving at the White House.
On Friday, the President has no public events.


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Turkey's Leader And Supporters Give Trump Benefit Of The Doubt — For Now

Peter Kenyon
Turkey's Trump Towers rise above the Sisli district in Istanbul, the city's European side. In this case it's Trump in name only – the Turkish owners paid for the right to use the name Trump Towers. Offices are situated above a shopping mall.
Emrah Gurel/AP
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Turkey's Trump Towers rise above the Sisli district in Istanbul, the city's European side. In this case it's Trump in name only – the Turkish owners paid for the right to use the name Trump Towers. Offices are situated above a shopping mall.
Donald Trump's election win has focused attention on his business interests around the world and how they might affect his foreign policy. One such place is Turkey, an important NATO ally neighboring the hot spots of Syria, Iraq and Iran. By far the most prominent reminders of the U. S. president-elect in Turkey are Istanbul's own Trump Towers.
They rise above the Bosporus Strait on the city's European side, twin glass and steel edifices bearing the familiar Trump brand. In this case, it's Trump in name only – the Turkish owners paid for the right to use the name Trump Towers for buildings containing offices above a shopping mall.
The mall is a familiar mix of international brands that might be found in any number of countries. Outside the Burger King stand in the food court, students fresh from their English-language studies at a nearby university attack piles of french fries and consider America and its incoming president.
Fatih Balci, 23, says he's learning English because he wants to travel.
"Yeah, I would like to go to United States," he says.
But he reverts to Turkish to explain why he's looking forward to a Trump administration. "I believe it might be a new beginning for Turkey-American relationships. Probably they're gonna send back Fetullah Gulen," he says, referring to the U. S.-based cleric Turkey accuses of being behind a failed coup attempt in July.
Seeing Gulen back in Turkey to face treason charges — which Gulen denies — is at the top of Turkey's wish list for the next U. S. administration. Turks are hopeful that retired Lt. General Mike Flynn will support Turkey's views in his new role as Trump's national security adviser.
On Nov. 8, The Hill published an op-ed by Flynn saying the U. S. "should not provide [Gulen] safe haven. " Questions have been raised about whether Flynn's consulting firm was hired to lobby Washington on Turkey's behalf.
But what about Trump's controversial campaign pledge to halt Muslim immigration? Balci isn't worried – he calls it political rhetoric calculated to appeal to Islamophobia among some Westerners.
Late last year, things looked different. Trump's comments on Muslims seemed likely to trigger a Turkish backlash. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he'd been wrong to attend the opening of the Trump Towers in 2012, and warned that Trump's comments were a sign that Islamophobia was spreading to America.
Erdogan said Trump had "no tolerance for Muslims in America," and called for his name to be removed from the Istanbul towers.
For whatever reason, the name was not removed. And now Turkey's leaders are sounding positive about Trump's win. Author and columnist Mustafa Akyol says they suddenly seemed to forget the anti-Muslim rhetoric and began focusing on another aspect of Donald Trump – his stated reluctance to pressure other leaders about things like their human rights record.
"So it's a kind of live-and-let-live world – nobody should criticize us, we do what we do in Turkey," says Akyol. "I see the sympathy in Turkey for Donald Trump as naivete. A country like Turkey should have reservations about a presidency by Donald Trump, which might cause big problems for Muslims in the United States. "
Akyol says Trump could also cause Turkey problems next door, in Syria, if he follows through on his desire to cooperate with Russia and the Syrian regime on fighting Islamic State, as opposed to pressing for President Bashar Assad to step down, as Turkey has demanded.
But for now, young Turks will continue to hang out at the Trump Towers mall and talk about their plans for coming to America.


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New Orleans Saints: turnovers, special teams dragging team down

All the momentum the New Orleans Saints created in winning four times in a five-game stretch, which helped them get back to the.500 mark after a rugged 0-3 start, has been erased.
The stunning thing was that it went just like that, gone in a span of 96 hours.
Sunday's stunning 25-23 loss to the Denver Broncos turned out to be just the first hit; the second came when they fell at the Carolina Panthers 23-20 on Thursday night in Bank of America Stadium.
For the second time in four days, turnovers and blocked kicks were a factor as the Saints (4-6) fell into a tie for third place in the NFC South with the Panthers (4-6), when they could have dealt a crushing blow to the reigning NGC champs.
Carolina turned a fumble by quarterback Drew Brees on the Saints' opening possession of the game into a field goal, then posted a touchdown after an interception. A second touchdown came after a blocked field goal that could have helped New Orleans trail 13-6 at halftime.
Instead, the Panthers led 20-3 at the break and 23-3 after three quarters. A late 17-point, fourth-quarter rally by the Saints came up short and left them shaken even though they'll still be no worse than two games behind the division-leading Atlanta Falcons when they return to the field on Nov. 27.
The mistakes on Thursday night came after four giveaways and a blocked PAT attempt were turned into 22 points by the Broncos.
"At the end of the day, it's the team that makes the fewest mistakes," Brees said. "We shouldn't expect to turn the ball over, be minus-2 in turnovers and get a kick blocked at the end of the half that results in seven points. ... That's a 10-point swing.
"There's 10 more points in turnovers," he added. "You're not going to win any games, I don't care who you are, with a 20-point swing. "


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Rand: I’m ‘Comforted’ by Flynn Saying Iraq War Was a Mistake, Iran Deal Misinterpreted

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor,” Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said he was “comforted” by newly-announced National Security Adviser Retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn stating it was a strategic failure to go into Iraq and that the US needs a “new” agreement with Iran.
Rand said he would ask Mitt Romney, a potential Secretary of State nominee, “Do you think the Iraq War was a mistake? Have we learned a lesson that regime change is not a good thing?”
He continued, “So, for example, one of Donald Trump’s first picks today, Mike Flynn, to be National Security Adviser, he has said that the historical lesson we should is that it was a strategic failure, going into Iraq. I’m comforted by that. I’m hopeful that Mike Flynn will be giving him the advice that a lot of us have come to understand about the Middle East. Romney, I’m not sure. I don’t think he’s way out there on the extreme edge of the, you know, the war-making cliff like Bolton or even Giuliani, but I would want to ask those same questions to Romney as well.”
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NASA astronaut, 56, becomes the oldest woman in space after rocketing off to the International Space Station

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson has become the oldest woman in space. Whitson, 56, and the crew lifted off from the Russia-leased launch facility in Kazakhstan at 3.20pm (EST) Thursday and went into orbit eight minutes later. They will now travel for two days before docking at the space station. Scroll down for video Whitson will celebrate her 57th birthday in February on the International Space Station. That's a far cry from John Glenn's space shuttle flight at age 77 and a few years shy of the male runners-up. But it's enough to beat Barbara Morgan, who was 55 when she went into space in 2007. This is the third space station mission for Whitson, an Iowa-born biochemist, and her second stint as commander. She launched from Kazakhstan with two younger men, Russian and French. 'I love working at NASA, but the part that has been the most satisfying on a day-to-day basis, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute, has been working on board the space station,' Whitson told reporters over the summer. 'It doesn't matter if I'm cleaning the filters. I feel like I'm helping personally push forward exploration... that's the why I want to go again.' Strict when it comes to lifetime radiation exposure, NASA insisted Whitson remain Earth-bound for a while after her 2008 mission. 'I would have rather gone sooner, but I'll deal with it,' she said. Whitson was the first woman to serve as commander of the space station — in 2007, nine years into its lifetime. She also was the first — and so far only — woman to head NASA's male-dominated astronaut corps. No other woman has spent more time in space. She already has spent 377 days in space and performed multiple spacewalks. This six-month mission should push her beyond 534 days in space, the U. S. record set in September by 58-year-old astronaut Jeffrey Williams. She'll is riding a Soyuz rocket with a Russian cosmonaut, Oleg Novitskiy, 45, and a French newcomer to space, Thomas Pesquet, who's 38. A French documentary crew followed Pesquet during training, focusing on his relative youth and fresh eyes. Whitson said the interest on her, by comparison, was for being 'old and experienced'. 'All right, yes, I'm old,' she said in the NASA interview. She noted in a recent series of preflight interviews that it gets easier with age, knowing what to expect on a spaceflight and how to prioritize. Her biochemist husband, Clarence Sams, also works for NASA. Whitson said she's had a lucky run with few regrets. But she noted: 'In terms of goals for NASA before I die, we need to be living on Mars. And I might not live that long, so they better get with it!'


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National Geographic's 'Explorer' visits Gretna for episode on overpolicing

Since 1985, National Geographic's "Explorer" has forged a reputation for taking viewers to far-flung places, from the oil fields of Alaska to the Holy Land and from outer space to countless leagues under the sea. On Monday (Nov. 21), it heads for a place that will feel a little closer to home for local viewers: Gretna.
It's not the pretty Louisiana scenery that brought the long-running docuseries to the small Jefferson Parish town, though. Rather, it's the jails.
In the second episode of the series' most recent season, correspondent Baratunde Thurston examines the hot topic of over-policing. That brings him to Gretna, described by the show as "a peaceful suburb of New Orleans that arrests people at five times the rate of Baltimore. "
According to the show's promotional materials, one out of every three residents of Gretna -- and, tellingly, eight out of nine black residents -- was arrested in 2013, making it a prime case study for overpolicing.
As part of the episode, "Explorer" host Richard Bacon will sit down with documentary filmmaker and activist Michael Moore, former police officer Randy Sutton and Thurston to discuss the issue.
You can catch the full episode at 9 p.m. CT on the National Geographic Channel.


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German Finance Minister Warns That Britain Could Still Be Paying Into Brussels Coffers In 2030

Britain could be forced to write cheques to Brussels until 2030 despite leaving the EU, the German finance minister has warned.
Wolfgang Schauble delivered his blustering warning as Theresa May flew into Berlin for talks with Angela Merkel and other world leaders.
Mr Schauble said post-Brexit Britain would be bound by tax rules restricting it from granting incentives to keep investors in the country.
He also insisted there will be no special deal to curb freedom of movement if the UK wants to remain part of the common market.
Signalling that the bloc is determined to take a tough line in looming negotiations, Mr Shauble – a key ally of Mrs Merkel – said: ‘Until the UK’s exit is complete, Britain will certainly have to fulfil its commitments.
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MAP: Chicago weekend shootings tracker for Nov. 18-21

This map will update throughout the weekend as shootings in Chicago are confirmed. Click on a location for the time, address and other details about each attack.
4:42 p.m. Friday — Man shot in South Shore
6:45 p.m. Friday — Grandson of U. S. Rep. Danny Davis slain in Englewood
9:50 p.m. Friday — Man shot in neck in Morgan Park
10:15 p.m. Friday — 4 shot in North Austin
11:47 p.m. Friday — Man shot while leaving Portage Park gas station
11:49 p.m. Friday — CPD: Officers fatally shoot man who shot another on South Side
12:18 a.m. Saturday — Cops: Man shot to death in backyard of Gage Park home
12:39 a.m. Saturday — Man, 49, shot in Englewood


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Family: Good Samaritan who lost legs 'is fighting'

Christopher Alvarado, who was taken to the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, is “still heavily sedated,” but doctors are working towards “less sedation” to see how he responds, his family said.
“He is fighting!” his brother, Jose Alvarado, said on the family’s GoFundMe page. “He has nodded his head to a few questions and he has squeezed my hand. Progress is being made, but (he’s) still in critical condition.”
Step-cousin Amanda Enriquez said the family asks for prayers for the motorist he helped, Kasey Smith, 24, of Fowlerville, and the 77-year-old Genoa Township man who struck him.
► How to help: The family of Christopher Alvarado has a GoFundMe page; click here
► Related: Police: Good Samaritan's legs severed in crash
“We do ask that the praying community lift up the young woman that Chris was helping at the time of the accident,” she said. “She contacted me … and is devastated. The Alvarado family does not blame her in any way. …
“Please pray for Kasey. She needs love and support,” Enriquez added. “The gentleman that hit Chris is also having a hard time, and he needs your prayers as well. The Alvarado family feels no ill-will towards anyone involved and asks that you continue to pray.”
Enriquez said the family is working with area businesses who have expressed an interest in a fund-raiser to help the victim's family, including Culver's of Brighton, but details were not set as of Friday.
Christopher Alvarado, the owner of Fiesta Cantina restaurant in the Hartland Plaza Shopping Center on Highland Road, was struck Tuesday by a 2014 Honda CR-V while he pushed a disabled 2006 Buick LaCrosse into a Subway parking lot on Grand River Avenue near the 2|42 Church after it had run out of gas.
Sheriff-elect Michael Murphy said the Genoa Township man indicated that he “didn’t see” the stopped vehicle or the man pushing the car.
Smith, who was driving the LaCrosse, and her 2-month-old infant were not injured in the crash.
Alcohol, speed or drugs are not believed to be factors. The crash remains under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office.
The family said they are thankful for the donations to help Christopher Alvarado, but they also ask that people pray for the family. His fiancé is pregnant with his sixth child.
Enriquez said she will post updates to the family's GoFundMe page for anyone wishing to follow Christopher Alvarado's progress and that those updates are expected to be posted by an unknown volunteer to a Love For Chris Alvarado Facebook page. A link to that page is here.
Contact Livingston Daily justice reporter Lisa Roose-Church at 517-552-2846 or Follow her on Twitter @LisaRooseChurch.


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Obama says he ‘can’t pardon’ Snowden unless whistleblower goes to court — RT America

Reflecting on Trump’s victory, Obama pointed to an “underlying division” in the US that has to do with economic growth, stagnation, and cultural and demographic issues – anxieties that Trump tapped into.
“I mean, there were probably millions of voters who voted for me and supported me and this time also voted for Donald Trump, and it just indicates that some of this is less ideological and more just an impulse towards some sort of change,” he told Spiegel.
Obama said that, while young people in America “believe in tolerance” and integration, they are less likely to vote, and consequently “sometimes the elections don’t fully reflect the views of the American population.”
“Essentially, the president-elect was supported by about 27 percent of the American population,” he pointed out.
The president believes that addressing “legitimate economic concerns of those who feel left behind by globalization” would reduce tensions and make the world less divided.
When asked if he would pardon Edward Snowden, Obama said, “I can’t pardon somebody who hasn’t gone before a court and presented themselves, so that’s not something that I would comment on at this point.”
“I think that Mr. Snowden raised some legitimate concerns. How he did it was something that did not follow the procedures and practices of our intelligence community," he added. "If everybody took the approach that I make my own decisions about these issues, then it would be very hard to have an organized government or any kind of national security system. "
Obama went on to highlight the need to balance privacy and security. “ Those who pretend that there’s no balance that has to be struck and think we can take a 100-percent absolutist approach to protecting privacy don’t recognize that governments are going to be under an enormous burden to prevent the kinds of terrorist acts that not only harm individuals, but also can distort our society and our politics in very dangerous ways," he said.
He went on to add that “on the other hand, it’s important to make sure that governments have some checks on what they do, that people can oversee what’s being done so the government doesn’t abuse it.”
The interviewers also asked Obama what he considered the darkest moment of his presidency, saying that in Europe people would point to “drone attacks, Guantanamo,” terrorism, and shootings.
Obama listed the economic crisis and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 children were shot, as low points.
“I’m very proud of the fact that we ended torture,” he said. “It’s true that I have not been able to completely close Guantanamo, but we’ve drastically reduced the population from 700 or so to around 60 now, and I am going to continue in these two months to make every effort.”
On drones, Obama commended his administration for having “constrained their use,” and said the alternative would be “to invade these countries where there would be much greater loss of life.”


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Times When the “Mainstream Media Created Fake News”… And People Died As a Result

Editor’s Comment: While the powers that be are determining the fate of alternative media voices that are now branded under the dubious label “fake news” and blacked out from online search results , it is worth keeping in mind all the disinformation and downright lies that have been perpetrated by the corporate news media – typically hand in hand with a political agenda.
Whether it is lies that took us to war, or the perception that a deadly attack was carried out by a certain group, the impressions they create play a significant role in determining world events. Often times, that role is one of deception, ensnaring people into supporting deadly and costly actions – in spite of the true facts.
These misleaders are the fake news, and the fake news problem has helped to ruin this country.
5 Times Corporate Media Got Caught Publishing Fake News Causing the Death & Suffering of Millions
by Claire Bernish
A now-notorious list of ostensibly “fake” news sites — created by a liberal professor, seemingly out of thin air — spread like wildfire online in the past two days and was eagerly reprinted by corporate media presstitutes hoping to vindicate their own failed reporting on the 2016 election.
But branding perfectly legitimate outlets with the same scarlet letter as those devoid of integrity deemed the professor’s list a spurious attempt to defame alternative and independent media — anyone dissenting from the left’s mainstream narrative — as a whole.
This is, in no uncertain terms, a hit list — or, at least, a laughable attempt — and it fits conveniently into the establishment’s burgeoning war on independent media disguised as a battle against fake news .
When corporate media outlets from the Independent and Business Insider , to the Los Angeles Times and NYMag scrambled over one another to reprint this irresponsibly contrived hit list, they proved yet again a lack of journalistic integrity — the same issue that originally caused regular subscribers to abandon them in the first place.
Indeed, in this otherwise unknown professor’s foray into the world of journalism, a glaring mistake was made — the only mainstream outlets making the list were those who had heralded Bernie Sanders as the best candidate for the White House.
Such an obvious attempt to control thought could only be conjured in a totalitarian regime.
In fact, failing to place the exact corporate media organizations on the list, who for nearly a year praised fealty only to Hillary Clinton — and for decades have foisted on the public countless mendacious whoppers — constitutes a comedic lack of honesty. So, to bring that irony front and center, it’s imperative to examine some mainstream lies — most of which had appalling consequences — including the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the United States and around the world.
1. George W. Bush’s Weapons of Mass Destruction
President George W. Bush decided to unleash the full force of the U. S. military upon the world in a new policy of war writ large disguised as a war on terrorism following the attacks of September 11, 2001. First arbitrarily designating Afghanistan as its primary victim due to the supposed identities of the attackers, Bush then chose Iraq to feel the wrath, and set out to invade the country following dubious claims Saddam Hussein harbored destructive chemical and biological weapons and was actively seeking far stronger munitions.
“Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised,” the president asserted in a public address on March 17, 2003. “This regime has already used weapons of mass destruction against Iraq’s neighbors and against Iraq’s people.”
Bush’s assertions were questioned by not only human rights experts, but by U. N. weapons inspectors and countless others — so shortly after the U. S. invaded the sovereign nation, the New York Times took up the slack to fill in the appropriate casus belli .
Judith Miller notoriously reported on a source she described only as an Iraqi scientist who had seen several extensive caches of such weapons stored somewhere in the country. American weapons experts, she claimed, “said the scientist told them that President Saddam Hussein’s government had destroyed some stockpiles of deadly agents as early as the mid-1990’s, transferred others to Syria, and had recently focused its efforts instead on research and development projects that are virtually impervious to detection by international inspectors, and even American forces on the ground combing through Iraq’s giant weapons plants.”
In hindsight, Miller’s problematic report turned out to be horrendously flawed , and the Times spent months attempting to backtrack , but the damage — fomenting widescale public support for a war no one wanted the military to undertake — had been done. Years later in 2014, the Times — after much internal strife — again took up Miller’s case, in a series reporting catastrophic injuries U. S. military personnel suffered in handling chemical weapons in Iraq. But that report, and the parroting of it by multiple other mainstream mainstays, failed to fully disclose Hussein had been oblivious to the stockpiles presence — something the CIA had clearly stated in a report.
2. Gulf of Tonkin Incident
Often, the American mainstream media becomes a de facto government employee, taking the claims of U. S. officials and reporting them as proven fact — and nothing exemplifies this penchant better than reporting on the Gulf of Tonkin incident — perhaps one of most flagrant lies ever dreamed up as a justification for war.
On August 5, 1964, the New York Times reported “President Johnson has ordered retaliatory action against gunboats and ‘certain supporting facilities in North Vietnam’ after renewed attacks against American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.” Additional outlets, such as the Washington Post , echoed this claim.
But it wasn’t true. At all. In fact, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, as it became known, turned out to be a fictitious creation courtesy of the government to escalate war in Vietnam — leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of U. S. troops and millions of Vietnamese, fomenting the largest anti-war movement in American history, and tarnishing the reputation of a nation once considered at least somewhat noble in the eyes of the world.
In 2010, more than 1,100 transcripts from the Vietnam era were released, proving Congress and officials raised serious doubts about the information fed to them by the Pentagon and White House. But while this internal grumbling took place, mainstream media dutifully reported official statements as if the veracity of the information couldn’t be disputed.
Tom Wells, author of the exhaustive exposé “The War Within: America’s Battle Over Vietnam,” explained the media egregiously erred in “almost exclusive reliance on U. S. government officials as sources of information” and “reluctance to question official pronouncements on ‘national security issues.’”
If due diligence had been performed, and reporters had raised appropriate doubts about the Gulf of Tonkin false flag, it’s arguable whether support for the contentious war would have lasted as long as it did.
3. Suppression of brutality perpetrated in Bahrain during the Arab Spring
CNN sent reporter Amber Lyon and a crew to U. S. ally Bahrain for a documentary about technology’s role in the 2011 people’s uprising known as the Arab Spring, ultimately titled “ iRevolution: Online Warriors of the Arab Spring ” — but what they encountered instead bore the hallmarks of a repressive and violent regime, and its attempt to filter and censor the truth. Lyon and the other CNN reporters went to great lengths to speak with sources participating in the massive uprising — one the Bahraini government wished to quash at all costs.
“By the time the CNN crew arrived,” the Guardian reported , “many of the sources who had agreed to speak to them were either in hiding or had disappeared. Regime opponents whom they interviewed suffered recriminations, as did ordinary citizens who worked with them as fixers. Leading human rights activist Nabeel Rajab was charged with crimes shortly after speaking to the CNN team. A doctor who gave the crew a tour of his village and arranged meetings with government opponents, Saeed Ayyad, had his house burned to the ground shortly after. Their local fixer was fired ten days after working with them.”
Even the CNN crew experienced the wrath of the regime, upon showing up to interview one source, the Guardian continued, “‘20 heavily-armed men’, whose faces were ‘covered with black ski masks’, ‘jumped from military vehicles’, and then ‘pointed machine guns at’ the journalists, forcing them to the ground. The regime’s security forces seized their cameras and deleted their photos and video footage, and then detained and interrogated them for the next six hours.”
After returning to the U. S., Lyon felt it her duty to expose the abuse being perpetrated by the government of an ally nation — but CNN International didn’t agree. CNN U. S. eventually aired the one-hour documentary. Once. CNN International never did — worse, the organization gave Lyon the cold shoulder, ignoring her repeated requests to return to Bahrain, which would have put CNN ahead of the game in reporting government brutality. Its failure to air the documentary and refusal to provide justification for doing so angered seasoned CNN and other mainstream established journalists across the board.
Lyon met with CNN International president Tony Maddox twice — he first promised to investigate why the documentary wasn’t aired, and then turned against her, warning the journalist not to discuss the matter publicly. Bahraini officials contacted CNN International repeatedly complaining about Lyon’s continued reporting on what she’d witnessed. Intimidation continued until she was eventually laid off, putatively for an unrelated matter.
Attempting to save face, CNN International rebuffed the Guardian ’s account and interview with Lyon — but the effort was an impotent justification for the obvious failure of integrity.
But threats for Lyon to remain silent followed her off the job, and when she persisted in exposing the Bahraini regime, as well as the suppression by CNN , the outlet sent a stern warning to halt. Lyon, however, said she had never signed a non-disclosure agreement and would not be pressured into their lies — ultimately walking away reputation in hand — something that could not be said for CNN.
4. That time Fox News hired a CIA operative who wasn’t a CIA operative
Wayne Shelby Simmons made guest appearances on Fox News as a security expert with insider expertise from his work as a CIA operative — for over a decade. However, Simmons had never been employed by the agency — in fact, the imposter’s lies eventually caught up with him and he was arrested and sentenced to 33 months in prison.
“Instead of verifying whether Simmons had actually worked for the CIA, Fox News and the Agency allowed him to make fools out of Bill O’Reilly , Sean Hannity , Andrew Napolitano , Neil Cavuto , and everyone at Fox & Friends for over the last twelve years. After building a false reputation as a CIA agent on Fox News, Simmons obtained an interim security clearance when an unnamed government contractor hired him in 2008. Simmons also falsely claimed on national security forms that his prior arrests and criminal convictions were directly related to his supposed intelligence work for the CIA , and that he had previously held a top secret security clearance from 1973 to 2000,” The Free Thought Project ’s Andrew Emett explained.
In other words, mainstream Fox News didn’t bother with journalism at all — proffering fake expertise as the real deal — because the outlet failed the most basic of tasks any hourly wage employer would perform.
Simmons’ commentaries weren’t harmless stabs in the dark, either — relentlessly parroting baseless Islamophobic rhetoric to drum up support for the government’s insidious war on terror likely poisoned the minds of thousands of viewers, furthering the already divisive atmosphere in the U. S.
5. Vapid anti-marijuana propaganda and the furtherance of the war on drugs
According to the Drug Policy Alliance, over $51 billion is spent fighting the war on drugs in the United States — each year. In 2015, a striking 38.6 percent of all arrests for drug possession were for cannabis — 643,121 people were arrested for marijuana-related offenses.
What those figures don’t show are the millions of lives ruined by criminal conviction for the government’s unjustifiable quest to eradicate, demonize, and vilify this beneficial plant. It would be an impossible task to tally the number of families whose homes have been destroyed by SWAT teams searching for marijuana — whether or not police bothered to verify an address. An untold number of others have been slain by police for the same reason.
But worst of all, the mainstream media propagates nonsensical, false propaganda about cannabis to convince the gullible and ignorant among us to equate it with heroin, cocaine, and other ‘illicit’ substances. And while a majority of the populace has seen through such lies, some outlets have obstinately continued the drug war — seemingly of their own volition.
One stunning example occurred in March last year, when Dr. David Samadi made a guest appearance on Fox News to fearmonger the horrors of marijuana and scare the bejeezus out of the viewing audience.
“It actually causes heart attacks. It increases your heart rate. And on and on,” Samadi claimed , fecklessly distorting statistics. “We’re seeing in Colorado that we had 13 kids that came to the emergency [room] and ended up in the ICU as a result of overdose from marijuana. Now we have crack babies coming in because pregnant women are smoking this whole marijuana business.”
Fortunately, the Internet has provided the public with alternatives to these corporate media lies — and as of two years ago, despite these and other claims about pot being a dangerous substance, Pew Research Center found fully 69 percent of the population felt alcohol was more harmful than cannabis.
* *
While this list presents only a few of the bigger lies of the corporate press, there are innumerable examples of its proud history of actual fake news. Keep these in mind when the mainstream presstitutes rush to reprint a hit list targeting journalists and outlets whose narratives counter the establishment. Indeed, it would be the corporate media — with its vast captive audience — who most deserves to be listed as propagators of lies.


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Girl's random act of kindness goes viral - Story

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. - A girl’s random act of kindness has gone viral.
A video posted on BecuzIcare11’s Facebook page shows the child walking up to a homeless family and handing them food and money.
“I also brought you 100 dollars in case you need anything in the next few days,” she said told the homeless woman, who immediately burst into the tears.
The child also gave the family two BecuzICare11 bracelets to encourage them to do a good deed for others.
The video then shows the woman stand to her feet, give the child a hug and say, “It’s people like you that are going to save this world.”
BecuzIcare11 told FOX 5 the exchange was recorded to send to a person who donated the money to Leah.
The video has been viewed millions of times on social media, spreading the message of kindness across the Internet.
Click here to donate to BecuzICare11’s holiday fund .


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Hunters, bird watchers asked to report on banded ducks

CONCORD, N. H. (AP) - The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is asking hunters and bird watchers to keep an eye out for metal bands on ducks.
Wildlife biologists attached metal bands to 834 ducks earlier this year as part of a data collection effort that includes U. S. states and Canadian provinces. Each band has a unique sequence of numbers, and biologists record the age, sex and species of each duck before it is released.
The department is asking hunters who harvest ducks or bird watchers who spot the bands through spotting scopes to report the information to the website
New Hampshire has been banding ducks for 28 years. Altogether, nearly 10,000 ducks have been banded.


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Crash closes road; causes power outage in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N. C. –Around 2000 people are without power after a single vehicle crash broke a power pole in the 2100 block of West Meadowview Road Saturday morning.
The power outage affects the 3000 block of West Gate City Boulevard and extends out from Holden Road to Florida Street, according to police.
Police said that Duke Energy has been notified of the situation and power is estimated to be restored in a few hours.
West Meadowview Road has been shut down between West Gate City Boulevard and Vanstory Street due to the crash, police said.
Police are urging motorists to use caution when approaching the area, especially at intersections with traffic signals.


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Meet The Leftist Professor Who Wrote The ‘Hit List’ Of “Fake News” Sites

The mainstream media are going wild circulating a viral list of so-called “fake news” websites – and the list includes established news sites like WND, Zero Hedge, Breitbart, Red State, the Daily Wire and Project Veritas – but WND has found a leftist, Trump-bashing assistant professor in Massachusetts who specialized in “fat studies” is behind the effort to target and discredit legitimate news organizations.
Meet Merrimack College Assistant Professor Melissa Zimdars, a 30-something self-identified feminist and activist who has expressed great dislike for President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.
Melissa “Mish” Zimdars is an assistant professor of communication at Merrimack College in Massachusetts
She’s only actually held her teaching position at the private college in North Andover, Mass., for 15 months.
Zimdars published and circulated a list of “fake, false, or regularly misleading websites that are shared on Facebook and social media.” She said she began writing the list because she didn’t approve of the sources her students were citing.
The problem?
In addition to some satirical and bogus sites, her list attacks the credibility of well-established news organizations such as Breitbart , BizPac Review , Red State , the Blaze , the Independent Journal Review , Twitchy , the Daily Wire , WND and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. In many cases (such as with her WND listing), she offers no explanation for why the news organizations were included on the list.
Mainstream media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times circulated Zimdars’ growing list. The Times headlined its story, “Want to keep fake news out of your newsfeed? College professor creates list of sites to avoid.” The Times offered no details concerning Zimdars’ qualifications or background. News organizations such as CNN , the Washington Post , Boston Globe , New York Magazine , USA Today , Business Insider , the Austin American-Statesman , the Dallas Morning News and others spread the list like gospel and cited it in their reports.
But nearly none of them considered Zimdars’ political leanings or questioned her criteria or qualifications for determining which news sources should be included on her list.
( Editor’s note: Zimdars removed her list following publication of this WND article. However, versions of it continue to be circulated in the mainstream media and online.)
A portion of the “fake news” list published by Melissa Zimdars
Zimdars teaches courses in radio, production, mass communication, feminist media studies, television criticism and new media and digital communication. She received her doctorate in communication and media studies just last year.
Zimdars has not responded to WND’s request for clarification on her expertise or criteria for deciding which news sources to include on her list. WND asked Merrimack College President Christopher Hopey if he stands by Zimdars’ decision to publish the list and use it as teaching material for her classes. However. Merrimack Vice President of Communications Jim Chiavelli replied, “Thanks for your question to the president about professor Zimdars pedagogy. The college has no comment for this story.”
Concerned individuals may contact Melissa Zimdars and Merrimack College President Christopher Hopey .
In response to the list, PJ Media’s Stephen Kruiser wrote , “It’s no surprise that a college professor compiled this list; what’s galling is that the Los Angeles Times ‘reported’ on it without mentioning that it’s complete garbage.”
Sean Hannity’s website warned that Zimdars’ list includes “mainstream conservative sources” and “is giving us insight into just what kind of websites the left plans on targeting for censorship.”
In addition to her new job as an assistant professor, Zimdars is also a columnist and contributor for Little Village Magazine – a left-leaning magazine that says it’s focused on issues such as “racial justice,” “gender equity,” “critical culture,” “economic and labor justice” and “environmental sustainability.”
Her Twitter profile describes her as a “feminist” and “activist.”
Zimdars’ social-media accounts are protected from public view, leading tweeter Vanessa Beeley to note that Zimdars “can’t take the heat. Named ‘fake media’ & then protected all her own media sites.”
But Newsbusters found tweets from Zimdars harshly criticizing President-elect Trump and Vice-President elect Mike Pence during the vice-presidential debate in October.
“Undocumented workers contribute more to this country (beyond taxes) than Drumpf ever has or ever will,” she tweeted on Oct. 4.
The same day, she tweeted to Pence that Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment does not equal “Trump’s constant sexist, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic comments.”
Zimdars says she’s an expert on the media’s portrayal of “fat” people. In 2015, the same year she received her doctorate, Zimdar published a paper on “fat acceptance TV” in the journal Popular Communication. The paper critiqued the TLC television miniseries “Big Sexy.” It’s unclear whether the paper was Zimdar’s doctoral dissertation.
In an interview with the “Feminist Killjoys Podcast,” Zimdar talks about her “fat studies” research.
“I mostly focus on media representations of fatness, or any kind of body that deviates from the normal health prescription,” she said.
She enthusiastically declares that she’s “less self-conscious of my own rear end than I used to be” and participates in an extensive discussion of the Kardashians, a reality TV family. She further suggests women should “celebrate eating pizza.” Zimdars praises actress Amy Schumer for stating, “I’m probably like 160 pounds right now, and I can catch a d–k whenever I want, like, that’s the truth. It’s not a problem!”
Concerned individuals may contact Melissa Zimdars and Merrimack College President Christopher Hopey.
Zimdars published a 2014 article in Little Village Magazine on the TV series “Girls,” starring Lena Dunham.
“Girls is meaningful to me mainly for one reason: Lena Dunham’s naked body,” Zimdars writes, praising Dunham’s “body confidence.”
At a University of Notre Dame conference in June of this year, Zimdars gave a presentation titled, “Failures of the Self or Failures of Fitbit?: Gendered Fit/Fatness, Tracking Technologies, and Self-SurveillingPost-Feminist Subjects.”
Zimdars racked up about $60,000 for her degrees in communication and media studies, according to the Iowa Gazette .
As a graduate student, she also complained about tuition costs in a 2014 interview with the Des Moines Register , telling the newspaper she was joining a protest because, “We wanted to all work together to bring awareness to the fact that it doesn’t have to be an issue if the state would start funding higher education again. Then we wouldn’t be acquiring so much debt as individuals.”
As for her list of “fake news” sites, one Twitter user offered up the following “list of journalists who colluded with the Clinton campaign.” The reporters and news organizations in his post were not included on Zimdars’ list.
He tweeted , “Here’s the actual list of fake news sites from WikiLeaks. Melissa Zimdars is a troll.”


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UNMC's season ice-skating rink set to open next week

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - The University of Nebraska Medical Center’s public ice-skating rink is set to open for a seventh consecutive season.
The public rink, located just east of 42nd Street on UNMC’s midtown campus, will open weekends starting Nov. 26 through Feb. 5.
Admission to the 5,500-square-foot rink is $7 per person. That includes skate rental. Hours of operation are noon to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday and noon to 8 p.m. on Sundays. The rink is closed Monday through Thursday for UNMC student broomball and curling leagues. The rink also will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and anytime the wind chill drops to zero or below.


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Manchester United icon Gary Neville slams Anthony Martial as the pricey forward has 'not been good enough'

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has not held back in his assessment of the club's French striker Anthony Martial. Signed from Monaco for £35million - a figure which could rise as high as £58m - Martial has seen his United career come to a stuttering halt in recent months. And United icon Neville believes this is simply not good enough, pointing out that with his costly price tag Martial has somehow gone unnoticed, despite not offering enough to the side. 'There's someone going under the radar. They (United) signed a player 18 months ago for £55m and to be honest in the last six, seven, eight months he's not delivered and that's Martial,' Neville said on Sky Sports 1 prior to United's match with Arsenal. Neville believes the Frenchman is getting away lightly when compared to some of the other stars in the United team and how much criticism they come under from all angles. 'He (Martial) now needs to start performing on the pitch because at £55m, you think about the scrutiny the big players come under